“Rosie, you have an owl.” Lucy informed me one sunny Wednesday morning. I had been nineteen for two weeks, and had so far managed to escape grey hair and nasty wrinkles, so all was well. I glanced up from my fruit salad, to the short, ginger coloured owl sitting on Lucy’s shoulder. My cousin reached to untie my letter from its extended leg, and with a doleful hoot, it flew back out the open window.

“Catch.” Lucy said, throwing the envelope at me. I quickly snatched it out of the air, and tore it open. The parchment inside was covered in a messy, capitalized writing, and signed by Eddie. I read from the top, my brow furrowed.


Yo, Rose-Dog,

You may not recall, but during the process of our date at La Praline, you told me that you would consider working at the Ministry if I found you a job (lazy bugger).

And I have! Found you a job, that is. It’s not much – simply a secretary, office type of thing – but at least you’ll be getting regular work, and regular pay. My boss would still like to have a look at your resume, but he said that he knows your mother, and that he would be happy to have you work in our department.

I know, it’s nothing fancy, and if you don’t like it after a couple of days, feel free to leave. But at least give it that – a couple of days. You may come to like it! Somehow. Maybe. Plus, we can make-out in the broom cupboard during our lunch break, so that’s a bonus.

Write me with your reply, and slip your resume in there too, if that’s possible. I hope you don’t send me some snarky response along the lines of ‘in your dreams’. That would break my heart and soul.

Other than this exciting piece of news, how are things? Any luck with The One of the Shining Hair? I was quite taken by Penelope, but don’t worry, there’s nothing to be jealous about. I would very much like to see you soon.

My sister is no longer staying with me, too. Just so you know (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Alright, enough hints from me. Reply with hast, dear one!

- Eddie


“Rose-Dog?” Lucy was reading my letter over my shoulder. “That’s true love, right there.” She sighed, placing a hand on her heart. I folded the parchment up, eyebrow raised.

“Spoken to Cedric recently?”

“Shove off.”

I finished off my fruit salad, thinking about Eddie’s note. How would I feel about working in the Ministry? Did I really need to? Did I even want to?

I didn’t know the answer to those questions, and figured that the one way to find out was to take up Ed’s offer. So once I had finished my breakfast and washed my bowl, I retreated to my room to scribble Eddie a response. I borrowed Ivy’s owl to send it off, and proceeded to get ready for work. I was rostered at the Three Broomsticks today, and then due at the Malfoys’ tonight. A firm desk and a consistent work schedule seemed pretty desirable in that moment.




Eddie replied to my letter the next day, telling me that if I was up for it, I could start next Monday. We decided to grab a coffee in the morning before I began, so that he could explain to me what I should and shouldn’t do, what the main purpose of my job was, and how to impress his boss.

Come Monday, I got up bright and early and dressed carefully. Ivy had informed me the night before that I could not, in fact, show up to work in my flaking green doc martens, so it was with a sad heart that I borrowed a pair of boring black pumps from the healer-to-be. To go with the dreary shoes was a plain dark blue dress and stockings. My hair was up. I felt old.

“Look at our little Rosie, all grown up.” Al cooed, as I nursed a mug of coffee in the kitchen. I glared at him from over the rim of my glass.

“Cheer up, dear, it’s not so bad.” Ivy said softly, passing me a chocolate croissant. I took it gratefully.

“I am cheerful. If I were not cheerful, I wouldn’t be taking the job. I think I’m just nervous.”

“That’s normal.” Al said firmly, with a wise nod of the head. “You’ll be over it by the end of the day, trust me. Now, are you ready to go?”

I quickly gulped down the last of my coffee, nodding. Al and I said goodbye to the others, and after I had pulled on my coat and rushed back to my room for my bag, we made our way outside. I was still planning on meeting up with Eddie, so my cousin and I parted ways outside our flat. Al wished me luck as he walked off, and said that if I needed anything, I could find him on the second floor.

I really did loved that bugger, despite his strange ways.




“Good Morning, Miss Weasley. We’re looking very professional today.”

“Shut it.” I grumbled at Eddie, sliding into the booth beside him. I ordered an orange juice from the waitress behind the bar. “Now, debrief me, my friend. I will make many mistakes anyway, but I would prefer to know which ones to never do again.”

