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 “HOLY SHIT!” I screamed when I felt something jump on top of me. I sat up and saw it was Fred and George, laughing hysterically.


“You know you have a very close resemblance to George when you sleep. Honestly, you sleep exactly the same way,” Fred said, nudging George.


“Yeah, a little drool here and there, some snoring, absolutely taking up the entire – ”


“I do not snore!” I opposed, cutting George off.


“Yeah, and Snape is a chick-magnet with a life,” Fred laughed. I threw the pillow at him and he fell off the bed. George and I died laughing.


“Well,” I said. “Talk about rude awakenings.”


“Oh, come on, Em, waking up to your two favorite people can’t be that bad now, can it?” Fred protested.


“And watching Fred fall can’t really make you hate us for intruding on your sleep?” George added. I smiled.


“No, that part I rather enjoyed, actually,” I said, looking at Fred.


“Oh, thanks,” he replied sarcastically. I stuck my tongue out at him and he threw the pillow back at me.


“So, why, of all days, did you decide to wake me today?” I asked wanting a very good reason towards why. Fred and George looked at each other with raised eyebrows.


“Don’t tell me you forgot,” Fred said. That made me think.


‘Crap, what did I forget? What did I forget?!’ I thought intently. George nudged Fred, smirking, and Fred cocked his head up, a grin brewing on his face.


“What did I forget?!” I blurted. They started laughing. Gerg. This was really starting to bug me.


“Happy Birthday!” they sang in unison. My eyes got wide and my face grew red with embarrassment.


“Shit, I’m stupid!” I said, laughing at myself. They gave me my gifts. George had gotten me two stink bombs, an invisibility potion and different items that when you bit/drank/ate/got hit with you would change color or get splattered on with different reasons why. Fred had gotten me an entire box of gag gifts (inside jokes we had had ever since we could talk) and a book of Zonko’s Greatest Pranks.


“Gah, I love them! Thank you so much!” I said, giving them each a kiss on the cheek. Fred smiled when I gave him his.


“What time is it?” I asked finally.


“8:15. If we go now, we can still make it to breakfast,” Fred said.


“Eh, I think I’ll just stay here and sleep some more,” I said, slouching back against the headboard.


“Oh, no you don’t,” they said, pulling me out of bed. “Not on your birthday, miss.”


“It’s my birthday, so I should decide what I want to do on it,” I said, breaking away from their grasp.


“Not if we have anything to do about it,” Fred said, picking me up over his shoulder. I fought to have him put me down, but he absolutely refused. I finally got him to at least let me take a shower and put on some clean clothes before going down.


When I got out of the shower, I noticed I forgot to bring my clothes in with me. I put the towel around me and walked out. When I did, George was gone and Fred was sitting on my bed. It wasn’t awkward. Fred had seen me plenty of times in a towel, so I got out my trunk and sat down next to him.


“Where’d George go?” I said, while I picked out some clothes. I saw Fred stare at my body. My shoulders, my legs, my curves…


“What?” he said after awhile, breaking away from my body and looking at my face instead. He did glance down at my chest for a second though. I laughed.


“This isn’t awkward for you, is it?” I asked, referring to me being in a towel.


“Psh, no,” he said trying to act cool. I did see his eyes widen though when he looked back at me. I heard him swallow and I grinned. I decided that I would have a little fun on my birthday. And what good is fun if you can’t have it with your best friend?


“How ‘bout this?” I asked, having my fingers walk up his shoulders and trace the line of his jaw. He swallowed.


“Emma?” he said.


“No?” I guessed. I could have stopped. I didn’t feel like it, though. Not right now. “What about this?” I got up and straddled his lap, throwing my hand through my hair. I put my arms around his neck and bit my lip, a smirk across your face. I was driving him crazy, it was obvious but I couldn’t stop. Our eyes met and I saw how bold and beautiful his were. I became lost in them and he became lost in mine.


