“This time 12 months ago many of you were fighting for your lives” McGonagall said using her wand to maximize the sound and leaning on a cane to hold her support “We have come extremely far since then, building back our lives and mourning over the many people we lost that day…”

She put down the queue cards she’d been told to read of off by the ministry frustrated that she’d been forced into reading something that sounded fake and written by people who barley even knew what happened.

“We lost so many people that night. I’m not sure about you but it still haunts me every night. Perhaps knowing that we could have saved more lives. But it was war and in war lives are lost and at a dear price” Tears glistened in her eyes as she wiped them away with a handkerchief that she’d produced from thin air with in seconds “Colin Creevey, a child that had so much life still ahead of him, Lavender Brown a brave young women who defended her school until the death, Remus and Nymphadora Lupin both courageous people and standing up to what was right, Fred Weasley part of one of the most funniest pranksters Hogwarts has ever and will ever see and a man who fought for justice”

Ginny gripped onto Harry’s hand, her heart racing and her eyes crying as she realised it had been one year to the date since she’d seen her brother.

She started off at George who was sitting side by side with Angelina. His eyes pouring with tears and Angelina putting a comforting arm around his arms whispering words of support.

Harry’s hand squeezed back at her telling her that he was here and he would always be.

“Hogwarts was always my home, as I’m sure it was yours and knowing that many lives were lost here merely a year ago saddens me greatly. Please join me in a minutes silence to respect those who died and fought for us” She continued closing her eyes as a single tear fell down her cheek.

Ginny stared around at everyone’s blank faces. It wasn’t the kind of blank face that you would give in a history of magic class but rather the lost kind of blank look, and it was heartbreaking.

Percy was in front of Ginny, his arm casually around his one week girlfriend Margery – or was it Audrey? Ginny wasn’t sure and she didn’t care. It wasn’t that she was still angry at Percy; it was true she was still disappointed but never angry.

Her mum was also sitting in front, her head resting on her dads head while softly crying and holding onto Percy’s hand tightly.

Why did everything have to be like this?

Bill and Fleur were sitting beside Ginny. Fleur of course beautiful as and her blonde hair floating perfectly down. She looked what she would call quite normal, until you looked down and saw a massive bump perfect for an 8 month baby. Bill’s hand was stroking her hair and the other rested gently over her big bump that looked as though it would burst any moment.

Also behind them Hannah and Neville were sat beside one another. Today they were together; tomorrow would probably be a different story. It surprised Ginny how many times they can break up and somehow end up winding back together.

Neville had recently given up his job at a muggle shop in London to become an assistant Herbology teacher to Professor Sprout at Hogwarts. Ginny was so proud of how far he’d come. It didn’t surprise her really about how many times Hannah and Neville broke up. She was tired of having a long distant relationship but still loved him and Neville was tired of being separated from her, many times he’d thought about quitting his job but they were poor as it is and quitting would just put a lot more pressure on their relationship than their already was and Hannah being only a waitress and the leaky cauldron didn’t provide enough money for both of them.

Ginny turned around again and faced the front.

After hearing all the screams and pleas for help and the sounds of fatal curses being fired Ginny no longer feared the silence, but rather welcomed it with open arms.

“Are you alright?” Harry whispered to Ginny. Even though it was the minute of silence they all knew that they had spent to long in it, remembering. This final minute didn’t matter.

“I’m fine” She assured him squeezing his hand again.

Hermione was a few rows in front, her head leaning on Ron’s shoulder as he struggled to keep the tears in. Hermione was already gone, bawling her eyes out with tears at the remembrance of all those who died.

The minute finally ended and it wasn’t long before McGonagall’s voice filled the air again.

“I would like to thank-you all so very much for everything, for being here when we needed you most and for helping us to rebuild this school. Hogwarts will forever be at your debt. I would also…”

Ginny stopped listening there; she could still hear the echo of McGonagall’s voice but none of it was registering as she was taken out of the speech after hearing something that shocked her.

“Bill… Bill, I zink my waters ‘as broken” A panicked voice rang through her ears in a little squeaky French voice.

Both Harry and Ginny quickly turned towards the voice in sudden shock.

Fleur was holding onto her stomach a look of worriedness and panic clearly spoke on her face as she wimped out.

“Oh bloody hell” Ginny exclaimed, her eyes widened “Mum… mum” Ginny whispered to her desperate to get her attention.

“Mrs Weasley” Harry tried as well but everyone had started to move and talk again, and it was physically impossible to get her attention without anyone else noticing.

“Oh for god sakes, this is ridicules” Ginny yelled out “MUM! FLEURS WATER HAS BLOODY BROKEN!”

All eyes turned and Ginny shrugged and turned back to help Fleur get out as everyone made way for her to move.

Fleur however was simply trying to keep her breathing steady and her thoughts straight. The baby wasn’t suppose to come now; it wasn’t due for another month!

“Move out the way!” Ron called now coming to help Ginny and Bill guide Fleur out.

“Deep breaths, that’s right” Molly came behind a smile dazzerling her face even with red puffy eyes.

“Oh my word!” Audrey and Percy both let out together following their family through the crowed.

“How we gonna get to st. Mungo’s” Angelina pointed out “She can’t apparate not in the state she’s in”

“I’ve got a car!” Ron piped up glad to be off help.

“Oh no you’re not Ronald; you haven’t got a driving license. I am not letting you drive until you have one” Hermione argued glaring at her fiancé.

