“We’re here!!!” I bounded out of the carriage before my friends even had a chance to stand up.  I turned to find them all with amused smiles on their faces.  Draco’s eyes were bright and a smirk was in place.


I walked over to him and threw my arms around his neck. “And what may I ask are you smirking at good sir?”


He kissed me in answer.  I pulled away and smiled.  “Ok, girls let’s go shopping!  Boys we’ll meet you at The Three Broomsticks in 2 hours.”


I kissed Draco once more and linked arms with my girls.  I started to skip away singing to myself.  People, including my friends, stared at me like I had lost my mind, but they played along and skipped with me.


“No I don’t like this one.  What about this?” Pansy was trying on the zillionth costume in the shop while the rest of us sat slumped down in chairs by the waiting room, already content with our costume choices.


“Pansy if you don’t choose in the next 5 minutes I’m guna cover you in boils and dye your hair green, then you can go as Lavender.” Ginny laughed while Luna gazed out the window unaware of our conversation.


“Alright, found it!” Pansy came out of the dressing room carrying a bundle of pink.


“Good Merlin what on earth is that?” I asked with distaste in my voice.

 She pouted and answered.


“It’s a princess costume.  You don’t like it?” Pansy questioned as she went to pay.


“No, no, it’s nice.” I looked to Ginny and Luna with my eyebrows raised.


“So, does anyone know what the guys are going as?” I wondered.


“Nope, they won’t tell us.  Do you know what Draco’s going as?” Ginny asked as we followed Pansy to the register.


“No.  He did mention something about going as a vampire, but hasn’t said a word about it since.  Who knows?  We’ll all find out at the ball I guess.” We left the store headed into the other shops to find our accessories and what not.


“Come on, I need to go in here.” I pulled the girls into a new make-up store called ‘Make-Up Your Own Spell’.  It was more or less a makeup/ perfume store where you could try out different scents together and create different pallets for your skin tone.  I looked around the shop until I found what I needed, paid and left with the girls following.


“Ok where to now?  We have about 15 minutes until we need to meet the guys.” Pansy pulled us into an accessory store down the way.  She bought a crown while I bought some hair chopsticks.


“What are you being anyway?” Ginny asked while fiddling around with my hair accessories.


“Nope.  It’s a secret.” I smiled and plucked the chopsticks out of her hand to go pay.  “Well, let’s go ladies, can’t have our gentlemen waiting.  They’ll kill us if they don’t get to eat soon.”


We headed out the door and shrunk our costumes to fit in my purse so the boys wouldn’t be able to see.


“There they are.” Luna pointed to a table by the window when we entered The Three Broomsticks.  I skipped along the way and plopped myself down in Draco’s lap.  He just laughed and shook his head.


“Hello love.  So did you ladies get all your shopping done?”


“Yup.” I answered cheerfully while taking a sip of his butterbeer.


“And?  What are you all going as?” Neville looked to each of us, but we kept our mouths shut.


“Nope, no way.  You guys won’t tell us so we won’t be telling you.  Hey Ernie, let’s go order some food yeah?” I got up to lead Ernie to the bar and ordered a shepherds pie, 2 plates of fish and chips, a cottage pie and an order of bangers and mash, along with another round of butterbeers of course.


“So, how’s it going with you and Pans?” I asked with a sly smile as we were awaiting our order.  He looked over to our table of friends and smiled.


“It’s going really well.  Before the war I just thought she was a stuck up princess who had no brain.  But now, she’s one of the smartest, most caring people I know.  Who would have thought we’d all be here together huh?” Ernie leaned his back against the bar and stared at the people we had all come to love.  I joined him and looked lovingly at Draco.


“Who indeed.” I mused.  Draco looked in our direction and caught me eye.  He winked then went back to his conversation with Blaise.  I used Blaise’s and my coupons from George to treat our friends to lunch.


After we got back to the castle and helped Filch make sure every student on the list was back I unpacked the costumes and placed them in my wardrobe with a locking charm so no one could peak.  By no one I meant Draco.




The week and a half leading up to Halloween was chaos.  The whole school was excited because they’d have a 4 day weekend.  Draco wouldn’t let me in on the guest band he had planned to come or the ‘special’ drinks he ordered from Aberforth.  AKA… firewhiskey. That one wasn’t a secret; I just hoped he used it discretely.  Most of the teachers were going to be there after all.