“I think you should go change now,” he said, even though he put his hands on my lower back, keeping me in place. I moved my hand down his chest and pulled his shirt, pulling myself into him. I don’t know why I did it, but I couldn’t stop.


“Fred,” I found myself saying. I felt my heart beating in my chest and he began breathing heavy. He held my neck and I debated on what to do with my mouth. I felt the urge to kiss him but I desperately didn’t want to. I regretted ever tempting him. He buried his face in my neck and said my name. His breath made me shiver and the sound of him saying my name drove me crazy. What was I doing? I had said yes to Oliver. I was practically cheating on him. Oliver loved me and I was here in a towel on Fred’s lap. This was wrong and I knew it. Yet…I didn’t want to stop.


‘I…I have…What if Oliver…’ I kept thinking. Fred’s nose traced along the side of my face and I slid my hands down his chest feeling every athletic ab and muscle that was on it. Fred moved his face so that his nose was touching mine. I put my hand on his face and held it there, debating on what to do next. It then occurred to me what I had to do. I quickly dropped my arms and moved my head away from him. He let go of me suddenly, as if realizing the same thing I had at the same time, and put his hand through his hair.


“I’m just gonna…” I motioned toward the showers.


“Yeah, yeah, uh, take your time,” he said looking at the floor. I got up and grabbed my clothes. When I closed the door, I sulked against it and slid down. What was wrong with me? Why did I feel the need, the urge, the whatever I felt to put our friendship at risk like it was a game? I had a boyfriend, one that apparently loved me. I fought back the tears and got dressed. When I got out, Fred was still there.


“All set?” he asked in a cheery tone, as if nothing had just happened. This boggled my mind. How could he act like that?


“Yep,” I asked in the same kind of tone. It was my birthday. I wouldn’t deal with it right now. I would be 17 at exactly 11:11 p.m. Fred bent down, nodding for me to get on his back.


“Oh, no,” I said when I realized what he wanted to do.


“Oh, yes,” he said. And he picked me up and swung me over his shoulder again and carried me down to breakfast.

*   *   *   *   *

I had given up by the time we made it to the Grand Hall. Fred had carried me down on his shoulder the entire way to breakfast, and he surely wasn’t going to put me down now.


“You wanna get down now?” he asked when we were near the entrance.


“Sure,” I said. He put me down and I was about to go in, when he grabbed my arm.


“You really liked your present?” he asked, a look of uncertainty on his face.


“Of course, Fred!” I said. “I loved them. Why would you ask me that?” He was quiet for a minute.


“I didn’t want to give you that,” he confessed.


“What?” I wondered. “Then why did you get it for me?” Again, quiet.


“I wanted to get you something else,” he said.


“Fred,” I started. “What you got me, was the best present I ever got. It was absolutely hilarious. And only you and me know why it’s so funny. I loved it, Fred. Don’t you worry about that.” He smirked.


“Really?” he asked.


“Definitely,” I confirmed.


“Because,” he continued. “I believe I could have given you…better.” He winked and walked in. It took me a minute to figure out what he was implying. Once I did, my mouth dropped in shock.


“Fred Weasley!” I shouted following him. He laughed and raced down to our table next to George before I could hit him. I noticed that there was a note sitting on my plate when I sat down.


“Happy Birthday!” everyone chimed in.


“What’s this?” I asked referring to the note.


“Oliver brought it over,” Harry explained. “He told us not to open it until you got here.”


“Oh, please, Emma, open it, please,” Hermione begged. “What was taking you so long to get down here anyway? I’ve been waiting like crazy for you to get down here!”


“Shower?” I answered.


“Well, you couldn’t have gone any slower. Hermione was about to set it on fire to get it open,” Ron said in his annoyed tone. I laughed and started to open it. I hid it from everyone at the table, though I could feel Fred peeking over my shoulder:



      Whatever you’re doing tonight, cancel it. Meet me at the big Oak by the Quidditch Pitch at 11:00 tonight. Come prepared for a night of absolute wonder and amazement. Happy Birthday, my love. I love you.


