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Listen to your heart by WTF_is_a_hufflepuff
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13
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AN: Anything that you recognise does not belong to me. Sorry that you guys had to wait so long for the past few chapters, validation is taking a while. Anyway, enjoy the next chapter.

Draco’s POV

I’ve never seen Hermione look as beautiful as she did tonight. I mean, she’s always beautiful but she doesn’t often dress up. The only other time I have seen her like this was at the Yule ball back in fourth year but that’s nothing compared to how she looks now. Throughout dinner I couldn’t keep my eyes off her; everyone had noticed but I didn’t care. Eventually the time for dessert came and Hermione and Mother left to check on our prize for completing the scavenger hunt. It was then that Blaise realised that the prize was a dessert of some kind and he began to get quite hyper.

“Ok boys, I hope you’re hungry because they are quite big.” Despite my belief that it wasn’t possible, Blaise’s grin grew even wider. “Ok Cissy, bring them through.” Mother walked in carrying two of the biggest ice cream sundaes I have ever seen. I grinned and then laughed as Blaise squealed in excitement. Hastily we both dug in. I stopped eating and clutched my head, groaning in pain. “That’ll teach you to eat so quickly.” Hermione laughed.

“Blaise if you don’t improve your manners then I can easily take that away from you.” Mother warned. Blaise pulled the dish closer to him and pulled an extremely sad puppy dog look. “You should know by now that pulling that face does not work on me.” Blaise grinned cheekily.

“It was worth a shot.” He continued to eat just as quickly but remembered his manners.

Eventually we had all finished eating and were lounging in the common room. Blaise opened his mouth to speak but Hermione spotted this and interrupted.

“Why don’t we play a game whilst we wait for midnight?”

“Ok, do you have any ideas?”


“What?! What has cutlery got to do with this?” Hermione laughed.

“It’s a game, silly. I’ll be back in a minute.” Hermione got up and left leaving us to try to figure out what she was talking about.

“Have either of you two heard of this game?”


“No, maybe it’s a muggle game.” Mother said.

“It is.” We turned to see Hermione in the doorway holding a deck of cards and three spoons. She walked over to us and placed the spoons in the middle of the table and began to sort through the cards. “I’m going to make this easy on you and remove most of the cards so that there are only five sets.” She set apart most of the cards and dealt four cards each to us then placed the remaining cards on her right. “Ok, the aim of the game is to get a full set of cards in your hand. One set is four of the same number. Once you have done that you grab a spoon. If you see someone grab a spoon then you should as well. Whoever doesn’t have a spoon is out. The way you get a set is by looking at your cards then choosing one to put down on your left. Once you have put it down, you pick up the card that the person on your right has put down and so on. This is a very quick game so you have to think quickly. Ready?”

We all nodded and began the game. It went very quickly and Blaise was out. Hermione removed a spoon and one set of cards and the next round started. Blaise had been pouting but stopped as he watched the game continue. This time Mother was out, leaving me and Hermione. This round seemed to take longer than the previous rounds and finally we both reached for the spoon at the same time. I made the mistake of looking at Hermione who winked at me. Temporarily shocked, I stopped moving and Hermione used the opportunity to grab the spoon.

“Hey, that’s not fair! You cheated!”

“No I didn’t. I can’t help it if you find me irresistible.” She smirked.

“In which case, we’re playing again and this time you’re not going to win.”

Hermione’s POV

We played spoons and a few other muggle card games until Narcissa mentioned that it was nearly midnight. We gathered in the garden and counted down. When the clocks struck midnight Blaise set off the fireworks. Draco turned to me and whispered in my ear.

“Happy New Year, Hermione.” Before I could reply his lips were on my own and we kissed until the chiming of the clocks ended. I smiled up at him.

“Happy New Year, Draco.” He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and I leaned on his shoulder as we watched the fireworks that would have done Fred and George Weasley proud. Eventually we returned inside and went to bed.

The next few days were spent slowly packing and relaxing before we had to go back to the busy life of Hogwarts students. Finally the time to leave came and I hugged Narcissa goodbye and promised to stay in touch. Draco, Blaise and I apparated to the gates of Hogwarts, arriving just as the other students were arriving by thestral-drawn-carriage. We had sent our luggage along earlier so that it could be taken to our dorms. The three of us walked into the grounds marvelling at the beauty of Hogwarts at night. When we reached the great hall the boys reluctantly let me go so that I could sit at the Gryffindor table for the feast.

