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Tyrant Thoughts by kalanapatheis150
Chapter 10 : A single tear
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Hylian Scott was a 28 year old man who was brought up by two Muggles in Ireland. His real parents were wizards who died in an airplane crush when he was just 3 years old. His parents found out about his magical abilities when he was 8. He was able to move things with his mind and they completely freaked out one day when Hylian levitated a vase right in front of their eyes and dropped it immediately. His letter from Hogwarts came to him when he was 11 just like everyone else but he went there a year later with Dumbledore's approval because he was severely ill. Kinglsey thought that he would be the most appropriate person to be Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Department but McGonagall was very suspicious. She thought that something wasn't right about him.


“Kingsley!” yelled Hylian as he entered the room “ A student of Hogwarts has been missing.” he said.


Kingsley looked at him with suspicion and McGonagall's doubts were starting to grow a lot more than before.


“Yes Hylian I was informed by professor McGonagall” said Kingsley pointing his hand at her “Who also happens to be Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In fact she just told me that Miss Granger is missing. How do you know? The only ones that know are her and Hermione's close friends.”


Hylian turned red and lowered his head. He raised his hand and started scratching his head.


“Well I don't really know. Parmenion found an anonymous letter in his office and he gave it to me since i'm his superior. I know nothing more about that matter. Just that a Hogwarts student had been abducted.” Hylian said



“I'm sorry to interrupt, but Kingsley I would like to talk to you in private.” said McGonagall.


“Of course Minerva. Please do sit down. Hylian has a lot of things to do, don't you really?” Kigsley said with a severely heavy tone.


Hylian got the message and immediately nodded with his head.



“Yes Kingsley you are right, I'm sorry, I will leave you two alone.” he said



With no second thoughts he turned his back and walked away from Kingsley's office shutting loudly the door behind him.


“That seems to be a very wicked man Kingsley.” McGonagall said “he seems to be very curious, I don't really think he is to be trusted.”


“Nonsense Minerva, the boy is just fine.”


“Then why did you treat him like that?” she said with a tone of surprise.


“I'm just teasing him. He is new, I will not go easy on him.”


“Since when have you been so strict.”


“Since I became the Minister of Magic and got a ton of responsibilities for myself. Now about Miss Granger. I have to go get that letter. Wait for me here, I will be right back. ” Kingsley said and left the room.


A few minutes later he was back holding a small piece of parchment in his left hand. He looked at McGonagall and gave her the piece. She unfolded it and read out lound.

We have the Mudblood. She is to be killed within two weeks. You will attend the death feast. You and all of the blood traitors. The only way to save her is to hand Potter to us.


“I was almost sure it was Death Eaters.” she said.


“Of course it was the Death Eaters. Who do you think killed her parents? The heart attack? Of course not. The poor Grangers had the same fate with that Muggle family that was killed by Rawl. Only this time a girl is in danger.” Kingsley said.


“What do you think we should do?” McGonagall said.


“I'm calling a search team. I'm putting the Aurors to work. I will allow them to search every single house and every single town and village. Everyone is a suspect now. Even the ex- Death Eaters who now are regretting they followed Voldemort.”


“I have something else I want to tell you. Mr Potter and his friends want to look for her too.”


“No, no no. They are not leaving Hogwarts.” he said


“But listen, they will leave anyway whether you let them or not. You know them” McGonagall said.


“Well that's true. Okay, they can help look for her in one condition.”


“Which condition?”


“Hylian and Parmenion will be their protectors.” said Kingsley more sure than ever.


“Kingsley I told you I don't trust that person.”


“You might not trust him but I do Minerva. Please believe me he is fine. He will not hurt them.”


“Alright then. I must go back to Hogwarts now. I can't stay here, the students need me. Especially Mr Potter and Mr Weasly, they will die of anxiety if I don't go there in time. Thank you Kingsley. It was good to see you.” she said.


“It was good to see you too Minerva. Keep me informed and I will contact you soon.” he said.


“Oh Kingsley I almost forgot the most important part. Draco Malfoy has been missing too. He went missing the same day with Hermione” she said.


McGonagall closed the door behind her. She heard Kingsley swear from the inside of the office. She apparated to Hogsmeade. She could not keep them waiting. She left for Hogwarts.







It's been three days since she had been captured. To her those three days felt like an entire century.

Hermione felt everything. She was petrified and dragged out of the dark humid room into another place. The view was blocked by a thick rough fabric that covered her eyes. Rawl had petrified her and tied her eyes so that she could not see where she was. They wouldn't want to let her escape of course. That's why they took every necessary precaution. She could feel her body bumping into objects that could be either stones or stairs. She couldn't really understand though. Her body was numb from all the torture. After a few minutes of dragging Hermione, Rawl stopped. Hermione felt the floor soften a little bit. She heard a door open and Rawl started dragging her again. They reached what seemed to be the center of the room and he dropped her there.


“I brought her as you asked” Rawl said to someone.


“Untie her eyes” the other man said. His voice sounded familiar.


Could that be... she thought. And right before she could finish her thought she could see again as Rawl removed the fabric off her face. The man standing above her was none other than Lucious Malfoy.


Hermione looked around. She had been there before. She had been there, and she had been tortured there. Bellatrix Lestrange had done that right in the middle of this room. The great room of the Malfoy Manor. She looked around again. Draco was standing a few meters away from his father. He was starring at her. His expression was that of anxiety and longing. She looked back at him and then the charm was gone. She was unpetrified but she knew she was not going to survive if she tried to escape.


“Look at me Mudblood.” Lucius said. “You have been brought here to be told about your fate. You have to work with me because things are going to happen to you similar to the ones that happened about a year ago.” he hissed in her ear. “ You are nothing more than a bait for Potter. He will come looking for you and when he does find you we are going to kill him.” he growled. “If he doesn't come to find you, we will take you to Hogwarts and execute you right in front of him and your blood-traitor boyfriend”


“You don't stand a chance next to Harry.” Hermione spoke. “You are all just a bunch of cowards and among them you are the biggest one. Harry is going to come to find me but in the process he will defeat all of you like he defeated Voldemort.” she said.


“Dont you dare speak his name his with your dirty Mudblood mouth!!” he yelled and slapped her in the face. Hermione fell to her knees. She looked down at the floor and started laghing.




She was going to drive him mad.


“Why is she laughing? Why are you laughing Mudblood?”




“Speak!!!” he yelled.


Hermione was ignoring him. Draco was looking at her in fear. What game is she playing? He thought.


“Crucio!!” Lucius yelled.


Hermione tried to hold herself from screaming. She was hitting the floor but kept her mouth shut.

When Lucius stopped torturing her he spoke to his son.


“Draco take that filth back the dungeons” he said


When the door closed behind their backs Draco picked Hermione up in his arms. She opened her eyes and looked at him. A single tear was falling down his cheek and she saw him mouth at her, I'm sorry.

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Tyrant Thoughts: A single tear


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