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Ripples in The Ocean by Aedrie
Chapter 1 : A Spark of Hope
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Chapter 1: A Spark of Hope


I do not own the world of Harry Potter. All the characters and the plot belong to J.K. Rowling. It’s just nice to read/write about what could’ve happened. We have enjoyed the series J.K., now it’s time for us to expand our imagination.

HP is one of my favorite childhood book series.


    Well this is my first story! Don’t get angry at me if I make a mistake. Just tell me, I can always improve. I’ve been reading fanfiction since about 2008.  

      Please leave reviews and give me some tips! I also have a whole word document devoted to other story ideas. 

    I’ll firstly need tips in how to add author notes (like before and after)


    He tensed up, reminded of screams and green light. The wailing continued to ensue; unfortunately the nursery was situated near his room. Rising up from his bed, the sheets fell down in an array of colors. His movement was quick; yet also graceful.

     Muffled footsteps were overpowered by the surrounding noises of the orphanage. Walking down, he threw on a cloak over his creased shirt. Wind blew through the battered windows, resulting in an eternal chill. Outside a cat was wailing, getting on his nerves. A hissing noise escaped his lips, muscles tensing.

     Shaky breaths were audible behind him, the smell of fear saturating the air. Quickly he turned round, straight into a crouch. Standing there was his best friend, her face frozen and her eyes wide. She slowly smiled, recovering from the shock. She entered a defensive stance, talons sharp.

    “Come on you mutt. We’ll be late to the ceremony Harry”, she laughed. Harry frowned; he may never see his friend again after today. Taking her hand, they exited the orphanage doors together.

     Outside the wind was harsh and tasted of salt. Children were playing on the steps and the grass of the orphanage. Their laughter and joy was lost on Harry. Three boys made their way up to him, hands tightened into fists. Harry’s face was distorted by the sneer that formed. The trio stopped before him, ready to taunt him again.

    “Hey freak, just go away, where you’re actually wanted,” one of them taunted. Harry could feel tears welling up in his eyes. His hands dug at his shorts, in anguish.

    The boys continued to jibe at him, in mockery.  Soon, he couldn’t bear. The hairs on his back rose, he could feel it again. Like some unknown force from his chest was trying to get out.

    ‘Oh no, not again!’ he thought. One of the boys suddenly fell to the ground, his legs stuck together. The other two shouted in indignation, confused in what had conspired.  The leader, Samuel; took a step forward and started to run at him. Giving a shout of fright, Harry ran towards the left of the building. The chase was on!

    Harry looked behind him, he could hear panting. He himself was forcing the air to pass his lungs, slowly becoming exhausted from the exertion. ‘I really need to exercise more’, he thought. Thank goodness the woods were dense here; the smoke from London could not penetrate this deep into the forest.

 He noticed a thin mist traveling across the ground. ‘What is this? It’s not even winter!’ he thought.

    At one point he had to stop and catch his breath. Harry could feel his stomach groan. ‘They even give me a full serving. What’s wrong them?’ he wondered.  Harry could hear footsteps; they were closer now; not nearly as loud as before.

   Turning around he spotted Samuel and David. Oh boy, they wanted to get him cornered. Leaning against a tree trunk, he closed his eyes and dreaded the worse.

  Suddenly he heard a pop. A squeezing feel followed, like he was being suffocated by a rogue vacuum cleaner.  Opening an eye, his jaw dropped by what awaited him.

    He was on the roof again! Dear God! The staff was going to have a fright. Harry imagined that Mrs. Kerman was going to whack him with her walking stick again.

   Harry was always getting in trouble. If he wasn’t being pick on, he was appearing on the roof or making random things float.

   Once he remembered his growing back the morning after all the children were required to get bowler hat cuts. Boy, did he get it coming! They only fed him mashed potatoes for a week!

    Hours seemed to pass. The sun; once high in the sky, was now dipping beyond the horizon.

       He opened his eyes, unable to pierce through the darkness edged around his vision. Harry began to notice lights in the forest, reflecting on the trees. After a few minutes, he began hearing the voices.

   “Stupid boy; stop getting lost and wasting my time, come here this instant!” someone yelled.

  Harry sighs in relief, he knew that voice anywhere. It was Mrs. Kerman. Dangling his feet over the roof, he began shouting. “I’m over here Mrs. Kerman, get me down please!”

  The search party grew nearer, Mrs. Kerman in the lead. “Boy, this is the last time. If you do this again, no one will adopt you!” she screamed.

   Crying, Harry waited for them to take out the ladder. Ever since he started appearing on the roof, they had a ladder on either side of the building now.

  Turning his back to the staff, he descended down the ladder. One of the nurses came and enveloped him in a hug. It was his nurse, Leslie. Taking her hand, they followed the others headed inside.

   The orphanage was warm, a blessing from the cold outside. Children were still lined up for the evening meal. Looked like spaghetti and green beans. Letting go of Leslie’s hand, he joined the shortest line.

   Sitting down at the long table, he tore off part of the garlic bread. Sticking it in his mouth, he began to look around the room.

   On the staff table, a family sat behind the table covered in food. There was a man with brown hair, a woman with blond hair, and a girl about his age. Eating is food for a few minutes; he soon begins to grow tired.  Looking back, he notices the girl staring at him.

    Yawning, he stands up and brings his plate to a pile of dirty plates. Two lines were formed at the doors of the dining hall. Harry joined the left side and followed the line of boys through to he dorms.

  Getting ready for bed, his eyes begin to drop. A few minutes before lights, Leslie arrived. “Has something happened? He asks her.

   Leslie smiles at him kindly. “No dear, a family came today, looking for a boy your age. You’ll be meeting them tomorrow.”

Harry eyebrows rise in concentration, thinking about this.

  “Why would anyone want to adopt me”, he wonders out loud.

  Leslie’s eyes tear, her hand reaches out and takes his small hand in hers.

“Don’t say that Harry, you’re a unique boy. They especially wanted to meet you; we explained the strange things that happen to you. Their little girl has had some of the same things happen to her. I wanted to wish you luck, if they adopt you, I’ll give you a go away gift.”

Harry smiles at Leslie, his eyes wide and brimming with tears. “Maybe I’ll finally have the family I always wanted. Tomorrow brings a new day,” Harry whispers. Having thoughts of hope.







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Ripples in The Ocean: A Spark of Hope


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