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Beautiful Beast by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 2 : Hating the Beast
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Rose Glared into the eyes of her family's Prison Guard. Her baby blue eyes meeting his silver ones

'silver?' Rose thought as she remembered the magic traces. Scorpius smiked as her gaze wavered.

"So I ask again, Rose, What do you have that could possibly be more valuable than THE Golden Trio?"  Rose looked up meeting his gaze once more this time without her bravery. Rose knew what she could offer. She gave her parents hands a squeeze, they knew.

"No Rose please dont we'll be fine but dont you dare." Hermione begged her daughter in a paniced whisper.

"YES Rose DO tell us what it is." Scorpius interrupted. Rose gathered up her courage agian, how dare this egotistical bastard do this to her family and her. He was gonna pay.

Rose smirked. "That is..." Scorpius leaned in to hear.

"SOMETHING YOU"LL NEVER FIND OUT!!" She yelled into his ear before pulling her wand up and quickly casting a spell leaving him temporarily immoblie. Scorpius fell to the ground glaring at Rose with such utter hatred Rose was actually afraid.

"Quickly tell me, do you know any spell that could unlock the door mom?" Rose said shaking the cell doors.

"We've already tried everything we know Rose Just go now while you have the chance" Hermione urged. Rose looked down at Scorpius meeting his burning eyes. Rose swiftly kneeled down and started reaching into his pockets for anything! but found nothing she moved on to his robes unawared of his limbs coming back into movement. Rose stuck her hand into one pocket searcing for anything quickly moving on to the second, cursing when she found nothing. Rose looked up to meet his smirking face and frowned. a hand came up suddenly knocking Rose onto the floor in shock and pain.

'he shouldnt be able to move yet! It's temporary yes but it should at least last an hour!' Rose thought as she held her cheek.

"You Bloody Fucking Bastard I swear to God as soon as Im out of here I'll kick your bloody ass myself!" Ron yelled. How dare he hit his daughter. Scorpius frowned then looked down at Rose who was holding her cheek. Rose could have sworn she'd seen a flick of guilt in his eyes but it was gone as soon as it had came. a cold cruel smile crossed his features. Rose's eyes widened in knowledge. She knew his temper.


"STOP!" Rose yelled interrupting Scorpius, as she stood up sheilding her family his wand only inches from her face. he hadn't even time to see her make her way from the ground to the cells door.

"I'll stay because I have something others dont!" she said rushed, eyes opened as tears welled up as a reaction from her family's almost pain. Scorpius was a little more interested. He knew Rose Weasley, he knew there was something different about her something strange.

"Pray tell what that is?" he said smirking in victory.

"magic traces." Rose muttered. Ron and Hermione silently watching in fear for their daughter.

"Rose!" Hermione begged once more.

"Shut up!" Scorpius glared at Roses mother. 

"Dont talk to my mother that way!" Rose said angrily. Scorpius looked back at Rose. unknowingly obeying her wish.

"I said I have Magic traces. or rather we all do I just see them." Rose said once more evaluating them a little.

"Rare." Scorpius said after a moment of thought.

"Rare indeed." he looked back up at Roses determined and hopeful eyes. he want to break that hopeful look like his was so many years ago. After a moment of consideration and silence, Scorpius spoke.

"Fine, you swear to take their place and you will not try to escape?" Rose looked at the ground for a moment, it sounded more like a demand then a request. Harry shifted and started to slowly sit up in pain. Blurry eyes seeing Ron and Hermione and someone else.

"Rose?" she looked back up and nodded. Scorpius smirked and the torch light flickered. Rose turned around to say goodbye but they were already gone.

"What?...Where are they!? What did you do with them!?" she said unable to help or surpress the panic rising in her.

"I'd worry more about yourself then them." was all Scorpius said before turning and walking away. Rose looked into the locked cell one last time qiping away a stray tear before turning and following him.

"Why am I not to stay in the dungeons?" she question quietly. Scorpius looked over his shoulder to see her wipe another tear. he felt slightly guilty.

'you could have let her say goodbye at least.' a voice spoke up to him in his mind.

'she agreed to this' he thought to himself trying to reason with himself but not being successful.

"why should you stay down here? you already swore not to try and escape. Besides I feel its better to keep your valuable possesions in your line of vision." he said coldly. Rose quietly sniffled to herself.  Rose was angry at herself for getting her in this mess and at Scorpius for forcing it on her. Rose looked around the mansion as they finally made it back up to the main entrance of the house. It would and probably has been a beautiful house sometime before with some sunlight but to Rose it was simply a really big prison cell.

"You are allowed any where you'd like except for the dungeons and the West side of the up stairs."

"why?" Rose asked confused at the freedom.

"the dungeons move constantly for non-Malfoys, so escapees would get lost with in minutes and the West side is none of your concern." he said chilling her spine with the coldness of his voice. Scorpius looked back over his shoulder at her. She certainly had matured since their hogwart days. she was undoubtably beautiful now.

'For the daughter of a mudblood' he thought to himself. thinking back to the mudblood his father had tormented years before. He could see plainly even for a mudblood she was beautiful and could obviously see where Rose got her looks from. even her red hair and not been so insufferable as the other Weasleys it was more of a..a

'Rose Red' he smirked at his thought.

'a rose indeed' he thought as he looked her head from toe unknowingly checking her out. big blue eyes, nice full even lips nice and slender body, probably from her years of Quiditch and lugging books from the library to her doorm.  Rose looked up meeting his eyes with confusion. Scorpius quickly looked away.

"Follow me I'll take you to you room." he said not giving her much time to follow as he started for the stairs.

Rose was sure it took at least a full three years to find her room when they finally came to a room. Stopping when Scorpius looked up. Rose followed his gaze to a light that began to flicker.

"Even electrical ones." Rose muttered as she figured the flickering happened too often to be coincident.

"Here." he said opening the door and ushering her in. It was simply Gorgeous and not in the modern sense but old fashione elegance. 

"Wow." she gasped as she entered. Scorpius couldnt help but feel a little twinge of pride when she did. It was once his mothers room.

"its beautiful isnt it?" he said leaning agains the other door. rose turned back to him forgetting for a moment she was a prisoner and this was her prison guard.

"Beautiful? It's bloody Gorgeous!" she said.

"Breathtaking!..." she whispered as she explored a little.  there were a couple of book cases and Rose B-lined straight for them.

"So many..mother would..." she stopped, remembering that she was a prisinor and that she probably wouldnt see her mother again. she silently cried. Scorpius upon seeing her shoulders shake stood up straight. This was awkward for him, crying always was, when it was his mom of girlfriend or friend he didnt know what to do.

'Why should you care remember what grandfather taught you. Shes the daughter of a mudblood therefore just as equally bad as one, she doesnt deserve pity or comfort.' Scorpius thought to himself. a smirk crossed his face but it didnt feel like his real smirks more like the ones he put up when ever he acted this way.

"Dinner will be in an hour, dont be late." he said coldly

"Im not going!"

"I wasnt requesting." he said simply before quickly shutting the door just in time to miss a flying book aimed at his head with astonishing accuracy.

"I HATE YOU SCORPIUS MALFOY!" Rose yelled before turning back again and crying as she kneeled to the floor.

"I hate you ..."

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Beautiful Beast: Hating the Beast


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