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The next morning, Ginny awoke to Alois’s pecking. He was perched on Ginny’s pillow and was starring at her with charming blue eyes. ‘Oh man. I have to leave today. I need to get packing.’ Ginny got up and opened her closet. She pulled out her suitcase and took everything out of her closet an dresser. Then Ginny sat in the middle of everything. Ginny folded all of her clothes and put them in neat piles. After about an hour of folding, Ginny was finally done. Her stomach rumbled and Ginny went into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and peeped inside. ‘Leftover cake. MM...’ Ginny pulled out the cake and put a slice of it onto the plate. Ginny took the cake back to her bedroom and then turned on her laptop. Ginny logged in and saw that Blaise was on-line. Sanctusflame666: Hey Blaise. You said you were leaving today, how come you are on-line? SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Father said that we are leaving later. Last night he got the house-elves to pack up everything. Sanctusflame666:Oh cool. I am leaving in about 6 hours. I still have to pack up my things. SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Gin, that’s your name isn’t it? Sanctusflame666:Yes. How did you know? SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: The banner, and we did sing happy birthday to you. What’s your full name? Sanctusflame666:If you knew you wouldn’t want to remain friends. SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: How do you know? I am sure you don’t know me that well, I don’t care for names. Sanctusflame666:Then why do you need to know mine? SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Um...I just would like to know. Sanctusflame666:Okay I will tell you, after I give you three clues. You have to guess it and after three tries, you don’t get it, I will tell you. Okay? SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Fine. Sanctusflame666:I am as vicious as a lion, I am as sly as a rodent, and I have state as my name. Blaise thought about the three clues and responded, SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Weasley? You are Virginia Weasley, Weasel’s little sister? Sanctusflame666:Yup. Good guess. So are you still wanting to be friends? SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Of course. Call me will you. I want you to tell Pansy too. Sanctusflame666: Okay. Hold on. Ginny dialed the number and Baise picked up after the first ring. “Hello?” “Hey it’s me.” “Okay. Let me get Pansy.” He shouted for Pansy. “What?” “Come here.” Pansy got up from the sofa and headed over to where Blaise was sitting. “Someone has something to tell you.” He handed the phone to Pansy. “Hey Pansy. It’s me Red. Blaise wanted me to tell you my real name. Do you want to know?” Pansy laughed. “Oh my. Sweetie. I already know your name. I knew ever since that time in the mall. It is my job to know a Weasley. But of course it doesn’t matter. You knew who I was, but yet still became friends with me. You are the only Gryff I know who had the courage to do that.” “Oh. Thanks. Well I have to continue packing. See you on the train?” “Or earlier. I still have to get my books. IM me when you go to get yours. My screen name is Ursusrambler80.” “Okay, let me add you to my bud list.” Ginny clicked on the add buddy and typed in U. “Um...Pansy. How do you spell Ursus.” “U, R, S, U, S.” “Okay thanks, bye. See you later.” “Bye Gin N’ Tonic.” Ginny laughed and hung up the phone. She typed in, Sanctusflame666: Bye Blaise. See you later at D.A, or on the train. SnAkEsRuLeAlL69: Same. Later Chica. Ginny signed off. She packed up her laptop and put a cushioning spell on it. She put her clothes into a enlarged suitcase, one by one, making sure they were sorted properly. Once she was done, it was 10:30am. ‘Now what to do?’ Lori knocked on the door. “Gin?” “Yea. Come in.” “Hey. Do you want to walk along the beach one last time?” Ginny nodded and they walked outside. They walked down the beach enjoying the small breeze that played with their locks of hair. They sat down on the sand about 5 miles away from the beach house. Ginny and Lori just sat there, each thinking about how much fun they had that summer. Lori inturruped the silence with a question. “Ginny. How would you like it if I came to Hogwarts with you?” “OH, Lori athat would be really awesome. Would you really do that?” Lori nodded. Ginny gave her a hug. “Come on Gin. Let’s go back. I’m hungry and it is lunch time.” Ginny nodded and they both walked bcak to the beach house. After brushing the sand off their feet, Lori and Ginny entered the sitting room. Amiee was sitting on the sofa doing her favorite activity besides shopping, watching MTV. Caiden was in the kitchen reading The