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Bound To You by Iluvmlfy
Chapter 9 : If You Were Dead Or Still Alive, I Don't Care, I Don't Care
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Hermione was inside her dark room at her condo developing pictures. It had been two weeks since the incident with Draco and Pansy. She had taken two weeks off from work to bury herself in her camera lens. She had gone to Egypt to take pictures of the locals and the pyramids. She needed the time to think and to decide how she was going to handle her relationship with Draco.









She pushed the photo paper around in the tub of developing solution and saw the picture emerge before her. It was a picture of a little boy, about four years old, and he was sitting on a camel. His father was also on the camel behind him, and he had his hands over his sons on the reins, and they were both looking out across the desert. It was an extraordinary picture and it gave her chills just looking at it. She heard someone come through the black revolving door to her dark room that kept the light out. Assuming it was Ginny she turned to get her opinion on the photo and saw Draco standing before her.










Scowling she turned back to her photos and ignored him. He stepped forward and put a hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off.










“Please don’t touch me Draco.” Raising his hands he moved to stand next to her and looked at her photos hanging on the clothes line.











“These are wonderful. Egypt was good for you. It suits you.” Draco focused on one picture in particular of Hermione and little girl. They were splashing each other in a pool of water on the ground. Both of them laughing and smiling. Hermione looked up and saw him admiring her picture.







“Thank you, it was very…exhilarating. I plan on going back in a few months to take more pictures.” They both stood in silence. Draco awkwardly shifted from foot to foot as he waited for her to say something. Hermione finally let out a breath and said, “You’ve got two minutes Malfoy, and that’s all.”











“Hermione it’s true. Pansy and I have been married for almost two years. We’ve been betrothed since birth and when we got married she was ecstatic but I was wary. As our marriage progressed I realized that I didn’t want to be with her. She was mean, cruel, and a terrible excuse for a human being. She has no compassion for anyone, and would hate any child we made together. I knew I couldn’t be with her so I left her. You have to understand how hard it was for me to leave. Not only was l leaving her but I was leaving my family, and my friends. Once you leave you can’t come back, you’re cast out and ignored.”










Draco stopped to catch a breath, and to read Hermione’s expression. She had been looking at the ground the whole time and avoiding eye contact. She took a breath and responded, “So what are you going to do Draco?”










She finally looked up at him, and made eye contact. Draco was taken aback. The bright, bubbly, happy-go-lucky Hermione was gone, and a cold, distant, unresponsive Hermione had taken her place. Draco quickly looked to the floor to avoid her cold gaze.







“My mother is sick. That’s why Pansy came to find me. The only way I can see her is if Pansy and I are back together. It’s the only way I will be accepted back into that life again.”







Hermione felt her stomach turn in knots. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She cleared her throat.








“Well if that’s what you have to do then fine. It’s not like we were in love. We made that clear in the beginning. No expectations of love, marriage, or children.”








“Hermione don’t do that. Don’t drag what we have through the mud. It’s different. It’s special and you know it is.” He was infuriated now. He couldn’t believe she was acting this way. She was emotionless, and the worst part was that she was starting to resemble Pansy. Hermione looked into his eyes, and with the coldest, iciest voice she could muster, she said,








“Come now Draco, this was casual sex. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have to be with Pansy then so be it. You can go now. I’ve given you a lot more than two minutes of my time and frankly, I’m done with this conversation.” Feeling defeated Draco left.







Hermione waited five minutes, then in the confines of her dark room, she slid to the floor, and let herself cry.







Hermione was in her room putting on an evening gown. The magazine was having a masquerade fundraiser to build schools for children in Africa. Ginny had reluctantly agreed to be her date and go with her for which she was grateful. Hermione had decided on a deep purple gown. It had beautiful lace capped sleeves, and a deep V in the front that was so low the tip almost touched her belly button.







She sighed, grabbed her matching clutch, and mask, and headed out the door.









