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 A/N: I'm putting this first to warn that this chapter should not be read by anyone who is not a mature reader. :) You'll see what I mean.

Let me know what you think? Were you expecting this?

I peeked out of my room before scampering to the kitchen and to grab a granola bar. Unfortunately Oliver stepped out of his room before I could close the door to my room and he half ran to catch her before the door could close. He pushed his way in despite my protests. 

“I noticed you’ve been mysteriously absent every morning while Kim is here.” He said, smirking and wagging his eyebrows at me.

I rolled my eyes. Oliver wasn’t half as whiney as I had anticipated him being during the last two week of his physical therapy, but there was one thing that I hadn’t anticipated that was making me just as uncomfortable. His therapeutic trainer, Kimmy(which he thankfully refused to call her,) was a tall, leggy blonde who lacked absolutely nothing in the feminine curves department. She was giggly and girlie, but her job meant that she was toned and fit, and rarely in anything that wasn’t yoga pants and a sports bra. It was kind of hard for me to watch her bend over Oliver, helping him stretch his shoulders while he helped himself to a view of either her chest or arse. I couldn’t really blame him though. Hell, I’d even caught myself staring at her once or twice. I’m pretty sure she’s a robot or something.

Of course, it isn’t jealousy. Nope, why would you even think that? I just couldn’t stand watch Oliver ogle her and then listen to her squeak in her mouse voice all the different moves she would be helping him with. Honestly, it was like listening to someone who had just sucked in four balloons worth of helium call out new Twister positions. Trust me, that is not something that is appealing to the eyes or the ears.

So, to spare my ears and my nerves, I holed myself up in my room with a magazine or a book until Kimmy left. Then Oliver and I would usually have lunch and spend a good bit of the rest of the day together. It was nice and extremely nonchalant, which is what I liked about our days. The press had respected my wish of giving Oliver space while he went through his physical therapy, but I could tell they were bubbling at the brim with questions about both his career and mine. A few weeks without questions was definitely something I needed.

“Oh hush. I’ve had work to do.” I muttered back, flopping on to the bed next to him.

“Yeah, I can see that,” He said, lifting the magazine that was dog-eared and open on the bed.

I stuck my tongue out at him and, much to my dismay, his form of retaliation was attacking my sides trying to tickle me. I hated being tickled. First off, it usually hurts, and second, I’m ticklish everywhere. Seriously, my elbows are ticklish. So of course, once he started, and found out that I yelped like a puppy and giggled like a maniac no matter what he did, he wouldn’t stop.

By the time my mind realized that I needed to push back, Oliver had me pinned to the bed. I wiggled underneath his weight, but there was no way I was going to get out from under him simply by willing it to happen. I wasn’t nearly strong enough to push him off. He would be expecting that. No, I had to do something that evoked the element of surprise. Then I had one of my best ideas yet.

I stifled my laughter, which took all of my concentration. After containing that I locked eyes with Oliver. He was already starting to get confused. His hands stopped tickling and just rested on my sides as he looked in to my eyes. Perfect, time for step two.

I clutched his shirt with both my hands and tugged lightly. He resisted, but I had expected that. I pulled harder and huffed lightly, playing at being upset that he wasn’t giving in to what I wanted. This time he lowered his chest over mine. His face was inches from mine now, and I batted my eyelashes for emphasis.

He smiled slyly, looking at my lips. I returned the smile, and craned my neck up a bit. He leaned forward, closing his eyes. I wasn’t going to get another opportunity as good as this one.

I exerted all of my strength and rolled him off of me to the side of the bed. I bolted from the room, leaving a very confused Oliver on the bed.

I heard him curse, and then laugh, which I also joined. He paced to the bathroom and I began making tea and some sandwiches for the two of us. When he came out of the bathroom, his face gleamed slightly with the cold water he had just splashed on to it.

“Oh yeah, what I meant to tell you is that Kim won’t be coming for the next week or so. Some type of family thing.” Oliver stated, chewing a giant mouthful. “I’m supposed to show you my routine as best I can, and then have you help me in the morning. That is, if you can spare the time since I know you are just so busy every morning I have physical therapy.”

He snickered and I rolled my eyes. “I can help you, but I’m not going to go easy on you.”

“I certainly hope not,” he added, winking.

I blushed instantly. I was thankful for the fact that I had already put my makeup on for that day because it hid the flush in my cheeks very well. For the past few weeks, ever since we cuddled in the hospital bed, we’ve been increasingly flirty with each other. Now, I don’t wan’t to get you hopes up. Absolutely nothing has happened between us other than words, but those were enough to keep my thoughts trained firmly on Oliver and the various things I would like to do to him. Hey, can you blame me? If there was any man to break a dry spell with, Oliver Wood is definitely at the top of that list.

I stood, and he swatted at my arse. Obviously, I dodged him without a problem since he wasn’t really aiming to connect, just to play around, but I was still incredibly thankful that I had plans with Ellie to help her organize her new London flat. I couldn’t stand another whole day of pent up emotions and sexual frustrations. I might just rip his clothes off.