Ed grinned at my comment, and ran a hand through his shock of crimson hair. “First off, I advise you not to set the boss’s beard on fire. I can assure you, this will not-

Real advice, you twat!” I admonished, nudging him in ribs. “Come on, I’m waiting.”

Eddie grinned and leant over to place a kiss on my cheek. “You’re beautiful when you scowl, my dear.” He told me, winking. I just rolled my eyes. “So! Real advice. Here we go…”


He did give me some good tips that morning. I put them to use, too, and managed to get yelled at only thrice that first day. It was hard to get it wrong, really, with the work I was doing. It basically consisted of sitting behind a desk for most of the day (unless I was fetching someone coffee) and sorting through scrolls and letters and other such gripping stuff.

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it – it wasn’t exactly thrilling work – but it did take a lot of the stress off my shoulders. Eddie’s department was very relaxed, and my boss was a funny, relatively easy going guy who seemed to have a slight infatuation with my mother (weird? Yes) but who let me nibble on chocolate during working hours so…

After two weeks worth of trial, I was given a permanent schedule – four days a week, Monday to Thursday. With a (slightly, not really) heavy heart I quit my jobs at The Three Broomsticks and Flourish’s, and cut my shifts at the Leaky Cauldron back to one night a week. I still babysitted when needed, though this happened to be less often these days – now that I no longer had to worry about bumping into Malfoy there, go figure.

It didn’t take me long to settle into the steady routine of a Ministry job. I began to like getting up to coffee in the mornings, before joining the throng of witches and wizards cueing up outside the public toilets. I became accustomed to the setting of Level 3, to my little desk, to my colleagues and their quirky habits. It was nice to see Eddie regularly, though our relationship was slowly becoming more and more platonic. I still had a bit of a soft spot for him, but mostly, we were now friends… with the occasional benefits of a snog in front of a movie or blank wall. Or closed office door. Or park bench.

Friends, I tell you!

Time passed, and not much changed. Either I – or my mother – had a made good impression on my boss, because after four months of working in the Reversal Squad, I had earned myself a slight promotion. It wasn’t much, it simply allowed me to get a bigger desk, more paper to sift through, and slightly larger sums of money deposited in my vault. Even still, my pay was nothing special, but I made do.

During this time, Ivy was continuing on with her studies (and her top marks. The girl was a genius) and Al, now a mature lad of twenty, had almost finished his Auror training. Lucy, also, was doing well. Her and Cedric had become official boyfriend and girlfriend, as Lucy informed us one night in a semi excited, semi terrified voice.

But on average, things remained much the same. I was still the only able bodied cook in our entire flat. Lucy still swore like a sailor with dyslexia and sported her silver tights whenever possible. Al still cause us to question his sexuality on a daily basis, and my brother was almost finished his last year of school (Merlin help us). Vic and Teddy had also been gifted with a small, decidedly Weasley baby girl named Nymph.

Malfoy, I had been seeing less of. We passed each other in the hallway (exchanging nods and smiles, which was strange yet welcome) and he had come over for dinner on the odd occasion, but other than that, he was barely around. We still maintained a kind of mocking friendship, which suited us fine as long as we didn’t spend too much time alone. Despite the rules my brain normally followed, this lessened contact did not make me like him any less. But I was coming to terms with it, though I was still keen to avoid all communication with him. Although, Merlin forbid, I was actually becoming accustomed to the butterflies and the urge to stroke his face.

So all was going splashingly, until one morning, I was summoned to my boss’s office.

“What’s this about?” I asked Amy, a fellow lower ranker. She had been the one to give me the message. Amy turned around to shoot me a small smile.

“He didn’t say. You haven’t done something silly again have you?”

I blushed. “No, I think everybody is safe from poisoning this time.” I smile slightly, wincing at the memory. I had baked the office a cake for a colleague’s birthday, and had somehow managed to confuse the jar of ground asphodel with a jar of self-raising flour. The results had not been pretty, my friend.


My boss’s name was Aldron Squash, and yes it was a strange thing to be called. He was a cheery man with a large moustache to match his large stomach, and when I stepped into his office, he smiled warmly at me.

“Weasley!” He greeted, gesturing at the chair in front of his desk. He was dressed in a lime green robe of silk. Yes, silk. “How are you going? Good! I’m feeling jolly myself. Now listen, I have a favour to ask of you.” He said all this very fast, before I could respond.

