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Tyrant Thoughts by kalanapatheis150
Chapter 12 : Falling
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They didn't want to draw attention to themselves, so they decided to meet inside the Leaky Cauldron and not out of it. Ginny went with Harry and Luna with Ron and Neville. Hyllian and Parmenion were already there. They were seated in the most distant and dark corner of the Leaky Cauldron drinking butterbeer, waiting for them.

Harry and Ginny where the first to arrive. He recognized Hyllian from McGonagall' s descriptions. A thin, tall, blonde man with long hair and beard, she had said. Harry and Ginny approached the table and before they spoke Hyllian got up and introduced himself.


“Hello, my name is Hyllian Scott and this is my assistant Parmenion Lessent. You must be Harry Potter.” he said and shook Harry's hand firmly.


“Nice to meet you both. This is Ginny Weasly.” Harry said.


“Pleasure to meet you, do sit down!” said Hyllian and took Ginny's hand and kissed it gently. Ginny blushed but turned her head. She didn't want Harry to see her.


“Our friends will arrive soon, they will be here any minute now. I suggest we wait for them.” Harry said after he gave Hyllian a dangerous look.


“Yes we shall wait, we need everybody here before we start making a plan. Well you should know that what we are going to do is dangerous but since you want to do it we are obliged to follow.” Parmenion said.


“Of course we know Parmenion, but this is Hermione we are talking about. She's like a sister to us, we grew up together. We will save her there is no turning back...” Ginny said was cut off by Ron who had just gotten there.


“More than a sister...” he said.


Luna, Neville and Ron had just gotten into the Leaky Cauldron. They introduced themselves and sat next to Harry and Ginny. Hyllian and Parmenion were complete strangers to them and it felt more than awkward that they had to cooperate with them. They were only doing it for Hermione's own good. They ordered themselves buttebeers except for Ginny who felt she really wanted a cup of chamomile tea.


“We have been thinking a lot. We've already come up with a plan.” said Neville.


“Well in order to help you we should know about that plan and even make it better if we have to.” Hyllian said.


“Well we were planning to tell you now. So lets talk.” Ron said.


“I'll explain.” said Harry. “We thought about the places we could go search for Hermione. We want to go to the Forrest of Dean, Ottery St. Catchpole and the Malfoy Manor.”


“The Malfoy Manor? Are you crazy? Do you want to get us killed?” Hyllian yelled.


“Quiet down.” Luna said.


“We have reasons to think that Hermione has been taken by Malfoy. Since we know the Death Eaters took her it's highly possible that those Death Eaters are the Malfoys. I have been targeted by their son many times. Why not Hermione.” Harry said.


“Well you have o point.” Parmenion said. “I suggest we spit up. We cannot go everywhere together. They will find us in no time.”


“Well I agree with you.” Ron spoke up. “ And also, it's easier if we work with less people.”


“Okay, firstly lets split up.” Hyllian said. “I will go with Harry and Ron.”


“And I will go with Neville, Ginny and Luna.” Parmenion said.


“Hey wait a second!” Ginny said. “Harry, can I talk to you in private please?”


“Sure” he said and the both got up. They exited the Leaky Cauldron. Ginny took Harry's arm and pulled him in a hug.


“Harry, I don't want to leave you. I want to go with you!” Ginny cried.


“No Gin, you're staying with Parmenion and the others. It's safer than coming with us. The moment the find me, they will know I'm looking for her.”


“Harry no, if anything happens I want to be next to you!”


“Gin don't make this hard for me, please.” Harry said and tried to hide a small tear.


“I love you, you should know that.” Ginny said.


“I love you more Ginny. You have no idea how much I love you.” Harry said and caressed Ginny's hair. He looked at her and brought his lips to her. They kissed with passion like there would be no tomorrow. Ginny was always passionate, she like to live with intensity. They broke the kiss and Ginny talked.


“Harry I don't trust them man, I don't like him.”


“Who? Hyllian?”




“Me neither but we can do nothing about that but be very careful.


When the went back inside it seemed that the rest of the group had completed the rest of the plan.


“Listen Harry. The guys will go to Ottery St. Catchpole and we are going to the Forrest of Dean. We are going to communicate with enchanted notebooks.” Ron said.


“Enchanted notebook?”


“When you write in them the person who has the matching notebook can see it.” Hyllian said. “It's the safest way we can think of.”


“Okay group, get ready. Tomorrow morning Hyllian, Harry and Ron will meet here and leave for the Forrest. Me and Neville Ginny and Luna are meeting in Zonko's and part from there.” Parmenion said.


“In the meantime, I'll fix the enchanted notebooks. We'll see you tommorow.” Hyllian said.


Harry and the rest of them apparated back to Hogwarts in a glimpse of an eye. They didn't want to be with Hyllian and Parmenion. Their late night discussion in the Gryffindor common room proved that none really trusted Hyllian and Parmenion at all. They seemed wicked as Ron said. But their need to find Hermione as soon as possible is what made them come to terms with their cooperation. They had to be patient for her shake. That night Harry and Ginny made love for hours and hours. That night Neville told Luna he was in love with her. That night Ron drunk himself to sleep.





Draco carried Rawl's unconscious body through the halls of the Malfoy Manor. He was haunted by the fear that someone might see him on his way to hide Raw's body. He dragged the body though those walls and placed charms in every corner so none could see him. When he finally reached the secret passage way Draco felt some kind of relief. He opened the stone door and pushed Rawl's body inside. Even if he woke up he would not be able to escape, because Draco enchanted to door. He planned to take Hermione there and run away with her when the timing was right but firstly he had to make his father trust him. It would be easier that way. He made his way back to the dungeon's but his mother caught up with him.


“You're going to her again, aren't you?” Narcissa said.


“Mother, what are you talking about?”


“Do you think I'm stupid?”




“Well Draco i'm not. I know you want to get her out of here...”


“Mom no, you are crazy, I don't want to be anywhere near that Mudblood.”


“Huh, you don't right? Draco, I'm your mother, I know you better than anybody in the whole world. I know you changed since she came here. I know you have feelings for her and...and...i want to help up you.” Narcissa said in a whisper.


Draco was starring at her in disbelief. He couldn't believe his ears. He was suspecting that it was just a part of his fathers plans but something in her eyes made him believe that she was telling the truth. After all Narcissa was always a gentler and kinder person than he and his father was. No, he father has always been just pure evil.




“I'm falling for her.” Draco cut her off.




“Mom you heard me. I don't just have feelings for her. I'm falling in love with her.”


“Then go to her, I'll cover for you. But you must meet your father in two hours. Go!”


Draco run. He run to her and when he reached the dungeons he opened the door and found her there sitting in the same spot she was sitting before. She was smiling at him.


“Did you hide Rawl?” she said.


“Yes. Did you hide the wand?” he said.


“Yes I did. Do try and come to find it. Its hidden somewhere on my body.”


Draco smiled and walked slowly toward her.


“Touch me.” Hermione said.


When Draco heard that he felt his heart beating hard. He sat there next to her and took her in his arms. He stroked her cheeks and kissed her. Their lips moved synchronized and Draco raised his hands to her hair and tangled his fingers in it. His other had moved up to her face and cuped her both her cheeks. Hermione raised up his shirt. She wanted to feel Draco's body so badly. She moved from his lips to his neck and Draco let out a slow moan. He placed on hand on Hermione's lower back and slipped one had down the back of her skirt. She felt ecstatic. She lost control. He lost control.


“I want you now.” he whispered in her ear. 

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Tyrant Thoughts: Falling


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