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Chapter 13 *Vermuerteco For a moment before James arrived at the house I had thought I wasn’t coming out alive. I let out a sigh of relief as we arrived at Hogwarts. I still didn’t quite understand why Voldemort wanted me. He called me a ‘vermuerteco’ whatever that was. However I knew enough about Voldemort to know that when he wanted something he’d do everything in his power to get it. Somehow I had a feeling that, that wasn’t going to be my last encounter with him. James held my hand as we walked up the stair cases and through the winding halls. Eventually we made it to the statue of the gargoyle. We walked up the spiral stair case, and James knocked on the door. “Come in Mr. Potter. Come in Lily.” He said from behind the other side of the door. “He knows everything.” James said unamazed. He turned the knob on the door and we entered Dumbledore’s office. I was no stranger to this place. I’d been here several times in my years here at school. I glanced over at the sorting hat on the shelf and fawkes over in the corner. Still holding my hand, James led me over to Dumbledore. “Sit down.” Said the old man, and we sat “Lily, I’m glad to see you’re back with us. I must tell you that we had the most difficult time locating you…” “How long was I gone Professor?” I asked him “Four days.” James answered as he squeezed my hand a bit harder. “Four days? That’s impossible…”I replied “It seems like it doesn’t it?” Dumbledore asked “We’ll the most important thing is that you’re ok.” “I’m fine.” I told him “Wonderful. Now please I need you to tell me what happened while you were in the house, and James please no interruptions.” “Yes Sir.” James answered, and I began to tell my tale. I told Dumbledore how Aaron had showed up at my door and demanded to speak with me. I told him how he stunned me and then I woke up in the house. I talked about how Aaron had told me had he had he been able to he would have killed me months ago. Voldemort needed me though. Then when I got to the part about the vermuerteco, I questioned Dumbledore about it. “Then he told me I was a vermuerteco, he mentioned my eyes, but I have no idea what he was talking about. What is it? What am I?” “I was never quite sure about it Miss Evans, and I didn’t want to alarm you. Some witches and wizards, mostly dark ones view vermueretism as a gift and a blessing. I however see it as a curse. One sign of it is that your eyes are unusually bright…” “but what does it mean?” I asked him “It means that you have the power to see into the underworld, heaven, hell and purgatory. You hold the power to view the afterlife. Lily with proper training and meditation you have the ability, but I wouldn’t suggest exercising it. It causes nothing but depression and grief for those you’ve lost in your life span. You long to be near them, but you can only see them. It also reveals the evils and hatreds of hell. No mortal can emotionally withstand that. I would not recommend digging into it deeply, however you can do what you wish.” “I still don’t understand, why did Voldemort want a vermuerteco?” “Voldemort’s greatest fear is death. He wants to know what it is and if it even needs to be feared. With vermuertecism being very rare, he doesn’t have many options of those to assist him. Do you understand?” “I think I do.” “Good, Miss Evans you look as if you’ve been through a great ordeal. I must recommend that you get a good meal and then a nice long nap.” “Yes Professor.” “Goodbye Lily. James I trust you’ll escort her home?” “Of course Professor.” He responded and with that he picked up a scrape piece of tin foil and the two of us went back to my apartment. He sat me down on the couch and handed me a pink pill. “Take it.” He told me “it help the pain.” “How did you know?” I asked I hadn’t mentioned anything about the pain that was still twitching throughout me. “Lily I’ve been under the craticus more time than I’d like to remember, trust me… I know.” I thanked him and swallowed the pill. Instantly I felt a warmness rush through me. It soothed the pain and I smiled. “Better?” he asked “Ya a lot.” I said “Are you hungry?” he asked me “Kind of.” “Well if its ok with you, why don’t we go out and get a bite to eat? My treat.” “James I would but I’m kind of tired.” “Oh alright.” He said slightly looking disappointed “But why don’t we order in?” He smiled and said “That’s an even better idea.” About a half an hour later the pizza arrived. I was kind of surprised. He’d never eaten a pizza before. Heck he’d never even seen one. I smiled inwardly as he attempted to eat it. At first he tried cutting it, then folding it until I finally showed him how to do it. We both laughed, I hadn’t had this much fun in well… four years. “James did you know I was a Vermuerteco?” “Honestly Lily, it only crossed my mind once. They mentioned it once in a training course a few years ago. They said that it was rare and that vermuerteco’s usually had extremely bright eyes. Then I remembered yours.” “You remembered mine?” I questioned him “Lily there was never a day you were off my mind.” He picked up my hand again. “Lily, can we please try it again?” I took a deep breath “Not now…” his face fell a bit “Lets just try and be friends for now.” He kind of half smiled and said “I’ll take what I can get.” He left about a half an hour later and I went to bed and slept like a rock. *END OF CHAPTER 13*

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