“Ok, prefects and volunteers we need this hall to be decked out by 6:30.  Ball starts at 8 and we all need some time to get ready.  Now let’s move our butts people and make this the best Halloween ever!” I was decorating the Great Hall in cobwebs, bats, candles anything Halloweeny along with the help of Draco and our friends.  By the time we were done I was jumping for joy; it looked spectacular.  Eerie but classy.  Spiders drinking champagne basically.


“Ok you lot listen up.  Great job, now go run and get ready and we’ll see you at the ball!” Draco shooed everyone away except our circle of friends.  They all followed us back to the Head’s dorm where everyone planned on getting ready for the night.  The shower was a hot commodity and time was of the essence so each couple took a quick one together.  Blaise wasn’t thrilled when it was my and Draco’s turn.


“Save water, shower with a friend.” I said to him before I disappeared into the bathroom.


When I emerged in my bedroom Pansy and Ginny were doing their makeup and hair while Luna sat on my bed already dressed in her costume of a house elf.  The mouth was open and that’s where Luna’s head peaked out.  It was quite a sight; I decided to take a few pictures before getting myself ready.


I stood in front of my mirror and began to paint my face with white powder, down to my neck and in an upside down V on the back.  I applied bright red lipstick to my lips and a few coats of black mascara to my lashes.  For my hair I pulled in up into a loose bun towards the top of my head making sure my hair was completely smooth and stayed in place.  Then I stuck the chop sticks in and pinned some fake flowers along one side of my bun.


“Time to dress ladies.” Pansy announced and the three of us stepped into our outfits.


Pansy’s dress was ridiculous.  I had no idea how she would sit down or even get through my door frame.  The pinkness just puffed out so far I thought she’d get lost in it.  Ginny had decided on a mermaid costume. 


After dressing we stepped into our shoes and were off.  Well they were off until they realized the shoes I stupidly agreed to for my outfit weren’t the most practical for going down stairs, or walking in general actually.  The top had straps like a flip flop but the bottom was made of a block of wood that sloped up in the front so if I tipped my foot forward the slightest bit I would fall flat on my face.


“Maybe this wasn’t the best costume choice…” I grumbled as my friends helped me down the stairs and out the portrait.  Earlier in the day the boys said they’d be meeting us at the ball because they had a surprise for us.


“Oh bloody hell!” I finally decided to take off the stupid shoes and walk normally with the rest of my friends, in socks, to the Hall.  When we got to the doors I slipped the infernal things back on.


Everything was perfect, the candle’s dull glow, the bats flying overhead that would occasionally dip down to scare people, the cobwebs, and Professor Dumbledore’s portrait on the right hand wall.  Dozens of people were crowded around it trying to say hello.


“Come on girls, let’s go get a drink and find a table.  Do you see the boys anywhere?” I asked as I hobbled over to the refreshment table.  As soon as we sat down at a one of the free circular tables that had replaced the house tables we heard people cheering.  “What’s going on?”


“I don’t know.  Everyone’s focused on something on the stage.  Let’s go take a look.” Ginny helped me out of my chair and I carefully made my way through the crowd, having to hold onto some people as I passed or else I would have fallen over.  As soon as we got close enough to the stage we looked up.


“What the bloody hell are they doing?  And what are they dressed as?” Ginny looked at the four boys like they were idiots.  I just smiled widely up at Draco.


“They’re The Beatles.” I answered, voice filled with happiness.  Draco, Blaise, Ernie and Neville were all dressed in matching black tailored suits with white dress shirts and skinny black ties.  They also had black moptop wigs on.


“The what?” Pansy asked staring at her boyfriend with her head cocked to the side.


“They’re a famous, amazing Muggle British band from the 60’s.  One of my favorites.  This is brilliant!” I moved my way through the crowd further to the front.  “John!  Paul!  George!  Ringo!  You guys look amazing!” I yelled to the boys once I was standing at the edge of the stage.  Draco knelt down and gave me a kiss.


“What are you supposed to be?” He asked looking at my kimono and makeup.


“I’m a geisha.  It was kind of like a high class performer/mistress in Japan before WWII.” He still gave me a puzzled look.  “I’ll explain more later.  What are you guys doing up there?”


“We, my lovely Japanese mistress are just getting the party started.” He said standing back up.


"Will you be joining me soon?"  I asked, hope in my voice.


