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Understanding Hermione Granger by LilyShadowHaze
Chapter 5 : Everything? Everything.
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Have we lost sight of where we are?
 Forgetting why it was we started this
 We never meant to leave behind those days
 So here we are 


And now we've come so far

-      Remember by Greely Estates


Draco woke up to a bunch of clothes being thrown at him, along with his school bag. His school bag full of not-so-soft books. He groaned.


Draco sat up grudgingly; he never liked mornings much.

“Hermione?”, he repeated, pushing his stuff away from him, not comprehending why it was there in the first place.

Draco blinked as a certain brunette hopped past him, trying to put her boots on while chewing on a cookie in her mouth. Draco only raised his eyebrows at this; he didn’t have the to energy to laugh.

“We’re late”, she said, her voice muffled by the cookie. “Very late”.


Draco simply shrugged and laid back down. “’S okay, they won’t miss us”, he mumbled, settling himself in to the comfort of the couch. “It’s not like you’ve been to any classes lately anyway”, he added almost as a second thought.

He could just feel her glaring at him. There went his comfort zone.

“We’re late”, she repeated firmly, throwing something else at him. Ouch. I mean, really. One class? Leave it to Granger to freak out about that.


At least she was back to a form of Granger I can understand, he thought to himself dryly.


“For Transfiguration”, Hermione added then, throwing a pair of his socks at him. It hit him square in the face when he looked up in shock. Draco was up in a flash then, throwing his school robes on over his pyjamas, as Hermione had done herself. It wasn’t too noticeable and they could always transfigure their clothes at some other point in time, when they actually had time.


A minute later, Draco was running through the halls besides Hermione, various books levitating around them. They were pulling at their clothes and trying to flatten their hair, attempting their best at not looking like they had just woken up. While grabbing their books from mid-air and stuffing them into their bags.


"Leave the talking to me”, Hermione murmured as they ran, just loud enough to be heard over their footsteps.

Draco just nodded. How could he possibly argue with that?


“Draco”, Hermione said in a low voice, grabbing his arm before he could open the door to their class room when they got there. He looked at her, startled. “About last night-“


“Later”, he whispered back, interrupting whatever it was she was about to say. She shook her head at him, her grip on his arm tightening slightly.


“I miss the old Draco”


Hermione didn’t even give him a change to react to that, instead opening the door and slipping through. Draco stood where he was for a moment or two, gathering himself, before he went inside as well.


Just what did she mean by that?


“Miss Granger”, Professor McGonagall acknowledged, without turning around from the blackboard. Her tone of voice didn’t contain the least bit of irritation at their lack of punctuality, as Draco had expected. In fact, she sounded more… relieved.


“Please take a-”, she turned to face them then spotting Draco.


“Mr Malfoy?”, she sputtered.

She wasn’t the only one that reacted that way. All heads were turned their way; shocked expressions on each one of them, except for Luna Lovegood who stared at them with her usual dreamy expression and Ginny Weasely, who looked only mildly curious. Draco resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Isn’t there anyone else they could gossip about that wasn’t him?


“I apologise for being late, Professor”, Hermione said smoothly, tugging discreetly at Draco’s robe, who had frozen up. “We had stayed up late for some planning and overslept”.

“Of course”, Professor McGonagall replied after a moment, having gathered herself. She turned back to the board. “Please take a seat”.

At Hermione’s tugging, Draco followed her to an empty desk.


He had absolutely no clue what just happened.

It seemed, that feeling was beginning to turn into some kind of daily routine.



McGonagall didn’t entertain her students with a moments time for small talk –at least, less so than usually. She was adamant at the task at hand, that is theoretical aspects of their practical component. It seemed almost as if she were trying to make up for lost time, undoubtedly so after yesterday’s disaster with Binn’s history lesson on the subject. Draco didn’t even bother catching Hermione’s attention, not that he particularly felt up to it. Her earlier words still bothered him to a point where he decided to ‘ban’ those thoughts as well. For the moment.


So, when a piece of parchment suddenly appeared below the one he was writing on, Draco was more than just surprised, though he didn’t let it show. There were certain social codes regarding misdemeanours in class, and having been made Headboy didn’t mean he was about to ignore such traditions. Thus, Draco behaved if nothing was amiss. He didn’t bother to cover the parchment up either; he knew that would invite more suspicion. He used to be familiar to the works of passing notes in class but that had been a long time ago. At least, it felt like that anyway.


It took Draco over five minutes before he was sure McGonagall wasn’t watching him before he quickly scanned the note.


There I thought you were only skilled in exits, but it seems that you’re quite the professional in entrances too. McGonagall speechless for the first time, makes me wonder where that Gryffindor with the camera was when needed. What gives?


Draco rolled his eyes. He didn’t even need to guess who this was, not that there were very many people that would send him non-hate notes.

But still.


