The girl called Hermione Granger who was due to start her sixth year at hogwarts stood still and let her eyes wander the crowds that were gathered on platform 9 and three quarters waiting to see if she could spot her two best friends Ron and Harry approaching her she knew they would be toghether as Harry had spent the last three weeks of the summer holidays with the Weasley's she was hoping to see a friendly Gryffindore face smiling at her but the first hogwarts student she saw was the last person she wanted to speak to "oh what do you want?" hermione asked the blonde haired Slytherin impatiantly "oh manners now Granger wouldn't want the new head girl and boy to get off on the wrong start now would we?" Malfoy smirked "they made you head boy?" she said in discust "naturally you didn't think they'd make potter or the weasel it did you?" Hermione felt five years of pent up frustration getting ready to lash out at Malfoy when she heard a distant familiar voice shout her name "Hermione" Hermione turned around and saw six people with flaming red hair approach her with Harry at their side "What do you want ferret?" George laughed staring into Malfoy's grey sadistic eyes he opened his mouth to reply but remembered that he didn't have his usual bruted Crabbe and Goyle stood behind him so he skulked of quickly. Fred. George , Ron and Harry's eyes flickered away from Malfoy's retreating back to Hermione's face and they stood in awe of how much she had changed her face was perfectly sculpted to fit well with her elegant brown curls that had been changed from it's usual bushy brown self the pair of denim jeans she wore showed of her beautiful curvy waist a legs as well as the tight red top that revealed to them a chest they had never knew was their. "Hermione is that you" Ron asked astounded "don't be stupid Ron who else could I be anyway how are you all?" she asked the four adolecents with their mouths hanging open she hugged Ginny,Ron then Fred and George who both looked at each other exstatic then finally Harry but when she hugged Harry she got a cold shiver running up her spine she suddenly was in love with the feeling of him having his newly firm muscles pressed against her chest Harry got the same feeling and when they pulled away Hermione caught sight of Harry's wonderful green eyes why hadn't she noticed them before? "hello Hermione?" Ron said clicking his fingers in front of her face bringing both her and Harry out of their loving gaze "oh sorry Ron what?" "I asked you what did that git Malfoy want to speak to you for?" "delivering the good news" she sais sarcasticly "he's head boy" "don't you know why they chose sixth years to be head boy and girl yet?" Harry asked curiously "no idea" "you six better hurry up and board the train it'll be leaving soon" Mrs Weasley told them "Why the six of us?" Hermione asked as Fred and George had broom hopped away from Hogwarts at the end of last year "Me and George are helping Dumbledore out with a few things" she was told by Fred. The four Weasley’s and Hermione and Harry who’s eyes kept wandering towards each other then turning away when they saw one another all boarded the train and found a empty compartment in which they could sit in the four lads began talking about who might be this years defence against the dark arts teacher and Hermione and Ginny were huddled in the corner whispering letting of silent giggles “So what do you think about Harry’s change over the summer?” Ginny asked laughing as her friend went pink in the face “Oh I hadn’t noticed really Gin” she replied “Oh please you two haven’t kept your eyes of each other” Ginny told her as Hermione went as red as her friend’s hair suddenly everybody stopped talking Hermione turned around and saw Malfoy by the compartment door “Now what do you want?” Ron snarled at him “Save it Weasel as much as I pains me I haven’t got time to stand here and trade insults with you, Potter and your muggle loving family” he said turning to Hermione “Granger we have to meet Mcgonagall in carriage eight” Malfoy told her sounding bored. Hermione stood up and Malfoy got his first sight of the fabulous body Hermione had grew into over the summer and he stood for a moment taking everything in the four lads noticed his piercing gaze and jumped up to face him “I’m warning you Malfoy you give her any trouble and I’ll…….” “You’ll what?” Malfoy shouted at Ron “Come on you’ll what?” Malfoy heard no reply from Ron and turned back to Hermione “Granger we have to go” he snarled. They left the compartment and the three Weasley’s and Harry stuck their head out of the door to see Malfoy standing slightly behind Hermione staring at her arse he then turned back to face them he pointed at himself then gestured his head towards Hermione he gave them his stupid smirk and continued his Hermione gazing “You leave her alone ferret we’ll be watching” Fred shouted they all retreated and sat down as Ginny stood up “I’m going to see some of my friends,” she told them leaving “Git who does he think he is staring at her like that gesturing as if she’d go near him” Ron said angrily “Calm down Ron Hermione knows what Malfoy’s like” Harry said “I can see why he was looking at her though can’t you?” George said raising his eyebrows “Yeah I mean when did she get so big up front not to mention her legs Wow I’d have her any day wouldn’t you Harry?” Fred asked “What don’t be stupid Hermione’s like my sister” He replied