Lexi looked nervous.


"I can." Lexi mumbled.

I shot her a death stare.

"Sorry, sorry. I'm just offering my opinion."

I glared at her. "Well, your opinion sucks."

She scowled. "You know what? So does yours, ok? All he did was steal Harry, and that stupid teddybear is so raggedy that I hate just looking at it, let alone sharing a tent with it!"

She stopped, breathing heavily.

I stared at her, not quite believing what she had said. She knew how much that 'stupid teddybear' meant to me. It was all I had left of my grandmother, Grandma Molly. She had given Harry to me shortly before she died.

"Stupid teddybear?" I whispered.

Lexi blanched, seeming to realise what she had said.

"Rose, I didn't mean it. I'm so sor-"

"No, don't apologise, you knew what that bear means to me. And yet you STILL said what you said."

I turned and ran away from her, hot, irrational tears blurring my sight.

I stumbled over tree roots, blindly guessing my way back to camp. I could hear Lexi calling after me, but I kept running.


I crashed into something warm and hard and almost fell over.

Strong arms encircled me, preventing my oh-so-graceful voyage to the ground.

"Hey, Rose? What's wrong?"

Oh great. Mal-Scorpius. Just what I needed now. I know we agreed to be friends, but I just wasn't ready to let him see me like this. Not now.

But, I needed someone to hold me and let me cry on their shoulder.

I turned my face toward him and sobbed into his chest. He gripped me tighter, not asking any questions or uttering any empty, meaningless reassurances. Just letting me cry.

Wow. So melodramatic.

Finally, the flood of tears slowed, then stopped, leaving only my red eyes and the tear tracks down my cheeks as evidence of their presence.

I lifted my head and stared into his silvery-blue eyes, which seemed...anguished?

I sniffled. "Um, sorry about that. Wow. I, uh, don't usually lose control like that often. Or, at all really."

He lowered his head, trying to get a look into my eyes.

"What's wrong? What happened?" he asked, stroking my hair softly.

I cleared my throat. "It's nothing, really. I just lost the teddybear that my grandma gave me. It's silly, sorry for crying on you."

"No, no. It's fine, really. And, um, I might have, uh, FOUND your teddybear somewhere."

I looked at him sharply.

"Really? What do you mean?"

He coughed. "Um, well, you see...I kind of thought that your teddy could use a wash, so...."

I stared at him in disbelief.

No way.

"Where is he then?"

Scorpius held his hand out to me, in which was clutched....


I snatched Harry out of his grasp and rubbed him against my cheek, hugging him tightly.

Pathetic, I know. But I was just so glad to have him back!

I snuggled him into me as I looked up at Malfoy.

He grinned down at me.

"I thought he looked a bit grubby, so, being the saint that I am, I took it on myself to see to it."

I hesitated for a second, then said, "Thank you...Scorpius. I mean it."

His grin faded and he stared at me intensely.

He opened his mouth.

"Rose, I-"

"Rose Molly Weasley!"

I sighed, reluctantly tearing my eyes away from the beautiful pair of silvery blue ones that I had been staring into.

"Shit, Lexi."

Scorpius looked amused. "Are you...SCARED of her Weasley? She's teeny!"

I gave him a look.

"Yeah, well. Just wait till she gets riled. Oh, hang on, you don't have to! She already is."

He winked at me.

My breath caught in my throat and I'm pretty sure I gawked at him like an idiot.

Ugh. I'm so pathetic.

I swallowed, turning to face the tiny monster that was my best friend.

"What were you THINKING?!" she screamed, "You could have been KILLED!"

What the eff?

I stared at her in concern.

"Um, Lex? Did you put on sunscreen? It's still quite sunny, you might get stroke. Or, you know, already have it!"

She glared at me.

I sighed. "What are you talking about Lexibel?"

Her face softened slightly at the name I had made up for her in our second year.

Long story. Never mind.

"Well, Rose, you know how this forest is near some Muggle houses, just normal people, nothing to worry about, right?"

I nodded my head, still not quite following.

"Well, I did some asking around, and it turns out that, actually, SOME OF THEM WERE BITTEN BY A WEREWOLF!!!"

I blinked, stunned.

"What?" I whispered hoarsely.

Scorpius tensed beside me, turning his body to face Lexi.

"How far?" he asked tersely.

"Huh?" Lexi asked, surprised.

"How far away from here?" he snapped.