Draco moved, as if to stretch while casually glancing behind him. A few people were frantically trying to copy the notes McGonagall was writing on the board at extreme speeds while talking, while others appeared much calmer. All in all, everyone appeared very attentive. Draco spotted Blaise immediately. He was sitting right behind Hermione, next to Neville Longbottom. He was one of the people that were working frantically, while Blaise, next to him, looked like the epitome of not-caring.


It was a funny sight.


Draco returned his attention to the parchments on his desk.


Shouldn’t you be working?


Draco shifted slightly to produce his wand from the pocket of his robes before he stopped himself. Both without wand and words, he concentrated on the parchment below him, focusing on making it disappear. It took him a minute, but Draco couldn’t help the smirk that formed when he succeeded.

In sixth year, with the war looming, Draco had delved a little further into his magical skills, abandoning the lessons on Dark Arts – he found he learned enough by the constant presence of Death Eaters at the Manor than his lessons could ever do – and focused on wordless and wandless magic, among other things. Wordless had been one thing to master, but wandless was a whole other issue. And then both at the same time… it was safe to say that Draco had been very busy.

It was worth it, he decided now. Though, he wasn’t skilled in doing much more than small little spells. In fact, he had yet to master some of the simplest Grade 1 spells. Being familiar with this type of magic however, it was no problem to transport an invisible piece of parchment to the table behind him. Still, Draco was glad that Blaise was so close to him – he wasn’t confident at managing farther distances.

Happy with himself, Draco scribbled down some of the notes he had missed. They had piled up quickly in his brief moment of disregard, much to Draco’s disdain. He didn’t get far though, before Blaise’s reply came through.

Took you long enough to answer.

Draco didn’t miss the fact that he ignored him. He smiled.

Missed me that much, huh?

Totally. My heart just broke when I couldn’t find you at dinner anywhere. I’m absolutely crushed over your lack of presence on our first date.

A sinking feeling made its way into Draco’s stomach, but he couldn’t help but suppress a snort at Blaise’s words. He had completely forgotten to talk to him about that.

We’ll have to do something about your heartbreak then.

I was hoping you’d say that. I’m really curious over the dorms – they say you can get to any place in Hogwarts from there. But, I suppose that’s not true since you and Granger took quite a bit to make an appearance. Anyway, I was thinking you could buy me roses and chocolate as an apology.

I was thinking towards champagne and expensive jewellery, but suit yourself.

Oh, I don’t know Draco. Do you think sapphires make me look fat?

Haha, I don’t think it works that way. It only applies to clothes.

You’re avoiding the question!! I’m so hurt, I think we’re going to have to break up.

I don’t know what to say to that.

I do. I can finally take my mistress, the one with which I have a steamy affair with, and snog her outside broom closets. I heard that’s preferable.


Classy is my middle name. So, when are we having our ‘date’?

I thought you were breaking up.

I re-considered.

Same time, I suppose. After dinner.

Don’t forget the chocolate.

“Mr Malfoy”, came an all too familiar voice. “If you could be so good and show me your notes”.

Draco looked up in shock, startled. He had completely forgotten about McGonagall, being too involved in the conversation he was having. He opened his mouth to answer her, only to look back down at his parchments and up at McGonagall. There was no way he was anywhere near where he was supposed to be with his work.

And then there was the matter of her reading the conversation.

Before Draco could do anything though, the two parchments on his table were already levitating towards McGonagall. By now, Draco had deduced that she had some sort of soft spot for him, though Draco had no idea why, but he didn’t think she’d take this good naturedly. If it was one thing the headmistress hated, then it was refraining from work and Draco wasn’t counting on a repeat of her earlier leniency.

Worse even, everyone was staring at him and his parchments in anticipation, as was Draco himself.

McGonagall on the other hand, simply glanced at the parchments through pursed lips before depositing them back on Draco’s desk.

“My apologies”, she dead panned, returning to the board. “I could have sworn I saw an ink spot. If everyone could turn to Chapter Two in your books”

Draco stared at the parchments, the first which contained five and a bit more paragraphs than he had written, and the second lacking a rather interesting conversation, instead of displaying a diagram on correct hand movements for one spell or another.

Needless to say, it wasn’t his work.

Draco shared a look with a slightly pale faced Blaise behind him, before he returned to staring at said parchments. Besides him, Hermione leaned over the table to grab his transfiguration book.

“You’re horrible at multitasking”, she murmured just loud enough for him to hear when she shifted back into her seat.

She then proceeded to give Draco a quiet instruction on what they were meant to be doing, while flipping to the right page in the book and setting it between them. Needless to say, Draco didn’t attempt replying to Blaise’s comment. With the still pale look on Blaise’s face when he gave him another glance, Blaise seemed to be all for that idea.



“Well then, that is all. Have a good day. Except for you Mr Malfoy, Miss Granger. A word, please.”

McGonagall seated herself at her table, waiting for the rest of the students to disperse. The head girl and boy gathered their belongings before approaching the Professor, neither of them betraying a hint of nervousness or other emotions for that matter. McGonagall herself did the same. She studied the pair of them over her glasses, hands laced in front of her face.

