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Payphone by Wickedlovely01
Chapter 1 : Payphone
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 A/N: First one-shot yay! not much to say here actually, so I'm gonna go write My Soul To Take!

Signing off,


I slam the door to the bright red payphone in downtown london. I wipe away a tear that is blackened by my streaming mascara. It is bitterly cold outside, and my fingers are red and numb, like a octopus’s tentacle. I put in a galleon and it doesn’t take it. I curse sourly as the tears come more steadily and run my makeup. This takes muggle money. I put in some and type in the numbers. It rings 3 times and I will the person on the receiving end to pick it up. Today was horrible.

“Hullo?” A sleepy voice says. I can’t believe him! It’s noon and that slug is still in bed!

“Hugo? I need help.” I say, trying to keep my voice from breaking. I’m a mess. 

This sentence seems to perk my brother up, because this voice sounds much more alert. “Rosie, what happened? Did somebody hurt you? Should I get Uncle Harry to-” I cut him off mid sentence.

“No! And don’t me ‘Rosie’ Hugo. S-S.” I can’t bare to say his name, it’s to painful for me. I open my mouth to try again, but my wonderful brother understands.

“He broke up with you? Rose your so much better than him, I’ll get mum and dad and we’ll kill him for you. No one has the right to dump you like that.” 

“Hugo, please please please don’t tell dad. He’ll wring his neck and tell me I can never date again.” I plead I wipe my nose. The cold is seeping through the cracks of the payphone like death coming to collect me. If only that would happen, it would put me out of my misery, rather and suffering here on earth. “ I just can’t handle it, I loved him, but he cheated on me.” I whisper that last part and it goes over and over in my head.

He cheated on me in the coffee shop last sunday with this blonde he met. He cheated on me that last wednesday in Hogwarts with the same girl. I’d confronted him about it today, because I’d had enough. He denied like I knew he would, but I knew the truth. I knew he was a no good double crossing cheater. He yelled at me and then broke up with me. And the worst part still was that I had to live with it, that I knew he did it.

“Look, I won’t tell dad.” Hugo’s voice breaks my cold daydream of sadness. “But at least let me set him straight. Can I come get you? I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” He wants to help me, but he’s there, a block away, staring at me. I broke up with him and he’s stalking me?! What a creep. I can’t even say his name in my mind. “Rose? Are you there?” Hugo asks.

“Yeah, yeah I’m there, but so is he, like a block away, staring at me. Help me please, Just come and apperate and get me, I don’t care, but he’s staring at me like a creep!” A note of hysteria rises in my voice that I can’t control. I sob out loud because it hurts so much. 

“Ok, Rose take a deep breath, I’m coming right now, I love you, hang on.” The line disconnects, and I’m left with the wind whistling around the cherry red phone box dangerously. It rattles and I know this storm is made by wizards. 

My ex always had a way with storms, just like his thunder grey eyes and his lightning hair. He could control winds and storms without trying and without a wand. He showed me in our first year of Hogwarts together on the train. He made a lightning storm outside so we were safe. He also did it when we were dating, and I loved it. He made me not afraid of thunderstorms. I guess all little kids were, but I could not stand them. But now I’m deathly afraid, afraid of dying. His face contorts into concentration and I’m thrown sideways by the sheer force of his will power. The payphone falls to the ground with a defining crash. The wind is knock out of me. Glass penetrates my skin and clothing, like knives stabbing. I cry out in pain. My hair whips around the side of my face, blocking my ex boyfriend from view. I hear crunching glass. I see no muggles, they’ve all cleared out, or we are invisible from view. 

“Help!” I scream, no one comes. “Help! Please!” I try again. I feel warm hands on my neck, and I’m lifted up, the glass cascading off me. I’m being chocked because I found out his secret. 

“HEY!” I hear a shout someone near me, black spots swarm in my eyes. “STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER, SCORPIOUS!” I cry out in joy, and hope, because Hugo will save me. A flash of red light and and blue come next. I’m dropped, I gasp for air around the shards of glass and debris. 

I turn my head painfully and see Hugo and Scorpious fighting. My brothers face looking determined to beat his competitor. I thought Scorpious was angry and furious that  I found his secret. But its the complete opposite. The face of an angel is crying. His face is set in stone, its clear, he still loves me. My heart melts, but I can’t have him make me look like a fool. Besides, I can’t go over there, so I decide to pick the glass out of my arms and legs. Flashes help me see better in the gloomy light. Tears fall of my cheeks and nose, and land on my wounds. Their not bleeding that heavily so I take out my wand.  I whisper Tergeo and anapneo and I am a lot better. Hugo is faring better than Scorpious in their duel. I feel bad for both of them, because their doing this because of me. 

Hugo yells in determination and suddenly his spells are a lot more powerful. Scorpious tries to match his skill, but he can’t, because Hugo has something more than just skill. He has a reason to fight for. A flash of red and the face of an angel is down on the ground, knocked out cold. I run to Hugo and hug him, kissing his head and telling him thank you and I love him. He’s the best brother ever. 

“Lets go to my flat, Rose, mum and dad won’t know. We can deal with him later.” Hugo shrugs to the unmoving Scorpious, and I agree. He takes my hand in his, we travel away from the glass. I look back at my former angel, Scorpious. I sigh.

“What, Rose, what is it?” Asks Hugo worriedly.

“He still loves me.” I say.

“Do you love him?” He persists.

“Yeah. I guess I do.” I answer and in a fury of black smoke, I’m back home, and I want to be here, at least for a while. And I know one thing, payphone’s are stupid. Payphones are the devils, and I will never go into a payphone again.

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Payphone: Payphone


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