- Oliver


“A night of absolute wonder and amazement,” Fred said in a mocking tone. I glared at him and hit him in the arm.


“SHEESH!” he expressed, clutching where I hit him. I gave him a cheesy smile and finished eating my food. I was about to get up, as was everyone else, when a pair of hands formed around my waist.


“Happy Birthday, love,” he said and kissed me on my jaw line.


“Haha, hey Oliver,” I said giving him a peck on the lips.


“Ugh, I’m out of here,” Fred said getting up. He had meant it as a joke, but of course, I knew what he was feeling. Everyone else got up too and Oliver and I left the Dining Hall.


“Get my note?” he asked.


“Yes, it was very sweet,” I said. He gave me a big smile.


“Not as sweet as you,” he argued.


“Oh, sheesh, Oliver, you can’t beat me in an argument, you know that!” I said. He moved closer to me. We were sitting on the bench outside the doorway. He placed his right hand across my knees to touch my left hand.


“I think I can beat this one,” he challenged. He leaned in and kissed me, moving his hand slowly up my arm. I put my hand on his shoulder and his hand reached my face. We kept kissing for another minute and then slowly broke away.


“You totally lost,” I said, staring in his eyes.


“I love you,” he said, gazing back. He kissed me again, a little more aggressively. My hands were clutching his neck and his arms were tight around my waist. His tongue moved along my lip, asking for permission to open. I was about to open my mouth when we were interrupted by a familiar, quite annoying, voice.


“Ms. Blakely!” Umbridge said, her face tense and her lips pursed. She was going to deduct a lot of points, when she saw Oliver was next to me.


“Mr. Wood?!” she said shocked.


“Uh, hello, Professor Umbridge,” he said, embarrassed. He was flattening out his shirt and I was fixing my hair.


“Did you forget the rules of sexual interactions between students?” she questioned, her voice stiff.


“Professor, we weren’t going to – ”


“Quiet!” she said, interrupting me. She didn’t like me at all. It was a good thing Oliver was one of her favorites.


“I’m sorry, Professor, it won’t happen again,” he apologized. He shot me a wink that Umbridge wouldn’t be able to see.


“I don’t care that it won’t happen again, the rule’s already been violated!!” she fired back. I winced as she said this. Oliver noticed and took my hand. Everything seemed better when he held my hand, or was at least with me.


“Professor, we didn’t notice that we were getting that into things and we ask that you accept our apology,” Oliver said, calmly. Umbridge thought for a minute of what to do. I figured it was a decision between detention or deducting 50 points from Gryffindor. But her decision shocked me.


“I’ll let it slide this time,” she said, unwillingly. I could tell because her face was still scrunched and flushed with anger. She really hated me. She probably would have loved to have given me detention. Detention and take off 800 points, except Oliver was with me. She didn’t like me at all. Maybe she found out it was me who put in the potion. Maybe she saw me.


‘Oh, well,’ I thought. It actually made me want to laugh. She left and Oliver gave me a kiss on the cheek.


“What was that for?” I asked after he did it.


“I wasn’t finished yet, but I’m substituting,” he said with a wink. You laughed.


"Careful," I said. "We don't want to violate any rules, now." I slowly kissed him on the lips, making sure he didn't break away too soon.


“Mmm…you really shouldn’t do that around Umbridge," he said, breaking away slowly. "It’s extremely tempting.”


“Oh really?” I asked, getting up. “Then maybe we should move somewhere more private…” I bit my lip and he got the biggest smile on his face.


“I like that idea,” he said. He scooped me up and ran toward the Gryffindor Common Room.


“We aren’t going all the way, though,” I confirmed. He stopped.


“Aww, come on, baby, why not?” he whined.


“Haha, it’s my birthday! I don’t wanna feel disgusting on it. And besides, I get to decide what to do today. I can change my mind,” I said, smirking. He smirked back and pressed his lips to mine. The next thing I knew, I was in his dorm and on top of him on his bed.

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