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perfect chapter image by afterglow@tda.


Hermione looked around. Of course it would be his apartment. It looked incredibly fancy, something that would appeal to Draco.

"I thought you would be living at Malfoy Manor." Hermione told him, as she snuggled up in his blazer for warmth.

"I left after I graduated from Hogwarts." he said.


"Too many bad memories." he exclaimed.

"Oh, of course. What about your parents?" she asked.

"I keep in contact with my mother, not so much my father."

"Why not?" He was more fascinating that Hermione had expected.

"You ask a lot of questions." he chuckled.

"Wasn't that the whole point of tonight?" she asked. "So you could answer my questions."

Draco looked at her and sighed before continuing on.

"My father wasn't exactly the best, he was a terrible father. He was incredibly intimidating and used to force me to do a lot stuff I didn't want to do. The bad decisions I made were due to him. At the time I was too afraid of him to do anything. If I disobeyed him, I was worried he would take it all out on my mother. I couldn't let that happen. As I grew up I realized that although he gave off the impression of being a man not to be messed with, he was a coward! A bloody coward." he explained.

His expression was now dead serious. "If it was up to me, he would have been sent to Azkaban."

Hermione gasped, "Don't say that. He's your father."

"I know." he said after some time.

Hermione looked at him confused; she couldn't understand how someone could feel so much hatred to their own father. Hermione protected her parents, and was glad that if anything, they had gotten closer since the war.

Hermione looked at Draco once again; he was staring at the view, completely lost in thought.

"Thanks for saving me earlier, from the reporters." she said after a comfortable pause.

"Things aren't looking good for you now." he said.

"What do you mean?"

"The last thing you need is the reporters making it out that you're involved with an ex death-eater."

"Oh... I hadn't thought about that."

She had been thinking about how she was going to get home, definitely not about those bloody reporters. Draco gave her his signature smirk.

"Why are you smirking?"

"I just realized how weird this looks but how comfortable it feels. If anyone had told me that I would be standing on my balcony at night time, with Hermione Granger after running away from reporters, I would have sent them to St. Mungos."

This made Hermione laugh.

"Come in, I'll make you cup of tea." he said.

They walked back into the living room and Hermione sat down on one of the big sofas as Draco went into a room that was probably the kitchen. Minutes later, he entered the room and handed Hermione a mug of hot tea.

"Thank you." she said.

Hermione's lips had barely touched the mug before Astoria Greengrass entered the room. Draco noticed that she was still wearing her earlier dressing gown when she saw Hermione she gave a disgusted look.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she yelled at a startled Hermione.

"Astoria, relax!" Draco had stood up and walked over to stand in front Astoria in an attempt to keep her from Hermione.

Astoria however was not calming down.

"It's her isn't it?" The girl you went on a date with!" she spat out the last two words.

"Wait Astoria." Draco was failing miserably.

"What the fuck are you even doing in my house?" She pushed past him.

It was Hermione's turn to speak, however Draco was quick to talk once again.

"I invited her round." he said.

"What! At this time? Why?" she was furious.

"Because it was getting cold, we had had too many to drink, and she wasn't in a good state to apparate home."

"Why were you even out with her in the first place?" she asked him.

"She has a name." he replied.

"I don't give a shit." she yelled back.

Hermione felt uncomfortable in the situation she had been put in the middle of. She thought Astoria had been alright with Draco meeting her. Apparently he had been so ashamed, that he didn’t tell his own girlfriend.

Astoria turned her attention to her and ook one last look.

"Filthy mudblood." she said, loud enough for them to hear.

"Astoria!" Draco grabbed her arm.

"Get off me!" she snapped, pulling her arm free from his hold. "I want her out."

She stormed back into the room she came out of and slammed the door, leaving a shell shocked Hermione behind.

"I'm really sorry about that." said Draco once she had left room.

"It's okay. But I really should get going." Hermione said, placing the mug down and grabbing her purse. "Thanks for the interview and the cup of tea. Goodnight" she smiled.

She apparated out before Draco could reply.


The next day, Hermione woke up feeling woozy. She shouldn't have had that fire whisky last night, she thought. The events of last night came rushing back to her, she suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed that she had been to Draco's house and had been verbally assaulted by his girlfriend. After taking many pain killers, she apparated to visit Luna.

"Did you have a lovely time?"

It was okay...” she said.

Luna looked at Hermione.

"Just okay?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay then... It was... unexpected." Hermione replied with a smile.

"What do you mean by that?"

Hermione thought a bit before answering.

"Well, we had a nice long dinner. We chatted. When it was time to leave, we were bombarded by reporters; however we managed to apparate to Malfoy's apartment where I met his girlfriend."

"Astoria? What's she like?" Luna asked.

"She called me a mudblood."

She gave Hermione a shocked look as she placed a fruit basket on the table.

"She sounds lovely."

"Oh she is!" Hermione laughed.

"What did Draco do?"