"Of course."  Draco smiled brightly at me and my heart swelled.


I smiled back at him and brought my girls to the front of the stage just as Draco placed his wand to his throat. 


"HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!  I hope you all have a great time tonight.  I want to thank Professor McGonagall for allowing us to have a 4 day weekend so we could make this celebration one to remember.  On behalf of myself, your Head Girl Hermione Granger, and your prefects let the party begin!"


As soon as Draco was finished orange fireworks lit up the ceiling, everyone oohed and ahhed and I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist as I stared at the ceiling.


"Hello love.  You like?"  Draco whispered in my ear then kissed my neck.


"They're beautiful Draco."  I sighed.


"Dance with me?"  He twirled me around and into his arms as my favorite Beatles song began to play.   


‘Hey Jude, don’t make it bad

Take a sad song and make it better

Remember to let her into your heart…’


Draco held my hand close to his chest while his other was on my back, holding me close to him.

“You look incredible you know.  This look suits you.” He teased me.


“Oh you mean the silk, shoes I can’t walk in, face powder that originally was made from rice, bright red lips and the fact that I look like a Japanese hooker suits me?”


“Yup.” He said and popped on the ‘p’.  Funny Draco, real funny.


“Oh, ok then.  So, Mr. Lennon.  That was quite a stunt you pulled there.  I’m rather impressed.”


“It was mostly Blaise’s idea since he always found you dancing around your room to Beatles music apparently.” He said with a slight chuckle.


“Merlin I’m guna kill that boy.  But it was a nice gesture anyway.  You look good in a Muggle suit.” I pulled at his tie to bring his face closer to mine.


“Oh yeah?  I bet it would look even better on the floor.  Along with your kiniminom or whatever you called it, but there’s another surprise to come so we can’t leave yet.  This one was my doing.  I’ll be right back.” Draco kissed me on the lips once more and returned to the stage.


He again put his wand to his throat and his voice came out loud and clear over the crowd.


“Witches and Wizards, goblins and ghouls, mermaids and… hamburgers?  Anyway… I would like to present to you… CAULDRON ON FIREEEEE!!!!!!!”


What the hell!  This is what he hid from me???  Oh Merlin, oh Merlin.  Jumping up and down in these shoes is not a good idea!  I could feel myself falling forward but was caught by Draco.


“You ok?” He asked as he straightened me out.  I took the blasted shoes off and threw them to the side of the stage.


The band took the stage and greeted their screaming fans.




“This night is amazing Draco!  How on earth did you get them here?” I took his hands in mine and continued jumping with the rest of the screaming crowd around us.


“A little money will get you a long way.  I wanted to do this for you… and Blaise, I’ve known he’s liked them for years now.  But it’s mostly for you.” He smiled and I kissed his sweet lips again leaving a hint of red lipstick, shit forgot the sealant charm tonight.


My attention was brought back to the stage when the lead singer started talking.


“This song is dedicated to a lovely lady named Hermione.  Your man Draco wants you to know that you’re the love of his life.”


“Walkin through fire just to get to you

Strugglin with desire it’s so hard to do

I can’t take it anymore

I need you here with me

I’m kneelin on the floor

This world won’t let me be”


Tears filled my eyes as I held Draco tightly to me.  “You’re everything to me Draco… thank you.”  He held me as tight as he could and we danced into the night.




November was slow.  Still a happy camper with my life and love so far.  It was the day before we were leaving for Thanksgiving in the US and Draco was freaking out.  Blaise and I were lounging on my bed and watching Draco pace the room.


“Draco… we’ve been over this a million times.  They know I’m a witch.  Mum called them and explained who I am now.  Apparently they knew I was adopted already and they’ve known I did magic since I got my Hogwarts letter.  Actually there was this one time when my cousin Alec and I were eating Oreos and milk when we were little and I got so mad that he took the last one that I made the jug of milk on the table explode.  The whole kitchen was soaked.  It was hilarious.  I think the adults realized then that something was up.” Thinking back about my family always brought a smile to my face.


“What’s an Oreo?” Blaise questioned.


“Didn’t you eat some of those cream filled chocolate cookies in the basket from your friends?”


“Nope.  And why is that?  Because YOU ate them all.” He said in a disgruntled tone.


“Oh yeah.”


