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disMAY by fayeswonderland
Chapter 1 : Once upon a time...
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Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined my life would turn out to be a cliché. And I don’t mean a cliché in the oh-my-god-that’s-so-cute kind of way, but actually more I-can’t-take-this-anymore-and-want-to-pull-my-hair-out-ish.

But here I am, 17 years old and the protagonist in my own sappy romance novel, only wishing for a happy ending. Or, you know, a fairly decent one would probably suffice. I don’t think fate is that fond of me though, so I presume I’ll end up as a lonely, old and wrinkly cat lady in a little flat above a shabby pub where dark creatures are lopping around. Just peachy.

Until a few months ago I didn’t even know I was already in midst of a plotline, that rivaled those of these famous muggle fairytales. I was merrily bouncing in my constant oblivious state, hating my enemy and bonding with those who weren’t him. Cushioned against reality, my life took its path and I loved every inch of it.

Argueing with him had always been delightful in a sense. I can’t exactly describe it, but our witty spats ignited a fire within me I only ever experienced with him. I figured that this is also why I couldn’t forget that things had been different way back. So, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a bubbly little girl called Ivy May. Contrary to popular belief, she wasn’t a princess living in a big old castle, but a normal kid residing in a small cosy cottage on the edge of Godric’s Hollow, a tiny parish far out on the countryside of rainy England.

Golden locks framed her heart-shaped face and a red ribbon tied to a neat bow was clipped onto her hair, while she tightly clasped her mothers hand on this special date. With three years of age, the first day of kindergarten finally arrived and both mother and daughter were equally nervous.

Ivy apprehensively tugged at her navy blue pinafore dress and let her eyes wander across the sea of people around her. She blinked to take in the huge crowd of witches and wizards in this place and curiously watched her peers after regaining her posture. It was important to come across as elegant and classy, she remembered from one of her favorite books at home, one that her mum already had read to her about a thousand times. A lady does not slouch, she told herself and stuck up her nose a bit higher, before promptly lowering it again. She wanted to appear lady-like, not arrogant!

To many people it seemed, that little Ivy intellectually was far ahead of the kids of the same age. Her manners equaled the ones of an adult and she certainly had a way with words, that had stunned the elders quite a few times. Despite many people thought it was her mum’s work Ivy grew up as a lady rather than a child, it had been the fairytales and its lessons that entranced her and stirred her will to be just like the beautiful princesses.

Ivy’s mum shook her head, as she saw Ivy straightening herself out, a faint smile on her face. She didn’t know where her daughters addiction to fairytales had come from, but supported her behavior dearly, as long she stayed a child in her heart; which she undoubtedly still was. Her curious and reckless self mostly showed when she was left alone. Without supervision the mind of the three year old often replayed story scenarios causing Ivy to go on her own adventures, that already ended up on her discovering her Christmas presents early in her mom’s (bad) hiding places and then trying to forget what she already saw, or tinkering her own castle made out of cardboard and sellotape in the backyard, that unfortunaley pretty much washed away once the weather gods decided Godric’s Hollow shall be flooded again.

Her mum was ripped out of her thoughts, as the pressure on her right hand lessened. Instantly her eyes found Ivy, or better the lack of. Somehow, the little one managed to escape reality and chase after her target.

While her mum was deep in thought, Ivy sighted something in the crowd, that took up her whole attention. A little boy with tousled black hair stood uncomfortably by a tall ginger woman’s side, definitely just as antsy as Ivy. Inquisitively Ivy leaned to her right, in order to see the boy a bit better. People barricaded her sight and made it hard for her to focus on him. Leaning farther and farther away from her mom, their entwined hands became a chain, which Ivy carefully freed herself of.

Deliberately, she stepped through the chatting adults, making her way through the labyrinth, stopping once the little boy was in full sight. Ivy took in his features, his grass green eyes that were currently locked onto the lips of the beautiful woman next to him, his lips that were tightly pressed together and the slight frown tainting his face. Ivy felt herself being drawn to him, as if an invisible bond was pulling her towards the raven haired kid, yet somehow she stood frozen in midst all these people, watching him like a hawk.

Mesmerized, she almost didn’t notice that the boy’s attention directed itself towards a certain little girl. As the pair of green eyes, she observed so intently a mere second ago, laid themselves onto her blue ones, she snapped out of her reverie. Ivy didn’t dare to blink, their eyes locked so firm, that even an earthquake couldn’t shatter their connection. Blue on green a silent conversation passed between the two children and fate laid her cards on the table.

A smile spread on the face of the raven haired boy, lighting a spark in the dull room of ignorant adults. Ivy couldn’t help but grin back, easement crashing down in waves onto her tiny body. Somehow, the unfamiliar boy made her feel at home.

Suddenly, Ivy was shoved aside by a tall man that obviously didn’t watch where he went. The young girl grabbed onto something to hold onto and when she finally steadied herself and looked up to the spot where the little boy had been, he was gone. She turned around on the spot, frantically searching for any signs of familiarity but came to face with nothing. Tears welled up in Ivy’s sad eyes and her shoulders began to shake.

Nothing more than a sniffing mess, she let herself fall to the ground and buried her face into her hands. She didn’t know what to do. Too shy to ask someone about ther whereabouts of her mum, she saw no other alternative than to stay on the spot, hoping that everything will be okay in the end.

Minutes passed and she still was alone in the masses of people – no one caring about the three year old, everyone too engrossed in their own conversations. Time seemed to drag itself to infinity and beyond and Ivy fell deeper and deeper into a hole of desertion.

Her head whipped around when she felt the light pressure of a little pointer finger on one of her shoulder blades. Her sobbing instantly ceased as she saw who pulled her back into the present. Tears dried on her warm skin and her eyes widened at the sight in front of her.

"You lost your ribbon."

So this is it! The first chapter of my new story!
It would mean the world to me if you could spare a few seconds and tell me your thoughts on it (:
Thank you so much!

PS: To address the fact that I wrote 'kindergarten' and not the common phrase 'nursery'  - there is a reason for that, and I can assure you that you'll find out in later chapters of the story ;)

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disMAY: Once upon a time...


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