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The portrait slammed my face, and I was left standing alone in the hallway. Wow. I do believe my mind was just blown. I just poured out my heart for an entire night. And then the person who I was blabbing to told me her life story too…sort of. Actually, I got a lot of one-word-answers and no explanations, but I think that's just what she's like.

Talking to her made so much sense, and yet none at all. Like, when we talked about me and what we liked or didn't, she was pretty talkative compared to the rest of the conversation. But then when I ask about her family or the weird blanket on her arm, she just won't explain. Every time she speaks, it's like there is some sort of mystery that surrounds her, or some other poetic shit. She's all serious, and she doesn't laugh or smile.

Actually, that's a lie. She does smile. It just lacks something, but when you see her eyes you know she's grinning wickedly. Merlin, she just loves to torture me, doesn't she? Not that it takes much to crack me. In fact, I'm almost positive I called her a guitar sometime in the night. In my defense, her guitarness was probably very apparent at that point in time…

And that brings me to now. Where I'm standing outside her Common Room. I should probably get out of here before one of her Slytherin friends come and hex me…wait. She never told me her name. She told me to GUESS. But I'm no good at guessing games. I'm bound to never find out her name.

And like that, the light goes off in my head. Well, Al, we will just have to change that, won't we?



"Rosie!" I found her in the library, as was to be expected. She shhh-ed me and scowled. Like, 'Who dares disrupt my studying time?' Excellent question, Rosie. The answer is: your favoritest cousin, Al!

"Oh, Rosie, don't you shush me. I've had a confusing day so far. Besides, I'm your favoritest cousin!" She gives me this sarcastic smile. Ooh, hurtful. "Al, stop skipping and singing. We already have one Fred and we don't need another." I happily ignored her (Merlin, I am becoming Fred, aren’t I? Noooo!) and pressed on in pursuit of answers. First things first: my missing prefect buddy. I want to know who she is so I can know if I can evade her again. “I have a question, Rose, and only you can answer it.” Dramatic pause. “Who is-" insert another pause "-Alicia Santos-Rodriguez?”

Rose blinked. “We don’t have an Alicia Santos-Rodriguez.” Wait, what? “We do have an Alicia Santos-Ramirez.” Oh, okay. “Tell me about her.”

Rose’s words rushed like a dam bursting. “Well, she’s a sixth-year Slytherin. Her best friends are Dom and Scorpius Malfoy, and she’s really quiet but I heard her and Dom talking about her going to the Olympics. She’s an American, and she’s a straight-O student and she just might beat me out for Head Girl next year, which I just couldn’t stand and I think she doesn’t like me.”

How many breaths did you count for that rant? I didn’t catch any, you?

Hm. I’ll have to see about that one later. Onto the next, far more pressing question…”Do you know anyone who is short, has this weird smile-but-not, and doesn’t play Quidditch?” I remember that from last night, she said she doesn’t follow it. She said she spends her time training, but she didn’t elaborate so I didn’t ask. “Oh, and is a girl. From America. In our year. And is a Slytherin.”

Rose gave me this funny little look. “Why do you want to know?” I gave her my pleading face, the one I learned from Fred. I’m really not like Fred, usually. Just when The Girl is the topic of discussion. “I’ll tell you, I promise!” Rose sat back in her chair and looked at me and waited. And waited. “Are you going to tell me, or not? Because I have serious studying to do if I’m going to catch up to Alicia.”

“Oh, you meant now? I meant later. But you can still give me an answer.” She rolled her eyes. “Fine. The only Americans are Alicia and Hannah Goldstein, and Alicia is the only one in Slytherin.” Oh… so I have inadvertedly acquainted myself with the very fit (I DIDN’T MEAN IT, I SWEAR) archenemy of my cousin? Who also happens to be my patrolling buddy? I swear, this would have to be one of the weirdest days of my life. Only way it would get weirder would be if Fred walked into the library wearing a neon pink mankini and a feather boa. But then, he would totally do that.

Shaking the thought from my head, I leapt up from the table and darted out the door. “Bye Rosie,” I called behind me. I almost crashed into someone tall…upon closer inspection, I could see it was Fred. Wearing a neon green mankini. Dear Merlin. You know that thing where a person says they don’t think things could get worse, unless [insert awkward moment] happens? I’m pretty sure that’s what just happened.

“Hello Fred. Your looking particularly…interesting today.” He grinned and nodded. “Is Rosie in there? I want to show her my new outfit! Don’t you like it?” I nodded. Rose will have a fit when she sees him. He grins again and skips into the library. I maintain that I am not like him. At all.