“Oh come on Hermione! There’s a pregnant women here” He retaliated.


“But it cost a fortune and you never let me drive it”

“I said no” Hermione said finally “I’d prefer it if you were alive, thank-you very much”


“Will you two bloody shut up!” George interrupted and then ran after the rest who had scurried of as soon as Hermione and Ron had stared arguing (again).





Bill and Fleur successfully made it to the hospital just in time using Ron’s car (much to the happiness of Ron) Ron however was not allowed to drive it (much to the happiness of Hermione) and with a bit of extension charms done on the car everyone fitted in pretty comftably.

The couple had been separated from the family as soon as they had arrived and Fleur was wheeled into the maternity room by a healer leaving the rest of the family crowding the corridor and biting their finger nails.

“What if something happens? Loads of things can go wrong in labour” Molly said, sitting down on a stool defeated by worry.

“It’ll be alright molly”

“Yes, you’re probably right. I gave birth to seven kids and I’m still alive and well!”

“Luna!” Ginny bounced of from her chair after seeing a blonde flick of hair come around the corner “Luna what are you doing here, I thought you’d be at the ceremony”

“Oh hello everyone. I'm afraid I couldn’t make it, unfortunately Rolf got bitten by a angry Kneazle while we were in Cornwall the other day” Luna said dreamily talking of her long term boyfriend who she’d been dating for at least 9 months “It was our plan to come home today so I could see daddy but it all changed because of that silly Kneazle. I’m sure he’ll be fine, it did look a little bad though” Luna finished turning around and realising the whole corridor was filled with Weasleys “What are you all doing here?”

“Fleur’s giving birth”

“Well that’s fortunate. I was once told that if a child was born on a day where there was war then they would have special gifts”

“I’ll keep that in mind when I see Fleur” Ginny said.

“I’ve got to go anyway. Rolf’s probably woken up now”

She skipped back off down the hall.

Ginny walked over to harry and wrapped herself in his arms. Today had been stressful and full of so many tears it was unbelievable.

“I wanna see Teddy” Ginny whispered in his ears wishing she could hold baby Teddy in her arms. He was the most adorably baby. His colour of hair would change whenever he saw Harry and Ginny and constantly switched between ginger and raven.

“We will” He sighed into her hair while kissing the top of her head “We’ll go see him as soon as we’ve made sure Fleur’s alright”

She nodded into his chest feeling his heart pumping “It broke my heart the other day when he said dada. Remus and Tonks should be here”

“They are we just can’t necessarily see them”

“That’s a nice thought” Ginny felt her lips curve into a smile for the first time that day.

The moment abruptly stopped between Harry and Ginny when Bill came racing out a smile spread wide across his face as he announced “I’ve got a daughter! I’ve actually got a little baby girl”

The sound of cheers filled the hallway, and after minutes of silence it was a relief to hear that there were other sounds other than the cold quietness.

“What’s her name?” Angelina asked eager for more news.

“Were not sure, we both like the name Victoria” Bill went on “But then we thought about today and we really love the name Victorie, what do you guys think?”
“I love it!” Hermione answered a grin perched on her face.

“Victorie it is then” He finished and turned around to go back in the room, completely desperate to see there beautiful daughter again.

She was truly perfect. With big blue eyes, he was sure she’d have her mother’s flawless looks. If she even was half the women her mother is then he’d still be completely proud of her.

“Aw she’s cute” Angelina said peering over the little cot in the corner that Fleur herself was also looking over.

Even after having just given birth to a whole new baby Fleur still was smiling and standing. As completely worn out as she was she could not get enough of her new born baby.

“Can I hold her please?” Molly asked holding out her arms and desperate to hold her first granddaughter.

“Ha-ha, you’re a grandma now” George laughed as everyone else followed.

It would take quite awhile to get used to that! Being called Granny.

“She’s gorgeous”

“She’s tiny”

“But cute”

“She’s too small, I’d end up loosing her if she was my kid” Ron said and Hermione looked at him with the biggest glare ever.

“Not in front of the baby Hermione please” Ginny quickly butted in before another argument arose.

Minutes passed and each got a turn at holding her.

As Harry and Ginny go to hold her they watched their dream futures flash before there eyes. Especially harry, the idea of having a proper family thrilled him.

“I wanna hold her again” Angelina pouted crossing her arms in a strop.

“I’m sorry everyone but can me and Fleur have some time alone now. Mum, dad you can stay if you like” Bill asked everyone kindly to leave, they all did so but was on the verge of arguing.

Ginny was ecstatic. The only other baby she had ever held was Teddy. It felt like the world was suddenly turned up the right way as soon as she had seen baby Victorie lying peacefully in her cot.

Weren’t baby’s suppose to cry when their first born?

Ginny had a feeling Victorie was different from other normal babies. Perhaps it was just this sad day that was giving her all these emotions but now she knew that this time next year they wouldn’t just be celebrating deaths… they’d be celebrating a new life too.

It at least made her day a little brighter. 


And they all lived happily ever after :P

So thats the end guys, I am so thankful to all these people; worship the nargles, talltwin18, onetreehill1 and cecilia for your ongoing support during this story and I probably wouldn't have contined if it wasn't for it :D And thank you to those who have stuck with the story :D

I have a new story in progress if anyone wants to check it out called Seriously Black. 

But really thank you everyone :D

- kjp :D

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