Hermione’s head shot up with a questioning look. "When did you start calling him Draco?"

"Since he became a multi-billionaire." Luna answered with a wink.

"Luna Lovegood!" Luna shrugged her off and they both started to laugh.

Hermione then handed her her Quick Quotes Quill.

"That's all I could get off of him." she said.

"Wow! This a lot!" Luna grinned.

"Yeah, turns not he's not as private as people say." Hermione said, taking a bite from her apple.

"Thank you so much for doing this, Daddy's going to be so grateful."

"It's ok Luna. I feel like I owe you somehow for leaving you for a year."

"I don't blame you for leaving, Hermione." Luna said with a distant voice. "I blame the Nargles."

"Oh Luna! How I missed you." Hermione giggled.

"I missed you too."


"Astoria? That bitch!" yelled Ginny!

After Hermione left Luna's she apparated to Ginny's to tell her about her accounter with Astoria.

"Language Ginny!" Harry scolded his girlfriend who he was cuddling on the sofa.

"Who does she think she is?" she yelled, ignoring Harry.

"She's Astoria Greengrass. Draco Malfoy's girlfriend." Harry said.

Ginny slapped Harry lightly on the cheek.

"That was a rhetorical question! You git!"

 The sight of the couple made Hermione's heart ache. Why was it that everyone had someone? Luna had Rolf, Neville had Hannah, Harry and Ginny had each other, even Draco had someone. But Hermione had no one.

She had absolutely no one to call her own.

"You two are just adorable!" she told them.

"Yeah, we know." Harry said before he placed a swift kiss on Ginny's cheek, making her blush.

There was a knock at the door. The couple were too preoccupied with each other to have heard it. Hermione walked to the door and opened it.

A red faced Ron stormed into the room. He looked tired and worn out, as if he hadn't slept in days. And he was holding what looked like a newspaper.

"What the fuck is this?" He yelled as he slammed the newspaper onto the table, grabbing both Harry and Ginny's attention.

Ginny stood up and picked up the newspaper. Her eyes widen with shock.

"What? What is it?" Hermione asked Ginny.

Ginny handed Hermione the newspaper which turned out to be 'The Daily Prophet.'

On the front of the cover was Hermione and Draco.

Hermione's head was bowed down as if trying to hide herself from the reporters, Draco's face was stone cold, he looked pissed. Incredibly pissed. His right hand was placed on Hermione's back, protecting her as she looked unsteady in her high heels. In big bold writing at the top, it said 'Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger: Couple?’

The reporters had made it looked like something it wasn't.

"Well?!? Explain yourself!" Ron yelled at Hermione.

"I don't have to explain myself to you Ronald!" Hermione yelled back.

"So it’s true then isn't it? You're dating that traitor?"

Hermione couldn't believe he was accusing her of doing something like that.

"Ron calm down." Harry said as he ran to where he was standing.

"It's none of your business who I date." Hermione snapped.

Hermione saw Ginny at the corner of her eye, looking rather confused.

"What happened to you Hermione? Ever since you came back, you've changed!"

"I've changed? That's rich! Right, because I was the one who slept with multiple girls, while my girlfriend was away!" Hermione was now seething, he had absolutely no right to say that to her.

"It wasn't multiple girls!"

"And that makes it a whole lot better doesn't it?" Hermione fumed sarcastically.

"At least none of them have ridiculous hair!"

"My hair is not ridiculous! You asshole!" Hermione gasped.

"You look like a fucking boy!"

Hermione had had enough! She wasn’t going to just stand there and take this abuse from him! She walked up to him and delivered a hard intense slap to his cheek. Then came an ear-splitting scream from him as his face turned the same colour as his hair.

"Get out!" Hermione shrieked.

He gave Hermione a disgusted look before he stomped out in rage. Ginny quickly came rushing over to Hermione.

"Hermione, are you okay?"

Hermione collapsed down onto the sofa.

"Yeah I am, I'm not sure your brother is though."

"He had it coming." Harry said.

"You're not actually dating Malfoy, are you?" Ginny asked.

"No. I wouldn't betray you guys, It'd be like dating Judas." denied Hermione.


Draco Malfoy was sitting behind his big desk in his office at Malfoy Inc. He had a very important paperwork to look at and he hadn't even bother to open it up.

He couldn't help thinking about Hermione. Astoria had been so rude to her. He knew she was hurt, even if she tried not to show it. A while after Hermione had left; he had barged into his bedroom and lost it. He started to scream and yell at Astoria, it got to a point where he threatened to leave her. Astoria had yelled, cried and slapped him across the face. She had then apologized and said she was sorry.

Things got worse in the morning. Astoria had seen The Daily Prophet and was raging. She had yelled and screamed at him once again. Draco couldn't take it anymore, he had quickly gotten showered and changed and apparated out without telling her.

It had been four hours since then and Astoria had made no effort to contact Draco. She hadn't sent any owls nor had she called him. She was probably still trying to calm herself down, he thought.

