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Just Breathe by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight: Torn Apart Once More
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Chapter Eight: Torn Apart Once More
By: MysticPhoenix and Choas

“Really attacking the dorm!” Isis screeched.

“I was trying to get Peter!”

“Oh and the best idea you could come up with was slashing the
curtains of Ron’s bed!”

“We have to get Peter!”

“Of course we do, but you could do without putting the kid’s lives in danger! You’re lucky you did accidently stab Ron!” Isis narrowed her eyes at Sirius.

“You learned that from McGonagall didn't you?”

“Learned what?” Isis sighed exasperated.

“Narrowing your eyes in that manner, I swear you are going to give me detention.”

“This is not a time to joke!”

“Ok! I’m sorry! Listen I’m sorry. I admit I could have gone about tonight in a different manner. It’s just I am so desperate to catch Peter.”

“I know.” Isis softened her voice and joined Sirius by the fire. “Sekhmet and I have been attempting to catch him, but he’s avoiding any area that would look suspicious for us to be in.” Sirius covered his face with his hands in defeat. “You can’t give up we’ll figure something out, but you have to stop taking these insane risks. You won’t just go back to Azkaban, you’ll have your soul ripped away.”

March and April went by without much trouble. Soon May was almost over and students were getting ready for their exams. Isis and Sekhmet had made several attempts to catch Peter, they had many discussions with Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, who also was attempting to bring the human rat to Sirius. Crookshanks, who had been skeptical of Sirius was not the easiest to win over. Eventually they managed to convince Crookshanks to bring Peter to them instead of Sirius; then they would take him straight to Dumbledore. Unfortunately everyone’s attempts were unsuccessful.

Despite their frustrations over attempting to catch Peter, Remus became her refuge from the craziness. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, breaks, and nights were spent with Remus. Sekhmet forgot how much she had missed lying in his arms. They would sneak off a night during their last months at Hogwarts as students, just watch the stars. The one thing Sekhemt never got to do was fall asleep in Remus’s arms, the feeling was wonderful. Some nights she wished the day would never come and they could stay like that forever. Wishes sadly do not always happen, reality as gets in the way. Peter was their reality right now, he needed to be caught, and Sekhmet was determined to make Remus see the truth.

The very next night she brought up the subject.

"Remus why do you believe that Sirius killed Peter?"

"The evidence points to him." Remus answered simply.

"That's a shity answer coming from someone who was supposed to be his best friend."

"James was his best friend not me."

"No James was his brother and you were his best friend. He didn't kill his brother and he didn't kill Peter." Sekhmet crossed her arms giving him one of her famous stares.

"Then where is Peter? All they found was a finger." Remus signed.

"That's because Peter cut it off before he blew up the street. As for where Peter is he is right here in the castle. He's been sleeping in Harry's dorm for the last three years in his rat form!"

"So let's say I believe this, why hasn't he tried to kill Harry before or now?"

"Easy he has had no reason to as far as he knows Voldy is dead."

"Sek you know if any Death Eater ever hears you call him that you'll be dead faster than you can say it."

"Like I give a shit; besides they would have to catch me first.” Sekhmet laughed, “Now stop trying to change the subject. Peter never did anything unless he got something in return: protection, power, or both and you know it. Besides it should be enough for you that I believe Sirius."

"You know where he is don't you?"

"Of course I do."

"You need to tell me Sek."

"Uh no I don't. You don't believe me so why should I? You'll just tell Dumbledore and no one will listen to Sirius! They'll turn him over to the Ministry who will feed him to the Dementors and you damn well know it." Sekhmet clenched her fists, “I can’t see my sister go through losing him again! Last time it nearly killed her!”

“What do you want from me Sek?”

“To trust me.” Sekhmet left the room.

Sekhmet walked down the hall to her room, she just wanted to sleep. Trust, the word echoed in her head. During all her time at Hogwarts as a kid she had never thought twice about trusting Remus. Now they could barely seem to trust each other.

"Sekhmet!" She didn't stop "Sekhmet!"

