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An Elegant Script by lluviaphoenix
Chapter 8 : Hope
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Now he was angry. Very, very angry. Normally he was very cool in his anger, but not now. Now he was hot with rage, and he couldn't seem to suppress it. He had initially checked his immediate response to the letter that was clutched in his fist. His first response had been to race to the Ravenclaw common room and break his way in to ring Luna's pretty little neck, but that would have been counter productive to what he wanted the out come of his hard work to be.

She had rejected him. He had never considered that possibility before. He had never thought that she would push him away, and in a letter of all things! He had been woken up Saturday morning by his owl. She very deliberately dropped a package on his face. Once he had fully woken up he opened the package only to be shocked by what was inside.

It was Luna's journal. With a letter.


This isn't going to work so it would be best not to start it. I think it's only appropriate that I return this to you.


He had scared Crabbe and Goyle when he had upturned his drawing desk as he tore a rampage through their dorm room. How dare she?! He could have understood this type of reaction had their kiss been lacking, but that kiss had been anything, but lacking. He had let himself stew in his rage for that entire day with little to no change in his mood. So here he was on Sunday morning leaning against the wall just across from the entrance to the Ravenclaw Commons waiting.

He had his shoulders resting against the stone wall, with one leg bent foot also resting against the wall. To make himself seem less seething he was looking at his nails occasionally picking the smallest amount of dirt out from beneath them. Of course he wasn't succeeding in looking anything but furious, but he tried anyway.

The first couple of students that came out were not Luna. He glared at them as they stared in awe at Malfoy being there. He all but snarled at them before they scurried away from him whispering to each other. Probably about him, but he didn't care.

Finally it was Luna who stepped out of the common room. She stopped in front of him wide eyed and beautiful. Of course she would be beautiful. This took a little bit of bite out of anger. He examined her for a minute. She wasn't dressed the way that she normally was. Probably because it was the weekend and he hardly ever saw her on the weekends. She was dressed in what appeared to be a brown suede knee length skirt He wouldn't be able to tell if it were actual suede of course without touching it, but that was not important. Her shirt was plain white. Not exactly form fitting, but tight enough to make him swallow. She wasn't wearing her usual necklace, or earrings. Instead she was wearing what appeared to be a locket. It fell down to rest above her heart. It was all so simple, and arousing at the same time. He almost wondered if she'd known he was waiting for her.

She didn't say a word to him. She just stared at him and turned and quickly began walking away from him. This took him off guard for a second. He hadn't expected her to bolt when he was standing right in front of her like that. He had this whole conversation planned out. He was going to say something like, “I think you lost something.” before giving her the journal back. Then they were going to go somewhere and have a much needed conversation.

But she didn't give him the chance. She ran. Again. He was getting very tired of her running away from him.

“LUNA!” He shouted after her, but she only picked up her pace.

She turned a corner, and by the time he had reached that point she had disappeared. He stared dumbfounded. There was no where for her to disappear to and apparating in the castle was impossible. So where did she go? He heard a soft click and smiled. An abandoned classroom was the perfect place for a conversation/confrontation. He went to the nearest closed door and tried to open it. Of course she locked it. He muttered the unlocking charm and walked in, closing and locking the door behind him.

She was there, sitting on a desk staring at him expectantly, waiting on him to do something. But what was he going to do now that he had her alone? His mind jumped to a few things, but he banished those thoughts from his mind.

“What is this?” He held up the note, his anger seeping into his words.

She looked at him and replied, “A piece of paper, Draco.” Her voice wrapped around and caressed his name. He ignored what that was doing to him.

“Yes, a piece of paper.” He took a deep breath. “A piece of paper that was delivered to me yesterday morning along with this.” He held up the journal for her to see. Her eyes darted to the journal, but she didn't say anything. He continued, “What do you mean by 'This isn't going to work'?”

“Just what I said Draco. We aren't going to work, so there's no point in trying.” She was so matter of fact about this, if it weren't for the fact that he could see her chest rapidly rising and falling he would think she wasn't affected at all.

“And how do we know if we don't try?” He asked while taking the necessary steps in her direction.

Because she was sitting she couldn't back away. This was ideal to him, because he had plans, and these plans centered on the fact that physically they could very much work. She just needed to be reminded of what had transpired between them in the stables.

Her eyes widened, if it were even possible, and for a second he thought she was going to cry. “I just know Draco. Eventually everything will fall apart, and I'll be the one hurting because of it.” She thought that he was going to hurt her? This shouldn't be a shocking concept for him to wrap his mind around. Wasn't he having the same thoughts? Luna wasn't good for the Malfoy image. Right now, with her here though, everything like that slipped away. Why couldn't it be the same for her?

He had reached her now and was standing close enough that her knees were doing wonderful things against his pants. “Isn't that always the case in these situations, no matter the people involved?”

“Yes, but” She took a deep breath. “but I know. Normally people don't enter into things thinking that they're going to expire.”

“You aren't curious?” He reached up and ran his finger down the line of her face. He curled his fingers underneath her chin and ran his thumb across her bottom lip. “You don't want to know why you reacted the way you did to me? I very much want to know what we're capable of.” He leaned forward expecting her to pull away. When she didn't he very lightly brushed his lips against hers. He wasn't disappointed. Her fingers laced themselves through his hair sending prickles down his spine. She quickly turned his gentle kiss into an urgent one. He was delighted.

