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Okay so you’re probably thinking that this is just another one of those stories that may or may not end in a romance and has the plot twists at the moment that you know there’s going to be one. But maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I think this story is one of a few that don’t end in love, not in the way you’re thinking anyway. This story is about me. That’s right Bitches it’s about me.


My name is Aliana. You’re probably struggling on how to pronounce it, it took me a few years, so I’ll give you a hand. Phonetically I guess you could say it sounds like this; Al-ee-anna. Which is probably the most accurate I can get it. My full name is Aliana Fransis Roberts. Please don't tease. i get way too much of that from school.


I’m currently thirteen which means I’ve been at Hogwarts for the past two years and a month. My birthday unfortunately falls in august. Meaning I’ve always been the youngest. I’m In Hufflepuff, and before you start to moan or stop reading I want you to know why. First I’m not very intelligent and I may have a slight stuttering problem, second I’m not at all brave- I run away from anything that is furry and has eight legs, and thirdly I’m not sly or cunning and I have nothing against muggle borns, considering that I am one.


So yes I am in Hufflepuff and I want you to know that I’m proud to be. Well I was proud to be. Okay I’ve never been proud to be in Hufflepuff or ever really cared to be completely honest.


I should probably tell you about my family… My mum and dad have been separated for four years now and I’ve never really gotten over it, it was kind of sudden to say the least. I have two older brothers William, although everyone calls him Will, and Jacob. They’re four and six years older than me. Jacob being like me finished school as I started, and Will, well he never showed any signs of magic so he’s currently at a boarding school near London.


I should tell you that I love my family, or close family I suppose you would call them, but I don’t necessarily like them very much.


Its 9 o’clock and the whistle’s just blown, signalling the train’s speedy departure from platform 9¾. I can see my dad and Jacob stood near a pillar. I wave from an open window and then there gone. And just like that I’m whipped back into reality. I’m going back to Hogwarts. I start feeling sick again. It’s like it’s my first year again. Only I know what’s waiting for me when I get there. Not good.


I should probably also tell you about my status at Hogwarts. I’m probably the only student to get T’s in every subject. I have a total of zero friends and everyone at school either ignores me or bullies me. Usually the former is due to the latter. I hate Quiditch ever since Shannon parks pushed me off my broom in our first year, I’ve never looked at the game again. My teachers expect great things from me because Jacob was the top student and prefect and head boy and Quditch captain. Did I mention he was in Ravenclaw.


I think you get my point, I’m a social reject and I have been since my first day.


I have this thing about talking in front of people, I lose train of thought and I stumble on my words until they laugh at me and I run away, which only makes things worse. Not only am I a stupid wordless loser, I’m ugly. My nose is a funny shape, my eyebrows are surely for a man, my hair is the colour of poo and my glasses make my face look fat, which I also am.


I should probably have thought longer about coming to Hogwarts again. This year will be the same as last year, only worse because I haven’t grow at all, and I look more like a man than a woman.




I find an empty compartment and claim it as my own. I hall my trunk into the compartment, and fall into one of the seats letting out a sound of relief.


I hate the journey to Hogwarts it takes forever and it’s impossible to get comfy. Not to mention the lack of edible food and electronic devises. You should really just put a sign on my head saying muggle, because that’s what I am. I’m terrible at magic, I’m failing my classes and I dislike a lot of the things wizard folk love.


I start rummaging around in my trunk for a muggle magazine I got yesterday; I had put it in here so that I could read it now. It was a mistake taking a compartment all to myself. I just knew something bad would happen. I looked up to see Alyssa Finnigan and Alice Longbottom standing in the doorway. Now these two have had it in for me ever since I told them that they belonged in a stripper club, I mean seriously if you could see some of the outfits they wear you would totally back me up. They on the other hand disliked my comment more than I dislike their faces, oh yer I went there.


“Oi pig face, get out of our compartment.” Alyssa was looking at me directly. Her eyes fixed on my face and a sneer creeping through her lips.


I’m doomed.


“I don’t see your names on it” really that’s the best I’ve got. I’m so screwed.


Alice moved further in and closer towards me, a smile widening on her lips. I’m so fucking screwed. “Well that may just be the cleverist comeback you’ve had. Am I right?” she asked turning to Alyssa.


They’re playing me and I don’t like it.


“Yer, well we’ll see whose laughing tomorrow.” What the F am I saying? I don’t even know anymore. I’ve just accepted another year of torment in the first few seconds of talking to them. Way to go me.


