“Hermione.” he breathed quietly pulling up his childhood best friend and once upon a time lover. She was still as lovely as ever, skin that could rival that of a porcelain doll's and eyes that were of the richest honey, his heart contracted deep within his chest as he remembered their last encounter.

“Oh, Eric its been so long.” she cried wrapping him a bone crushing hug.

“Yeah too long.” he whispered hugging her back and taking in the feel of her body against his. She felt... right, the way her hips felt against, how he could feel her heart fluttering in her chest and the way her head rested just below his chin.

“I’m sorry, I got wrapped up in life.” she replied resting her head over his heart. Eric shivered she felt so soft against him.

“I could tell, congrats on the whole fashion thing by the way.” he replied utterly entranced by her cinnamon smell, he vaguely remembered that the last time he hugged her she had smelled of lavender.

“Thanks, I also noticed you made it huge in the soccer world my dear friend.” she replied not ending the hug.

“Yeah Manchester signed me on about two years ago.” he replied glad she had been keeping tabs on him.

“Yeah, best goalie in the world. I read the article about you, I was glad that you had achieved your dream.” she sighed, this was to much like a dream. “ So what are you doing back here?”

“Taking a two week vacation.” he replied stiffly. “What about you?” he asked trying to get his voice back to normal.

“Getting away from the pressures of the high fashion industry.” she replied breaking the hug so she could get a good look at his face.

Eyes so blue they looked like they had been ripped from the sky, golden hair that gleamed in the sun, he was tall at least 6”7 or taller, tanned skin and a muscular body. The only difference he seemed to have accumulated was the 4 o clock shadow on his face.




“Wow I’ve missed these cookies, I need to get out more.” Eric said as he sat at the wooden table made by Hermione's grandfather.

“I know this was probably one of the many things I missed when I moved out.” Hermione sighed taking a giant bite out of the chocolate chip cookies. He watched as she took slow deliberate chews enjoying the taste of the rich cookies.

“You know Hermione, I wonder if you're still half the tom boy you used to be 4 years ago.” he teased downing an entire mug of warm milk.

“I'll let you know that I can still kick your sorry arse in 1 minute flat.” she replied haughtily.

“Is that so?” he asked lifting his eyebrows.

“Yes.” she replied without faltering.

“Then I challenge you right here right now.” he challenged his eyes bright with the challenge.

Hermione's face blanched, finally some emotion had been displayed on her ever passive face. “Well, um we-we cant right here because because we'll break the table or vase.” she said with a winning grin.

“Then lets wrestle outside.” he asked the beginnings of a smirk creeping onto his mouth. Narrowing her eyes and placing her most determined expression on her beautiful face she tossed her silky tresses back and stood.

She uttered only two words with deathly confidence, “I accept.”



Standing outside in the brisk autumn wind they gave each other vicious grins as they stood apart from each other.

“On the count of three we begin.”

“Why three?”Hermione asked.


“Is that as high as you can count?”


“Wow, playing soccer must have dumbed you down big time.” she said with a smirk.

“Three.” he said launching himself at her and coming up empty, his hurried momentum rushed forward as she stuck her foot out tripping him, causing him to eat it. Growling playfully he jumped to his feet.

“Is that all you gonna give me Mi?” he asked launching himself at her again.

“No, but if you insist.” she said with a grin dashing across the lawn and closing her eyes, he took this moment to charge and once again she had danced out of his reach and tripped him. Pulling himself up to his feet, he allowed her to charge first. He never saw what hit him.


Hermione launched herself onto his back wrapping her legs around his hips and screaming, “Giddy up horsey!” Eric grinned and tried shaking her off, but this girl had legs of steel, she giggled in joy as he ran down the block trying to knock her off.

“Alright get your heavy arse off me, my back is hurting.” he groaned faking pain in his lower back.

“Alright old man.” she teased nimbly jumping off his back to walk next to him.

“Hey! I am not that old I’m only 25.” he said feigning a hurt expression.

“Yeah and I’m only 22 so in my world you are oolllld.” Hermione replied dragging out the syllables in old.

“Well I guess you cant fight with logic like that kid.” he retorted with a triumphant grin.

“I'd rather be called a kid than an old man.” she said with a grin running down the street back towards her gran's house. “2 pounds I’ll beat you to my grans house, on my mark, get set, go!” she cried running off towards the cheerful yellow house with white trim.



“HA you just made me 2 pounds richer.”

“So it wasn’t my fault the rock appeared out of nowhere.”

“So it wasn’t my fault I decided to take advantage of the moment.”

“So at least I still made it two seconds after you did.”

“So at least I won, sore loser.” he teased pinching her cheeks. She gave a laugh before taking off her shoes and stepping inside the cozy cottage.

