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Flying Away With My Heart. by taylorleigh
Chapter 1 : Disaster Strikes.
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I wasn't always a freak. I used to be normal, like any other person. Except for the fact that my dad was a scientist and he was always locked up in his lab in the basement. Mum didn't talk about dad alot. She would always smile and say,

"Now, you know your dad is busy. Why don't you go do something else?"

But I wanted to know what it was he was doing. I've always been curious. But that time my curiosity in things almost cost me my life. I remember it like it was yesterday.

When I was ten years old I had asked my mum when dad would be coming up and she told me the same thing she always did. But I didn't want to hear it. So I decided to quietly go downstairs and find out. I remember cracking open the thick metal door and slowly stepping down each step. When I had reached the bottom I peeked my head around the corner. The cost was clear. I tiptoed into my father's lab and had a look around. There were things in there that I didn't understand at the time. Things that moved by themselves and things that would talk to me. It all scared me.

I was turning to leave when I found my dad blocking the stairs. I jumped and my hand flew to my heart.

"Dad! You scared me!"

My dad didn't seem to hear me though. I could tell because of the way he was looking at me. I slowly walked towards him.

"Dad?" I said quietly. "Are you alright?"

But I never even got to finish that sentence, because at that point my dad had grabbed me. I remember screaming and begging him to let me go. He hit me and beat me until I passed out.

Then when I woke up I had become a freak.

I remember slowly sitting up in the now dark and deserted lab. My entire body was throbbing and shaking. When I tried to stand I realized, with a sharp stab of pain, my leg was broken. I then started to cry not knowing what else to do. Why had my dad done this to me? Where was mum? Why was it so dark and cold?

Then the most amazing thing happened.

Someone had wrapped a thick silk like blanket over my shoulders. I shuddered and turned to see who it was but couldn't see anyone. I looked down at the blanket and realized it wasn't a blanket. They were wings.

I remember staring at them and watching them twitch sometimes when I moved and felt pain. I tried to understand what was happening. But nothing made sense anymore. I don't remember how long I sat there in the dark until the sun came up and shined through the window. I squinted at the bright light, holding my hand up. I couldn't hold up my right because it too was broken.

I watched the sun rise.

Then I remember turning to see why there were wings on me. I screamed. They were attached to me. I had wings coming out of my back and two deep gashes from where they had sprouted. The dry blood was still there and everything. I screamed and screamed until I passed out again.

And that's all I remember about that night before waking up in a strange hospital.



I know this is super short and I'm sorry

but I promise they'll get longer!

Oh, and a quick note, the first few

chapters will all be of her recalling the story

of how she spent her time in the hospital and

met Albus Potter. I really love this story

and I hope all of you will too. :)

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Flying Away With My Heart.: Disaster Strikes.


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