"Go away Snape." She didn't even turn just kept walking.
"I never took you for a silly stupid woman Miss Croft, but apparently I was wrong."

"Excuse me?" Sekhmet whipped around halfway up the stairs giving Snape time to catch up with her.

"You must be if you think being with him is a good idea."

"And what? I should be with you instead? That's not going to happen. You've hated and tormented everyone I have ever loved. Why the hell would I want to be with you?"

"I believe I made myself clear the last time." Snape took one more step up the stairs trapping Sekhmet between him and the railing.

"And forever be second to Lily?” Snape’s eye narrowed as he stepped back. “Don't try to say I won’t. I've seen you're patronous. Now leave me alone! I'm tired and just want to sleep." Sekhmet pulled her hand from Snape’s, he did not even realize he had a hold of her hand.

Isis lay curled up in Sirius's arms thinking while he slept. The week had been interesting, Peter had gone missing, Crookshanks had told Sirius that Peter had faked his own death and escaped. History was repeating all over again, Peter using the illusion of death to run away. With Crookshanks helping finding Peter would be much easier, but that still left the Dementors. If they strayed again like they had in the past and caught Sirius. Isis caught herself, she could not think like that.

"You awake love?" Sirius kissed her shoulder, "You’re worrying again aren’t you? You will get grey hair.”

"You keep telling me that. Besides I can’t help it if I'm afraid of losing you for good this time." Isis sighed rolling over to face him.

"You won't I promise. Remember I plan on making an honest woman out of you when all this is over." Sirius gave her one of his dashing smiles,

"And then we can have the family."

"Harry will have a brother or sister." Isis smiled.

"I was thinking more like both or a couple of each."

"And how many are a couple?" Isis raised an eyebrow.

"Well James and I always talked about having our own Qudditch team of our kids so..."

"Sirius Black if you think I am going to deliver enough children for a Qudditch team you need to get your brain check!" Isis sat up so quickly she caused the blankets to fall off. She glared at Sirius who just smiled.

"Well maybe not that many, but we can certainly practice." Isis never got a chance to protest.


"Isis!" Isis was awoken a week later by Remus pounding on her door.

"Where's the fire?" Isis asked opening the door.

"Peter's here!"

"I thought Sekhmet already told you that." Isis crossed her arms annoyed.

"Yes she did, but that's not what I mean."

"Then what?"

"Peter's on the grounds and Sirius is after him." Remus shoved the Marauder's map at her and sure enough there was Peter with Harry, Ron, and Hermione with Sirius close by.

"We have to go after them!" Isis went to grab her robe but Remus stopped her.

"No you have to stay here." Isis tried to protest but Remus put his hand up, "If we get caught you can't be linked with us otherwise no one will know the truth. Stay here!” With that Remus ran down the hall.

It seemed like hours that Isis paced in her room. Finally there was a knock on her door. Sekhmet stood outside pale faced. "What is it Sis?"

"They caught him. The Dementors caught Sirius. The Minister has ordered them to give him the kiss." Isis fell to her knees.
"Sekhmet go back to your room." Dumbledore stood behind Sekhmet.

"I have to go find Remus!" Sekhmet protested, "He didn't take his potion tonight!"

"Sekhmet please go to your room. You may look for Mr. Lupin later." Glaring at Dumbledore Sekhmet turned on her heels and stormed off to her room.

"What about Sirius?" Isis asked.

"I'm working on that, come with me quickly."

"You believe us sir?" Isis asked getting up off the floor.

"Yes and I'm sorry I did not before. I owe you an apology but I am afraid now is not the time. Follow me quickly."

Isis had no idea Dumbledore could move so fast. He led her to the Charms classroom that was being guarded by two animated suits of armor, obvious McGonagall’s work. "Let us pass." The suits of armor lowered their weapons and stepped aside. "You only have a short time. Minerva will get you and escort you back to your room shortly. I must go see to Harry." Dumbledore said opening the door.

Sirius looked up as the door handle turned before he could register who was at the door Isis threw herself into his arms.