When I am halfway down the hall, I hear Rose’s screech of horror from the library. Nope. I am definitely more sane. And far better looking.



I woke up the next day with a smile on my face. The sun is shining high in the sky, today there are raspberry muffins, and The Girl’s name is Alicia Something-or-Other. It’s a good day.

I went down to breakfast early, humming to myself. I hadn’t seen The Girl (I’ve decided that her name just doesn’t fit her) during yesterday’s classes, but today I had DADA with the Slytherins. Maybe I’d see her then. It was funny; I usually resented the classes I had with the Slytherins. They were really mean… actually, looking back on it, they usually stuck together. They didn’t talk to anyone outside their little groups, except to make the rare snide comment at the teacher.

Maybe The Girl is right. Slytherins haven’t done anything to me. They don’t do much in general. Maybe they aren’t so bad.

Or maybe she’s biased. She is a Slytherin, after all.

I swaggered down into the Great Hall, where there was a lone Puffer, a couple of Claws hunched over parchment, and ‘lo and behold… The Girl was sitting alone at the Slytherin table. Victory. So I swaggered (think: bossness) over to where she sat reading a thick book that took up the width of the table. I slipped onto the bench directly across from her. “Hey,” I said in my suavest voice. She didn’t even look up. I waited.

She turned the page.

I waited some more.

She turned another page. I sighed loudly.

Pause. And then-

She turned another page.

I was halfway through a second sigh when she finally decided to show she heard me. Without looking up, she muttered, “If you don’t have anything to say, I think you should either go the fuck away or start talking.”

“Snappy,” I said, trying to stay cool despite her dismissal.

“Yes,” she said curtly, and snapped her book shut. She looked up at me and you could see despite the stoicism of her face, her eyes were positively on fire with annoyance. “Is there a problem?” It was a challenge. I decided to back down before she attacked me.

I sighed resignedly. “I just wanted to say… I figured out your name.”

She stared at me for a moment before muttering monotonously. “Good.” She reopened the book. Turned another page.

“So… Alicia is it?”

She still didn’t look up. “Lici.”


She looked up again. “Call me Lici. No one calls me Alicia anymore.” She turned back to her book. I made another attempt at conversation.

“Does that have anything to do with the sister and the mother and the strange blanket?” She smiled into the book. It was the first time I’d ever seen her smile like that. I liked it. It was pretty. She was pretty. I wondered why I’d never noticed her before this year.

“Pedro the Blanket is not strange,” she replied calmly, looking up at me again. She moved to get up now, gathering the book up in her arms. “As for the sister and the mother,” she smirked, “I guess you’ll just have to wait til Thursday to find out.” Then she was gone again, leaving me behind to watch her shrinking back.

I groaned and slammed my head on the table. She was a tease, a horrible, terrible tease. She hadn’t even done much this time, she was just being all…teasy. It was too damn early for me to be dealing with this on a Saturday morning. And yet here I was, laying on the Slytherin table at seven in the morning. Speaking of such, I had to get out before any of them decided to beat me up or kill me or something.

I rose to get up, only to realize The Girl (or Lici, which didn’t quite fit her) had left a couple of her books behind. Big, heavy books, mind you, that I was going to have to carry for her until Thursday because I was willing to bet that she wouldn’t take them before then.

I groaned again, lugging the books into my arms. I swear, the things I do for this girl. As I shifted them in my arms, I noticed the title of the one on the top: Women’s Boxing: Rules Around the World (Volume I). The second one was Volume II of the same book. Why would she be interested in that?

I would ponder it, but the books were getting heavy. I began my trudge back to my dorm.



A/N: Soooo…What do we think? Next chapter’ll be in Lici’s POV again. Don’t expect a fast update, though: the next chapters are going to take serious planning. And if you think Lici’s going to tell anything about her past to Al, well… Wait and see.

While you wait for the update, you know, you could read OTDSOTM or Fancie. If you, you know, have time.

Lots of luuurve,

May 9 edits


So I play a ridiculous amount of softball, right? My club team added two more practices a week and in-town softball started up and that's another practice twice a week. Not to mention the other crap that has decided to attach itself to my plate- I love softball, but it's sort of taking over my life. Writing should pick up during the summer, but I have tournaments every other week starting tomorrow. I apologize to those who wanted an update, but it ought to get better from here!


Wish me luck for tomorrow. Our team is a little average for a club team.


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