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Chapter 21

Harry sat at the table that morning happily. It had been three weeks since his parents and Sirius returned and things were beginning to shape up in interesting ways. Harry could hardly believe how it was all shaping up himself.

Sirius, James, and Lily were working with Remus to become a team of bounty hunters since they were told that they would have to receive new identities as no one would believe they had returned to life by the Minister. They had begun talking of opening a business and already they were planning to revolutionize bounty hunting. Sirius announced it was better than being an auror after they were all paid three thousand galleons for each death eater they caught. Harry laughed and told them in one night they made more than he thought was in his vaults already.

Sirius received the house on Grimmauld Place though he agreed with James and Lily. They were given back their house in Godric’s Hollow but told Harry they didn’t want to be far from him for quite a while. It was on that day that two new rooms were permanently set in Potter manor.

The bet for the best marauder was given to Remus, and Harry changed the prize to being the best man in his wedding. He decided this when an argument broke out over whether Sirius or James should receive the role instead. They all agreed to this when both Lily and Ginny stood behind Harry at either side with their wands drawn.

The best thing that Harry learned in those few weeks was that they were pretty much finished with fighting death eaters. There was only a small group left and they were planning how to finish them off quickly and easily while still offering the four bounty hunters the biggest payoff without making the aurors look bad. On the weekend before Harry was to take the NEWTs they decided a sixty-forty split would make it reasonable and prepared their attack.

The death eaters never knew what hit them. Within ten minutes they were all easily captured, due to a hundred stunning suppressors going off all around them at once before hails of giant stunning spells rained down on them. None of them would have ever suspected that only ten people were responsible for the capture of over two hundred death eaters.

When this was over Harry was order to rest as he was off until after the NEWTs. Harry spent more time with his family as well as Ginny as well as studying. He knew he had to pass the NEWTs so he could continue with his job, even though Sirius and James said he should work with them as it would give him more money than working as an auror.

“Come on Harry, we need to make this a family business.” James said. “Marauders’ and sons is just a very strong sounding name. It would cause us to get better bounties with you around as well.”

“Yes, but you only have one son among all of you so far.” Harry replied with a laugh.

“We are willing to adopt Kei, Ryo, and Takeshi if needed.” Sirius said. “We already told their parents we’d look after them as if they were ours anyway.”

“But what if they don’t want to be bounty hunters?” Harry said curiously.

“Well then we can just win them over with the thoughts of daring and adventure. Who wouldn’t want that?” James said with a grin.

“You only want to be a bounty hunter because you can’t be an auror.” Lily said with a shake of her head.

“I want to be a bounty hunter to look after Harry if he needs it since I can’t be an auror.” James said seriously. “However, the money is good and I’d be able to help him a lot better if we were all together.”

“So you want me to join you to protect me?” Harry said, not truly believing this.

“No, I want to be able to spend time with you, doing something we both excel at, and allows us both to make a great deal of money doing so.” James said seriously. “What could be better for the two of us? We both excel at fighting dark wizards, we’re both trained guardians, and even better, we would never be bored or alone doing it.”

Harry was shocked into silence. He knew his father was being completely serious and he found himself agreeing with the argument. He also realized that this wasn’t something he could decide on his own. “Ginny-“

“Harry, before you ask me what you are going to ask, let me ask you something.” Ginny said with a smile. “Would you be happy running around arresting people for improper cauldron thickness, stolen goods, or something like that, or did you want to be an auror for the reasons you’ve been an auror so far?”

“For the reasons so far I believe.” Harry said.

Ginny nodded. “Then quit. Become a bounty hunter like your Dad, Sirius, Remus, and your Mum. Be a damn good one too.” Ginny then turned to James. “I only ask that if I find I want to be an auror for similar reasons you allow me to join in the family business.”

James smiled. “Any wife of Harry’s is a future bounty hunter in the waiting at Marauders’ and sons.”

“So I’m welcome in a few weeks then?” Ginny said with a smile.

Sirius grinned. “Definitely, as long as you take the plunge. Remember, the one you’ve got stands a chance at growing into one of those.” He said, pointing to James at the end.

Ginny sighed as her head dropped. “I guess it’s best to get used to it now then.” She said sadly before looking up at Sirius with a grin.

Harry laughed when he saw the look on James’ face. “She got you that time Dad.”

James looked at Ginny for a second before laughing himself. “That she did. Damn fine choice in women you have Harry, damn fine.”

