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Tyrant Thoughts by kalanapatheis150
Chapter 9 : Taste of blood
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Everybody just stayed there starring at each other in the middle of the Gryffindor common room. Ron ran to the boys dorm feeling hopeless. Minerva McGonagall sat there in big red sofa. Harry and Ginny were embracing each other in front of the fire and Neville and Luna were sitting on the couch. McGonagall seemed sceptic and a few minutes later she broke the silence.


“As it seems I have no other choice but to warn the Ministry and the Minister itself. The matter is out of our hands really though we can help spot Miss Granger.” she said.


“I'm sure that Kingsley will give a lot of importance to the matter...” Harry said “...after all he still is in the Order of the Phoenix and he will get upset when he finds out she is missing.”


“I will talk to Kingsley himself first and I will inform you when I come back. I will announce to the students that lessons are postponed for today.” said McGonagall and got up from the big, puffy red sofa. There were a few minutes of silence after the door slammed behind her.


Harry looked troubled as he was starring into the fire and Ginny who was next to him could not help but notice that. She spread her arms and hugged him tightly. “Harry, what are you thinking about?” she said.


“Hermione of course.”


“I know that stupid, what I mean is if you have something in mind, something we could do.”


“Yes, yes I was thinking to go look for her, I mean outside of Hogwarts because she is definitely not in the grounds.”


“She is alive.” Luna said.


“We know Luna, she definitely is alive I can feel it.” Harry said with forcefulness “Ok look, we wait for McGonagall to come back from the Ministry, hear what she has to say and tell her that we want to go look for Hermione. Who's with me?”


“I am...” this voice was coarse and cracking. It was Ron's.





Hours past and to Hermione it seemed like a century. No one had come to the room she was in for some time and it was weird. She thought they were planing something. She thought that they were planing her death. That room had no window at all and this brought Hermione to despair. Everything seemed bigger and scarier in the dark. Even her thoughts. They were climbing out of her mind and coming to life, dancing together in the dark humid room. She was thinking. She couldn't bear the darkness.

Of course...everything has a beginning and an end. Life is the beginning, death is the ending. She kept repeating that thought to her head over and over again, to make herself stronger, to make herself fearless and brave against death. But no, don't loose hope...you might not die yet. Be happy if it doesn't come, but embrace it if it does. There is no other way. She thought. She started to live between dreams and reality. To be honest reality made her panic. Dreams made her feel at ease.


Many hours later she hear sound from the door but she saw no light coming in when the door opened. Curious, very curious this was. How can this person see with no light.


“Lumos Maxima” Thorfin Rawl said. “Get up Mudblood, Lucius wants to speak with you.”


Hermione didn't move.


“I said get up...before I lose my tempter.” he growled.


She closed her eyes and bent down hugging her knees with her hands.


“What are you doing Mudblood?”


“I'm not going anywhere.”


“What did you say?”


“Are you deaf... you bastard? I'm not going anywhere!” she shouted.


He punched her in the face and then she fell down. Numbing pain shot through her whole body as she stumbled back with the taste of blood in her mouth. Tears stung the corners of my eyes, but she blinked them away. When there is life, there is death she thought.


“Fuck you!” she yelled

“Petrificus Totallus” Rawl said and dragged Hermione out of the room.






McGonagall walked and walked until she reached the telephone booth. She entered and dialed the number 62442 which means magic. When she was finally in the Ministry of Magic she rushed into the Ministers office. She knocked the door and heard a voice from inside.


“Come in” Kingsley Shacklebolt said calmly.


Minerva opened the door and approached Kingsley.


“Oh Minerva what a nice surprise! How come you are here?” he said.


“Kingsley there is a major problem. Major problem really” she said and her voice trembled.


“What is wrong? Did anything happen? Does it have to do with Hogwarts?”


“Well not exactly. Hermione Granger is missing. She disappeared yesterday night and be gone ever since. The thing is that Draco Malfoy has been missing since then too. We have suspicions that he has something to do with her disappearance.”


“Damn, Hermione is missing? Fuck.”


“Kingsley, language, you are a minister now and ministers don't talk like that.” she said but deep inside she admired the fact that Kingsley was a free spirit.


“Oh sorry Minerva you are right” he said “ well of course he has something to do with her disappearance. Have you not heard about the Muggles who were murdered by Thorfin Rawl?”


“Yes, yes I have Kingsley and that is what makes me think that something bigger is behind all this.”


“I think we know what it is...Death Eaters...” he said




The door opened suddenly and a young man came inside. Average height, blond with hazel eyes. Not over 30, but who is he? Minerva thought.

“Minerva let me introduce the new head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement... Hylian Scott.”






Well hello everybody this is my 9th chapter I really hope you are enjoying yourselves up until now and i hope you like my story and keep reading. I have to say I do not own anything only Hylian Scott.


Thank you all!




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Tyrant Thoughts: Taste of blood


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