“HELP!  I’m still freaking out here!  Your parents like me but what if the rest of your family doesn’t?  Does your cousin know about me?  Is he big, will he beat me up?” Draco fell face first on the bed between me and my brother.


“Yes he’s big.  He’s not my only cousin that will be here.  He has two younger brothers that are 6 and 8.  And I don’t think he’ll beat you up unless… oh no…” Shit Alec knows about Draco.  About his being a complete and utter asshole to me all those years.  He’s guna kill him for sure.


“What?!  Unless what!?” Draco sat up and panicked again.


“Well… he knows about you.” His eyes went wide.  “Yeah exactly… he knows about your past… our past.  He’s never particularly been your biggest fan.”


“Bloody hell…” Draco once again fell onto the bed.


“But hey, look at the bright side mate, I’ll be there with you, and we have wands.” Blaise tried to comfort Draco but I could tell it didn’t work.  He didn’t get much sleep that night.




“Time to get ready before we head to McGonagall’s office.” It was 3:15 pm on Saturday.  We spent most of our time in bed knowing that when we got to the States it would only be 11 am and we needed energy if we were going to stay awake all day with my family.  I threw the covers off Draco who was sleeping in my room, then Blaise who was sleeping in Draco’s room.  “Blaise shower now, you take more time than Draco if that’s even possible.  You two are such girls.” I ran out of the room as he threw a pillow at me.


They boys both showered and took their sweet time.


“Come on you girls!  We have 10 minutes to get to the Headmistress’ office!” Bloody hell… I was waiting in the common room while they wasted precious time.  “Ahh, finally decided to grace me with your presence I see.  Let’s go.”


“I don’t like mean Hermione, where’d the sweet one go?” Draco pouted as we were leaving the portrait hole, bags shrunken and put into my purse.


“She took a vacation.  You need to toughen up a bit before we get to my cousins house.  It’s in Cambridge by the way.  Massachusetts.  So, I permit you for one day to dig up that bloody horrible side of yourself, and use it in case my cousin tries to kill you.  Ok?”


“But I don’t want to be an ass.  You hated that about me remember?” Draco pouted again.


“Yes yes I know but come on, where’s that Slytherin side?  Both of you really.  When I came back into your lives you became wimps.” I teased them but it was not well received.  I ran for my life all the way to the gargoyles, uttered the password and ran up the stairs.  When I reached the door they were right behind me, the door was locked and so they ran right into my back. “Oww…”


“Ahh!  Oomph!” McGonagall had opened the door when she heard a thud on the outside… aka Draco and Blaise running into me and the door.  Then we all fell on the floor in a heap when she opened it.


“Hmm.  Well, now that you’re here, the floo has been activated and will only be open for 15 minutes so you better hurry.  Have a good holiday, I expect you all back starting at exactly 3 pm our time tomorrow, 10 am your families time.  The floo will close at 3:15 so make sure you come through quickly.” McGonagall ushered us off to the fireplace and I gave the boys their directions.


“Ok, my Aunt and Uncle’s house has been connected for those specific times mentioned.  Step in and shout ‘Murphy Household, Cambridge, Massachusetts.’  Throw your powder and voila.  That’s it.  Ok Blaise in you go, Mother and my parents are already there.”


“Ok.  Here goes nothing.  Good luck mate.” Blaise nodded to Draco whose face was scrunched up in nervousness.  “Murphy Household, Cambridge, Massachusetts!”  Blaise was gone in a flash and I pushed Draco over to the floo.


“Why don’t you go first, I mean that way incase any of your relatives want to kill me you can be a buffer.”


“Draco Lucius Malfoy you get in that fireplace right now and stop being such a loser!  Where the bloody hell is the boy I met 1st year?  I told you to bring a bit of him back today, be brave.  You’ve never been afraid of anything ever.  Well, except maybe Buckbeak.” I smiled as he shuddered from the memory.  “Now come on, get in there we don’t have much time left and I will not let you go after me because you might chicken out.”


“Fine.  Just remember I love you incase I die.” He gave me a kiss before stepping into the floo and being engulfed in green flames.  I stepped in next and said goodbye to McGonagall, then about a minute later I stepped out into my cousins home in the States.





A/N:  The Beatles wrote and sang the song ‘Hey Jude’ which I used the lyrics to. Also I do NOT own or have anything to do with Oreos or Harry Potter.


The Beatles rule all.


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