“Over the lack of reports, I trust that your patrolling of the grounds has been uneventful, Miss Granger?”

Draco felt like he had been zapped. He whipped his head around to stare at Hermione, but she wasn’t paying any attention to him. Or carefully ignoring him. She was about to answer, but Draco was having none of that. Just look at the state of her and she goes patrolling?

“Excuse me, but I don’t think I was aware of any patrolling. We haven’t agreed on any schedules to my knowledge”, Draco said a little pointedly. In other words, Why didn’t I know about this?

“I forgot. Besides, I was happy to”, Hermione said. “I tend to stay a little late when visiting the house elves, so I just find myself checking the grounds afterwards.”

Remembering last night, Draco suppressed a frown when he realised what she was hinting at. After I wake up in the kitchens I wander the halls.

“It has been quiet”, she said then. “There are no students on grounds, except for one or two that sneak into the kitchens during the night, but that is all.”

McGonagall nodded. “I wouldn’t expect any different”, she sighed, dropping her hands from her face. “It is bound to take a little while before the students feel safe enough to venture outside their rooms at night”, she chuckled wearily. “I would have hardly believed it before now, but I actually look forward to when they do.”

Hermione and Draco shared a look. They knew exactly what she meant.

“Judging from Mr Malfoy’s reaction, no schedule has been made yet?”

“We’re working on it”, Hermione said easily. “We haven’t the timetables from the sixth grade prefects yet. We were planning on holding a meeting soon, if you wouldn’t mind. It is long overdue.”

McGonagall nodded again, in approval. “Very good. Remember that you are more than capable of handing out detentions to Prefects.”

Draco refrained from smirking at this piece of information. He didn’t actually know that.

“I trust your”, the headmistress paused for a moment, fixing the both of them with a look. “head duties have otherwise have no complications?”

It was Draco that answered this time, before Hermione could even open her mouth. “We have brilliant ideas for this year, if I do say so myself”, Draco said, smiling now. “We were thinking on organising events that would help lift the school spirit. It will be a surprise.”

McGonagall raised her eyebrows at them. “Well, that does sound interesting. Of you go then. I shall sent a Patronus to your next class, but do hurry. I’m sure that they would appreciate your promptness”, she ended pointedly, dismissing them.

The moment they left the classroom, Draco and Hermione shared a look before speaking in unison: “She knows”


They shared another look, weighing that question.

“Everything”, they confirmed in unison. That was all they said to the matter, before Blaise, having been waiting a few meters into the hall, sprang up and hugged Hermione fiercely.

“I love you!”, he cried dramatically, before letting go and stepping back. “How did you pull it off?”

It took Draco a moment to figure out what Blaise was talking about, though Hermione was quicker on the uptake.

”Magic”, she said mysteriously. She ruffled through her pocket then, producing a piece of parchment that looked a suspicious amount like the incriminating one from before. Only with the Conversation on it. She pressed it into Draco hands, before beginning to move away from them.

“I’ve gotta go”, she said. “Draco gave me an idea earlier”

The boys looked at her incredulously.

“We’re already late for class!”, Draco insisted.

“I’ll live”, she shrugged. “Bye!”, she called out before sprinting down the hallway, out of sight.

Draco turned to Blaise, speechless. He had no idea where to start pointing out just what was so very wrong with what had just happened.

“I don’t know mate”, Blaise shook his head at Draco’s look. He paused. “But you should properly destroy that”, he gestured towards the parchment in Draco’s hands. Draco in turn, smirked at him after abandoning the need to question Hermione’s actions.

“Breaking up with me, huh?”

Blaise shrugged, beginning to walk down to hall. “I’m a ladies man. Can’t get attached”

Draco grimaced at that, following him. “I don’t even want to know”

“So, seven o’clock it is”, Blaise chimed cheerfully.

A/N: I don’t really have anything relevant to say… Relevant being the main word here. Well other than the fact that this chapter is COMPLETELY different from the original. It’s basically completely new, plot and everything. Seriously, only the first scene was part of the original chapter. Now, what doe we all think of that shameless lying performed by our favourite pair? Shesh. *shakes head*

Anyway. I’m trying to keep from rambling at these Authors Notes. But… I’m rather fond of the ‘PS’ Note I left in the original chapter, so… here. Have an out-dated PS-Note:

PS: Yes, I know I was supposed to hand this in on Sunday, but poor old Voldy was being difficult. Overtaking HPFF and all. You know how he is - sore over the fact that he was defeated. Repeatedly. By a bunch of kids.

I don't think he quite understands that you can't Crucio someone over the internet. See? That happens when you go to the dark side. You turn loopy. (And you eat raising cookies. Raising cookies that look like chocolate chips cookies are the reason I have trust issues. The same must apply to Voldy. But that's okay. He's loopy after all. Old and senile, you see.)

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Understanding Hermione Granger: Everything? Everything.


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