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Beep, beep, beep! The alarm clock blared in Hermione’s ear as she rolled over. Careful not to wake Ron’s sleeping form beside her she reset the clock for nine and putting beside Ron’s ear so he would hear it, she tip toed to the closet. Emerging two minutes later in a navy blue St. Mungo’s t-shirt and gray sweats.



“Morning kitty cat.” She cooed pouring Crookshanks his food and scratching behind his ears. The she busied herself with making pancakes, waffles, eggs, and sausages leaving the bacon for Ron. Hermione made most of the food, washed the dishes, set the table, and tidied most of the house all before Ron fell down the stairs at nine fifteen.



“Ron bacon please I’m going to vacume and dust the house quick.” Hermione brandished her wand in the direction of upstairs and Ron heard the distinctive sound of the vacuume start while Hermione personally vacuumed and dusted the downstairs.
Once everything was done she toured the house making sure everything was spotless. Upstairs the door to the multi-purpose room was wide open while the rest of the doors were closed. Hermione sighed and reached for the knob to pull it closed but before she could someone grabbed her hand and pulled her inside enclosing her mouth with another hand. Upon being released she whipped around wand out ready to hex the person who dragged her into the dark room 



“Expelliarmus!” the person whispered but the spell bounced harmlessly off the protective shield Hermione had silently conjured.






“Who is it?” Hermione hissed slowly turning in circle.

“Draco Malfoy, lumos.” And sure enough Malfoy strode over carrying a lit wand and a letter. Hermione opened her mouth to yell at him but he silenced her by shoving the letter into her hands.



“Please Hermione the letter will explain everything I have to go good bye.” There was a loud crack and was gone leaving a bewildered bushy haired girl in his wake. Sputtering to herself she opened the letter.




“Dearest Hermione;
I wanted to deliver this letter myself not by owl as it’s very personal. Please meet me at the venue of your choice on Thursday night, eight p.m. Ill explain everything. 



Your good old friend, Draco. 
 P.S. This invitation is not extended to Ron. Thank you.

“He wants me to meet him somewhere? Okay.” She took out a piece of parchment and scribbled a quick response.

“I’ll meet you at the Shrieking Shack Thursday eight p.m.” and sent the letter off with Pigwidgeon.

“Uh Hermione?” Ron asked from the doorway. “I let Pig out this morning, and err what are we wearing to this thing?”

“Oh Ron you should have told me about Pig and well lets go see shall we?” she grabbed his hand and dragged him back to their room praying he did know anything. Ron felt more and more out of place as they ventured further and further into the walk in closet. Finally at the back Hermione took a black suit and blue tie down for Ron and a white dress with little blue flowers.

“Here Ron get dressed.”

“Err can’t I wear my red tie Hermin?” Ron asked slipping into the jacket.

“No cause then I’d have to change in my red dress.” She said gesturing to a scarlet red mini on the top shelf.

“I like that one.” He smiled devilishly. Hermione playfully swatted at him.

 “It’s a semi formal event Ronald not some bar date, which reminds me I have to ring mum.”

“Cause last time your dad showed up in a golf shirt and khakis?” Hermione nodded and headed for the phone, picked up and dialed her parent’s number.

“Hi mum yes I know we’ll be seeing you shortly. Now mom listen it’s a semi formal event so dress nicely.” There was silence from Hermione for a second then she sighed heavily. “Yes the silk suit is perfect for you but no dad cannot wear his golf shirt again. (Pause.) No it’s not formal or even semi. (Pause.) I don’t care if he’s going golfing after, best suit and tie!” ok love you bye.” Ron raised his eyebrows in her direction.

“Zip me up Ron and blue tie.” She snapped.

The door bell rang through the house as Ron rushed off to get it while Hermione pulled on her other heel apparating into the living room to greet the first guests.

“Mom, Dad good to see you. You’re wearing your best suit great just though here in to the living room.” She said swooshing them into the room and onto the brown leather couch.
“Make yourselves at home and don’t freak out when Bill, Fleur and Victorie come through the fire place.” They nodded as Hermione left the room. “I think that went well, they are watching the fireplace for Bill and Fleur,” there was a sound of swooshing and three great thuds. “That’ll be them.” She said hurrying from the room looking much like Mrs. Weasley a tray of refreshments following her. Halfway into the room however there were two loud cracks as George and Angelina apparated into the room. As the noise has made her jump Hermione lost concentration on the tray which was sent crashing to the ground.

“George how many times… and with Angelina being… should have come by floo like… sensible people.” She huffed taking the tray from Angelina who had cleaned it up. They followed her into the room by that time Mr. and Mrs. Weasley came breezing into the room with Ron.

“Oh Bill, Fleur, Victorie how good to see you. Here Hermione Ill help siphon off the soot. Tortego!” Mrs. Weasley spun her wand around little Victories’ head attracting all the soot and making it disappear. Then proceeding to do Fleur while Ron levitated Hermione over Bill as he was so tell she could not reach over his head. In the next ten minutes or so Harry, Ginny, Neville, and Luna had arrived and everyone was chatting amongst themselves. When Fleur stood and gave a slight “Hem hem,” Quite worthy of Dolores Umbridge herself. Harry turned directly to the sound wand at the ready but looking rather sheepish at his sudden movements stored his wand back in his robes.

“Bill and I have an announcement,” she said to the quiet audience. “We have found out that we are indeed having a baby boy.” There were lots of “Congrats.”, “Oh Fleur’s.” and one “Ha I won that’ll be two galleons Ron thank you.” from Ginny.

“We have also decided on a name,” everyone held their breath. “Remus after Remus Lupin who helped me out a lot after the scratch and Fred after our brother which we’ll take as a second name so that George and Angelina can use it as a first name, so introducing Remus Fred Weasley.” Bill finished patting Fleur’s round belly, and bringing tears to Mrs. Weasley’s eyes.

“Oh Bill, Fleur congratulations, now who’s hungry?” Hermione standing up from her place curled up on Ron’s lap to lead the way to the dining room.  

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