Daily Post. “Did you read this?” Lori looked at the headlines. It read, The Dark Lord Attacks Again. Lori shook her head and grabbed the paper from Caiden. She read the article. Earlier today around 10am, Voldemort attacked again. Last time he had attacked a wizarding family in southern Germany. This time it was in England. The English Ministry is keeping the attacks on the downlow, trying not to frighten anyone. They know which two family’s were attacked and are keeping it quiet. Rumors have it that the two families were supporters of the Dark Lord. No bodies were found inside the manor, after the Aurors gave it a through search. “Oh my. This isn’t good at all.” Ginny read the article after Lori, and gasped. “No this isn’t good. The family attacked in Germany was Pansy’s family. And I have a feeling that the other was Blaise’s.” ‘I hope they are okay.’ Ginny picked up the phone and dialed Blaise’s number. The phone rang and rang, no one picked up. ‘I hope he and Pansy are okay.’ Ginny heard a crash and a scream in the living room. “Shit.” Said a voice from the living room. “Oof. Ron that was my toe.” “Sorry mate.” “Hey Ginny. Where are you?” Ginny ran into the living room. “Ron! Harry! Hermione! Your early!.” “Yea. Like a half hour, who cares. Blasted time difference. We just got done eating, did you know? What in the Hell did you do to your hair?” “I dyed it. Sorry. Let me get my things.” Harry followed her to her room. “Did you here what happened?” Ginny nodded. “Who was it? What family?” “Ginny are you sure you want to know?” Ginny nodded again. “It was the Zabini’s. Earlier this summer it was the Parkinson’s, and now the Zabini’s. It seems that the Death Eaters found out that Voldemort is only half-blood and is being hyprocrytical. He has been losing followers for a while now.” Ginny grabbed her things and put her laptop bag over her shoulder. She pulled out her wand and casted a feather light charm on her suitcase. “Gin? Your not allowed to do magic.” “Oh. I forgot to mention. Caiden cast a spell on the house to prevent the American Ministry detecting underage wizardry.” “Oh. Let me get that bag for you.” Harry grabbed her bag and followed her to the living room. Ron was in a heated discussion with Hermione. Ginny went over to Amiee and gave her a hug. Amiee gave Ginny a piece of paper. “It’s my e-mail and screenname.” Ginny nodded. Caiden smiled and also gave Ginny a piece of paper. “If you ever need anymore DVD’s e-mail me and I will owl some to you, okay?” Ginny nodded and gave him a hug. Lori came over to Ginny. “See you in a week.” “Yea. Floo to the Burrow on the last of the month. We will go together.” “Okay. Bye until then Gin.” They gave each other a hug, and then Ginny went to the fireplace. She grabbed some floo powder and threw it into the fire. “The Burrow.” The green flames engulfed Ginny and she landed in the fireplace of her family’s sitting room. “Mum, Dad? I’m home.” Ron followed then Hermione. Harry came last with Ginny’s luggage. Ginny took it upstairs to her room. ‘Home Sweet Home.’ Ginny un-zipped her laptop case and pulled out her laptop. She plugged it in and turned it on. Ginny logged in and saw that Luke was on. Sanctusflame666: Hey Luke. Anguismundi20: Hey? Who are you again? Sanctusflame666: Flame? You talked to me yesterday? Anguismundi20:Oh yea. Hey. What’s up? Sanctusflame666: Oh not much. I just got home. And I am really tired. Didn’t think I could be so tired. Yesterday was so much fun. My friends planned a party for me. Anguismundi20: Cool. Sanctusflame666: Yea. My new friend I made is going to be coming to school with me. Anguismundi20: Where do you go to school at? Sanctusflame666: I go to a school for gifted student’s up north, in Scotland. How about you? Anguismundi20:Same. Sanctusflame666:Hey. We might go to the same school. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~****************************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘This girl goes to Hogwarts. How awesome is that? I wonder what her opinion is on Potter?’ He typed, Anguismundi20:Yea. We just might. Do you know a HP? Sanctusflame666:Unfortunely, yes I do. Anguismundi20:So you go to Hogwarts? Sanctusflame666:Yup. What house are you in? Anguismundi20:It shouldn’t matter. Do you have a pet? Sanctusflame666: Yep. Got him a few day’s ago. He is a eagle-owl and his name is Alois. ‘How weird. Only Dark Wizards and Malfoy’s use eagle-owls. I wonder who gave this person an eagle-owl,’ thought Draco. Anguismundi20: Did you hear about the Zabini’s? Sanctusflame666:Yea. It’s sad. I hope the DL is taked care of soon. Wow. School starts in less then a week. Though I am excited. I am taking all advanced classes. Anguismundi20: So we have a smart witch on our hands? Sanctusflame666:Yup and proud of