I woke up in my bed, groggy and confused. I opened my eyes and gasped at the green fabric ceilings.

Where the hell am I!

Then I remembered. It had been about a week since Malfoy had kidnapped me yet I still found myself waking up expecting to see my own room. I sighed and immediately headed towards the bathroom.

Stepping into the soothing hot water felt so good. I felt myself instantly relax as I massaged my sweet raspberry shampoo onto my head. I let my worries and frustration at being left behind wash away down the drain and allowed myself to be soothed by the sweet fragrance and steam.

I stepped out into the now steamy bathroom and picked up one of the fluffy white towels which were folded neatly on the countertop. I dried myself and wrapped the towel around my body before I stepped out into the cold hallway.

And smack bam into Malfoy.

Malfoy tumbled backwards onto the floor and I found myself being dragged down with him. I landed on his chest, wearing nothing but a towel. My wet hair flipped forward around my face and soaked his shirt further. We just lay there for a moment, both of us shocked and momentarily frozen. Then I felt my face turn the colour of beetroot and my mouth open in horror.  

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!” I gushed while trying to get off him without my towel slipping off. Not an easy task as you can imagine.  

“I didn’t think you were the type to throw yourself at a guy Granger.” Malfoy smirked before he casually knitted his hands together and placed them behind his head. Oh how I wanted to hex him.

I glared at him and rolled away. I instantly stood up and checked to make sure my towel was still covering me. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that I was still modest, Malfoy would never let me live it down if I accidently ended up flashing him.

Glancing down I caught Malfoy leering at me. I glared at him.

“Problem Malfoy?” I snapped.

“Just enjoying the view Princess.” He replied smoothly. I kicked him while holding firmly onto my towel.

“Call me Princess again and I’ll gouge out your eyes with a spoon.” I smiled at him sweetly before stomping off to my room and closing the flap behind me. I could hear him chuckling on the other side and silently cursed him. That boy really did get on my damn last nerve.

I can’t believe I just lay on Malfoy while I was practically naked. What would Ron say? Universe why do you hate me!?  

I quickly dressed myself in skinny jeans, a deep plum tank top and my favourite grey wool cardigan. I frowned at my reflection as I realised I’d have to go to Malfoy for my wand or risk letting him see my hair dry naturally. I definitely needed my wand. Putting up a brave face I turned on my heel and strode out to find Malfoy.

I followed the string to his room where I stood awkwardly for a moment, unsure if I should knock or just barge in. I cringed at the idea of walking in on him changing and decided to just call him.

“Malfoy? I need my wand!” I yelled at the flap/door. After about a minute or so it was pushed open from the other side and I felt my eyes widen in shock as Malfoy answered.

He was wearing plain denim jeans with the top of his boxers showing and that was it. I couldn’t help it. My eyes travelled down his lean athletic body and I couldn’t help but admit to myself that he was hot. His chest and arms were muscled, not in a huge body builder way but in a lean athletic way and my god did he look good. I glanced up at his handsome face and his messy blonde hair and felt the overwhelming urge to run my fingers through it. My eyes travelled down to his lips and then up to his eyes which were staring at me questioningly. I blushed and struggled to compose myself.

“Like what you see Granger?”

“I just wanted my wand; I need to dry my hair.” I gestured to my dripping wet hair. Malfoy smirked before reaching into his back pocket and handing me his. I stared at it for a minute.

“Your wands hidden. Use mine for now.” Malfoy leaned against the door frame and watched me intently. I struggled not to squirm under his unyielding gaze. I quickly cast the spell and reached up to shake out my newly dried hair. I smiled in satisfaction before I handed his wand back to him with a muttered thanks and walked away.

Once back in the sanctuary of my room I leaned against the closed flap (which was pretty much as solid as a door until you pulled it out of the way) and took a deep breath.

