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On-ward and Up-ward by GalleonScarlet
Chapter 1 : On-ward and Up-ward
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I hope you enjoy!  Comments much appreciated!

On-ward and Up-ward

            Tonks: She opened her eyes. Mist was surrounding her. Out of the mist she could still see dense figures in front of her. Some were observing the surrounding area and the rest were walking around or standing up. The closest figure came from out of the mist, walking toward her. As the mist parted and she could see his face he bent down next to her. Remus helped her up and embraced her. As he embraced her she thought of Teddy, their son who they would not see him take his first steps, his first broom ride, his first word, taking him to King’s Cross Station for his first year of Hogwarts, his first girlfriend, and his marriage. As she concluded these thoughts, she thought of Harry and her mother. They will take care of him. He will grow up loved and have a good life.

            Remus: His last thoughts filled his head. He had been fighting. A bright green light filled his eyes and the last thing he saw was his wife rushing toward him. He looked around. People were walking around. Every couple of seconds another person would appear. All of a sudden a figure appeared close to him. The figure seemed to be a woman. As he studied her he recognized her. He stood up slowly. He seemed to glide rather than walk. As he reached his wife’s side he stuck out a helping hand. She grasped it and he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her close. One lone tear fell gently out his eye and descended down his face.

            Fred: He continued to glide around. He stooped down at every person and helped him or her up. They looked at him and he noticed the gratitude in their eyes. Every person he came to he thought, “This could be a family member”. Some of the people he came to he recognized. As he stooped down he noticed one boy, by the looks of it he was 16. He helped Colin Creevy up and saw the same look of gratitude. He nodded and Colin continued with him, helping everyone up. Slowly, he and Colin came to two figures standing together. As he came closer he noticed they were Tonks and Lupin. He walked up to them and they looked at him. Tonks came to him and hugged him.

            Tonks, Remus, Fred, and Colin: As Tonks and Fred hugged each other; a train inched slowly into the station. These were not trains as everyone knew. No steam or smoke enveloped them. It did not seem to rattle, but to float. Remus, Tonks, Fred, and Colin, along with everyone else, glided toward the train. The doors sprang open and everyone started boarding. Inside were not compartments, but one whole room, filled with comfortable chairs, facing a podium. When everyone had taken the chairs and no one was appearing outside among the mist (which everyone knew that the battle was probably over or it had taken a pause) the train softly moved forward. Not until the train was full speed ahead did a door behind the podium open. His silver beard glowing in the misty light, Albus Dumbledore walked in.

“Hello, my friends.” Albus began. “You are all brave men and women. If you may have jumped in front of a loved one and took a curse yourself. If you were fighting your heart out and the other person surprised you. If you were taken from the side of the west wing damage…”

“How do you know about the castle, sir?” Fred asked from the crowd.

“I have been watching the battle. We are always with you all, you know.” He answered.

“I want to welcome you,” he continued “To your party.”

“What do you mean, Professor?” a young voice from the crowd said.

“For you people have continued on. You are being welcomed to a place I have been in for a year. You have passed on, yes. This is your party. You may have lost a loved one in the past. You will see them. Now, I must resort to other business. I believe we are here.”

With that Dumbledore left. Little did everyone know, he was going to see Harry, for he was walking into the forest as Dumbledore spoke.

The doors opened and everyone started clamoring out.



Everyone: When Fred, Tonks, Remus, and Colin came out of the train a joyous sight met their eyes. People who had died were rejoining with their families and friends who had died before. Out of the crowd, Remus spotted a mop of messy, jet black hair. Along with it he spotted shinning red hair. James, Lily, and Sirius appeared out of the crowd, hand-in-hand, beaming at Remus.

“Hello, old pal!” James said shaking one of his best friend’s hand’s.

“Hi, Moony! Thanks for not letting Harry jump in the veil after me!” Sirius said beaming.

“Remus!” Lily said hugging him.

“You guys. I’d like for you all to meet my wife, Tonks.” Remus said, as Sirius hugged and winked at his cousin.

“You have a wife Remus! That is just lovely!” Lily said hugging Tonks.

“We also have a son, Teddy. James, I just want to say. Harry is godfather.” Remus said.

“We couldn’t have picked anyone better.” Tonks said.

“Harry will take care of him. Don’t worry.” James reassured them.

At that moment a voice from the crowd piped out Tonk’s name.

“Dora! My daughter!” Ted Tonks came from the crowd.

“Dad!” Tonks said greeting him.

Just then, Fred’s uncle Bilius came from the crowd and Fred went away from the group, arm-in-arm with his uncle. Colin saw a friend that had also died in the battle and he joined him. Then, out of the crowd, Severus Snape came.

“Hello Severus! Come and join us!” James and Sirius said.

They greeted Severus like old school friends and Severus treated them the same. After a while, Colin started taking pictures and Fred told jokes. The best part was when in the middle of the party Dumbledore walked in.

“Hello, everyone. I would like to inform you, that the battle has ended…” everyone held their breath… “Lord Voldemort has been vanquished. Would you all raise your glasses and say a toast to Harry Potter?”

“Harry Potter” everyone murmured.

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On-ward and Up-ward: On-ward and Up-ward


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