I sat down, and asked him what he wanted.

“Do you recall that case you were working through a couple of week ago?” Squash began, stroking his bountiful facial hair, “The one from Louth? About the fireplace that was sending people to Africa, or turning them into monkeys… Yes?” I nodded. That had been a very strange case, and had not yet been resolved.

“Well, it has just escalated. There is now a public fireplace issuing the same symptoms, and we have about twenty unfortunate wizards in St Mungo’s because of it all. It’s a great kerfuffle, Weasley, it really is. The Floo Department has contacted me, and we are going to have to go up there and do something about it ourselves.”

“I have some papers on it, still, if you want them Mr Squash.” I told the man. “Would they help?”

“Of course, of course…” Squash trailed off, flapping his hand about in the air. “But I was actually meaning to ask you if you wouldn’t mind going up  there. I can’t find anyone else who has the time, and Bennett is having his liver removed. It won’t be too complicated, and the Floo Department is sending one of their men to help you out. You will be leaving in three days, I think.”

“Three… Oh, sure.” I said, trying to mask my surprise. I was confused. I had been working in this place for five months only, I was still sometimes called upon to fetch coffee! There must be a multitude of people more skilled than me to be sent up there, this made no sense. But I didn’t want to contradict my boss. So I agreed, and asked for details.

“All the fireplaces in Louth have been blocked for safety reasons, so you will have to travel there another way.” He began, frowning at his desk. “The journey is still being organized. There are plenty of papers to sign, as sending people to Louth by any kind of magic is technically illegal at the moment. Your accommodation will be paid for, of course. And you will be debriefed on how to handle the situation before you leave, and again when you get there. The young man they are sending from Floo Headquarters is much in the same boat as you.”

I nodded again, biting my lip. If they made me travel to Louth by muggle transportation, I was going to scream. “Who will be accompanying me?” I asked the man, smiling to mask my nerves. My boss frowned.

“They sent me a memo this morning…” He mumbled, rummaging around in the papers strewn across his desk. He pulled a little piece of folded purple paper out of the mess with a triumphant aha!

“You’ll be going with…” His eyes skimmed down the page. “A Mister Scorpius Malfoy. Oh, I know his father! Nice guy. Do you know him Weasley? Weasley? Are you quiet alright?”




“Here’s a paper bag, dear, breath through that.” Ivy extended to me the crumb filled bakery bag she had just pulled her apple tart out of, a kind expression in her eyes. I sent her a flat look.

“Scorpius. Out of all the people in the fucking Floo Department, they send Scorpius. How is that… what have I… Al, pass me the wine, please.” I reached for the bottle of red on the table, my eyes wide. I had gotten home from work only ten minutes ago, and had collapsed in a kitchen chair as soon as I had walked in. In the name of Merlin… No. I didn’t want to swear on Merlin anymore. Bloody git. I hated the guy.

“It’s just a work trip, Rosie.” Al said as he slid the bottle towards me. “And you and Scorp seem to be getting along better these days anyway.”

I took a long, thirsty gulp. “Doesn’t mean we can stand each other.” I muttered, shaking my head. Lucy was sitting on the kitchen bench, her eyes wide and understanding. She knew the real reason for my hyperventilation. Four days, with Scorpius. Who knew what I would do.

“And it’s not only that!” I slammed my bottle down on the table, making my three friends jump. “It’s the whole trip in itself. How am I supposed to go and fix this problem when all I’ve done is paperwork? I’m not qualified for this! Oh my goodness. I’m going to get turned into a monkey. And then Malfoy is going to sell me to the circus. This is the end for me, my friends.”

Ivy nibbled on the edge of her tart, surveying me silently. Al rolled his eyes, and Lucy stared at something most likely very fascinating out the window. My friends were so supportive. Good to know they cared.

“You need to stop worrying, love, and relax. It’s no big deal. You’ll be fine.” Al finally spoke up, and though his voice was gentle, I didn’t feel calm in the slightest.

“You always say I’ll be fine.”

“Because you will be.”

“You said that the first time I hopped on a broom.”

“And you were!”

“Al, I spent three weeks in the Hospital Wing!”

“Don’t focus in that part!”

