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 She went outside her room and saw Draco in the common room reading some book. She went down and sat on the other side parallel to Draco.

"Took you longer than I thought." He said.

Hermione rolled her eyes and stared at the fire, bringing her feet and legs up the couch. “What are you reading? I thought you said you wanted to go to bed as soon as we finish talking to Professor McGonagall?." She said.

"I lied." He confessed.

"Huh. Nothing new about that." She said as a matter of factly.

"For your information, Granger, I just made up that reason so that I can drag you away..." He stopped when he noticed the confusion in Hermione's face.

"Away from what?"

"Nothing." He lied again.

"Liar." She spat. And turning her head to face the fire again.

"From Weasel." He said standing up and head to went upstairs to his room leaving the book on the table and leaving Hermione alone in the common room.

She shook her head. Why would he want to drag me away from Ron? He even comforted me when I was crying, why didn't he made fun of me, she thought. She picked up the book that Draco left. "Huh, Pride and Prejudice." She said to herself. She was about to open the book when Draco came out of his room. In his arms was a blanket.

"Here" He held out the blanket for Hermione to get. Hermione took at and smiled at him then replied with a thank you.

"So, Pride and Prejudice." She said, holding out the book that Draco was reading.

"Give me that. I'm not yet finished." He snatched the book away from her hand, she shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"It's a muggle book you know." She said.

"Yes, I know that. And I think that if that Darcy guy existed, we will get along with a snap." He snapped his finger.

"Yeah, you two are most alike." She looked back to him.

"So, have you read it?" Pointing out to the book.

"Yes. Twice." She answered.

"Bookworm." He teased.

Again, she rolled her eyes at him. There was silence but it was immediately broken by Hermione's stomach grumbling. She shushed her stomach and Draco laughed at her. She stared at him with a deadly glare. He immediately stopped his laugh and cleared his throat. "Pinky." He called their house elf. Draco looked at the house elf. "Could you please bring us some food. We are hungry and wasn't able to eat at the feast." Draco asked the elf politely. The house elf curt bowed and left with a snap.

They were silent for a while then the elf returned with their food. "Thank you." Both of them said to the house elf. "It was my pleasure to serve the mister head boy and miss head girl." The elf said.

"Call me Draco."

"And call me Hermione."

The house elf bowed down again. "As the masters ask. Good night then mister Draco and miss Hermione. I'll clean up after you have gone to bed." The house elf said and with that, she left.

They ate it all and the only thing left
was their plates and goblets. They were full and contented. It was silent and all you can hear is the cracking of wood because of the fire. The moon is also shining brightly, creating a very cozy atmosphere. Blue with a hint of with and red with a hint of orange and yellow is coloring her face as he noticed a tear drop run down her cheeks. He went over to where she was sitting and sat beside her, her back at his side. "He's not worth it you know." He said with his hands rubbing her arms to soothe her. It was the second time for the night that he comforted her.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Im just staring at the fire too much." She denied while wiping the tears on her cheek.

"You don't have to deny it. I saw it too." He said. She turned to see his face with a shocked expression. "I told you, I won't make fun of you. I hate seeing a girl cry. Especially when they are crying and it was not because of me." He smiled at her trying to make her smile to. She went back on staring at the fire. "You know, when I said I lied a while ago, when you asked why I'm reading... Hmmm... I saw Weasel and the Brown girl when I dragged you away. Actually, that is the reason why I dragged you... Uhg, it's hard to explain." He said giving up explaining to her.

"Thank you." She said still staring at the fire. She is trying to hide the tears that are falling rapidly from her eyes.

"Come here." He said shifting her body to make her look the same way as he is. He let her head rest on his chest as he continued to rub her arm with his free hand. "It's ok to cry. If it makes everything better, then cry until there's no more tears left."

She looked up to him. She saw those eyes again, the soft silver with full of care and love. She snuggled more to his chest. She can now hear his heartbeat. It was evenly beating and his breath was also even. She feels comfortable. It's hard to think that she is comforted by no other than Draco Malfoy, a known muggle hater. "Do you still hate me?" She asked.

"Huh?" He looked down at her.

"I'm still a mudblood. Aren't you afraid I'll get filth all over you?"

"Don't say that word. No, I don't hate you. I never really did. I just had to follow my father's order but now, he's out of the way, and I’m free to do whatever I want. I'm sorry for all the years I tormented you and your friends. I'm sorry for everything, Hermione."

"What do you mean out of the way?"

"He's in Azkaban now and I don't think he'll get out anytime soon. I wouldn't want to. Even mother wouldn't want for him to get out. Now that he's there, Mother and I can do anything that we want freely. Mother also didn't care about blood status, she just wanted me safe you know."

"Yeah, something tells me that she really is a great person. I can tell by the way she looks to you." She replied with a genuine smile.

"How about you, do you still hate me?"

"No, not anymore. I believe that everyone has to be given a second chance and you have already sincerely apologized, I can see and feel that too."

"Thank you, Hermione." He smiled at her. He pulled her closer to him and let her head rest on his chest once more. After a while, he noticed that her breath is now even. She has fallen asleep. He shifted his position and decided to carry her to her bedroom. He laid her onto her bed, kissing her forehead and said "Good night, Hermione." With that he left the room closing the door behind him.

"Good night, Draco." She replied when he had already closed the door. She smiled and went back to sleep.


Credits to Jane Austen for the book Pride and Prejudice.


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