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 “Oh, shit!” Katie said when we walked into Hogwarts.


“What?” I asked.


“I told Professor Lupin I’d help him with something in like, one minute,” she said rolling her eyes. She handed me her dress.


“Take this up stairs for me?” she asked.


“Sure,” I said. Katie went on her merry way to Lupin’s room while I went to the staircase.


I walked up to the girl dormitories. I heard laughing and screeching from Katie’s room and I wasn't even close to it yet. It sounded like Angelina, but there was someone else in with her. I walked up and opened the door.


“Oh, gosh, I’m sorry!” I said when Angelina screamed. It was only then that I realized Angelina was not alone…and naked.


“OLIVER?!” I said in complete shock.


“Uh, oh shit,” I heard. “Emma, this isn’t what it looks like.” He got up, covering his manhood with the bed sheet.


“Oh my God,” I said. “You…you…”


“Emma, I can explain,” he started, obviously embarrassed. I dropped the dresses on the floor and turned to leave. He grabbed my arm.


“Emma, he told me you had broken up!” Angelina cried from the bed.


“Is that what you think, Oliver? Is that what you want?! Do you want to break up with me?” I asked all of this in a very nasty voice.


“No, Em, of course not –”


“Then why were you having sex with Angelina!?! My supposed best friend!!!” I emphasized on the word 'supposed'. Angelina cringed in embarrassment. It got really quiet then.


“I don’t know,” he muttered honestly.


“Then I don’t know why I’m with you,” I said. I left the room but Oliver followed me down the hall.


“Emma, don’t leave me!” he begged. I was on the brink of tears and didn’t want to face him. “Emma! Emma, I love you!” I stopped when he said that.


“No,” I answered, turning around. “No, you don’t.” He stood speechless.


“And I don’t love you either,” I confessed. And with that I turned and left. When he didn’t follow me, I knew that I was right. I knew he knew that I was right. He didn’t love me. He loved Angelina, if he even knew what love was. I sure didn’t love him. I found myself running faster and faster away from anything. Everything. The tears were falling down fast and hard and long and I could hardly see anything. Finally, I saw a head of red hair and flew into his arms. He held his arms around me and I cried. I cried the hardest I ever cried. And here I stood in the arms of Fred Weasley, just loving that he wasn’t saying anything. The love was lost when he did.


“What did he do?” he asked plainly.


“Angelina…him…bed,” I managed to get out. My hands were clutching his shirt, covering my face. I felt him tilt his head on mine and my hands stopped shaking.


“I’m so sorry, Emma,” he said. I closed my eyes which made them burn and I felt tears coming on again.


“He said he loved me,” I added. “I…I didn’t love him…but still, there was…something.” His grip around me grew tighter and I put my arms around him from feeling squished.


“Am I an idiot, Fred?” I asked. He pulled his head away to look at me.


“No,” he said. “I am.”


He didn’t have to explain. I knew what he meant. I pressed my face against his chest and sobbed like crazy. Tomorrow was the Yule Ball. Everyone had a date and there was no way I was going alone. And with the fact of how much I spent on my dress, I was not staying home either. I would have to go with Oliver. And Fred would be going with Angelina. My throat began to choke up with extra tears. Fred rubbed my back and I calmed down some. The tears had stopped and I let go of him.


“Your shirt is soaked,” I said rubbing where I had been crying.


“I don’t mind,” he said stroking my hair. I smiled.


“Thanks for letting me cry on you,” I said. He smiled too, then, and laughed softly. He put his head against mine.


“Thanks for never staying mad at me,” he said. He kissed my forehead and brought his head back down to face me. I smiled and rubbed the wet area on his chest.


“I think I’m gonna take a shower,” I said, letting go.


“You’re gonna be ok?” he asked, concern in his eyes.


“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” I answered. What Fred didn’t know was, I was more than fine. And the reason because I knew I wasn't living a lie anymore.


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