“Guys, shut up!” Lucy interrupted, jumping off the bench. We turned around to stare at her. “This is ridiculous. Rose, you worry too much. Al, you don’t worry enough. Ivy, that tart is looking fucking good.”

Ivy smiled, and gave her friend a bite. “She’s right, you know.” She agreed. “You’re a very smart witch, and if you let things run their course, it will turn out fine. Just trust that, Rosie.”

“Why are you all so wise today?” I sighed, throwing up my hands in annoyance. “You’re nineteen, not Buddha! I’m going to go do something.” I stood up, taking one last sip of wine as I did so.

“What are you doing?” Al asked me, prying the bottle out of my hands and pouring himself a glass. I frowned.

“I don’t know. I’m either going to the library or throwing myself into the Thames. I’ll decide on the way.”




A knock on my bedroom door drew me out of my book, and before I could say anything, Al and Ivy inched hesitantly into my room. I now had two days to go until I left for Louth, and as they were two days off work, I had been trying to occupy my mind as much as I could. I had been failing.

“Hey Rose.” Ivy said brightly, coming over and sitting on the edge of my bed. Al came over and sat down beside her, taking her hand in his. “What are you reading?”

“The Edible Witch.” I answered slowly, lowering my eyes into suspicious slits. “What’s going on? You guys look like you’ve just committed a crime”.

“Not exactly.” Al said, pushing his glasses up his nose. Ivy chewed on her lip. “But Iv and I were talking, about this trip of yours, wondering how we could make it easier for you…” I smiled warmly at the gesture, but their expressions were still reluctant. Ivy went on.

“We thought that it might do you some good to talk to Scorp, just to realize that it won’t be as hard as you think. Because you guys are a lot better than you used to be, trust me.” She paused. I frowned. “So… Al and I have invited him over for dinner tonight. I’m pretty sure he’s just as worried about this as you are, although being the suave, unfeeling human that he is he would never openly show it. Anyway. He’s coming over. Tonight.”

My heart sank at her words. I saw their two anxious expressions turned towards me, and my anger softened. But I still opened my eyes wide in shock.

“And your emphasise on Al and you… that was so I didn’t kill Lucy for this too, yeah?”

Ivy nodded, biting her lip. “This wasn’t her idea. But we would much appreciate it if you spared our lives, as well.” Al nodded furiously in agreement with her words.

I let out a small smile. “If you two weren’t so darn cute, you wouldn’t stand a chance.” I sighed. “But as it is, you are, so I forgive you. I can’t say I’ll actually venture outside my room tonight, however. And if you try to force me, I’ll hex you.”

“I’m an Auror.” Al pointed out smugly, pointing at his chest.

“And I’m an angry woman. I would beat you to a pulp.”

“Here’s the thing, Rosie,” Ivy continued, ignoring her boyfriend and I’s exchange. “You can’t stay in your room, because you need to be out with Scorp. Al and I won’t be home, see. And neither will Luc. She’s visiting her parents, remember? So it’ll just be you and Scorp, and even you couldn’t leave him alone in the sitting room.”

I gaped at them both, my brain still trying to figure out what she was implying. “Say it ‘aint true!” I exclaimed, closing my book with a snap. Al sent me an apologetic grimace.

“Can’t do that, love.” He told me softly. Ivy’s blue gaze pierced mine. I suddenly had the feeling that there was something else they weren’t telling me.

“What in Morgana’s name made you do this in the first place?” I asked them both warily. I was too tired to care, but too furious to ignore it. As a result, I was speaking with a rather aggressive flippancy.

“We just… wanted you to feel more comfortable around him. You know, for your trip.” Ivy answered, nodding enthusiastically. Al grinned, shuffling his feet.

“And?” I prodded. My two friends exchanged looks, their shoulders slumping.

“And we thought it might help him… fallforyou.” Al rushed the end of his sentence, staring at the ground, and despite his hurried tone, I understood him just right. His words made my stomach drop.

“Fall for… Ew! Yuck, why would I – that would… Lucy told you, didn’t she?”

My friends nodded guiltily.

“I don’t believe it.” I sighed, pulling a hand through my hair. I was less angry and more confused, than anything. If Lucy had to tell someone, I was glad it was these guys. Although, they could have reacted with better than a poorly disguised set-up.

