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                             Halloween night, Naples, Italy



Rosalie Taccardi was sitting on the porch, playing with her engagement ring and staring off into the distance. Her niece, Nicola, was playing in the yard in front of her. As she watches the sunset, she sighs and looks down at her ring, a small, heart shaped ruby, and smiled as she though of her new fiance, Stefano. She hadn't yet broken the news to her family, since she knew it would cause much trouble. Stefano wasn't who a Taccardi was supposed to marry- he had brown hair and eyes. Not good enough for the Taccardi's, who all had black hair and light eyes. Rosalie suddenly looked up as she heard a small voice calling. "Zia, Zia! Come here!"


She smiled, she loved watching her niece for her sister, and was excited to someday have children of her own."Coming, Little One!"  As she came over to where Nicola was, she knelt down and took the three-year-old's hand, "What did you want to show me, Bambina?" she crooned, "Zia! Look! Stars!" the little girl said joyfully.


Nicola pointed up at the sky, the sun has gone down now and the stars were starting to come out. "Look! Pretty!" she giggled, happy to have her aunt's attention. Rosalie smiled down to he r little niece. She look to the sky, and noticed how fast night had fallen, soon it would be time for Nicola to go to sleep, wouldn't want her to be cranky in the morning. 


"Come on, il mio piccolo amore, it's time to go inside, bedtime." she said gently, taking Nicola's small hand in hers, and led her into the house. And as the door closed behind them, the full moon began its ascendance into the heavens, and cast its pale light on the house.




~~**~~(        )~~**~~




Nicola Taccardi lay in her little bed and was watching the moon and stars though her window. Her eyes were wide in their attempt to drink in as much of the beautiful night sky as possible before Zia Rosalie found out that she wasn't sleep. The longer she gazed at the sky, the more she wanted to see all of it, felt a pulling, calling her to see the stars outside, not in the stuffy house. As if sleepwalking, the three-year-old climbed out of her bed and began to go down the stairs to the front door.


Being a toddler, she did not bother to be particularly quiet or attempt to close the door after she had opened it. Walking outside, she sat herself down in the yard and feasted her eyes upon the wonder of the night sky and the pale, full moon. She was so engrossed in her stargazing that she did not register the low howling coming from the wooded area near the house. Did not notice the wolf creeping towards her. Slowly, slowly, teeth bared, feral eyes. Coming up behind her. Slowly, slowly,  than quickly.




~~**~~(        )~~**~~




A scream pierced the night. Rosalie was jolted out of her doze on the sofa and looked around wildly, as if expecting to find the source of the screaming in the room. She shook her head, brushing it off, guessing that in her dream-like state she had misheard something.  Just as she lay down to sleep again, another scream, desperate, filled the night. Rosalie sat straight up and as she heard yet another scream she ran up the stairs to Nicola's room. It was empty. All she could hear was screaming as she raced back downstairs and found that the front door was open. Dread filled her heart as she hear that poor soul cried out again, even more panicked than before. 


Running outside, her heart stopped as she saw the wolf leaning over Nicola. Her screams were growing quieter, as if she wasn't getting enough breath. Rosalie saw the dull sheen of blood on the ground, on the wolf, on her baby niece, and she found that she could not move, only watch, horrified. Then, suddenly, Nicola's screams stopped. As if an invisible switch had been flipped Rosalie found that she could move again. Remembering her wand, she sent a barrage of spells, the most harmful that she could think of, at the wolf. After several rounds of curses and hexes, the wolf decided that it had had enough and ran off into the woods. 


The instant she looked down upon her niece, she thought she was going to throw up. Blood, so much blood. Blood on the grass, blood on her clothes, blood on her face. She never knew that someone so small could produce so much blood. She bent down next to her and stroked her bloodied hair, stunned. 


"I need help," she whispered to the air, "she's going to die. And there's nothing I can do about it." 


As tears trickled down her face and onto Nicola's she had a sudden moment of clarity, she knew the one person that could, and would, help her.


"Expecto Patronum." she whispered, pointing her wand inland. A silvery bird erupted from her wand and hovered in front of her, and then disappeared, taking Rosalie's message with her. 


And as she stroked the dying child's hair and waited for help to come, the stars twinkled and  the full moon's pale light shown down upon them, as if nothing had happened.







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il mio piccolo amore- Italian for "my little love"


Zia- Italian for "aunt"


Bambina- Italian for "baby girl"

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