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Beautiful Beast by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 1 : Meeting the beast
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"Good afternoon Finnigan." Rose said smiling and waving to the office worker.

"afternoon Rose!" he replied.

"Here to see your folks again Rose?" Kingsley asked walking past.

"As Usual Kingsley." she said smiling again. an elder woman, there for an audience with an auror, no doubt stumbled past rose and ended up tripping and dropping her basket and several papers all over the place. 

"oh goodness are you alright!?" Rose rushed over and helped her up.

"Oh Im so sorry my papers." the woman began.

"they're fine are you alright?" Rose asked her with concern. the woman nodded. rose smiled relieved.

"Here i got your papers." Rose said kneeling down and collecting the disorderly papers and her basketo of Flowers.

"Here you are." She said standing back up and smiling. The old woman smiled sincerely.

"Your such a sweet girl, and so pretty whats your name?" the woman asked as she gratefully took the basket and papers from Roses hands.

"Rose. Rose Weasley." she smiled.

"I've heard of you, your Hermione Grangers and Ron Weasley's Daughter arent you?" she asked, Rose nodded. It wasnt uncommon for people to know her name. 

"Glad to see they have such a respectable and sweet girl. Here a gift of gratitude." the old woman said reaching into the basket. Rose waved her hands

"Oh please you dont have to I'm just happy to help." she said blushing from the compliment.

"Nonesense there arent many kids like you out there, besides I want to. Here, A rose for a Rose." The old woman smiled and patted her hand before walking away. 

'what a strange woman, but she was nice." Rose thought to herself as she held the Beautiful white rose in her hand. Rose smiled and began her Journey to her Uncle Harry and Her parents offices, they were rather large, and hard to miss.

 'perks of being the "Golden Trio"' she thought to herself. she knocked on the door before entering. 

"Hello, Uncle Harry?, Mom, Dad?" she asked. the lights were out.

"thats strange..." she usually caught them all in Uncle Harry's office around lunch time, and usually with the lights on.  Rose Entered the room turning on the lights. she walked around searching for anything to let her no they were there or had just left. 

"Hmmn? whats this?" Rose muttered to her self as she set the lunch bag and folder on Harry's desk and knelt down. a small note card was left on the floor. rose flipped it over but there was no writing. Rose smirked. any normal person would have shrugged and left or threw the note away but growing up in rose's family meant dont always believe what you see. Rose got up and shut the door quickly before returning to the desk with the note. rose looked both ways checking carefully around the room for any uninvited guests. after qucikly confirming there was none she grabbed the note and walked over to the fireplace. Rose moved her hand over the logs and a fire erupted. Rose crumpled the note and through it in the fire.

"Reveal" she whispered and a puff of green smoke blew from the flame and landed in her hand.  she uncrumpled the note and read:

"Here wE Leave Purpose"  Rose understood Immediatley. 

"Help." she whispered. Her Family had prepared her and her brothers and cousins for things like this. Rose knew what to do. Rose closed her eyes and concentrated, she had this rare gift. when she closed her eyes she could see magic traces. Bright colors each a different color based on the person it belongs to, all she had to do was concentrate. 

"Got it!" she nearly yelled before grabbing her mouth. she waited for someone to enter the room in conern or curiousity, nothing.

"OH! duh..Uncle Harry put up the spells. Well that explains why no one realized they were gone." she said to herself. rose closed her eyes again and focused for the unfamiliar color. Silver...like a cold mercury silver. It was powerful.

"And that explains how he got in..must have apparated." Rose grasped the silver trace and apparated herself to where it lead. 

"God I hate that," she muttered as she picked herself off of the ground, the one thing she was never good at ...Apparating. it wasnt so much the actual act but the landing part. Rose found herself infront of a dark and strange castle.

"well you dont find this in the real estate catalog." she said as she looked all the way to its gargoyled filled roof back down to its foreboding doors. 

"Definetly not on my top 10 vacation homes list." she said walking towards the door. Stopping infront of it she concentrated hard. she saw her parents and Uncle Harry's magic traces leading inside from the door. Red, Blue and pure white. Rose prepared herself. She could feel the strong magic eminating from the house so she knew going in the front door was risky but it was obvious apparating directly into the house was not an option. 

"Wait." she whispered. There was only her parents colors and Uncle Harry's ...whered the sliver one go? Rose pondered it for a few minutes but decided it doesnt matter, they had probably left. gulping down some air she put on her brave face and entered the house. 

It was eerily silent, no servents, no master, no ...anybody. But Rose couldnt shake the feeling that there was someone else there. Rose closed her eyes again. only Red, Blue, and white showed. nothing else, rose sighed in relief but focused once more locating her family. 

"The Dungeon..." she heard a spft ghostly echo call to her. 