“She didn’t mean to.” Ivy explained, matter of fact. “We were simply discussing this trip of yours, wondering what kind of crazy things you guys are going to do to avoid each other…”

“And then I made some silly joke about how your hatred was just to hid the love.” Al jumped in. “and Lucy turned to me wide-eyed and said ‘she told you?’”.

“Now naturally, we had to find out what it was she thought we knew.” Ivy went on.

“She caved in eventually.” Al finished, shrugging. “Don’t worry though, Rose, your secret is safe with us.”

I sat there staring at them for a couple of seconds, frowning. “Aren’t you surprised?” I asked them finally. They seemed very calm and accepting. I thought of how Lucy had reacted to the news.

“To be honest, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise.” Ivy said with a grimace. She was eyeing the book in my hands. I think she was expecting me to throw it at her. “Do you remember how much I hated Al for the first two years of school?”

“Yeah, but then you became friends, not lovers. That took you another three years.” I reminded her.

“Whereas I was always just hopelessly smitten.” Al sighed sadly, glancing at the ground. Ivy grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“He’s my bitch.” She told me solemnly.

“But seriously,” I said, “who goes from severe hatred to fancying in the course of two weeks?” I chewed on my lip, avoiding their gaze. I didn’t want them to see how much this worried me.

“Plenty of people. There’s a fine line between love and hate.” Al stated, with a waggle of his eyebrows. I shoved his shoulder lightly.

“Please stay tonight.” I pleaded, sending them both wide-eyed looks. “Please! What were you going to do, anyway?”

“Probably shag in the elevator.” Al said, glancing at Ivy, who nodded with a shrug. “Or go out for dinner. Either way.”

Our elevator?” I asked them, astonished and disturbed. They both nodded.

“It’s no big deal, Rosie.” Ivy told me. “We’ve done it-”

“No! No, I’d rather you leave for the rest of the night then have you finish that sentence.” I exclaimed, holding up a hand. My friends jumped up at my words.

“Ok!” Al agreed cheerily. “We’ll go. Now, if you must have the guy this very night, please take it to the bedroom.” He told me, his gaze serious. “We don’t want to be walking in on any kinky hate sex or anything…”

“There will be no sex.” I assured him, scowling. “Kinky or other. Now, if my puppy eyes cannot convince you to say, I guess you better get going. Just know that I hate you both.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and motioned towards my bedroom door with a jab of my chin. My cousins shot me two humbled looks before making their way out.

“There’s lasagne in the oven.” Ivy told me over her shoulder as she closed the door behind her.

Lasagna. Pfft. Bitch trying to charm me with her Italian goodness? See if I budge !




Now, despite my reproach towards my friends for what they had done, I was still – kind of, maybe – looking forward to my one-on-one with Scorpius. So much so, in fact, that I took a little extra care with my appearance.

Actually, it took me about half an hour to perfect an easy, just-threw-this-shit-on look that would appear casual yet sexy to the opposite sex. By the end of my ordeal I had settled with a loose cotton shirt with a couple of extra buttons undone (I was also wearing my sexy blue bra. I always felt seductive when wearing this thing) over a pair of old and paint-stained shorts. My hair was curled up in a haphazard way that took me about fifteen minutes to create along with six hair ties, twelve bobby pins and a pencil.

It was this or my silky red night shift that left my boobies on wide display, so thank your stars that I am of sane mind.

Or I can just thank my own stars, and you can leave yours alone. That’s cool too.

It was stuffy and hot in our apartment, despite the windows thrown open to the June night air.  I flicked our ancient ceiling fan on as I went out to wait – no, read – in the living room. My butterflies were going wild in my stomach. It was a freaking butterfly disco in there. I thought of jumping out the window instead of actually going through with this, but I had my blue bra on, so I had to stay.

One does not chicken out when wearing the blue bra.

The thought of bras led to me realize that I should have gone with none at all, but before I could slip it off in a moment of panic, there came a knock on the door. I stood to go open it, lifting a hand to the back of my neck, where a couple of red tendrils were sticking from sweat. Great. This is great.

“Hey Scorpius.” I greeted, when I opened the door to find him waiting outside. He was standing with his hands in his jeans pocket, dressed in a dark green shirt with buttons down the front. His hair was mussed and rumpled in an entirely too sexy way, and despite the heat and my need for a cold shower, I wanted to kiss him. A lot. I wanted to kiss him for hours and hours, on this doorstep, against that wall, on that couch. I wanted to push that shirt off his back and unzip those – well anyway. I wanted to do a lot of things I couldn’t.