“Holy shit.” I murmured. How hadn’t I noticed how hot he was at Hogwarts! Well, I suppose he wasn’t back then with his silly flat combed hair. But now…….with his messy ‘I’ve just come from the beach’ hair and his stormy grey eyes and his lean, muscled body and his full lips which I just wanted to kiss and kiss and –

Okay wake the hell up and get a grip. This is Draco sodding Malfoy. Yes he’s unbelievably good looking but it’s what’s underneath that counts and you know better than anyone how cocky and annoying he is. Not to mention cruel and racist.

I took a deep breath and shook the image of the half-naked Malfoy out of my mind. I looked up at the mirror and caught sight of the golden snitch which rested on my chest.

Ron sends his love.

I closed my eyes and forced any thoughts of Ron and Malfoy out of my mind. My life was hard enough hiding from Death Eaters; I didn’t need to indulge in a silly love triangle on top of that. God my head was cluttered. Why can’t my thoughts just be nice and orderly for once?

“Granger!” I rolled my eyes at his demanding tone and yelled:


“Come here!” I narrowed my eyes. If he thought I was going to come trotting along whenever he called me he had another thing coming. I stubbornly moved to sit on my bed and called back.

“If it’s so important then you come here!”

I heard something that sounded very much like ‘stubborn witch’ before the flap to my room was pulled open Malfoy stepped inside.

“Since you haven’t been trying to assassinate me I thought I’d reward your good behaviour with a trip to town.” His lips curled up into a sarcastic smile as he leaned against the frame.

“A trip to town would be nice.” I smiled at the thought. Fresh air, just what I needed to clear my cluttered head.

“Great, come on let’s go.” Malfoy paused just as he was headed out and glanced back at me before he headed out the door.

I stood up, and with one last glance at the mirror to check my appearance I stepped out of my room to meet Malfoy by the entrance to the tent.




“Come on then, let’s hear some of that French.” Malfoy smirked at me before he motioned for me to step forward to the counter.

We were standing in a little café, the delicious smell of coffee wafting into our noses and the delicious display of cakes making our mouths water. I smiled at the red fabric sofas and the pretty, dark hardwood floor. We were the only ones in the café today and it was all the better for it. Quiet, peaceful and relaxing. I stepped up to the counter to address the rather small French lady behind the till. 

“Bonjour madame, une cappuccino et une chocolat chaud s’il vous plaît.” Good day madam, a cappuccino and a hot chocolate please. I smiled at her as I ordered our drinks. She gave me a warm look and smiled at me before she tilled in our orders and asked for 3 euros fifty cents. I handed over a fiver euro note and told her to keep the change; Malfoy had tones of money wizard currencies and all muggle currencies. In fact I think he knew a spell which could change pounds into any other muggle currency he wants. Lucky for some.  

The lady smiled at us once more and promised to bring our drinks over to where we were sitting. So Malfoy and I moved to sit down on a red fabric loveseat with a pretty wooden coffee table in front of us. The sound of the coffee machine working was as familiar to me as the sound of pages turning. I loved café’s; the atmosphere was almost always great. I used to go to a muggle one in the holidays to sit and read for a while as the people around me chatted and got their caffeine buzz.

I glanced up as the lady set down a cappuccino in front of me and a hot chocolate in front of Malfoy and smiled as I took in the complementary chocolates by our mugs. I thanked her enthusiastically and she smiled before turning around to disappear in the back of the shop, leaving Malfoy and I alone. I turned to him with a smile.

“Told you I can speak some French.” I said smugly. Malfoy just smiled and gave me a mock round of applause before taking a sip of his hot chocolate. I snorted and commented on how manly he looked with his hot chocolate. I was ignored so I proceeded to shake two sachets of sugar into my coffee and stirring it until I felt them all dissolve. I took a sip of my own drink and smiled. It was really good! Malfoy seemed to be enjoying his as well since he was gulping it down.

Malfoy had insisted that we cast a spell to disguise our appearances before we left our little sanctuary. Sat next to me now was a bronze haired, hazel eyed, tanned eighteen year old boy. He looked completely different, his hair was much shorter and his cheekbones much more defined. He looked almost Spanish with his bronze hair and skin. He was still dashingly handsome of course, but I must admit I thought the blonde Malfoy looked better.