it. 6th year witch in all 7th year advanced classes. How cool is that? Anguismundi20: Pretty damn cool. It means you will be taking University Levels next year. Sanctusflame666:Yup. My mum is proud of me and my brother is jealous. He works for the ministry. Anguismundi20:Cool. What do you think of the new minister? Sanctusflame666: Can’t really say. I haven’t been here, and he was just elected. Anguismundi20:True. Who you riding with on the train? Sanctusflame666: My friend Lori, and maybe Blaise and Pansy. Anguismundi20: Do you know them? Sanctusflame666: I met them when I was over in California. Anguismundi20:Cool. Well I have to go. My mother is insisting that I accompany her to Diagon Alley. Bye Tigress. Sanctusflame666: Bye Luke. Draco signed off and went downstairs to the morning tea room. He greeted his mother with a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning mother. Shall I accompany you to Diagon Alley?” “That would be great Draco, darling. You still need to get your books, am I correct?” “Yes mother.” “Excellent. We shall eat and then we will go.” Draco sat across from his mother. Plates of food appeared with a pop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**********************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ginny went downstairs after locking her room. “Ron, where did Mum go?” “I dunno.” “You are a big help.” “Uh-huh. Okay.” “Are you even paying attention?” “What?” “Argh!” Ginny punched him in the arm. She went outback and went to the shed. Ginny opened the shed and took out her broom, a Nimbus3000. Ginny mounted the broom and pushed off. After an hour of doing tricks on her broom, she landed and went inside. Ginny glanced at the clock and saw that her Mum and Dad were on their way home. Fred and George, Ginny’s twin brothers, arrived at home with a ‘pop’. “Gin! Oh my how you have changed. I am surprised Ron didn’t kill you!” “How funny Fred. Really. How have you two been?” “Oh absoultley smashing. Business is defintly going great. George and I are thinking about expanding and opening a store in Hogsmeade. Give Zonko’s a run for their money.” “Sounds fun. How is Katie and Angelina?” “Great. You will see them soon. Mum is insisting that they whole family get together this evening.” “So it is going to be a party in other words.” At that same moment, Arthur and Molly Weasley arrived at home. “Fred Weasley. How dare you tell your sister our plans.” “Mum, it’s okay. I would have found out any way. Since they will be all here in a few hours.” “What have you done to your hair?” “I died it. It is the newest fad in America.” “Fad?” “Fashion.” “Oh. It’s nice. Arthur what do you have to say about this?” “Huh? Oh it’s nice. Dear I need some rest. We have been really busy at the ministry trying to figure out things.” “Daddy? About the Zabini’s, are they able to go to thier home or will they be staying somewhere else?” “I do not know honey. I hope to Merlin that they have another place to stay. Their manor was completley distroyed.” “Oh my. I need to go.” Ginny ran upstairs and used the phone up their to call Blaise. Once again the phone rang and rang. “Oh shit. This is not good.” “That is no language a young lady should be using.” Ginny spun around and came face to face with Harry. “Oh Harry, it’s just you. I thought you were mum.” Harry smiled. “Just me? Are you implying something Gin?” Harry asked playfully. ‘Oh Merlin. He is trying to flirt with me. How am I going to explain to him?’ “Um...Harry. There is something I need to tell you.” “Let me tell you first. Gin, ever sinced the Ministry, back in my 5th year, I have liked you. You finally have grown up and became the women I have alway’s wanted. Will you go out with me?” Ginny sighed and rubbed her head. ‘This is going to be harder then I thought.’ “Gin?” “Harry. I don’t like you anymore. Actually I never really did, it was more of a infatuation then a crush. And I can’t go out with you. I’m sorry.” Ginny gave him a small smile and then headed up to her room, which was on the 3rd floor. ‘Poor mate. Ditched by my own sister. I am so proud.’ Ron watched the scene from the foot of the stairs. “It’s rude to listen I on conversations that you are not supposed to be listening to.” Ron turned and grinned when he saw Hermione. “And it is rude to sneak up on a person when they are trying to listen.” Ron gave her a peck on the cheek and grabbed her hand. He led her to the sofa, and they sat there, just holding hands. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*******************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diagon Alley was busy as can be, a week before school. Draco and his mother walked down the busy street and came to a small isolated store. “Draco dear. Run along and go find your friends. I have some business to attend to.” Draco gave his mother a peck on the cheek and went in search of his friends, not knowing he was being followed. Soon he came to Quality Quidditch Supplies and went inside. “Mr. Malfoy. How may I be of service?” “Did you get the new broom in yet, Ian?” “Sir, if you will follow me.” Draco followed the small wizard to the back room. Ian led him to a room with a large metal door. He murmered a secret password and the door opened. Ian went inside and soon came back out with a broom in his hand. “Here sir. I only have 10. I hope it is to your liking.” The broom was made out of cherrywood and had a redwood tail. The handle was made out of silver and had the name inscribed to the handle. It was a Tiger200, it’s top most speed was 250 kph. Draco handed the wizard 250 galleons and left the store. This time he knew he was being followed. ‘Let’s see who it is.’ Draco walked down a path and turned right. The road had few wizards in it, and all of them being dark wizards. Draco made a straight path through Knockturn Alley, to his favorite pub, The Kings Head. “Good Afternoon, young Malfoy. May I help you.” “Get me a firewhiskey.” The man nodded and pulled out a mug. He poared firewhiskey into it and handed it to Draco. “Now, can you describe the person who followed me in here?” “He is about your height. Has brown hair and is wearing black robes. I can’t see his eyes.” Draco nodded, and gulped his firewhiskey. “Where is he sitting?” “In the back corner, near the men’s room.” Draco stood and walked briskly to the man. He pulled out his dagger and held it up to the man’s throat. “Why were you following me?” Draco spat. “Let me see your face, good sir. So I can see the man who dare threaten me with a bloody dagger.” Draco let the man turn around. He fainted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**********************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Soon after her whole family arrived, Ginny was called downstairs. “Ginny! Time for your party.” Ginny rolled her eyes. ‘Some party this is going to be. I better wear something saintly so my brothers won’t go berserk. I know they will once they see my piercing and tattoo.’ Ginny put on a skirt and a fitted t-shirt that used to belong to Charlie. It had a large Hungarian Horntail on it and said ‘Fighter’ in shimmering letters across the chest. ‘There they should be happy with this.’ Ginny jumped down the stairs two at a time, and soon was in the kitchen. “Everyone is outside.” ‘Time for the show to begin.’ She was greeted by four pairs of arms. “Jaiden, Maxi, how are you my little honey-bees?” “Good.” Jaiden and Maxi were twin boys, and were Bill’s and Fleurs offspring. “Bill how are you and Fleur doing?” Bill, a charm-breaker for Gringotts, embraced his sister. “We are doing fine. I like what you did to the hair. Did mum have a fit?” “A little one, nothing big. Where’s Fleur?” “Oh she is around here somewhere. Probally chatting with Katie or Angie.” “Charlie still hasn’t gotten married?” “Look for yourself. Here he comes.” Charlie came towards them with a grin on his face. “Ginny! How’s my favorite sister?” “I am your only sister. I am doing good. I had a great summer.” Ginny looked to the side of Charlie. “Who is that coming up the drive?” “ girlfriend,” Charlie whispered. “Oh really. Mum will be happy. You never bring home your girls.” “Is that so Charlie?” A petite blond came up to Charlie and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and smiled at Ginny. “Yes dear, that is true.” “So Charlie, you going to introduce us or just flirt with your girlfriend?” Ginny demanded. “Sorry. Ginny this is Meghen Hodgman. Meghen this is my little sister Virginia, or Ginny.” Ginny stuck out her hand and Meghen shook it. ‘Firm grip. I wonder what she does?’ “Children, let’s all have a seat. Dinner is about ready,” called Molly from the kitchen. Everyone took a seat, Ginny making sure she sat next to Charlie’s girlfriend. “So Meghen, where did you go to school at?” “I went to Gladstone Academy, in California. I moved to Romania after I graduated to learn more about Charms.” “So are you a professor?” “Not yet. I hope to be, someday. What is your favorite subject of study?” Ginny grinned. “That’s easy, Potions.” Ron spat out his pumpkin juice, eyes wide with disbelief. “Snape is a good Potion’s master Ron. Your just to ignorant to see it, and your hate for him makes it worse,” Hermione said to her boyfriend. Ginny glanced at Meghan and noticed something on her left hand. ‘Oh my. Charlie is going to be dead. I hope to Merlin that is an engagement ring and not a wedding one.’ “Charlie, May I have a word, privatley, if we may?” Charlie glanced at his sister, eyebrows quirked in question. “Now!” Charlie excused himself from the table, and Ginny followed. “What is it Ginny?” “Here’s not the place. They can still here us. Let’s go to the lake.” Charlie and Ginny walked to the lake. “Explain. I want to know why you disrupted my dinner.” “Is that a engagement ring or wedding ring?” Charlie gasped. “Oh my. She wasn’t supposed to wear it. I hope you are the only one to notice it.” “CHARLIE ARTHUR WEASLEY!” “I guess not. It’s only a promise ring. She isn’t ready for an engagement and to tell you the truth, neither am I. Mum is going to chew my head off.” “Good luck brother dear.” Ginny left him and went back to the table. She glanced at Meghen and sat down. “Mum. He will be back in a few minutes.” Ron was complaining to Hermione and anyone else who would listen, about being hungry. Hermione rolled her eyes and Ginny giggled. “What? Am I not allowed to laugh?” Everyone had turned to stare at her. Charlie made his entrance. “I have an announcement to make. Mum, Dad, this is my girlfriend, Meghen Hodgeman. She and I have been going steady for about a year now. Last week I have her a ring, promising that forever I would be her’s. It is not an engagement ring and most certainly not a wedding ring. Mum no need to worry. I would never get married without you and dad there.” Charlie sat down. “Mum...can we eat now? I am starved.” “Ronald, you will be helping clean up. We can eat.” Ron groaned, but helped himself to some food. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~********************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Mr. Malfoy, wake up. Your mum is here to see you.” Draco groaned and sat up. “Where am I?” “St. Mungos. You fainted and hit your head pretty badly. It is a good thing that the pub owner sent for a nurse right away.” Draco rubbed the back of his head and noticed that he had a bandage on it. ‘Why did I faint? I never faint.’ Then he remembered. “Mother!” “Draco, are you okay?” “I am fine. You have some explaining to do. Why is there a man who looks like me, except with short brown hair and hazel eyes, following me?” Narcissa gasped. “Oh no. Oh no. He wasn’t supposed to do this. I gave strict orders to Lindsey.” “Who is he, and who in the hell is Lindsey?” Draco demanded. “Mrs. Malfoy. I need to ask you to leave. Draco cannot be stressed or he will injure himself further.” “I demand some answers. I want to know who it was.” “Draco darling. Now is not the place and time to discuss these things. I must get going. I need to find him, and floo Lindsey.” Narcissa left, and Draco sighed. ‘I am going to find out.’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**********~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Narcissa apparated to Knockturn Alley and went to The Kings Head. “Mr. Maingen, where is he? Where did he go?” “Your son?” “Yes.” “He was sent to the hospital” “Mr. Maingen. This is no time for games. Now where is he, my other one?” “Oh that one. Let’s go to the back. Their are prying ears here. It will be safer in my office.” Mr. Maingen led Narcissa to the back. “Have a seat Mrs. Malfoy.” Narcissa sat down. “Where is my son?” “Let me tell you from the beginning. Draco walked in around noon and orederd a firewhiskey. He then asked me to describe the man who followed him it was your other son, though I did not say this to young Draco. After all, growing up all along, not knowing he had a twin, I could not tell him. Well back to the story. After I described him, Draco asked me where he was sitting. I told him and Draco headed to the at direction. He pulled out his dagger and put it to your son’s throat.” Narcissa gasped at this. “Draco spoke to him and your son said something back. He turned around and that is when Draco fainted. Your son stood up and went to the fireplace. He had went to the Manor, Mrs. Malfoy. I am sure that is where is he is now.” “Thank you Maingen. I must go speak with him.” Narcissa left the pub and apparated home. “Nellie.” The house-efl appeared. “Find him and bring him to me. I will be in Lucius’s study.” The house-elf disappeared and Narcissa went to the study. Narcissa threw floo powder into the fireplace and stuck her head in it. She yelled out, “Lindsey Marx.” Her head appeared in the fireplace across the ocean. “Lindsey!” A large women that had brown hair, came down the stairs. “Mrs. Malfoy! Oh my. He got loose. I am so sorry. I really am. He was in his shop and I thought he would stay there. I had Cheerio watch him.” Lindsey started crying. “Lindsey. It’s fine. He found ‘him’ though.” “He did? Oh no!” “I must speak with him. Come here as soon as you can. I will speak with you later.” Narcissa pulled her head out and turned aorund. She spotted her son standing with Nellie. “Come and have a seat. I have some explaining to do.”

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