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Listen to your heart by WTF_is_a_hufflepuff
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14
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AN: Anything that you recognise does not belong to me.

Hermione’s POV

The next few weeks passed uneventfully. People had gotten used to the fact that Draco and I were together and some of them had even accepted Draco; most of them were Hufflepuffs but it was an improvement all the same. The look on Draco’s face was hilarious when someone talked to him for the first time this year; he didn’t know how to react and after I stopped laughing at him I had to answer for him.

As heads there wasn’t much to do; we planned the next few Hogsmeade weekends but other than that there wasn’t anything to organise until closer to the end of the year. This allowed me plenty of time to spend with Draco and Blaise and to study for my NEWTs as there is only a few months left before we have to take the exams. Draco and Blaise ensured that I didn’t spend too much time studying and so unlike the previous years I am relaxed and not stressing over the exams. Draco had also begun to study now that he felt like he had a chance of becoming an auror but Blaise refused to study.

Hogsmeade weekend eventually arrived; Draco, Blaise and I were laughing and talking happily as we made our way into the village. It seemed that nothing could break our high spirits. By now I should have learned that something always seems to go wrong when I am at my happiest. That’s exactly what happened.

We walked into The Three Broomsticks and Blaise and I sat at a table whilst Draco ordered the drinks. Draco returned butterbeers in hand and we chatted for a while until two people I hadn’t seen in a while walked in. My face paled a little when I saw them and Draco grabbed my hand to comfort me.

“Don’t touch her, Malfoy!” One of them spat.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked before Draco could insult them.

“We came to talk.”

“Finally come to your senses now, have you?”

“Draco, that’s enough. Let me handle this.” I turned to look at them. “Well? Talk.”

“Can we talk outside alone?”

“If you think after last time we’re going to let you go anywhere with Hermione, you are sorely mistaken Potter.” Draco and Blaise stood up and blocked Harry and Ron from getting anywhere near me.

“This has nothing to do with you, Malfoy.”

“If it concerns Hermione then it has everything to do with me.” The argument was beginning to draw attention from other customers so I spoke quickly.

“Guys, I’ll go with you but Draco and Blaise are coming with me.” Ron was about to protest but Harry nudged him.

“Fine.” All five of us walked to the same place Harry, Ron and I had argued last time.

“Now talk.” Harry still looked uncomfortable in the presence of Slytherins but began to talk.

“We had begun to get worried about you,” Draco snorted and Harry glared at him before continuing. “Normally by now you would have made some kind of attempt to fix everything.”

“How self-centred are you? I have done nothing wrong and you were waiting for me to apologise?” I shook my head disbelievingly.

“Ok so maybe we were wrong to act like that,” Ron looked ready to interrupt until Harry glared at him. “We were wrong and we’re sorry. We never wanted to lose you, Hermione. But I guess we’re too late; it looks as though we’ve been replaced.” Harry and Ron glared at Draco and Blaise who smirked in response.

“Harry, this was never about replacing you; I just made new friends. I’m allowed to choose who I’m friends with; it’s my life. I admit I miss you guys but if you four aren’t going to get along then this just isn’t going to happen.” Before Harry could reply screams could be heard in Hogsmeade.

Harry, Ron and I jumped straight into action and Draco and Blaise quickly followed. We ran back into Hogsmeade but stopped in our tracks when we saw the cause of the screams. The death-eaters were back.

Draco’s POV

“I thought they had all been caught and put in Azkaban.”

“Well evidently we missed some.” Potter spat back. When the death-eaters saw us they stopped attacking the village and set about killing the Golden Trio. They began to surround us as we shot curse after curse at them and so we formed as circle back to back and blasted our way out. The death-eaters were dropping like flies until they changed tactics. By the time we realised, it was too late, they had split us up. I looked around and I could still just about see the others. They were greatly outnumbered but were doing well until Hermione was knocked unconscious.

“No!” That moment of distraction was all it took for the death-eaters to disarm me. Hermione’s words ran through my head “Never let your guard down even if you think you’ve won. You never truly know what your opponent is capable of.”  Oh how right she was. The death-eaters laughed and jeered thinking they had beaten me but I grinned evilly at them. Even though I couldn’t see behind their masks I could tell that they were unnerved by my grin. “It’s not over yet.”

“I think you’ll find it is. You’re powerless without your wand.”

“Oh I’m far from powerless. Confringo!” Just as Hermione had trained me to do I began to wandlessly attack the death eaters. They were all blasted back giving me enough space to move and attack at the same time. Whilst they were dazed I picked them off one at a time. “Stupefy! Incarcerous!” They were all too selfish to help each other and so it was easy to overpower them. I reclaimed my wand and took all of theirs, just in case they woke up, and I headed back towards the others to help them.

