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I found you by Olympe
Chapter 1 : In which some people build a school
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Anything you recognise isn't mine.  I'm hoping to make this a regular thing, but unfortunately with the pressures of school and my forgetfulness that may not happen.  Please leave reviews to help improve my writing, I'd love to hear from you and find out if you want more chapters!  


 This is a story of the founders of Hogwarts, told by me, Helga Hufflepuff, to highlight the social lives of those you deem to be too important for a life outside of the legends.  I will tell of the actions performed and relationships no-one ever knew about, so sit back and relax as I tell you all about our lives.


“Godric, hey, wait up” Rowena shouted down the streets of Diagon Alley, “Listen, I’ve been thinking, that idea you had, about building a school, I’ve decided to help you, I just contacted Salazar and Helga via floo, Helga came as soon as she cou-“

“Yes I did, and I just want to know, before I sign any contracts, what’s in it for me?”

“If you’d just let me finish first, as I was saying, Helga came straight here but Salazar says he needs some time to think it over.  Now to answer your question Helga, for a start there is no binding to this project, if you choose to do it then that’s great, second, you get to be a part of something amazing, we’ll be educating wizards worldwide!  Doesn’t the idea make you smile so hard you pull your face muscles!  You’ll be helping to bring life and order to this crazy world, teach children how to use magic properly, let every wizard know that there is hope and that their children’s powers won’t be wasted, they’ll be nourished.”  Rowena threw out her arms at this point, emphasising what she was trying to get across.  She certainly had made me convinced that it was all for the greater good.

“But how?  Where?  Have you even thought that much through yet?  Or were you hoping to just apparate to some hill and conjure up a school on top?”

“Actually Helga, I believe I’ve found us a spot.”  This voice was dark and deep, very much unlike the happy, bubbly voice of the woman before me.  “Allow me to introduce myself, Salazar Slytherin, pleasure to meet you all.”

“You’ve met us before.”  Another unfamiliar voice, but this one I could listen to for hours, unlike the constant drone of Salazar’s, this one had a real feeling to it.  This man sounded like he’d spent hours practising how to talk, he spoke with such feeling and determination, whereas all of us others were just plain and boring.

“Oh yes, but I thought an introduction was necessary given that we’ll be working together, our social lives together should be strictly professional, friendships just make biased opinions and love can mean only one thing, hurt.  For the sake of the school we will stay nothing more than colleagues.”


“Godric, get here you absolute doosh!”  I cried out as I ran down the foundations set into an abandoned old hill; with only a charm portraying the image of a haunted old house to hide the fact that wizards were building there.  I mean, imagine allowing muggles to see the actual castle, it’d be utter chaos.  They’d all want a chance to get inside that grand place, turrets towering high and quidditch grounds too!  How about we throw a forbidden forest into the mix?  Oh yeah!  Well, that’s the plan anyway…  How we’ll bring such a monstrosity of pure amazingness like that into this world I’ll never know!

“What Helga?  For god’s sake, We’re not having a pool, get over it.”

“No, it’s that, it’s just that, well, Salazar will tell you, I don’t really understand it myself.”

“Fine, well, where is he?”

“He’s over where the entrance hall’s going to be.”

“Alright, thanks.  See you in a bit then.”

“Yeah, in a bit.”  His face held determination and courage, things you look for in a good leader; in fact he was so brave to the point where it was almost scary.

I took a long look around to see how things were going, when I passed over something shooting through the sky towards us.

“Godric, Salazar, Rowena, quick!  You have to see this!”  I screamed, pelting out the way of the possibly destructive item rushing down to greet us with a soft bump.  “What is it?”

“That, Helga, is a locket” Even as Salazar said it; the locket began to light up and whirl around until it was nothing but a beautiful glowing blur.  Then it started moving towards us, slowly and steadily it spun over to where Salazar stood before stopping dead and falling to his feet.  “Haha, nice show, now where did you come from and who sent you I wonder?”


It all happened in a flash of green light, Salazar was sucked into the lockets depths, grabbing Rowena’s wrist as if to haul himself up, then with a twisted smirk he pulled her down and the locket closed with a thud shutting off the light immediately, leaving us behind with dots blocking our sight.

“Godric, where are you?”  I whispered to make sure that no remaining spirits or souls could hear me.

“Don’t worry, I’m right here.  Can you see anything?”  I sighed with relief at his reply before answering.

“Not yet no”, I frantically clung to him to avoid falling into the darkness obscuring my view of the world, “What was that anyway?  He just pulled her dow-”

“Shit, Rowena…”

“What’s wrong?  Surely we can get her back easily, can’t we?”

“It’s not like that, we don’t know where they are, or even if they’re alive, we should just carry on as normal, maybe something will crop up soon and give us a clue of where they are.”

“You mean you’re just going to give up, not even fight to get them back?”

“I can’t, I have too much to lose.”

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I found you: In which some people build a school


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