"I don't-Uh, ten minutes maybe? I'm not sure exactly."

He sucked in a breath.

"Do the teachers know?"

"Yes, of course! How stupid do you think I am? I told them before we left."

He cursed under his breath and ran a hand through his white-blonde hair.

I, on the other hand, let out a relieved breath. If the teachers knew, then surely there was nothing to worry about. Right?


Scorpius enlightened me to this when he said, "Why would they bring us here if they knew there were werewolves here?"

Oh. Hadn't thought of that.

"Um, maybe they thought they could protect us. Or maybe they thought there was only one werewolf?"

He growled in frustration. "Yeah, but McGonnagle would never take that risk. You know it!" He turned away from me.

I hesitated then stepped closer to him, placing my hand on his shoulder, gently pulling him back around to face me. Now it was my turn to comfort him.

"Hey," I said softly, "We don't even know all the facts yet. There could be some sort of protection that we weren't told about or something."

He sighed, clenching a fist in his hair then releasing it.

"Yeah, maybe."

I smiled, happy that I had managed to calm him down.

He looked at me, his intense blue eyes searching mine.

I cleared my throat, stepping away from him. Suddenly, I remembered that we were not alone.

Lexi looked like she been hit by a truck.

Oh, dammit.

"What, exactly, is going on here?" She asked, still looking like she had just witnessed someone's death.

"Uh, well. See, we decided that we would try to, um, be....friends?" I said it like a question so that Scorpius had a chance to contradict me if he wanted.

He didn't.

I went on, feeling oddly relieved.

"So, yeah. That's about it."

Lexi stared at me silently.

I glanced back at Scorpius, uncertain of what to do. He nodded encouragingly.

Woah. When did I start looking to Malfoy for reassurance?

I shook my head, spinning back towards Lexi.

She swallowed. "Well, I have to say, I thought this day would signal the start of the Apocalypse, but.....there's a first time for everything, right?"

A grin broke out across my face. THIS was why I loved Alexia Thornton. She always understood, and even if she didn't, she supported me every step of the way.

I turned back to Scorpius. "So what do we do now?"

He looked stunned for some reason.

"What's wrong?" I asked, frowning.

He shook himself. "Oh, nothing. Just, I never though that ROSE WEASLEY would ever ask ME what to do." He laughed.

"Oh." I blushed.

He stopped laughing and stared at me, still smiling.

"What?" I self consciously tucked a piece of my fading purply-red hair behind my ear.

"Nothing." He said, quickly turning away and walking towards Lexi, who looked like the same truck that had hit her earlier had backed up and done it again.


He stopped in front of her, looking like he wanted to say something to her. Then he shook his head and walked past her.

She bugged her eyes out at me as she came towards me.

"Rose? What the Hell?" She asked, flinging her arms around in the air spastically.

I laughed at her urgency.

"I don't know. It's just, I never really thought of him as a human being, you know? More like the spawn of something really evil. I guess I just realised that he's not as bad as I thought."

She smirked. "So, you finally realised how hot the weasel is?"

I laughed, "What? No!"

She raised an eyebrow at me.

I gave a 'drop it' look.

"So, anyway, why did you come sprinting after me, Lex?"

She stared at me as if I was missing something very obvious. I shrugged, still lost.

"Because I thought you were in danger, duh!" She said, throwing her arms into the air again.

I actually teared up at that.

"Aw, Lexi! How sweet! You DO care about me!"

She rolled her eyes at my goofiness and repeated, "Well, duh!"

I grinned.

Her smile faded and she glanced around at the trees surrounding us.

I took her arm, pulling her with me back to camp.


When we arrived back at camp, we found everyone sitting on the logs around the fireplace, looking sort of lost.

"What's up, guys?" Lexi asked, sitting down next to Al.

He glanced at me, then said, "Malfoy came storming into camp, yelling something about danger. He's talking to Flitwick now."

As if on cue, I heard raised voices coming from Flitwick's tent. It sounded like Scorpius was making a real fuss.

I ran to the tent, despite the protests of my friends, and sucked under the flap of the tent.

Scorpius turned to face me immediately, pausing mid sentence until he realised who had just walked in.

"....should have told us!"

I walked to his side and whispered, "Scorpius, I'm sure they had a good reason for not telling us."

I turned to Flitwick, who was looking very pale.

Uh-oh. That's not good.

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