The next morning, I woke up early to get changed in to workout gear and eat a small breakfast before I would be required to help Oliver with his physical therapy. I had been looking over the notes that Kimmy had left for me, and all of the exercises seemed pretty simple, with the exception of the fact that I had to straddle Oliver for most of them in order to provide stability as he was stretching his shoulder. This was going to be a very long two hours.

Oliver popped out of his bedroom with more energy than I’ve ever seen him have ever, let alone at 8 am in the morning. Of course he was shirtless. Of course he was. All of his therapy and workouts had gotten his torso back in to impeccable shape. Ugh, I need a cold shower. I’ve never let my hormones affect me this much. Time to snap out of it.

I put my game face on and we began the exercises that had been left for us to do. Thankfully, Oliver was taking this therapy session seriously. There were so many opportunities for him to do or say something inappropriate, but he never did.

I leaned over him and pressed his shoulder down in to the floor while he turned his body the opposite direction. His face tightened slightly, but he was definitely making improvements. When I released his shoulder I started to sit back up, but his twisted his body as well which caused me to lose my balance. I fell forward, one hand braced against the floor on either side of his head. My hair was falling and coiling on his shoulders and near his face, and he closed his eyes smiling.

“You know. I think you have some of the best smelling shampoo in the world. I noticed that when you laid with me, but I forgot to tell you what with the looming surgery of doom.”

I smiled, lowering my lips to his forehead for a quick second and then pushing myself up and off of him.

“Break time!” I declared, walking to retrieve my water bottle, even though I hadn’t really been doing much of a work out at all.

I drained some of the water in to my mouth and Oliver walked silently in to the bathroom. I had really been expecting some type of response like those I had become accustomed. Oliver liked to make sure that I was very aware f the fact that I was a tease and that I was constantly reminding him that he hadn’t been with a woman in months. He would curse at me for a while, smirk at me, and then try to flirt with me unsuccessfully. I had gotten used to the routine, so I was a bit shocked when it wasn’t repeated. I honestly didn’t mean to be such a tease. I was just being friendly most of the time, and playful the rest, but I understand, form experience I might add, that it’s hard not to take every little thing as teasing. Trust me, I was not immune to thinking Oliver was a tease himself.

I heard the door start to squeak close (we really did need to get something for that,) and then bang open. I jumped at the violence of the sound, and heard Oliver mumble something. I stepped forward cautiously, not really sure what I would find when I rounded the corner of the kitchen. As I turned the corner I saw Oliver storm out of the bathroom and stomp in to his room. I was momentarily stunned where I stood. I had no idea why Oliver was acting like this.

He was throwing things around his room as if he were having some sort of tantrum. I contemplated just going in to my room and giving him time and space too cool off from whatever was suddenly bothering him, but I felt deep down that I had to at least try to find out what was bothering him. As I was about to knock, the door flew open.

“No more.” He growled, staring intently in to my eyes.

“No more wha…” I tried to stammer, but he pulled me in to his room before I could finish.

“I can’t take any more of it and I know you can’t either, so just no more.” He grumbled through mostly gritted teeth.

After pushing me against the wall, he laced his fingers through my hair and it was in that split second that I realized what was happening. I looked in to his eyes. They were fierce, hungry, and passionate. Instantly the floodgates that had been holding back all of my emotions opened and I locked my hands in his hair and pulled his face towards mine. Briefly pausing, allowing him to come the final bit of the gap between our lips. Oliver didn’t hesitate at all, desire clearly showing all over his face. He had been wanting this as long as I had, but it seemed he had been suppressing it for my benefit just as I had. His eyes told my without a doubt, that if I had given an inch at any point during the last few weeks, Oliver would have gladly take a mile. I silently cursed myself for being so scared of what might happen. Nothing had ever felt so good or so right before this instant.

His body pressed against mine as our lips explored each other’s necks. When our lips connected again, I felt Oliver’s hands grip under my arse and lift me, pinning me against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist. I took in every bit of the full on snogging, letting the warmth wash over my body and the relief of weeks of build up rush out. I couldn’t hold in gasps and slight moans as we continued to kiss, not that I wanted to. They seemed to make Oliver even more passionate, and feeling his fingertips inch underneath my shirt sent chills up my spine. I pulled his shirt over his head, breaking from the kissing momentarily to admire his arms and torso flexed to hold me up. Every single thing he did left me wanting more, and I could tell he felt the same way.

Our lips connected again and I felt his tongue prying. He carried me to the bed and we fell on to it, still tangled together. Our mouths never broke apart except for gasping breaths. My hands traced his bare back, grasping urgently on to him. I never wanted to let go in that moment, and it could have lasted forever for all I was concerned. My mind was finally catching up with my body. I knew I wanted Oliver more than I had ever wanted any man and I wasn’t going to move away this time. I let it all happen willingly, and without overthinking it for once. We didn’t get out of the bed again for a few hours. Talk about physical therapy.

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