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Map of the Problématique
Chapter 4:
The Unexpected Guest

"Blaise! You shouldn't have!" Ginny's voice cried excitedly. He had taken to the famous Wizarding restaurant - The Krakens Treasure, the restaurant for the rich and famous. It had an amazingly high amount of galleons for a meal and not to mention very, very exclusive. Blaise had to pick a special place though - he couldn't ask her in some crappy club could he?

"Of course I should have!" he replied with a subtle smile. Ginny's mouth was gaping in full blown awe, just at the thought of eating here.

Harry stumbled carelessly into the prestigious restaurant not far from the Ministry. His angry thoughts were interrupted by a young waiter.

"Hello Mr. Potter, would you like a table inside or outside sir?" he asked happily as the 'saviour of the Wizarding World' stood in front of him, quite bored looking.

"Outside." he replied looking around the fancily dressed witches and wizards around him. He followed the overly eager waiter in front of him outside, and thought how nice the weather was. His awe was changed by the anger caused by Hermione. That - he had no more words to call her. He sat down near the fountain and stared blankly at the twinkly lights and the star dotted sky in front of him.

The outside was warmed up with a charm due to the freezing temperatures of winter and everything couldn’t have been more perfect, the lights twinkling along with the stars in the black sky, the music playing beautifully and this night was to be perfect for Blaise.

"Mr. Zabini, your table for outside is right this way - if you would just follow me," the dark haired waiter said to him – he was tired, but a forced smile was in place of his exhaustion. Blaise and Ginny followed him outside their eyes following the decorated surroundings and Ginny still smiling from ear to ear with content. Blaise watched Ginny's expression as shocked as she walked outside and saw how beautiful the gardens of The Krakens Treasure looked. The fountain was illuminated and enchanted to change colours, the sky was star dotted and a midnight black, the chairs had been charmed with an instant warming charm and the gardens and the pool just fitted in perfectly with the beautiful setting around it. It couldn't have gotten better. When they reached the table, Blaise pulled out the chair for Ginny and then sat himself down. The waiter looked at them with his parchment out and quill ready.

"May I ask what drinks you will have?"
Ginny nodded and looked at her soon to be fiancée as he answered.

"Two firewhiskeys please." Ginny smiled politely at the waiter who then started scribbling on his parchment furiously.
Harry waited, why wasn't that stupid waiter coming for his order? He looked around and saw him laughing quietly with two other customers - a couple it seemed. He looked in the dim light of the floating tea candles, and noticed something that made his blood boil. That wasn't any ordinary couple. That was his previous girlfriend. Ginevra Weasley.

And whom she was with helped the matter no more either.

That filthy Slytherin! What the hell did he think he was? Even Malfoy was still a foul git, so was there any reason for his best friend to be? Harry thought not. Every day in school Ginny’s bloody best friend got bullied by the Slytherins. Zabini had been a blatant player who went through girls faster than Hogwarts went through parchment and quills – and by the looks of it – he hadn’t a changed. He stared avidly at the couple... He must need new glasses, he was seeing wrong. No way on earth would Ginny be out with the most prejudiced type of person.

But at that very moment, Harry didn't realize how very incorrect his assumptions were.

"Ginny?" Blaise asked with his nerves affecting his voice and soon followed by a sharp sigh. "Yes?" She replied, with a silly grin still plastered to her face. Her mind ran through all the reasons she loved him as much as she did. He was such a gentleman and he had high amounts of respect for women, especially his mother. He was so kind to her, and after months of persuading her family decided to see the light. Everything was perfect, nothing could ruin her evening – and she hoped nothing happened to try. She was awakened out of her sudden daydream by Blaise's suddenly nervous expression. Her face changed drastically to a worried stature, and only could assume the worst. She tried her hardest not to burst out into tears as she held her composure.

"What's wrong Blai-" She asked, only to be interrupted by a very happy Blaise. Confusion etched on her face, with a million and one things running throughout her mind.

"I needed to ask you something..." he replied, reaching for his suit pocket to take a velvet box out of it cautiously. Furrowed her brows, taking the news in the complete other direction and continued to stare at his firmly closed hand. He gave her a reassuring smile and continued to breathe deeply for what could be one of the most important questions of his life. Ginny's face changed into a small smile as she looked curiously at the man in front of her.
Harry couldn't take anymore of this. He had to do something about it. He got up, pushing the ornately dressed table with such a force, it moved a few centimetres to the left.

"Ginny?" he asked getting up from his chair. The box was securely in his hand. As he had hidden it, he was slowly opening the seemingly delicate blue box. Ginny looked even more confused, as the truth hit her, her eyes welled up furiously with tears.

"Will you marry me?" He asked looking up lovingly at his to-be-fiancée. Tears streamed happily down Ginny's face as she calmed down her excitement to a minimal amount. Silence ensued as Ginny could only have a shocked expression and Blaise waiting nervously for her reply.

After what seemed forever, Blaise finally got his answer.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, not noticing applaud from the tables around them and Blaise embraced her in a tight hug. He slid the ring around her finger as she stared at the sapphire rock on her fourth finger. Her mouth couldn't help but stretch from ear to ear. Still in his tight embrace, the next second was taken completely by surprise.
As Blaise turned around, his jaw was suddenly connected to a very pale and shaking hand.

"Blaise!” Ginny cried as if she was feeling the pain for him. She looked up only to find the person she least ever wanted to see. Harry James Potter.

Blaise furrowed his eyes as he looked up to his violent offender.

"Potter? What the hell was that for?" Blaise asked, widening his eyes in nonetheless – surprise.

