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My friends find this entire situation completely hilarious, and laugh through all of lunch. I was torn between joining in or just sitting there contemplating how complicated this plan has become. It doesn't help that Immy is staring at me knowingly, as though she's aware that I might feel the smallest, tiniest bit guilty and a speck (no more than a speck!) of pity for Potter. I mean, as much of a prat as he is, it isn't his fault that Carson can't get off his lazy ass and write a letter.

But still, some sacrifices must be made for the greater good, and Potter's good looks are one of them. Oh god, I'm turning loopy. Potter is not good looking!

Okay, maybe his is. Just a bit.

Fine, a lot.

All right, all right, I'll admit, Potter's Witch-Weekly-Hottest-Guy good looking, but that doesn't change that he's obnoxious as hell. Why is attractiveness given to those who don't deserve it? Why Merlin?


 "This is amazing! Imagine if he's still pink by the Ravenclaw game!", Patrick says, still laughing away.

Oh yeah, the first quidditch match of the year. Everyone was getting so hyped up for it, but it wasn't until the start of November, and if no one noticed, it was barely mid-October.

 "Maybe they'd paint half of him gold, so it would look like he's dyed Gryffindor colours" Seb muses, and Patrick explodes with laughter again.

"And if he's still pink by February, we can dress him up as Cupid!" Dom says, clapping her hands at the idea.

We all go silent and stare at her.

"Dom, I wasn't joking before, Cupid isn't pink", I say slowly, and the others nod, backing me up.

Dom looks at the four of us, as though trying to find some hint that we're joking, then her eyes go as wide as saucers and she shouts "My whole life is a lie!"

 Immy pats her back and gives me a strict, McGonagall-like look, "Even if Cupid was, Clara won't keep James like that until February"

 "Then at least until the holidays!" Dom says, having gotten over her cupid revelation, "it will be so nice to have a human pigmy puff on our family Christmas card"

 "As tempting as that sounds, we do have a deal, so when his side is filled, I'll change him back, simple as that" I say with a large grin, unable to contain my complete satisfaction in this plan.

 "Clara." I hear behind me and I turn and see mini-Potter (more commonly known as Albus Potter, but I like mini-Potter better). Shit.


"I heard you're the one who turned James pink" So this explains why Potter didn't kill me, he's getting his brother to do it for him.

"That may have possibly kind of maybe have been me?" I reply with a wince.

"Nice one" he claps me on the back before heading over to the group of sixth years clumped together a little further down the table. "I'll be laughing about this for ages."

Huh, that went well. A compliment and no slow voice talk. Turning Potter pink is turning out to be the best thing for my reputation that I've ever mistakenly done.

I take it back. It really wasn't the best thing I've ever done. It may just be the worse.

Why, you ask?

You want to know why I wish I had a time turner so I could knock myself out while coming up with this idiotic plan?

You see, I've gained my own personal poltergeist/stalker + his fan club.

Don't understand? Let me take you through the rest of my day:

 During Charms: Potter pelted me with enchanted paper airplanes that all said 'Change me back!', which wouldn't stop poking me until I opened them.

Between classes: I was intercepted in the hallway by a group of his fan girls (you know, the ones that were all convinced he was living-Merlin and should have a shrine in his honour, blah blah blah) demanding I change Potter back, saying that I was evil for doing this to him and his looks, especially so close to the Halloween party. I told them that Potter could now go as a perfectly believable Pigmy Puff, and they ended up with a bat bogey hex (really, who did they think they were dealing with?).

During Defence:  It was a work period, where we did questions from the book, which would have been productive in normal circumstances. Instead, when I opened my book, all the words had disappeared and only "CHANGE ME BACK", next page: "SERIOUSLY", next page: "YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON'T", next page: "I'M NOT JOKING", next page: "C'MON CLARA", next page: "PLEASE" and so on, were there, and no matter which book I chose, these kept appearing.

Now I'm speed-walking to Gobstones club, trying to avoid another encounter with all of Potter's girlfriend-hopefuls. I finally reach the large wooden doors that lead to the cushy playing room, equipped with a constantly refilling cake tray and gold gobstone sets. 

The rest of the team is already there, and they shout a "hullo!" in unison, beckoning me over to a match between Molly Weasley, one of our best players, and someone I couldn't see because everyone was crowded around them.

"Ha!" shouted the unknown person, "victory!"

"You beat me…" said Molly, obviously in shock. "It can't be."

"No Mols, you see, I play quidditch, which is a much more demanding sport, well, you can't actually call this a sport, so this is just easy for me, kid's stuff really" That voice...that condescending tone...it sounded familiar...almost like…

"Potter" I say with a sigh, "why are you here?"

"Edwards! Love!" he shouts, standing up, revealing his very pink identity, "I've come to have a chat with you" and saunters over to me, slinging an arm around my shoulder and steering me towards one of the burgundy cushions in the corner of the room. The rest of the team stares after me, giving me raised eyebrows and suggestive stares.

Wait a sec...do they think we're together? Like, together together? Just kill me now, preferably painlessly. Or better yet, kill Potter.