Harry nodded. “Very true, and she has an excellent point. I’ll put in my notice with Tonks today and when it’s done I’ll join your company.”

“Our company.” Sirius said. “We wanted you to join once we decided, even Remus. We’d happily take Kei, Jen, and Rena too if they’d join up, but we really want you with us.”

“I’ll talk with them. Rena may like the idea best, but I don’t know about Kei and Jen.” Harry said. “However, I won’t be able to join for a month.”

“Why so long?” James asked.

“Two weeks notice, wedding, and honeymoon.” Harry said. “If you tell me I can’t have a honeymoon with the woman who waited for me to come back to life, then I can’t work for your company.” He smiled at his Dad then. “And I demand Christmas off every year.”

“Done” Lily said with a smile. “The business will be closed for the week of Christmas every year.”

Harry nodded. “Then I believe I will love the family business.”

“How could you not? It’s your family.” Ginny said with a smile as she took hold of his hand.

Harry smiled. “I know.”


“So you’re quitting?” Tonks said with a shake of her head. “For the right reasons?”

Harry nodded. “I’m joining the family business Tonks. I’ll still be doing good, but only what I do best and none of the trouble that comes with it as an auror.”

Tonks smiled. “Then I’ll take your resignation. Do I have to suspect the rest of your team quitting as well?”

Harry shook his head. “Don’t know yet. I’ll tell you after I talk to them.”

Tonks sighed. “Do that now while I file the paperwork for your resignation.”

Harry nodded and made his way to his team’s office. He saw Jen look up as he walked in and she looked thoughtful. “Go ahead, if it sounds as good out loud as it does in your head I’m in.”

Harry laughed at that and spoke. “Guys, I just gave Tonks my resignation. I’ve found a job that fits my skills perfectly and it isn’t being an auror. I’m going to join the family business.”

“What family business?” Rena asked.

“Marauders’ and Sons bounty hunting.” Harry said.

“Is there another son somewhere, or is it just wishful thinking on Sirius’ part?” Rena asked with a laugh.

“Well, as for other sons they promised Kei’s parents that they’d all look after Kei, Ryo, and Takeshi as if they were their own children. So of course Kei is asked to come along, and Ryo and Takeshi are welcome after they graduate Hogwarts. They told your parents the same thing Jen, so they welcome you if you’d come. Rena, honestly, who else could watch my back better than you while not breaking a nail?”

“Why a bounty hunter Harry?” Kei asked.

“My skills don’t make me a good auror. I could never be happy tracking down stolen cauldrons or something like that. Dumbledore said it best when it comes to me. I was born and raised on the battlefield. I was made for it, taught and trained for it, and know nothing but that. Bounty hunting just makes the battlefield a little smaller. I can’t speak for you three, but it’s just who I am. I’m only asking now if you would be interested in joining. I’m not trying to force or persuade you.”

“Is the money as good as Papi gets?” Rena asked.

“Considering our skills we could get more as we are known to have high level skills. We could get sent after the highest paying targets.” Harry said.

“I’m in.” Rena said with a smile.

“You’re right.” Jen said. “Being trained as we were makes it very hard to feel useful on anything that isn’t an all out war. I’m with you Harry.”

“Is there honor in the job?” Kei asked.

Harry nodded. “Our job will be to find dark wizards that no one can find and catch them because no one else can. We’ll be making the world safer each time we collect a bounty. Every person we catch means that others will keep loved ones they might lose otherwise.”

Kei nodded thoughtfully for a few seconds. “Father would see that as a job that earns honor and give him reason to be proud. I’ll do it.”

Harry nodded and smiled at them. “Then you’ve just got telling Tonks left. I’ll see you all at the manor tonight. I’ve got to study for the NEWTs”


Two weeks later saw Harry standing in front of a large crowd with Remus, Ron, and Kei on one side of him, Tonks, Hermione, and Rena on the other. Coming up the aisle was Ginny. He swore he had never seen anything more beautiful than her. He was so struck by how beautiful she was that he only heard enough to respond during the ceremony. With their first kiss as husband and wife only one thought filled Harry’s mind.

I love my life.


A/N:Okay, so the story finally ended. I'd lost where this story was going long ago. I finally read it and decided it at least deserved an ending if I couldn't figure out the rest. So I give you the best I could. I'm sorry to any who've been looking for this story to be finished. I wish I had something better to say about taking so long but I just didn't have it to write it.

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