"I'm so sorry Love." Sirius said as Isis started to cry tears streaming down his face as well.

"Dumbledore said he's trying to figure something out, but I don't see how."

"If he said he will then he will." Sirius kissed Isis as the door opened again.

"Isis I'm sorry, but I need to take you back to your room." McGonagall motioned for Isis looking heartbroken.

"I'll see you soon. I love you." Sirius kissed Isis once more. As he watched her walk towards the door he prayed this would not be the last time he saw her.

"I love you too." McGonagall took Isis gently by the arm. With a nod to him she closed the door.

"Quickly we must hurry." The two women practically flew through the halls back to Isis's room. "Stay here until Professor Dumbledore comes to get you." McGonagall left without another word.

Isis lay curled up on her bed crying and hoping. She felt scared and useless, two things she hated. Isis had no idea what Dumbledore had in mind nor if it would work. She was wondering how long she would have to wait to find out if Sirius was dead or not, all the time wishing she could do something other than wait. Thankfully she did not have long to wait before Dumbledore knocked on her door. Isis sat up wiping her eyes as the door opened.

"Sirius?" Isis asked attempting not to cry.

"He got away thanks to Mr. Potter and Miss Granger."

"Oh thank Merlin!" Isis sat down on her bed as the relief washed over her.

"You may not get to hear from him for sometime however."

"I don't care. All that matters is that he's alive."

"Once again I am sorry I did not believe you Miss Croft. Though I feel I was correct to assume you knew where he was."

"Yes Professor Dumbledore I did and I won't apologize for not telling you."

"My dear I would never ask you to do so." Dumbledore turned to go, "Oh before I forget I let your sister go out onto the grounds to look for Professor Lupin." Without another word he left.

The sun shone brightly through the trees of the Forbidden Forest warm rays of light woke the sleeping Sekhmet still in her Animagus form. Letting herself change back to human form her eyes flutter open lying next to her was Remus, very much a human and completely naked.

"I'm sorry." Remus said softly when he noticed she was awake, "I should have believed you."

"Yes you should have." Sekhmet sat up doing her best not to stare at his body that was still, after all these years, as perfect as she remembered.

"Forgive me?" Remus asked sitting up and pulling her closer.

"I seem to be doing a lot of that lately."

"And I hate that I'm the cause, but I am truly sorry."

"I was so worried about you!"

"I know." Remus did not say another word instead he drew her closer kissing her.

Sekhmet did not protest as she climbed into his lap unable to feel close enough to him. Remus made very quick work of removing her clothing. Sekhmet sighed as she felt the soft grass on her back.

“I love you Sekhmet.” Remus kissed her forehead, than her nose, and finally her lips.

“I love you too. Don’t you ever do that to me again.” With that last warning Sekhmet pulled Remus into another kiss.

Neither sister spoke of what happened nor did Remus. Isis checked on Harry the next morning as he was being release from the hospital wing. She escorted him down to Remus’s office where she and Sekhmet waited outside so Harry could talk with Remus. Once Remus and Harry said their goodbyes, Sekhmet walked Remus to his carriage.

On the train ride back to London an owl found Isis’s and Sekhmet’s compartment. The owl carried a note to Isis from Sirius.

Love, I am sorry things did not go as we hopped, but I am safe. I am somewhere warm where the Dementors would not dare come. I promise I will be with you as soon as I can. All my love, Padfoot

Isis smiled at the letter. Dumbledore warned the twins before they left danger was on the horizon. The twins were unsure of what that held for the future, but for the moment they were content.

“At least we have the world cup to look forward to this summer.” Sekhmet smiled changing the subject to something lighter as they pulled into King’s Cross.

“Yes and let’s hope that there will be no drama other than sports drama.” The girls laughed as they exited the train. Ready for a relaxing summer.

A/N: Thank you so much to all of you for your patients! I am so sorry this chapter took so long. Please let us know what you think by reviewing!

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Just Breathe: Chapter Eight: Torn Apart Once More


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