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Listen to your heart by WTF_is_a_hufflepuff
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15
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Hermione’s POV

I was so happy that the boys had called a truce that I had forgotten almost completely about the death-eater attack until Draco mentioned it a few days later.

“I still can’t figure out why the death-eaters were there; I mean, killing Potter won’t bring Voldemort back and they risked a lot trying to do so. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Revenge maybe?”

“It has to be more than revenge; they are all cowards, they wouldn’t risk their lives just for revenge.”

“It doesn’t really matter now; most of them have been locked up in Azkaban and those who escaped won’t try anything unless they have more followers which I doubt will happen because Voldemort is dead.”

“You’re right but that doesn’t stop the fact that something just doesn’t feel right.”

“Enough depressing talk; we’ve got lessons to get to.”

“I thought you said no more depressing talk?” He joked. I wacked him on the arm playfully. “Ok, fine.” I smirked in triumph.

Months passed without disruption and we continued studying for our NEWTs which Blaise had finally joined us in doing. Every weekend Draco and I had found time to go to the room of requirement to practice duelling which Draco was now very good at. He had fully mastered wandless magic and was very quickly picking up doing wandless and wordless magic at the same time.

Our head duties were starting to pile up a bit as we had the graduation ball to plan which also meant we had to plan Hogsmeade trips so that girls could buy their dresses. One thing we were a little concerned about was that we had planned to arrange the tables in a way that houses would be mixing with each other which could either turn out well or go horribly wrong. We were hoping for it to be the former.

Eventually the time came for the NEWTs exams. I had been studying less than previous years so I was a little nervous that I would forget something but Draco convinced me that I would be fine. The first week of exams consisted completely of written tests for every subject. Draco and I had both taken as many subjects as allowed to give us the widest possible choice of careers so we had all our exams together. Every time I started to panic a little, all I had to do was look up and from across the hall Draco would give me an encouraging smile. I never figured out how he knew when to look at me; it was almost as if he could hear my panicked thoughts. The next week of exams was the practical exams. DADA was left until last which I was quite pleased about because with all my experience with death-eaters it shouldn’t be too difficult which meant I would end the exams on a high.

I wasn’t quite sure how they were going to test us in DADA this year as every year is said to be different. We’ve been paired up against each other before so I knew it wouldn’t happen like that but I was curious to see what the Ministry had come up with. I knew that Draco was curious too.

Draco’s POV

We were told to all stand to the side when we walked into the examination hall by the examiner.

“Come on, quickly! Hurry up! Right, now then, each of you will duel an auror, unfortunately we don’t have many available at the moment so you will take turns duelling. The duel will end when one is at the other’s mercy. Ministry rules apply so no unforgiveable curses etc. but no other rules apply. Any of you who somehow manage to take down an auror will be given the chance to duel again but this time with two aurors and so on but I doubt that will happen so we don’t need to worry about what will happen after that. Let’s see who’s up first.” The examiner consulted a list and called off five names. They all took on an auror but it wasn’t long until they were down.

Hermione and I were among the last to duel. We each gave the other a confident smirk and set about taking down our aurors. Very soon Hermione and I were the last students standing and the only students successful in taking out our aurors. The examiner us looked shocked but quickly covered it up by barking orders to the aurors. We were now duelling two aurors each. Once again we took them down easily. The other students were now whispering to each other completely shocked at our accomplishment. Next up we had three aurors each. The examiner was beginning to get a little angry and embarrassed at how easily two ‘kids’ were taking down his aurors.

“Ok, who’s up first?” I smiled Hermione’s arrogance. I noticed that the more time we spend together the more of my traits she picks up. I glanced up at the examiner who looked confident that we wouldn’t win. Never underestimate your opponent; they could be capable of anything.

These duels were a little more difficult. Hermione eventually had her aurors at her mercy and so they moved to the side to watch the duel between the other aurors and I. Feeling the need to show off, they upped their game and managed to disarm me.

“Right, the duel is over-” The examiner began but Hermione interrupted him.

“Um, no it isn’t. Draco isn’t at their mercy. Look.” He looked over and nearly had a heart attack from the shock. I was stood with a shield up that I had conjured wandlessly and wordlessly. The other duels had been child’s play; now was time for the real duelling to begin.

They hardly stood a chance; all three of them spent most of the time deflecting spells and when they did manage to retaliate I easily blocked them.



Petrificus Totalus!







My mind was working at full capacity, thinking of as many spells as I could in the shortest time possible. I had knocked out two aurors leaving one against me.





Finally I had disarmed the last auror. I could see him reaching for my wand which he had taken earlier but I was too quick for him.

Accio wand!

I now had both wands trained on him and he held up his hands in defeat.

“Now it’s over.” I said to the examiner. Hermione ran over and hugged me.

“Well done. You were brilliant.”

“Yeah, well, I had a good teacher.” I smiled at her as she blushed.

“We don’t have time for any more so that will be all. The Defence Against the Dark Arts NEWT examination is now over.” Declared the examiner. We began to leave the hall when I was called back. “Very few wizards are aware of wandless magic but to perform it is simply incredible! How did you learn such a feat? It certainly isn’t in the curriculum.”

“Actually my girlfriend taught me during the Christmas holiday and we’ve been practicing every now and then whilst we’ve been back.”

“You mean to say that another student can do that?”


“Look, this may seem a bit hasty but if you want to become an auror then you’ve got the job. It’s not every day that someone knows how to use wandless magic. I’d also like to meet this girlfriend of yours so we can discuss further arrangements.”

I stood with my mouth agape in shock. I’ve just been offered a job as an auror. They want ME to be an auror. The one job I want I didn’t even need to apply for. They asked ME.


“Uh, yeah, sure. I’d love to be an auror. Hermione is probably waiting for me so I can go get her now if you want.”

“Hermione as in Hermione Granger of the Golden Trio?”

“The one and only.”

“That explains a lot; she is the brightest which of her age after all.”

“Yeah she is.”

“Ok, can we meet in Headmistress McGonagall’s office in say… ten minutes?”

“That sounds good to me.”

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Listen to your heart: Chapter 15


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