I started to worry when I couldn’t see Hermione but then I saw her duelling three death-eaters at once. I was grateful that someone had woken her and she was ok. In fact she seemed better than ok and she was completely destroying the death-eaters. I smiled. That’s my Hermione. Only Hermione could make duelling multiple people seem effortless. I looked around to see how the others were doing and I noticed that Weasley was being overwhelmed. I ran to his side and straight away knocked out a couple of death-eaters. Weasley stared at me mouth agape when he realised that I had helped him.

“Don’t just stand there! Stupefy the pricks!” I yelled at him as I continued to duel the other death-eaters. Weasley shook his head still in shock but regained a duelling stance and knocked out a couple more. I looked around again. Potter was doing well by himself and Hermione was helping Blaise. Eventually the last few death-eaters disapparated and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

I strode over to Hermione and quickly began checking her for injuries.

“I’m fine.” I looked in her eyes to check if she was telling the truth then hugged her in relief.

“Getting a bit close there, don’t you think, Malfoy?”

“I think I’m allowed to hug my girlfriend, Weasley.”

“Your girlfriend? Hermione, he’s just messing, right?”

“No and it shouldn’t matter to you, it’s my choice.” Weasley just stared at the floor. A series of loud cracks filled the air and one by one the aurors arrived.

“Never bloody here when you need them.” I mumbled. Potter had a quick word with one that I assumed to be the head auror and then they began apparating the death-eaters to Azkaban. The five of us stood to the side as the aurors did their work. “Shouldn’t you two be helping them?”

“We’re still in training so no not really. And to be honest I think we’ve done our bit for today.”

“Speaking of doing our part, where were you for most of it, Malfoy?” Weasley asked. I glared at him for insinuating that I hadn’t helped even though I saved his poor ass.

“For your information Weasley,” I was interrupted by an auror before I could finish that sentence.

“Um, excuse me, all of the death-eaters around the other side are missing their wands and we were wondering if you knew anything about this.”  All of the others shook their heads and looked at each other confused.

“Oh yeah, hang on.” I removed the wands from various pockets in my robes and handed them over. “I forgot about that.” The auror, looking slightly awed walked off. I looked at the others wondering why they were so quiet and noticed that they were all staring me expectantly. “What?”

“How in Merlin’s name did you get all of their wands?”

“Well Potter, I took them.” I said it as though explaining to a small child. Potter rolled his eyes.

“Well obviously, what happened before you came over here to fight?”

“I was duelling them but they disarmed me when I was distracted by Hermione getting knocked unconscious.”

“If you didn’t have your wand then how did you defeat them?” I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Hermione was smiling proudly at me. Of course she’d be the first to figure it out.

“Well if you will let me finish then I’ll tell you. As I was saying, I had been disarmed so they let their guard down. That’s when I attacked them wandlessly.”

“Is that even possible?” Potter asked and Hermione replied for me.

“Yes it is, Harry. I taught him.”

“Bloody hell, Hermione! I didn’t know you could do that!” I laughed at Weasley.

“This is Hermione we are talking about. What the hell can’t she do?” Everyone laughed.

“Ok, now we’ve established how amazing I am, I think it’s time you guys called a truce.” I looked at Blaise and nodded. We both turned to face Potter and Weasley and stuck out our hands. Potter shook our hands and nodded at us. Weasley hesitated until we all looked at him expectantly; he shook our hands reluctantly. “We should get back to the castle. Promise you’ll write.”

“We promise.” Potter and Weasley said in unison. Hermione hugged them and then we parted ways.

“They are so whipped!” I chuckled. Hermione smirked at me.

“You’re the same, you know?”

“I am not!” I began to storm off in mock anger.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah.” Hermione then gasped in pain and clutched her side. I ran back to her instantly.

“Are you ok? What’s wrong?” I asked hurriedly. Hermione began to laugh. “Oh.” I glared at her when I realised that she had been faking it. Blaise smirked and carried on walking back to Hogwarts on his own to avoid being dragged into the argument.

“I told you.”

“Caring for my girlfriend’s wellbeing is not the same as being whipped.”

“Whatever.” She smirked and carried on walking back.

“It’s not!”

“Uh-huh, sure, keep telling yourself that.”

“That’s it.” I tackled her and began to tickle her.

“Ok, ok, I give, you win! Ah! Stop it!”

“Say that I’m not whipped.”

“Ok! Ah! You’re not whipped!” I smirked and released her. She stood up and giggled.


“I lied.” She giggled again and then ran the rest of the way back to the castle; I paused briefly before giving chase.

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