"Hello!?" she called by nature and turned around looking everywhere for a source. there was nothing.

"The Dungeons huh?" she muttered to herself.. her parents.

Rose looked around until she felt a cold breeze. 

"Who opened a window." she said to herself turning around.

"Not a window Rose a door." she thought to herself. behind a tapestry that was now pulled back a old iron door was slightly adjared. she knew she should have been suspicious but she didnt care at the moment she just wanted her parents. Rose rushed toward the Ghostly door and cautiously walked through it. A long set of stairs stretched down before her. Rose looked around for traps before she headed down.  

'this seems a little too easy.' Rose thought as she walked down the stairs but her thoughts were interrupted as she heard her mothers cry.

"Mom!" she fearfully said as she rushed down. she came to a crossroads at the bottom of the stairs.

"MOM! " she called out. 

"That way..." she heard the ghostly whispers again. one of the torches blew out. Rose knew this could be a trick but she didnt care at the moment it was her only lead. Rose rushed down the hall until she came to the cells she carefully checked each one. she was about to give up when she saw one of the torches flicker. rose looked down and found another cell hidden in the dark.

"Mom...?" she whispered There was a sudden shift that was all the proof rose needed. She rushed over to the cell. 

"MOM DAD UNCLE HARRY!" she cried kneeling down to the cell. Her mom and dad rushed to the cell. 

"Rose! What in merlin's name are you doing here!? we told you if you found a note to give it to someone in the office.  You never come here yourself." Hermione cried as she reached for her daughter through the cell bars. Rose's mother and father held her close through the cell and kissed her head. 

"Im sorry mom I didnt really think about it i just rushed." Rose said. 

"Uncle Harry?" she asked after a few minutes. there wasnt a sound.

"he's alright honey, he's just unconcious." Ron said as they stood up. 

"sounds perfectly fine." Hermione said in her daughters place. Ron blushed. Rose laughed still a little anxious. 

"we should get you guys out of here. did you see where they put the keys." Rose asked looking around.

"NO!" Hermione yelled causing Rose to jump back a little.

"What why?" she said freaked out. 

"You cant! he's still here he's waiting you have to get out of here." Hermione said motioning for her daughter to run.

"What who?" Rose asked worried.

"nevermind that just get out of here.GO!" she said. Rose looked down at the ground unsure what to do. Rose slowly shook her head.

"No Mom. Im not leaving here without you." she said looking around ignoring her moms pleads. 

"Rose listen to me!..." Her mom stopped. Rose looked up at her mom. her face was strucken in fear...fear for her daughter. Rose quickly turned around. a tall black clad person. Rose jumped back at first in fear but felt something in her go off. Rose stood as tall as she could and looked at the monster. 

"I dont care who or what you are but I want you to let go of my Family." she stated. Hermione grasped her daughters hand through the cell as her father grasped Hermione and Roses other hand. 

"Ha....let them go? I just got my new toys, why should I let them go?" a gruff cold voice questioned.

"Toys!? My parents are NOT toys you monster!!" Rose yelled. the black figure yelled startling Rose sending her back against the cell bars in fear. 

"Yell all you want. Im NOT leaving here with out them" Rose said. The man thought for a moment.

"What will you do?" he said


"what will you do to get them out?" he questioned her. 

"......" Rose thought for a moment. 

"they are high on the market especially to certain death eaters.What will you give me in their place?" he asked again. Rose looked away in disgust. He was planning on sellng her parents and Uncle. 

"your a monster." she repeated. The figure chuckled darkly.

"You have no idea sweetheart." Rose looked away from the figure to the floor. 

"Ill....Ill" she began squeezing her mom and dads hand.

"Yes?" he said listening.

Rose looked over her shoulder at her parents and her Uncle. she smiled sadly, she knew what to do.

"yes?" he said again impatiently. Rose squeezed their hands again before letting go of both of them and stepping forward.

"I'll take there place." Roses words hung in the dead silence. 

"No! No you will not Rose you are coming with us." Hermione cried. Rose didnt turn around she simply stared determined at the dark. 

"you'll take their place? Really what could make you so much better then the Golden Trio?" he asked. 

"Step into the light." Rose said softly.

"Answer the question." 

"AFTER you step into the light." she said firmly

"Your not calling the shots I am. Now answer." Rose remained silent.

"I SAID ANSWER" he yelled slamming a very strong pale arm into the bar next to her head. denting the bar. Rose glared at the figure.  Finally he did.

"Take off the hood. " she said. A pair of silver eyes stared at her, at first refusing her request...finally he did.  

"no..." Rose whispered her tormentor for so many years stood before her. a familiar smirk crossed a cold face. 

"miss me Rosie posie." Scorpius Malfoy smirked.

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Beautiful Beast: Meeting the beast


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