his mind returning to Hermione’s body pressed closely against his. Meanwhile in compartment number eight Hermione and Malfoy were sitting opposite each other staring absentmindedly out of the window the head boy and girl’s compartment was exceedingly more luxurious than every other compartment on the train it had large comfortable chairs and cushions to sit on as well as a food and drinks trolley that they could have what they wanted of it for free and in the corner there was a large private bathroom for them to use but the head boy and girl did not take in the wonderful luxuries that had been provided for them because they were both silently thinking about each other *********Malfoy’s Thoughts********* “God she looks amazing what did she do over the summer have a body transplant? I’ve never seen anybody so sexy!” ********Hermione’s Thoughts********* “I hate Malfoy why can’t he just be nice if he was I’d totally like him I mean he is really fit what am in saying? Shut up Hermione it’s Malfoy you are thinking about!” She mentally slapped herself for her thoughts as Professor Mcgonagall entered their carriage “Now” professor Mcgonagall started “You will notice that things are a little different this year you are both only in your sixth year at Hogwarts but you have been chosen to become Headboy and girl this is because the seventh year students decided against having any of them being headboy or girl because they knew that if Cedric Diggory was here that he would be filling in the position and they all thought of it as disrespectful to his memory and they all wanted the badges to passed onto the sixth years so that’s one explanation over with” she said taking a breath before starting again “And from this year forward Professor Dumbledore and I have decided that the headboy and girl shall share a dormitory “WHAT?” the Gryffindor and Slytherin shouted in unison “Yes and if you don’t like it you can hand your badges in right now,” she said firmly before leaving the carriage “Great stuck in a dorm with you just what I need” Hermione said scowling at Malfoy as he spoke her words “Well Granger you won’t see me doing back flips over the arrangement either” Malfoy replied. *************Malfoy’s Thoughts************ “Because I’ll do all my celebrations in private! In a dorm with her for two years she’s so fine wait she’s a mudblood doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with her though does it” *************End of Thought***************** “Look Granger this is stupid if were going to be practically living together we could at least be civil to one another” “Finally something intelligent has come out of that mouth so truce?” she asked offering her hand to him “Truce” he agreed shaking her hand. For the rest of their journey they talked about the school then Quiddich (much to Hermione’s dismay but she put up with it as she wanted to stay on good terms with Malfoy for more than a hour) Malfoy’s hatred towards Ron and Harry surfaced a couple of times, as did Hermione’s for Pansy Parkinson and she was pleasantly surprised when she heard Malfoy’s reply “Bitch I can’t stand her” he spat with resentment “What you really don’t like her” “ I hate her and I make it clear every time she comes near me she comes near me but she doesn’t listen she’s like every stupid Slytherin in that school piles on way to much make up puts on a low cut top and a short skirt and they think it’ll impress you for a while it does but then theirs the matter of being able to actually being able to have a normal conversation without them wanting to shag you” his words made Hermione laugh of course she had noticed that every girl in the school wanted Malfoy he was one of the best looking lads if not the best looking lad in the school even all the Gryffindors (except Hermione of course!) wanted a piece of him. When they arrived at Hogsmade station Hermione said goodbye to Malfoy and made her way over to Fred, George, Ginny, Ron and Harry “There you are why did you stay the whole journey in the Head’s carriage with Malfoy” Ron demanded to know “Err Professor Mcgonagall said we had to” she lied staring at her feet but it sprang up again when she heard Malfoy’s voice “See you later Granger” “Yes Bye Malfoy” “What are you being so nice to him for” Harry shouted “Because Harry we are going to sharing headship together and we may as well be civil to each other now we have to share a dorm” “WHAT, What do you mean you have to share a dorm” Harry screamed “I mean that we’ll have the same common room away from the Gryffindor and Slytherin common room that will lead to our rooms,” she said slowly as if they were all five year olds “But he could try anything on with you Hermione and nobody would be there to save you!” Ron shouted at her as if this was all Hermione’s idea “I’m not a princess locked in a tower Ron I don’t need saving from the power hungry snake I can look after myself and Malfoy wouldn’t try anything on because he knows if he did I would curse him into an oblivion” she raged storming of to get into one of the horseless carriages. Next Chapter: Harry was so close to her she could feel his breath against her face she could hear his heart beating against her chest their noses touched then all of a sudden……………… hey did you like it? hate it? please let me know if theirs anything you'd like me to add the next chapter will be better i promise

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