“Whatever here are your two pounds.” she said digging the money out of her pocket and handing it over to him.

“Thank you my fair maiden.” he said giving her a mock bow.

“Your welcome my lord.” she replied curtsying.

“So before I go, I’m gonna go for quick run tomorrow morning would you like to join me and then have some breakfast?”

“depends what time?”

“How about 7 am sharp?” he offered leaning in the doorway.

“Hm, sounds a bit early.”

“I will wait for you until 7:10 make up your mind by them love.” and with that he walked off towards his mum's house, neither noticed the figure in black that had stalked them the moment they left the house.



Gaston Dequincy shrouded himself in the shadows watching his prey, studying its every move, getting ready for an attack that would turn him into the next dark lord. All he had to do was murder the beautiful, pure, gentle creature who had no idea of his existence.

Gaston did not have the prettiest face or most remarkable features, in fact he was terrifyingly repulsive with slick greasy hair that feel around his hunched shoulders, red eyes were pillowed within his eye sockets and he was perhaps the size of two house elves stacked one upon the other.

He had a goal, it was a simple goal, the same his master had had so many years ago, but this time he would succeed where his master did not, and he would begin by killing the purest of the pure. His heart's desire was to pick up where his master had left the deed unfinished.

Gaston was so close to being like him, he had finally severed all emotions from himself except for two, love and hatred.



With a small sigh Hermione walked upstairs to shower and help her gran prepare dinner. She soaked in a bath for a while enjoying the feel of the water around her, she felt so at peace it was a feeling she wondered she would ever feel again. But you did feel it when you were all wrapped up in Draco’s arms. Her mind reminded of her of the night Draco had rescued her from Viktor she shuddered as she felt the mark Viktor had left upon her cheek reappear momentarily. Shaking her head she pushed the memory out of her mind and another resurfaced.

I cant believe you Hermione! You have no boundaries! Dancing with Slytherins and putting them in your show! You should be ashamed! I cant believe I ever loved you! Ugh! You are a selfish bitch Hermione, you are incapable of love.

Letting out a cry Hermione got out of the bath and toweled off wiping away the painful memories. Pulling on an oversized pink shirt and pajama pants, she shuffled downstairs to the kitchen where grandmother was.

“Grannie?” Hermione asked slipping into the term she had used for her grandmother as a child.

“Yes baby?”

“I want you to erase my memories.” Hermione whispered.

“What why dear?” she asked alarmed she had not seen this coming.

“Because it hurts way too much, I never wanted to feel this way, I never wanted to feel so confused or heartbroken.” she replied tears brimming from her large doe like eyes.

“Dear, heartbreak is just another part of life, its a part of growing up.” her granny said hugging her favorite grandchild. “And we cant just erase it.”

“Please Grannie, I cant handle it anymore.” she pleaded allowing the tears to cascade down her face.


“Please Grannie! Please I don’t want to feel this pain anymore.” Hermione begged falling to her knees and hugging her grandmother's knees.

“Oh Hermione dear, let us talk it out.” she began trying to help the distraught child back to her feet.

“No no no! I don’t want to talk!” Hermione pouted feeling stressed out, and hurt that her own grandmother didn’t want to help her out.

“Alright, then lets make a deal.” she offered

“What is it?”

“You give it until the end of next week, and if it doesn’t get any better than I promise I will erase every memory you want me to get rid of.” she offered.

Hermione remained in a pained silence before sticking out her hand.

“alright then until the end of next week.” she said sticking out her pale hand.



Hermione woke up the next morning feeling terribly ashamed for taking the cowardly way out last night, but she knew she could never live with the pain of being so broken for the rest of her life. Pulling her hair up into a ponytail she pulled on a tank top and running shorts, she had twenty minutes to get out to their usual meeting spot.

Jogging down to the park she put on a mask that blurted out, “I AM CONFIDENT AND HAPPY! SO DO NOT MESS WITH ME!” she checked her watch it was 2 minutes till 7:10, she had to hurry and it was to dangerous to apparate there because so many people were awake around this time.

Going on a full out sprint she made it to their spot, and he wasn’t there. Doing a quick tracking spell she found that he was a three minutes sprint away, taking a deep breath she launched herself in his direction determined to catch up to him before he reached a sprint. As she reached the summit of a flat hill she saw him about 50 meters ahead of her, looking around to make sure no one was near she snapped her fingers and he fell as he was hit by the jelly leg jinx, but with another snap of her perfectly manicured fingers his fall was cushioned by simple cushioning charm.

“ERIC!” she cried running towards the blonde who had just up and dusted and was already going back to running, with an angry shriek Hermione raced after him using a couple of spells to help her on the way she finally caught up to him and jumped him.