The spell had disguised me with long, flowing auburn hair which fell to my waist in soft waves. My eyes were now a bright forest green which were framed by surprisingly long dark eyelashes and my skin was ivory and flawlessly smooth. My lips were pretty much the same as they were, maybe a little fuller and overall I looked pretty nice I suppose. It felt strange to see smooth auburn hair flop over my shoulder instead of my familiar brown hair, but I knew it was necessary.

“So, you and Weasel huh?” Malfoy asked before popping a chocolate in his mouth.

“What about us?” I asked, instantly feeling prickly and defensive. I did not want to discuss Ron with Malfoy of all people.

“Is it serious?” He asked while his eyes fixed on mine. I frowned as I considered.

“I wouldn’t say it’s serious but I wouldn’t say we were just messing around ether. It’s like….” I paused, considering. “Comfortable. We like each other a lot; I don’t see why we need to put a label on it.”

“Do you love him?” Malfoy asked as if I hadn’t spoken. I frowned at him.

“Listen, Malfoy I’m not going to discuss my love life with you anymore. So just drop it, okay?” I sighed and felt the beginnings of a migraine forming. Perfect.

Malfoy raised his hands as if in surrender and we slipped back into silence for a while before I asked.

“What about you? Are you with anyone?” I asked hesitantly but with evident curiosity.

“Nope. But there is this one girl….though I doubt she’d see me as anything but the arrogant prat I was at Hogwarts.” He smiled at me sadly before taking another gulp of his hot chocolate.

“Really? Who?” I asked as my mind ran through all the possibilities. Cho? Hannah? Luna!?

“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine Granger, metaphorically speaking of course.” He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. Bloody boys.

I glanced up as I heard the door open and saw a tall man in an expensive looking black suit stride into the café with his head held high. I felt Malfoy stiffen beside me and felt his hand close around mine under the table. I looked at him questioningly and saw him clench his jaw and silently close his hand around his wand. I took the hint, something was up.

I looked back at the man, my hand still securely in Malfoy’s grasp. He was quite slim and wore his suit well. He looked like he was in his early to mid-thirties by his finely chiselled features yet smooth, slightly tanned skin. He had short, dark blonde hair and the most piercing blue eyes I’d ever seen. He was incredibly handsome and I felt a light shiver run down my spine as our eyes met briefly before his glanced back at the woman behind the counter.

“Parlez-vous anglais?” Do you speak English? He asked her in a deep, smooth voice. I had to stop myself from gasping at the sound. I swear his voice we like velvet, the most expensive beautiful velvet.

“Yes, a little.” She replied with a smile.

“Excellent.” His English was just as smooth as his French and he sounded distinctly British. “You see, I’m looking for a girl and I was just wondering if you’d happened to see her. Tragic story really. She’s missing and her parents are very worried.”

 He held up a photograph for the woman to see. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. The hairs on my arms stood up and I felt fear rise up to choke my throat. I swear my blood ran cold as I caught sight of the girl in the photograph.  

The girl was me.  

“No. I have never seen her before. Sorry.” The woman replied, her English a little shaky.

“It’s awful really. Poor girl. Ah well, be sure to contact me if you see her anywhere and please spread the word. Its better we find her sooner rather than later.” He smiled at the woman and handed her a card, presumably his contact number, and turned to walk out once more. He was just about to leave when he paused, his hand on the handle to the door. He turned slightly. He looked me strait in the eye. My breath caught in my throat. I think my heart missed a beat.

Slowly, he removed his hand from the door handle and turned around fully and made his way over to us. I thought he could see my heart thundering in my chest. I fought to keep my face neutral. I fought to hide my fear.

He stopped in front of me. I felt like his piercing blue eyes could see strait to my soul. He cocked his head to the side slightly and his lips moved in a slow smile.

“Hello Miss Granger.”      


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