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Hannah Potter by hannahweasley
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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The halls were dark and gloomy, i shivered in my robes. The winter had blessed up with snow that no-one was prepared for. I watched amuses as Filch shoveled away snow from the paths, serves the man right. 

Just last week he had managed to get me, Hermione and Ron in detetion for doing nothing in perticular. How he managed it, i was perplexed but he still went just to make Professor Mcgonagall of his tail.

I walked briskly down the hallway in the direction of Dumbledore's office, my stomach was doing flips. I didn't want to hear any bad news about you-know-who. I debated not going and waiting until he came to me but i knew that would never go down well with Dumbledore.

The door creaked as i turned the handel after knocking on the huge wooden door. The first thing i saw was Dumbledore looking stressted by sat at his long desk. I shut the door, making my presence know, i had obviously startled him because he made a nervous chocking sound. Since when did Professor Dumbledore become nervous?

"hello Harry, it seems you got my owl?" His voice sounded tired and strained.

"Yes, are you okay Professor?" I asked in a concerned voice.

"Im fine Harry, but i have some very important information to tell you. You must keep calm once i tell you and don't jump to conclusions before i finish. This is very important for you to know Harry" He looked as serious as a person could be.

i gulped loudly but nodded regarless. He stared at me, looking for any trace of a lie but he couldn't find one.

"As your mother was pregant her doctor wasn't the best, lets just say that. He overlooked some important details in her pregnacy until it came to the day you were born. He did'nt notice the fact that you were a twin. Your twin is a girl, after finding this out your mother and father had no choice but to put her up for adoption. They were'nt ready for two babies, so they sent her away. Harry you have a twin sister called Hannah and we need to find her before Voldemort does"

My eyes widen in complete stun. A twin? A sister? I have family left. I had some-one, he was no longer alone. I had a person i could call family.

"I need to find her" i demanded a sudden surge of panic hit me. What if i didn't find her in time?

"Don't panic harry we will find her, i have kept tabs on her and i know where she is but she is a very opinionated girl so she will need persuading but im sure she wil come around."

That night when i climbed into bed i had the biggest smile on my face. I will find Hannah even if it killed me. Even though i have never met her brfore she is still my sister and i will protect her till the moment i die.


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Hannah Potter: Prologue


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