“Bloody hell!” he cried as he collided back onto the grass, it took him a few seconds to realize that the reason for both his falls was right on top of him.

“Hello to you too.” Hermione replied standing up and brushing herself off.

“You're late.” he said flatly picking himself up and giving her a glare.

“No, you left three minutes early.” Hermione argued pointing to her watch.

“I thought you weren’t going to come.” he replied angrily.

“How could you think that?” Hermione asked astounded.

“You know I don’t like waiting.” he finished determined to win this argument.

“But you gave me your word that you would wait until it was 7:10.” Hermione whispered her bottom lip quivering and her large brown eyes misted over with held back tears.

“Well, I you you should have told me you were coming.” he shot back.

“Why would I need to tell you if you gave me a choice?”

“So I wouldn’t have to wait in vain.”

“If you didn’t want to wait in vain then you should have called me!”

“I didn’t bring my phone!”

“And whose fault is that?”

“Yours because I don’t have your number.”

“Then you should have called my gran!” she exploded finally the water works began to fall down her soft skin and her bottom lip quivered sadly.

“Do-dont cry Hermione! Please don’t your your right I should have called I was just being selfish, please don’t cry Mia.” he begged pulling the crying woman into his strong goalie's arms.

“Hermione please, don’t don’t cry.” he pleaded tilting her chin up and he was filled with mock anger as he noticed she had the beginnings of a smirk creeping up at the edges of her pink lips.

“Gotcha” she whispered in his ear running off towards the sun.



his prey was unnaturally good with a wand for a mudblood and he noticed that she seemed to have some sort of training in the arts of fighting due to the fact that she had taken down the grown man whom she called Eric.

He studied her movements and wrote them all down in a little notebook with every single detail he had managed to glean about to girl.

-shoulder length, wavy brown hair with golden high lights

-honey brown eyes

-a small nose could be considered button nose

- male relationships

-Ronald Weasley

-Viktor Krum

-Draco malfoy

-harry potter

-Eric ?

^female relationships

^ Ginny Potter

^Luna Lovegood

^Lavender Brown

^Pansy Parkinson soon to be Pansy Finnegan

^Narcissa Malfoy

^ old hag


*bites lower lip

*twirls hair around index finger

So far that was all the information he had to attain of the his prey that seemed of importance. He did not care for the music she indulged herself in or the books she read, he only cared for the things that could prove hazardous to himself.

Bending down on his knees he sent a prayer to his master the supreme lord above all who could cheat even death. Vladimir Muerte, an immortal god. Who no one even knew if he truly existed or not, but to Dequincy his master was extremely real, he sent voices beautiful voices to sing him to sleep at night, voices that would make the angels of heaven jealous. And his master told him if he wanted to bring him to a corporeal existence he would have to kill the purest of the pure and drain her blood upon his altar.



“You have to protect her, this man is a known schizophrenic he's killed twenty-five people already, all of them muggle borns and half bloods. And she is next he's left all sorts of clues as to who his next victims are to be.” Mr. Number 1 Asshole or Mr. Johnson as he liked to be called briefed Harry and Draco.

“And how do you know Hermione is next?” Draco asked skeptically, if anything they should be the ones protecting the poor bloke who dared cross Hermione while she clearly said not to bother her during her vacation. But it wasn’t as if they could since she hadn’t told anyone where she was presiding at over the next few weeks.

“He left this message over his last victim.” Mr. Johnson said gravely pushing a file of pictures towards the two young aurors. With a quick flick of his hand Draco pulled the “evidence” out of the file and nearly threw up when he saw the photographs. They were horrible the first picture was of a mangled body manacled to a wall, and right where their heart should have been was an empty gaping hole.

Picking out another picture he saw a plain white wall, but the gruesome part about this was that on the wall HJG was painted onto the wall in a red blood like paint, well at least he hoped it was blood and discarded on the floor was a human heart.

“Alright, I guess that’s enough.” Draco said shoving the pictures back towards his boss.

“But how are you so sure its Hermione who is next?” Harry asked still looking at the pictures.

“There are only four people in the wizarding world who have the initials HJG who are muggle born or half bloods, the other three are already being taken care of, but you must not tell Hermione of the danger she is in or she will surely try to stop him and this man is extremely dangerous.” Mr. Johnson said gravely.

“Well Hermione is dangerous too, but I guess we still have to protect her.” Harry said taking the file with all of the information the ministry had managed to glean about the poor bloke who was in for the beating of a life time from two very very over protective friends and a raging fashionista bookworm who knew every spell known to man.  



So how about that Gaston character, you'll see alot more about him in the next chapter and his creepy master too stay tuned!


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