We sit down onto the couch, and I immediately start playing with the gobstones board in front of us.

"Okay, here's the deal" he says, and starts playing with the board too, "I've thought long and hard about this situation-"

"In between enchanting paper airplanes and textbooks?"

"Yes, exactly" he replies, without missing a beat, choosing to disregard my sarcasm, "and you have to turn me back to normal"

"And why is that?" I ask, still concentrating on the gobstone game we've somehow started playing. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Potter looking quite flummoxed. Having the power is quite nice. I should do stuff like this more often.

"Because-because...c'mon Clara! I'm one of your brother's best friends! You can't do this to me! There must be some law or something!"

"And when has that ever stopped you from being just as vile to me?" Yeah, take that! See if you can combat my fancy vocabulary Potter!

"But those pranks were just in good fun, stuff I do to everyone!" I stare at him. "Ok, maybe more to you, but that's just cause…"

"You're a girl and don't like me! It's never happened before."



"I'm not sure how to respond to that without breaking this little fake reality you seem to have created for yourself"

"But it's true. You don't like me! Everyone likes me!"

"Are you sure about that?"
"Every girl likes me! And every boy looks up to me"

Okay, I'll admit, this is kind of true, but I'm never telling Potter this. Evidently he's not done, because he goes on to say, "Because I'm Potter the Great."

"Who has ever called you Potter the Great?"

"Doesn't matter" he snaps, "but for some reason, you don't like me. You haven't, not ever, so you can't blame me for pranking you a bit more than everyone else, but what you've done to me is way worse than that, you've left my fate in the hands of Carson!"

The guilt is coming back. This is bad. I was owning this conversation! What happened?

 "I can't believe I'm doing this" I mutter, before saying, with a resigned sigh "Fine, I'll change you back, even though I now have to spend the holidays at your house and Dom won't get her Pigmy Puff Christmas photo…"

"Yeah, yeah, you're a selfless person, Selfless Clara."

"I think the proper term is Saint Clara"

"Oh, I'm not 'Potter the Great', but you get to be 'Saint Clara'?"

"Exactly, now hold still so I can do this spell"

"I'm not mov-oh" he says, and then looks down to the gobstone set, which we've been playing on

throughout the conversation, where his hand was moving a piece. "Merlin, this game's addictive"

"Loads better than whacking some temperamental balls around while balancing on an unstable stick"

"I wouldn't go that far" he rolls his eyes, "Now make me normal again!"

"Can't make you what you never were"

"Oh haha, just get on with it"

All right, all I have to do is flick my wand in a downwards motion and say the words, easy enough.

"Reverto Coloris" I  say, giving a nice, big, downwards flick.

And nothing happens.

"Reverto Coloris" I say again, more forcefully this time.

Again, nothing, Potter is still pink. Why is nothing happening?

"Why is nothing happening?" Potter asks, panic in his voice, voicing my exact thoughts.

Did I somehow give him the power to mindread?Oh god. Let's test this. Potter, I think really hard, are you there? Can you hear me? Hello? No?

Either he's ignoring me or I haven't given him super hearing-my-thoughts powers. I'm going with the latter, it seems like the less stressful option. But there's still the fact that HE'S NOT TURNING BACK!

"I don't know!" I flick my wand again, and again and again, trying the non-verbal, but it isn't doing anything.

Then Potter starts to panic, which would've been the funniest thing to ever happen, but sadly I was too distraught to enjoy the moment.

"I'M GOING TO BE STUCK LIKE THIS FOREVER!" he wails, staring at his magenta (I've formally decided that he's magenta, not coral or rose or salmon) hands.

"How could this happen?" I  wail as well, "I'm top in charms, this isn't possible!"

"WHO CARES? YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PINK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! I'LL HAVE TO JOIN THE CIRCUS AND PEOPLE WILL PAY TO SEE POTTER THE PINK PIGMY PUFF! MY LIFE IS RUINED!" He has his hair in what looks like a death grip, pulling it into the air, and I fear that if he tugs any more, he'll start yanking it out. I don't think he'd be very happy to have some bald patches of pink.

"Potter, stop! We have to think about this calmly" I say, deciding his problem is more pressing than my Charms-identity crisis. "The potion recipe was from a Weasley's Wheezes prank book, so that means the owner probably knows how to fix it. The Hogsmeade trip is this weekend, so we'll just go down to the new branch they opened there and have them fix it for you." I try to grin reassuringly, giving him a small pat on the shoulder.

"Uncle George can help me. Yeah, ok, this will work. I won't be fuchsia forever" he says with a smile.

"Actually, it's a bit more of a magenta, but to each his-owwww" I say, rubbing my head where a gobstone had just been thrown.

"Thanks Clara" he says, getting up and slipping out the door.

"Saint Clara to you!" I yell after him. I head over to where the rest of the team is playing, only realizing halfway through practice that he didn't call me Edwards, but Clara.

 Harry Potter once said that there are a few things you can't go through without ending up as friends.

Well, attempting to un-dye someone is one of those things you can't experience without ending up on a first name basis.

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