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Bound To You by Iluvmlfy
Chapter 8 : I Got Him Where I Want Him Now
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I'm soooo sorry for the long wait my lovely readers! My laptop broke, and it's in the shop, and so for now i'm stuck using my fiance's computer which I only have access to on the weekend. I PROMISE it will not take as long for the next chapter, i'm already half way through the next one so as soon as this one is validated I will submit the next one. Thank you soooo much for your patience!






Hermione and Draco fell into the apartment groping at each other, and pulling at each other’s clothes. They heard someone clear their throat.




The couple pulled apart and looked up. Ginny and Blaise were sitting there on the couch, looking awkwardly at Draco and Hermione.




“Blaise what’s up?” Blaise looked at Ginny nervously.




“Alexia asked me for a divorce this morning.”




Hermione went to Blaise’s side “That is terrible Blaise! I’m so sorry.” Draco came around to them also and scoffed. “It’s about bloody time, you’ve been miserable ever since you said I do.”




“Draco that is no way to talk to your friend!” Hermione was amazed he could act that way towards his closest friend.




Blaise smiled and looked at Hermione. “It’s ok, honestly it’s the truth. I haven’t been living at home for the last six months. I would have filed myself but if I was the one to break it off I would have been exiled by my family. Like D-“




“Mate I’m so glad you’re rid of that insufferable woman.” Draco interceded. Both men exchanged weird looks and then Draco was ushering Hermione to her bedroom. Once inside they each sat cross legged on the bed facing each other.




“No matter how they feel about each other divorce is still hard Draco.” Draco took her hand in his and pressed a kiss to her knuckle.




“Hermione they were miserable as husband and wife. Their marriage was a betrothal. One that has been placed ever since birth. They had no choice in the matter. And Alexia is a terrible woman. As soon as they were married she gave him two rules, no sex, and no children. They’ve been married for three years and he has stayed true to his vows. He hasn’t been with another woman, and six months ago he told her he wanted to have children. And she laughed in his face. So he left.”




“How terrible. To be a woman and not want to carry a child inside you.” Hermione’s eyes fell and she stared at the bed.




“Not everyone wants children Hermione.”




“Do you Draco.”




“I thought it was part of our contract that we didn’t expect those things from each other.”




Hermione laughed.




“I’m not trying to have your baby Draco I was just curious. With everything that happened with your father, I was just wondering if you would want a child to pass all that history of hatred and cruelty onto.”




Draco sat for a minute before answering, “I eventually want children. Yes. But I want them to know nothing of my past. Especially my father. Now can we please be done talking about this.”




Hermione nodded and Draco leaned forward and softly placed his lips on hers. He put his hands on her cheeks and caressed her soft skin. Hermione felt her skin grow flush with want. Draco laid her down and covered his body with hers. He grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it pulling it off her head. He ran his hand down the side of her stomach and she shivered.




This is what she had been waiting for. What she’d been wanting ever since she saw him standing outside the conference room at the office. She ran her hands down his back and pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the floor.




He looked deeply into her eyes and reached for her pants. He knew they were in for a long night, and he was eager to get it started.





They lay next to each other on the bed. Exhausted and spent. Draco turned his head towards her and kissed her shoulder. She looked at him and he grinned.




“Why weren’t we doing that in school.” Hermione laughed.




“Well I was doing that in school Malfoy I don’t know what you were doing.” Draco tickled her sides, she let out a loud giggle.




“I meant why weren’t we doing that with EACH OTHER Granger.”




“Oh so it’s back to Granger now.”




“Well maybe if you were a little nicer I’d call you by your name.”





“Oh you want me to be nicer?” She smiled wickedly at him and together they laughed and reached for each other.






Hermione was having the time of her life. They had been experimenting with their sexual relationship for almost three months and Hermione couldn’t have been happier. She felt relaxed and at ease and she felt like things were just going right for her and Draco.




As Hermione sat at her desk looking over some of the pictures she had just taken a few days ago she reminisced of last week, Draco had walked into her office, shut her blinds, locked the door and taken her right on top of her desk. It was erotic and a huge thrill and Hermione didn’t think she was ever going to come down from the high he gave her. She got adrenaline rushes when she was with him.




Hermione smiled as she remembered how demanding he had been when he told her to strip and lay on the desk. As she was replaying that day in her head the object of her desires walked in through the door.




“Miss Granger, looking sexy as ever I see.” Hermione smiled and motioned for him to sit.




“To what do I owe the pleasure Mr. Malfoy.”




“I was wondering if you would like to join me for dinner tonight at one of my restaurants.”




“That sounds wonderful. What kind of restaurant is this? I’m assuming black tie?”




“You would be correct Miss Granger, wear something sexy. I’ll pick you up around eight.”




“Perfect.” Draco stood and walked around her desk; he leaned down and planted a soft kiss on her cheek.




“I’ll be thinking about you.” He caressed her cheek and left her office. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was.






Hermione was dressed in a black dress that fell to the floor and pooled around her feet. It had long sleeves, and the best part about it was there was absolutely no back to it. Draco was going to drool all over her tonight. As she was putting her earrings in she heard a knock at her bedroom door.




“Come in.” she replied, and Draco opened the door, wearing black suit, with a white shirt beneath the jacket and a skinny black tie. He looked so delicious her mouth started to water. He smirked and walked over to her. He put his arms around her, and when his hands made contact with her bare back she could see the lust forming in his eyes.




“Well, I see you took my advice and wore something sexy. I’m not sure if I can take you out in public though. I don’t want other men throwing themselves at you.”




Hermione laughed and threw her arms around his neck to give him a lavish kiss. They let the kiss linger long enough for both of them to look longingly at the bed.




“We are going to miss our reservation if we don’t leave now.”  Draco said to her.





“Alright then, let’s get going.” She smiled, grabbed his hand, and they made their way out the door.






At the restaurant Draco was telling Hermione a funny story. They had just been brought dessert, and he was making her laugh hard enough she nearly choked on her strawberry cheesecake.




Draco took a sip of wine, and then reached across the table to entwine their fingers. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it had been spending time with him. Here they were sitting at a table having a great time, as if their past had never happened. She was a lucky girl. Hermione grabbed for her glass of wine when she saw Draco’s face turn stark white.




She put her glass down and looked at him with worry.




“Draco? Are you ok? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.” Draco looked at her.




“Hermione, I’m sorry. I have to tell you something-“ He was interrupted by someone behind Hermione clearing their throat.




Hermione turned and Pansy Parkinson was standing behind her.




“Well Granger I didn’t think you were the type.”




“What type is that exactly Parkinson?”




“The type to sleep with another woman’s husband.”




Hermione’s skin went cold, and she could hear the blood pounding in her ears.




“What are you talking about?”




Pansy smirked, walked over to Draco and kissed him on the cheek.




“Well you have been sleeping with Draco right? We’ve been married for two years.”





Cliff hanger! I know you hate me. But wait til you see what happens next! I will have the next chapter up as soon as I can! I promise I won’t make you wait as long!

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Bound To You: I Got Him Where I Want Him Now


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