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Confusion by evans_4eva
Chapter 58 : Chapter 58
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We always told you she would, Prongsie. Right from the first day...


That night, Sirius and I were lying in bed together, the candles we had charmed to float above us casting his face into flickering half-shadows. He lay against the pillows, his eyes closed and his lips curled into a comfortable tired smile. His hand reached for mine and he squeezed my fingers gently between his own. Do you ever think about getting married, Rem? he asked quietly, his eyes opening and catching mine in a searching look.
Well there is a big queue of women with my name on it, I joked softly.
His cheeks flushed and he turned his face away from me. I realised with a jolt that Id upset him. Hey, Si, I murmured, pulling his hand in an effort to get him to face me.
When that didnt work, I shifted to my knees and took ahold of his shoulders to turn him back to me. Si - Sirius. Hey...you know I was only messing. Im sorry, I thought it would make you smile.
He looked back at me desperately. I meant...I meant us, Remus.
He paused, closed his eyes. Well...well maybe you wouldnt want me forever anyway...
I was shocked. Sirius! You cant really believe that.
He pulled away from me and looked down at his hands. I took them in mine and kissed them gently. You know me better than anyone else in the whole world, Sirius...and...and if you really dont think that I want this - us - to last for...well...forever - longer, if I could have it! - then...well, Im obviously rubbish at showing you how I feel.
I tilted his chin up with two fingers so that he couldnt avoid my gaze. I love you. I love you...and only you. I always will, Sirius. And - and you know, deep down, that if I could marry you tomorrow, I would. Id follow you anywhere, Id do anything for you. Id do anything to see your smile, to make you happy; even if you decide that you dont love me anymore, Ill always be yours.
He didnt say anything, just gazed back at me silently. I leant in towards his face and kissed him softly. I felt his lips curve upwards and then he reached his arms around me and pulled me towards him and held me.

We lay together for a long time. I thought hed fallen asleep. I was just thinking about reaching for my wand to extinguish the candles when he reached up and ran his fingers down the length of my face, touched my scarred cheek, my pale neck, my too-slender shoulders. He kissed my cheek, then whispered in my ear, Im always yours too.

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Confusion: Chapter 58


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