“Heya.” Scorpius answered, smirking at me. “Where’s the rest of your troop?”

“Out.” I sighed, stepping aside to let him in. “Lucy’s with her folks and Al and Ivy are off shagging somewhere public. You’re stuck with me tonight.”

“The agony.”

“Keep that up and I won’t be feeding you.” I quipped, shutting the door. Scorpius was standing by the coat rack, his eyes on me. Me. He was staring at my chest, my legs, my neck, in a way that only other guys stared at them. I had two options: react, or pretend I hadn’t noticed.

“Before she left me alone to deal with your sorry arse, Ivy made us some dinner.” I stated brightly, heading towards the kitchen. “I hope you like lasagna, because it’s that or canned soup.”

Denial. Always go with denial.

“I thought you were a cook.” Malfoy said, following me into the kitchen. He took a seat in one of the wooden chairs, watching as I retrieved our meal from where it had been keeping warm in the oven. I felt very self conscious of every movement I made. Freaking blue bra. It was bloody useless, I’m telling you.

“And?” I riposted, placing the steaming tray on the table with a pair of floral oven mitts. “Just because you work in the Floo department doesn’t mean I expect you to floo everywhere, does it?” I mentally berated myself for mentioning his work. It was the last area of conversation I wanted to enter into at the moment. But if Scorpius’s mind made the same leap mine did, he didn’t mention it.

“That makes no sense, love.” He told me, rising to his feet. “Do you need some help?”

“Oh…” I stopped in my tracks, pushing a piece of hair out of my eyes as I glanced at him. It was even hotter in here with the oven open. Malfoy’s cheeks looked as flushed as mine felt. “Yeah, if you could just bring two plates and some cutlery out into the living room.” I gestured at the drawers. “I’ll get the food and drinks.”

I poured us a glass of cold lemonade each, and carried them out along with the lasagna, placing them on the coffee table next to the plates. Scorp was already seated, legs crossed over a velvet cushion. I knelt down across from him, and began to cut the lasagna, hoping that he would break this silence soon.

“Weasley, I can see down your shirt.”

I would have preferred silence. Silence would have been good.

“Don’t look, then.” I growled, my face flushing even more. Thank heavens I had decided to wear a bra after all. “Plate.” He held his plate out to me, smirking.

“You have nice boobs.”


“Oh, sorry. Breasts. You have nice breasts.”

“What is wrong with you?”

I was beet red by this stage. Half embarrassed, half outraged, and just a smidgeon turned on. Yes, that makes more than one hundred percent. I was feeling very overwhelmed.

“Oh, come on.” Malfoy rolled his eyes, placing his plate down in front of him and handing me mine. I dumped a slice of lasagna onto it in fuming silence. “Lighten up, dear, I was merely jesting. Your breasts are atrocious. Is that better?”

“Stop talking.” I stated indignantly, setting down the knife and crossing my legs. “Just stop talking.”

“I’m sorry.” The boy sighed, his eyes searching mine. I reluctantly held his gaze. “I forget that we aren’t as spiteful as we used to be. I’ll behave now, I swear. Tell me about work.” He smiled slightly, making my heart flutter, before I registered his words and froze.

“Wrong question.” I told him, with a pointed look. His eyes widened when he realized what I was talking about.

“Yes, that does seem like something we should ignore before it’s actually happening, doesn’t it?” He asserted, smiling wryly. I nodded.


“Well then, tell me about something else. Something interesting.”

“I think my cat has worms.”

“I have never been more enraptured in all my life.” Malfoy placed a hand on his heart, his smirk wide and mocking. I crossed my arms.

“Behave, remember?” I told him, matching his expression. “Now eat your food and shut up. You’re annoying me.”

Actually, I could not have felt less irritated.




A/N: So yes, during this uncoincidental and highly likely business trip, Scorpy and Rose will most likely get their snog on. About time, yeah? Trying to keep Eddie around a little still, I've kind of grown attached to him. And I'm also finding it strangely hard to make Scorpius and Rose have normale conversations. I'm so used to the bickering.
Now, let's say I have just whipped out the puppy eyes of doom and you feel the sudden urge to review ;)


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