Before Draco had been given a chance to recollect his thoughts, an outraged red haired lunatic had rushed into his office, a red faced Amanda chasing behind.

"You can't go in there!" she screamed.

Draco stood up to face Ron.

"Sorry sir, I told him he couldn't come in but he wouldn't listen."

"It’s okay Amanda."

Amanda nodded and left the room.

"Can I help you?" Draco asked.

Ron bought out a newspaper from his pocket, and placed it on Draco's desk.

"Yes you can actually."

Draco examined the newspaper.

"What were you doing with Hermione?" Ron asked, trying to keep his voice quiet.

"What has it got to do with you? You're not her boyfriend!" Draco spat.

"You're threading on a thin thread Malfoy." Ron threatened.

"You know... this doesn't even concern you."

"I think it does. Hermione's very vulnerable at the moment, her hormones are everywhere. She'd jump at the first guy she sees, I suggest-"

Draco was only half listening. How dare he barge into his office and threaten him, him of all people!

"You are the most moronic mindless idiot I have ever met!" Draco yelled before Ron was given a chance to finish. "You had Hermione! You had her! And you decided to trade her in for worthless whores. Don't blame her that she's found someone better."

"Shut up Malfoy." Ron yelled, as he took a step towards Draco. "She doesn't know what's good for her."

"I think she can look after herself Weasel! Isn't she the brightest witch of her age? One third of The Golden Trio?"

Ron looked vicious.

"She deserves someone better than you!" he hissed.

"I'm a billion times better than you! I own a company! You, I presume, are in between jobs. Isn't that right?"

Malfoy was right, Ron was in between jobs, but he wouldn't let him know that.

"Who told you that? Hermione? That girl's full of shit." he informed.

"Actually, no. She didn't. You should probably read the rest of the article." Draco advised as he took the newspaper from his desk and pushed it towards Ron's chest.

Ron grasped the newspaper.

"I don't care if you're dating Hermione, you'll always be a fucking traitor, you ferret!" barked Ron as he marched out of Draco's office.

"And you'll always be second best." Draco yelled after him.

Draco stepped out of his office to realize that all eyes were on him.

"Show's over! Get back to work." he yelled at his employees.


After the incident with Ron, Ginny had spent a while trying to cheer up Hermione. She had even gone as far as trying to bake some cupcakes. It had ended with a messy kitchen and an annoyed Harry. Soon later, she apparated home.

Hermione had bought home a copy of The Daily Prophet, so she could read just how many lies the reporters were feeding.

She was now watching the TV with her mum.

"Let's see how many lies in are in here." she muttered.

"Don't worry about it honey! Your friends know you better than to believe in bullshit." her mother exclaimed.

"I'm guessing Ron's not my friend then." she groaned.

"It's a shame. I liked the boy."

Hermione ignored her mother and started to read.

"Hermione Granger left a year ago weeks before her 20th birthday to travel, saying that she wanted to 're-discover' herself. 

Ever since she returned about two weeks ago, Hermione Granger has been the talk of the wizarding world. Mainly because of a recent break up with Ronald Weasley, her boyfriend of four years who just so happens to be a part of The Golden Trio as well.

Last night, Hermione Granger was reported outside the Italian restaurant, Giovanni's with none other than ex death-eater and chairman of Malfoy Inc, Draco Malfoy. Now what could our beloved Hermione Granger be doing with him? It looked as though they were out on a date.

Hermione was rocking her new short pixie cut hairstyle while wearing a white peplum top and a black miniskirt with black heels. Draco Malfoy wore a plain white shirt and black trousers and black shoes. He was however missing a blazer; he seemed to have given it to Hermione as it hung loosely over her shoulders. What a gentleman.

Draco who is currently dating model, Astoria Greengrass, had place a protective hand on Hermione's back, before they both ran away from reporters. Sadly we were unable to catch up to them.

Hermione Granger who just so happens to be turning twenty-one in just a matter of days is currently rumored to be living with her parents, after break up with Ron. Some may say that she's trying to hide from the spotlight by living in the muggle world.

Draco and Hermione were said to never have gotten on during school, referring to the fact that Draco sometimes called Hermione a 'filthy mudblood'. And how Hermione was part of 'Dumbledore's Army' a secret organization formed by Hogwarts students to fight death-eaters, while Draco was a death-eater himself.

Our sources tell us that the couple had been romantically involved for a while now; apparently they had kept in touch over owls, as Hermione travelled. Some may say it's the reason why Ron decided to cheat.

If Draco and Hermione are dating, we don't blame them for keeping it a secret. It wouldn't exactly be good publicity for Malfoy Inc, if the chairman, a pureblood, was dating a muggleborn.

What do you guys think of the couple? Is it unusual that we suddenly see them together?

Maybe it's just fate."

Thank you for still reading! Don't forget to drop a review and tell me what you think everyone!


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