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Christmas vacation came quicker than Rosevine could have imagined.  She surrounded herself with Draco or Daphne at all times to avoid Harry.  His relentless glances were enough to make the guilt she felt unbearable.  Draco and Rosevine met the Malfoy’s in Hogsmeade, where they used the Floo Network to travel back to Malfoy Manor. After exchanging pleasantries, Draco took Rose’s hand with a smile and began the tour. 

“Isn’t it a little bit, much?” Rose asked as they left the great room and started ascending the staircase. 

“That’s kind of the point love,” Draco answered.  They passed by one closed door without a word. 

“What’s in there?” Rose asked.

“My father’s office.  No need to ever go in there love, only bad things can come of it,” he explained.  “This is our room,” he said a few doors later with a smirk.  He pushed the door open, and Rosevine entered with a smile.   The gray marble walls characteristic of the rest of the house continued into the space.  An emerald carpet, bedding, and curtains added a pop of color, and Rose couldn’t help but think it was typical of Draco to have a Slytherin bedroom.  Across the room from the four poster king bed was a fireplace, the only piece that appeared to add any form of warmth to the room.

“It’s lovely,” Rose sighed. 

“What’s wrong Rose?” Draco asked.

“You said our room, but it’s not is it?  After we’re married, we won’t be living here will we?” she asked hesitantly.

“Of course not! Well, not permanently.  We’ll be staying here until we find a house.  My parents have agreed to buy us one of course, as a wedding present.”

“Oh. Good.”

“Anything else bothering you?”

“No.  It’s just a lot to take in.  My mother may have been a Pureblood, but she abandoned her family.  We never really had much growing up, and this is all so, elaborate.  I was impressed by the Parkinson’s when I first came, and this is much grander than their home.”

“You have the rest of your life to get used to it sweetheart.  I will always take care of you; always spoil you.”

“I don’t need to be spoiled.  I just need you,” Rosevine lied, deciding to lay on the sugar strongly.  Maybe Draco trusted her, but it couldn’t hurt since she needed to do some spy work while she was staying at Malfoy Manor.  Any information she could find would help her in her mission.  

Draco cupped her cheek softly, “well luckily you’ll never have to choose between my love and my money. You will always have both, that goes without saying.”  Rose ignored the pang of guilt that rose up in her.  Draco had come a long way in the few short months she had known him, but it wasn’t enough.  Maybe in a different life they could have been happy together, but his prejudice was too deeply engrained in him.  He would never allow Muggle-borns like Hermione to live freely in this world.  His prejudice would kill him in the end, just as it killed any hope they had of being a real couple.

 A/N: I know this chapter is short, and very fluffy but we're coming to a major plot moment and I have to tie up any loose ends first. :)


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