They both laughed at me, that fake laugh that sends the hairs on my spine stand on end.


“Why Roberts? What you got planned for us?” Alice’s smile was just way to big to be natural.


Erm what do I say here? Shit.


“Why would I tell you? You’ll just ruin the surprise.” Oh yes I am a genius.


They laughed again. Alice moved closer to me and put her arm around my shoulder reflexing her fingers. “We know that you don’t have anything planned Frany, so you can stop with the pretenses.” They giggled again. Smiling at me. What the hell?


I shrugged off Alices arm with a great amount of effort, she weighs, what? the same as a cow. Ironic, ha.


“Why do you c-call me that?” oh no. oh god please no.


“Arrw is your silly little s-stutter back?” Alyssa used a mock baby voice. I really detest her.


I tightened my fingers into a fist sub-consciously, Why did they have to do that? I heard the sound of scraping paper and I looked at my hand realising I was making the noise. Typically Alyssa was one step ahead, she grabbed the magazine out of my hand and unfolded it. I tried to grab it back but she moved away. Her face lit up at the look on the front cover.


“Well, well, well. Aren’t you a dark horse, coming out in the sun?” she turned the magazine around to show Alice the front cover as she was still standing extremely close to me. “What you think Alice?”


Alice looked over the cover a smile took over her face. Why is it that I can look at that picture and see a self-made man and all they can see is a shirtless famous guy who is…


“Fit as Lyss”


Gross. Oh no they’re drooling over him.


I grabbed my magazine back before Alyssa knew what was happening. I rolled it back up and stuffed it into my trunk. That was clearly not the right thing to have done.


Alyssa turned towards me fully, with eyes filled with pure loathing. Shit.


Alice who was still stood next to me grabbed the top part of my arm, her grip was like a vice and her long nails pierced through my skin. I didn’t make a sound or move a muscle, I just let them get on with it. I’ve been doing this for a while now and I know the harder I resist the worse my punishment.


 Alyssa moved forwards and opened my trunk shifting through my neatly piled clothes. She found the magazine after a pointless search and stuffed it into her pocket. She then grabbed my trunk and threw it out into the corridor making sure all my stuff fell out onto the floor.


Alice let go and threw me out onto the pile. She was smiling. They both were.


I sat up and felt the pain in my arm. I had a very nasty looking bruise forming and four holes. Blood ran down my arm. Oh god no, I can’t stand the sight of blood, which is bad I know since I’m a girl. I looked at the untidy pile of my stuff that was on the floor. Me and my mum had spent three silent hours packing that.


I felt a jolt as the train rocked. Great another reason to hate trains: motion sickness. I overturned my trunk and began shovelling all my stuff back into it. That’s when I heard the almost non-existent cough from behind me. I continued what I was doing but I looked into the windows reflection, and there stood right behind me was Albus Potter. The second most infamous and the first most loved boy in school.


I stopped what I was doing completely and turned around on my heel so that I could remain crouched down. I looked up at him expectantly.


“Do you mind?”


What the hell?


“What? Of course I don’t bloody mind? Why the hell would I mind?” I turned back and finished scraping the rest of my stuff into my trunk. I stood up and heaved my trunk and myself as far away from him and the A team as I possibly could. If you’re wondering, the A team is a nickname I came up with for Alyssa and Alice.


I found a seat at the back of an open cabint. There’s a big group of seventh years at the opposite end taking up almost half of the carriage. There are a couple of first years looking nervous and a loved up couple of fifth years having a saliva bath. Yuk.


I pull my trunk towards me and open it up looking for my trusty medi-care handbook. I found it last year during a trip to france. My dad thought we should spend some time together over Christmas so we did. Dad stayed in the chalet all day. Jacob stayed out late drinking and sleeping off the hangover all day and Will, well he stayed well away from me and everyone else. As for me i just went out to famous landmarks and cute shops- by myself. My family is such a mess.


Anyway the handbook has tones of easy to use spells to help if you’re hurt or Ill. I’ve found it very useful as of late. Although it’s hard to get away with using magic when I’m the only one at home that has any magical talent.


I flipped to the contents page and searched the exceedingly long list for something that would cure open wounds. When I found something I thought would be good I reached for my wand, only it wasn’t there. I patted my pockets and checked my trunk. Where the hell is my wand?