As soon as they arrived the girls found a waiter that was passing out champagne, grabbed a glass, and drank deeply. Hermione scanned the room, and her eyes fixed on a blonde headed man in a black tux with a black mask covering half his face. He was also staring at her, and the way his gaze was making her feel she knew it was Draco.










Ginny saw them staring at each other and elbowed Hermione in the arm. Hermione tore her eyes from Draco, and looked at Ginny.










“You didn’t tell me he was going to be here.” Ginny said accusingly.








“I didn’t know he was coming. Honestly I thought he’d be back in England with his mother and wife.







“This is bad news Hermione let’s go.” Ginny looked nervously towards the door. Hermione stood her ground and refused to move.










“We aren’t leaving Ginny, just because we aren’t sleeping together doesn’t mean I have to be uncomfortable around him, and let him dictate my life. Now if you will excuse me, I need to run to the bathroom to freshen up. If he wants to be with Pansy then fine, but I’m going to show him what he is missing.” And with that Hermione walked off towards the bathroom. She swung the door open and moved to the mirror. She applied some lip gloss, and once the final person left she leaned against the wall to catch her breath. She couldn’t believe he was here, and that he brought Pansy. He was shoving her in Hermione’s face and she hated it.










She was about to push away from the wall to leave when the door swung open and Draco entered the bathroom. He let the door shut behind him and with a flick of his wand he had the door locked. Hermione immediately tried to push past him and leave but he grabbed her arm and forced her to face him.








“You aren’t going anywhere Granger. We have a few things to discuss.”







“We have nothing left to discuss Malfoy, I told you I was done with this conversation now please move so I can leave.” He blocked her from the door once more. He could tell she was getting frustrated. Hermione was fed up with his childish games.







“What do you want from me Draco? You said you were going back with Pansy and I said ok, and didn’t put up a fight. What else is there to discuss? How can we make this completely more horrible and awkward than it already is?”










“I will leave you alone when you start telling me the truth Hermione.” Exasperated, Hermione responded.










“I’ve told you the truth Draco, I’ve never lied to you. YOU were the one that was withholding the truth in this ….this…so-called relationship.”










“You’ve lied to me Hermione.”










“And what exactly did I lie about?”










“You love me.” Those three simple words made her lips tremble. She wasn’t going to let him do this to her. Hadn’t he tormented her enough already?










“I don’t know what you’re talking about Malfoy. This wasn’t about love for us remember? It was about scratching an itch. That’s it.”










Draco moved towards her. Hermione backed up and felt her back pressing against the wall. He had her cornered.








“I know you’re lying Granger. When I touch you, you’re skin radiates with love. I can feel it. It warms my skin.” He ran his fingers across her cheek bones. She stood completely still. Afraid to move, afraid to give him the satisfaction that he had gotten to her, afraid that he was right.








She pushed his hand away, “Draco, I don’t have time for this. Now let me go!” She pushed against him, and before she knew it their lips were locked. She dropped her purse, and mask, and grasped the back of his head. His lips molded over hers in a brutal, fevering kiss that left her reeling.







He trailed his lips down her neck and Hermione’s fingers found the zipper on his pants. Draco grabbed her by the thighs and hauled her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. 










Hermione’s teeth grazed Draco’s earlobe and his vision went blurry.










“Hurry, oh please hurry.” She found herself almost chanting those words in his ear.







With one swift move they were finally joined, and they both let out twin groans of pleasure.










Hermione was fixing her dress while Draco buttoned his fly. Awkward silence filled the air, and they both felt it. Draco fixed his gaze on her, “What does this mean Hermione? Where do we go from here?”










Hermione reapplied her lip gloss, and answered him with a cold icy tone, “You are going back to your wife, and I’m going back to Egypt. This was a slip up and nothing more.” With that said she strode out of the bathroom and didn’t look back.













Well there you go! One more chapter left, then Part 1 is over, and it’s on to Part 2! Keep reviewing I love reading your comments it fuels my writing!







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Bound To You: If You Were Dead Or Still Alive, I Don't Care, I Don't Care


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