She leaned into him, and he immediately dropped the journal and note that he was holding in his left hand onto the floor so that he could grab her and hold her to him. He very gently starting running the tips of his fingers up and down her sides reveling in the shivers that ran through her and the small moan that she let loose into his mouth. He took full advantage deepening their kiss. He didn't expect her to have much experience, so he was shocked when she stood her own ground. Their tongues combated and caressed each other. Neither one of them seeking dominance over the other, but not yielding either. She was full of surprises and he was all senses as he absorbed them.

Her hands moved from his hair down his back and then under his shirt just to go back up to rest near his shoulder blades. He didn't know why, but he just loved the way her hands felt on him. Where she touched him a strange electrical charge emanated from her fingers. It was intoxicating and he wanted nothing more than to get absolutely wasted on her. Well in her, but he didn't know how far she'd let him go. She'd done nothing, but run from him and push him away, but this? This was unexpected.

He ran his fingers down her sides again, and instead of going back up he continued his journey down to her thighs. The skirt was suede he noted before his fingers touched her skin. Her skin was soft under his fingers as he pushed her skirt up around her waist. She gasped against him and broke their kiss. She was breathing heavy, and her hands were still on his back; she made no move to pull completely away from him.

When he realized he wasn't going to meet any sort of resistance he began to trail kisses down her jaw and onto her neck. She sighed out of pleasure, tilting her head to give him better access. She smelled of flowers and springtime. It reminded him of his mother's rose garden at the Manor. He let his hands roam upward until his right hand cupped her breast and his left was under her shirt at her waist. She wrapped her legs around him as she arched into his touch.

He began nipping her collar bone, and she moaned as he pushed her down against the desk.


Harry sat in the common room by himself. It was late and he had classes in the morning, but he didn't care. Actually for the first time in all of his six and a half years at Hogwarts he was seriously considering skipping his classes tomorrow. He chuckled quietly because he knew that Hermione would never allow him to ditch lessons. He poked the dieing fire embers lost in thought. How had it come to this? Luna had left him Saturday afternoon. He knew that he shouldn't be so bummed about it. Wasn't he just telling Ron that he was thinking of leaving her for Ginny? Still though, he thought that he was going to be the bad guy, and he thought that maybe being the one to end things wouldn't hurt.

Did he really hurt now though? Harry pondered this thought for several minutes. He liked Luna. She had always been a good friend, and he hoped that they could still be friends after everything settled down. The thought of losing her as a friend is what really was bothering him. He wasn't even mad at her, not really. She had approached him in her usual Luna way, and had just said they were over. She didn't really love him beyond friends, and that had been that.

It was all surprisingly easy. Much simpler than he thought he deserved.

He was free to pursue Ginny now, if she still wanted him. He'd have a lot of ground to make up on that front. Out of the three of them Ginny was the angry one, and she had no qualms about making that obvious.

“Harry?” He heard a voice whisper his name. He turned to see the very object of his thoughts. Ginny's hair was a fire halo around her face. She was dressed in her pajamas with a silk robe wrapped around her. He smiled shyly at her, and she crossed her arms beneath her breasts. “What are you doing down here? It's nearly three in the morning.”

“I could say the same for you really.” Harry turned to face her. “I couldn't sleep, and I'm thinking of ditching lessons tomorrow. You?”

She walked over and sat down on one of the sofas. Harry sat next to her. “I couldn't sleep either.” He could tell that Ginny wasn't comfortable. “So Luna's not going to be in lessons either tomorrow?”

Harry thought that was an odd question. How was he supposed to know what Luna was going to do. It wasn't really his business anymore was it? Ginny didn't know that though. Only Ron and Hermione did. “I don't know what Luna's going to be up to.” He said leaving it open for her to probe further. If she was interested she'd ask.

“Of course you know what she's up to.” She looked at him perplexed. “Don't you?”

“You'd know better than I would. Her being your best friend and all.”

“Yes, but you're her boyfriend.” She stated. Luna hadn't said anything to her. “She was sneaking around with you yesterday.” She wrinkled her brow causing little lines to form between her eyes.

“Luna broke up with me on Saturday.” Harry stated simply.

“What? Why?” She burst out.

“She just said that we didn't fit as a couple that we were better off as friends.”

Ginny sat very still for a few seconds. Harry couldn't even tell if she was breathing. Finally she said, “Oh.”

“Oh?” Harry asked. “Oh is all that you have to say?”

“What did you want me to say?” Ginny's eyes were open wide, and he knew what she wanted him to say. Did he want to say it? Did he want to go there with Ginny? She was Ron's sister. But that in and of itself was almost a good thing. He already knew her family—already loved them. She was a friend to him, she fit in so perfectly into his life, or rather he into hers. He had no family to speak of except the Dursleys, and nothing he ever did would make him fit in with them, and he didn't care to any way. She had always been there for him. Looking at her he realized she was very attractive. He could see himself with her.

How had he missed that before? “That you're happy Luna and I are no longer together.”

“And why would I be happy about that?” She was going to drag this out of him.

“Because you love me.” He leaned forward as if to kiss her, but she was already ahead of him. When they parted he smiled. This was different than it had been with Luna. He may have wanted Luna, but Ginny felt right. Like home. “Maybe we should skip lessons today.”

Ginny laughed, a free and unrestrained sound that warmed Harry's heart, and then she leaned forward and kissed him again.

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