I looked up, there he is again. What is going on? Is he following me?


“What?” I didn’t mean to snap. Well maybe I did, shush.


“Erm…” he looked at me awkwardly. “I think this is yours.” He handed me and funny looking stick, oh, it’s my wand. Palm to the face.


“Oh” I blushed, dammit “T-thanks” Dammit twice.


He smiled at me. It was strange because it was a genuine smile that reached his eyes. There not something you see being associated with me. I was about to smile back at him, that is before Alyssa came into the cabin and headed straight for Albus screeching his name.


“Albus!” it was sickening. They’d been going out for what? An hour.


An expression came across his face, but it was gone before I could understand what it meant. I’m getting better at reading people, when you become the school punching bag of words you learn to understand why.


“What are you doing all the way over here?”


Albus shifted. “I came to give Aliana her wand back.” It was still in his hand.


I reached out and took it from him. He looked almost shy. It was... atrange.


Alyssa looked bored by this. As soon as I had my wand back she put her arm through his. He flinched from her touch; she either didn’t notice or pretended not to.


“Well can we go now?” her tone said everything about her.


But Albus mustn’t have heard it. He turned to her with a smile, a different one to the one he had given me. “Sure”


Alyssa gave me one last scathing look before turning to head out of the carriage pulling Albus with her. What has he gotten himself into?


I flipped my wand in my fingers and felt the heat from the side Albus had held onto. It was incredibly warm. He must have very sweaty palms. Ugh great now I feel sick. And just in time for lunch.


The old woman that pushes the trolley full of sweets and wizarding food came into the cabin. She looked around at us with her withered face. I couldn’t help but feel warm towards her, she was the grandmother I never got to know, just look at from a distance. I grabbed the tiny leather purse Jacob had gotten me for my birthday. I had a bit of muggle change still in it. and there in the bottom the familiar wizarding cash. I looked over the trolley and pointed to a cauldron cake and then a pumpkin pasty, and a sugar mouse. I handed over the money and tucked in as soon as she had moved on. I’m not too keen on people watching me eat.


I stuffed my face none the less. The pasty was pumpkin-ey which was different and the cauldron cake was actually quite interesting that was until I tucked into the sugar mouse. I licked the top and out of sheer surprise I dropped it onto my lap. It was moving. Like an actual living mouse. I’m so squimish. I looked up to see the people in the cabin looking at me. Great I must have screamed or something.


As the light outside dimmed and the lights in the cabin turned on, I changed into my robes, Yellow and Black. Typical of me to wear two colours that compliment me completely. One second I’m happy like the sun the next I’m as cold as ice.


I packed away the multiple books I had been reading. Yes I do read it’s quite an enjoyable pastime of mine. I stacked them neatly in my trunk and locked it up. A prefect came in and said that we would be arriving soon and that all first years were to leave their stuff where it was and to gather onto the platform.


I reminiscence about my first time on the train. The butterflies whizzing in my stomach and the hope that somebody would want to be my friend, but no such luck. The train slowed and I got to my feet. I left my stuff where it was and headed over to the large group of people that were standing by the door. The train slowed more till it stopped.


I got out onto the platform and felt better for being on a solid non-moving surface. My happiness didn’t last. Alyssa came onto the platform followed closely by Albus who was hiding a worried expression behind his glasses. And Alice who was shortly followed by Fred and James. They were laughing at something.


You may be wondering how I know about, Fred Weasley and James Potter but actually them two make themselves known. They don’t really care about the fact that they’re already famous because of their parents, No they prefer to have some fun. Such as playing pranks on teachers that really need to learn to lighten up. It’s not like anything they do is dangerous. Much.


Alyssa seemed to be creating a posse of infamous people. I mean seriously hanging out with people like Albus and James just to get some of their fame. That was a low shot. But it seemed to be working. As they walked away people from every year turned to look at them. From first years who were baffled by the Potters and Weasley’s up to the seventh years who were looking at Alyssa like she was someone they wouldn’t want to mess with.


I let out a deep breath and followed the large crowd of students heading over to the horseless carriages, leaving behind the trembling first years.


This was going to be some year at Hogwarts.



Hope you like it so far, I've been toying around with the ideas about this story for a while now so I hope its turned out okay. there should be an update soon. Please leave a review, it so nice to see coments in compliments or as helpful critisism. Thanks for reading.

I dont own nor will I ever... you get the picture.


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