After the feast we met at the door and then headed to our dorm together after saying goodnight to Blaise. As we walked hand in hand I noticed that many of the other girls were glaring at me. It seemed that despite his reputation, Draco is still the most sought after boy in Hogwarts. Draco seemed unaware of this but pulled me closer so that he could put his arm around my shoulders as if to protect me. I decided to ignore the jealous girls and focus solely on Draco; focus on the way his hair falls perfectly without him trying (which if you ask me is a major improvement from gelling it back like he did for the first two years of Hogwarts), the way that his confidence gives an almost regal air to him, the way-

“I told you it would happen.”

“Hello Ella, it’s good to see you again. What did you say would happen?”

“I told you that you would fall in love with Draco.” I blushed and looked at Draco who smiled back.

“I’m still curious to know how you knew that though.”

“Come on, Hermione, who wouldn’t fall in love with this?” Draco arrogantly gestured at himself. I rolled my eyes.

“Seriously though, you’re from the future, aren’t you?”

“Very good. I wondered how long it would take you but now I think that this is a conversation best held inside the common room, don’t you?” Ella opened the portrait door and we stepped through and sat on the sofas waiting for her to appear in her frame above the fireplace.

“When did you realise that Ella was from the future?” Draco whispered to me.

“I’ve had my suspicions for a few months now but I wasn’t sure.”

“What made you think that? I didn’t have a clue.”

“She kept saying things as if she was certain that they would happen and um, well, I... I always thought that she looked a bit like you. You know, because of her hair and eye colour, so I thought that maybe she’s a relative of yours in the future which would explain how she knows of our relationship.”

“That’s strange; I always thought she looked like you... oh!” We both looked at each other in shock.

“No, she can’t be... can she?” Ella then walked into her frame. She noticed our shocked faces and spoke.

“You’ve figured out who I am, haven’t you?” I was still too shocked to speak so Draco spoke up in order to confirm or deny who we thought she was.

“Ella, are you... are you our daughter?” She smiled.

“Yes I am.”

“Woah.” Was all he could say. I finally regained my ability to speak.

“If you are who you say you are then surely telling us that you are our daughter when we have just become a couple is not a good idea?”

“I’m not really sure why I told you. It seemed like the right thing to do and as you figured it out on your own there was no point trying to lie to you.”

“If you are from our future and you knew it then how come you were chosen to guard the door?”

“Let’s just say that Dumbledore knew and his portrait told McGonagall. And how else was I supposed to get you two together?”

“Well that’s a lot to take in. Ella, do mind if we have some time alone to talk?”

“Sure. I’ll see you later.”

Draco’s POV

Holy Mother of Merlin! Hermione and I have a daughter!

“Draco? Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I just... Woah! Hermione, we have a daughter.”

“I know. At least we know that we end up happy.”

“Hermione, we have a daughter!”

“You are ok with that, aren’t you?” Hermione’s eyes were filled with both doubt and worry but that changed after I spoke.

“Are you kidding me? Of course that’s ok! It’s more than ok; it’s amazing! Are you ok with this?”

“Yeah, it’s just a bit of a shock is all.” We both sat in contemplative silence; Hermione was curled up against me and I had my arm draped around her shoulders. Eventually Hermione began to move. “It’s getting late so I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” I gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Goodnight.” Hermione began to walk up to her room. Thinking that she wouldn’t hear me, I spoke again. “I love you.” I was shocked to find that she had heard me when she replied:

“I love you too.” My heart melted at that moment. She loves me! Hermione loves me! I never thought that all of this would actually happen but today alone I discover that I have a daughter in the future with Hermione and she loves me. Me! Feeling very content, I strode up to my room.

Luckily the next morning, the events of the previous night hadn’t affected my relationship with Hermione; if anything, they had made us stronger. Hermione surprised me when we reached the great hall for breakfast. Instead of going to the Gryffindor table she came over with me to the Slytherin table and sat between Blaise and I. Blaise was equally as shocked, as were the rest of the students present in the hall.

“So how come you’re sitting with us this morning?”

“I’ve enjoyed having meals with you guys for the past few days and there aren’t actually any rules that say that we have to keep to our House table when it isn’t a feast. Why would I give up an opportunity to spend time with my boyfriend?”

“Aren’t you worried about what everyone else is going to do? I mean, have you seen the looks people are giving you?”

“I’m not worried because even though I can look after myself, I have you to protect me. And they were glaring at me yesterday anyway so I decided just to ignore them.”

“So are you gonna join us for all meals now, Hermione?” Blaise asked.

“I don’t see why not unless you guys have a problem with me sitting here.”

“Not at all.” I smiled at Hermione and held her hand under the table whilst we ate.

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Listen to your heart: Chapter 13


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