"I don't know, for stealing my girlfriend maybe?" He concluded as hastily as he could.

Ginny really could've punched him at that moment. "I'm sorry but – what?" She screamed, her anger quickly rising.

A pregnant pause followed – and not just the three were silent.

"I'm sorry Potter, you may be head of the bloody department; but really?" Blaise asked, his anger blatantly rising.

"Really what?" Harry spat, squaring up to the dark man, even though he was a foot or so smaller than him. Blaise retorted back almost within I split second. "Oh, the fact that you casually walk up to my table right after I proposed to my girlfriend – who has been for the past 3 years – and punch me in the face! Oh wait; you forgot the cherry on top of the cake. You claim she's yours! After you abused her for years and when she finally stood up to you, you take her best friend. What the hell are you Potter?" Even though there was no answer to the question, the furious wizard thought otherwise.

"Because you're certainly not human."

Harry was lost for words. He knew all of this was true, but he wasn't letting go of this argument. Not yet.

"Don't you agree with me Ginny? You were with me all of yesterday!" Ginny was with Luna and Hermione the previous day, so this had cause some unwanted doubt with Blaise.

"Blaise! You know that's not true, even ask Luna- and, and Hermione!" The fiery red-headed was virtually in tears now.

This was the final straw for Blaise, first the most obviously the false accusations, the lies and now?


Now it would all stop.

No one and Merlin knew no one makes Ginny Weasley cry. Especially making her cry right in front of Blaise Zabini. Sure he had thought, just for that one millisecond that maybe, just maybe Ginny had been with Harry the day before. But he trusted her too much, and he had high respect for the tempered woman. So why would she lie? They had a rule – no secrets and no lies.

"Potter, go home now and I'll pretend this never happened." Blaise replied cautiously, barely containing his anger.

"Why Zabini? You scared? Always knew Slytherins were all talk." A cold venom tinged his voice.

"That's it Ginny. We're going." Blaise concluded, and while comforting the crying redhead in his arms, they left the restaurant knowing that nothing could pull them apart.
After they had Disapparated to Ginny's apartment, she slowly and in barely a whisper asked, "Blaise... Did you really think I would spend a day with him?" Blaise looked protectively at Ginny and replied in the same tone of voice she did, "For maybe a millisecond but I just knew you wouldn't. You love me," He said replied seriously but joked the last three words. She gave him a light slap and giggled quietly.
"At least we got something good out of this memorable trip." Ginny said light- heartedly. "And what would that be Mrs Weasley?" He asked with a twitch of curiosity hanging in his voice. "Mrs Zabini actually," She said as she held up her hand and off her fourth finger, was a glistening sapphire stone with so many memories, and many more to be created.

"We'll sort out Potter tomorrow; I'll go to Draco... Maybe he can do anything about this whole situation?" Blaise said as they sat snuggling on the beige sofa. "Maybe we shouldn't, I mean he's going through so much right now with Hermione and his mum, you know! Give your best friend a break!" She said softly. "Maybe you married the wrong guy here Gin, you seem fiercely protective of a certain blond." He replied with mock sadness. She hit him playfully, which only could be ended in war. A tickling war, and after three minutes exactly, Blaise had won by a mile. "Well not me, a certain brunette may be the likes of him." She said with a small smirk lurking on her lips. At the exact moment, they both started laughing and quietened down after a few moments.

"Maybe... Just maybe." Blaise said as his featured softened to a smile.

The next morning, Hermione found a very surprising sight as she walked in to the living room of her best friend's apartment. She blinked twice and said rather loudly, "Well isn't this awkward?" Blaise's eyes open slowly and after he notices Hermione- he got up suddenly and attempted to wake Ginny up as quickly as his tickling skills could.

"BLAISE! You might have well poured glacier water on me!" she screamed until she noticed the pyjama-ed girl in front of her. "Oh..." all Hermione could do was laugh and walk away from the scene giggling quietly to herself.

"Hermione!" Ginny called, but only to be answered with hysterical giggling. "I swear she's loony Blaise." Ginny replied with a quiet giggle.

"Yes, but that is why we love her, my dear." he replied with a crooked grin.

"Lune, Lune! Guess what?" Hermione giggled as she jumped on her best friend's bed. "What?" the slumbered girl replied groggily. "Don't go into the lounge," she said laughing her heart out. Luna just arose and repeatedly asked her why.

"Just don't." She smiled and left. "At least she's feeling better?" Luna questioned quietly to herself as she groaned and pulled her duvet over her pale face.

As the doorbell rang, Hermione skipped happily towards the main door, noticing that Ginny and Blaise had both gone – leaving a messed up blanket and cushions all over the floor. She thought she would tidy them later, it would be rude to keep her guests waiting. Only her guest turned out to be surprising. As she opened the door giddily, she immediately wished she hadn't. "'Mione-"he said quietly. "Don't call me that. What the hell are you doing here?" she asked in fury. "I wanted to apologize. I want you back-"

"Screw you." She gritted through her teeth as she slammed the door in his shocked face. What the hell did he think? He would turn up, beg for forgiveness, be nice for the first few days, and then go back to the daily routine? Not now, not again.

Not ever.

Oh Merlin, that had felt so good. If only she had done that 3 years and 363 days ago.

"Mione, who was that?" Ginny asked whilst walking out in a bathrobe drying her hair with a towel.

"Harry." Her whisper silenced the atmosphere.

A/N: I'm really sorry for not updating in months, I just had other things to worry about. I will try and update this as often as I can and if not, feel free to write angry reviews (hint, hint) about how I should update more often.

Thanks guys!


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