I groaned as I felt myself coming to. My muscles ached as if I’d just run a marathon and my head was pounding. I flexed my fingers and my toes and was pleasantly surprised when they moved. Why was I surprised? What was I forget-

My head snapped up as I remembered the following night. My eyes found the steely grey ones of my capture and automatically narrowed. Draco sodding Malfoy.

“If this is a prank then it’s really not funny Malfoy.” I snapped at him, letting all of my anger and hatred magnify my voice. I had the brief satisfaction of seeing him flinch before he answered.

“Not a prank, a precaution. You should be thanking me really I mean I did just save your life.” Malfoy smirked at me and sat back in his chair.

We were sitting opposite each other in plain wooden chairs. I was being held to mine by some sort of spell by Malfoy, as when I tried to stand up I felt an invisible force shove me back down again. I practically growled in frustration. Perfect, just perfect. I was stuck to a chair being held captive by Malfoy in a creepy grey cottage of some sorts.

I snorted. “Saved me so you could kill me yourself?”

He sighed and glanced up at me between his eyelashes. “I’m not going to kill you Granger, and if I was don’t you think I would’ve done it already?”

“I was thinking you’d want to drag it out and torture me a bit first.” I glared at him, wishing he would just spontaneously burst into flames under my gaze.

“Hermione just listen to me.” Damn, no such luck. “I’ve got a letter from Harry that should clear things up and generally make this whole situation more believable.”

Malfoy peered up at me once more before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a piece of parchment. I finally took notice of his muggle clothes then: a plain fitted grey jumper, denim jeans and a pair of white high tops. He actually looked quite good in it.

Hermione! He’s kidnapped you! Don’t comment on how good he looks!

“Wingardium Leviosa.” Malfoy murmured the words and the piece of parchment gracefully floated over to me.




I know you must be upset and confused about this whole thing but trust me it’s necessary. Draco and I have been working together since the war (he’s really changed Hermione he’s not his father’s son anymore) and he’s found information from his father. Turns out the Death Eaters aren’t gone. In fact they’re coming back and Lucius is their new leader. He’s targeting you, me and Ron and then he plans on killing every muggle born witch or wizard in order to gain a ‘pure’ society of wizards. He hasn’t mentioned it but I reckon he’s going to go after half-bloods too and maybe even muggles themselves.

What I’m trying to say is you’re in danger, even more so than Ron and I because you’re a muggle born. Lucius plans on killing you first as an example and then moving on to the rest of us. He believes our deaths will cripple the wizarding world and make it easier for him to take control.

This is why you have to stay with Malfoy. Think about it, they’ll be expecting you to join Ron and me which is exactly why you can’t. I know you’ll want to Hermione I know but you’ve got to hide while we try to tackle the Death Eaters, and where better to hide than right under Lucius’ nose? Malfoy will keep you safe, just stay with him for a while.

I’ll try to speak to you soon. Ron sends his love.


Stay safe




Stay with Malfoy! While they’re out there risking their lives! Hell no!

“If Harry thinks I’m just going to sit here and let them risk their lives then he’s gonna have the shock of his life! There is no way I’m letting them go out there alone! I want to help! I want to fight! I can take care of myself!” I yelled grabbing the letter and scanning it once more. Well the whole kidnapping thing makes more sense but I still thought it was extreme. Plus I could take care of myself!

Malfoy snorted. “Clearly, that’s why you’re trapped to that chair at the mercy of moi.”

I wanted to hex that smirk right off his face. Glancing around the room I spotted my wand sat neatly on top of my cases about two meters away. Damn.

“Malfoy just let me go, I’ll be out of your hair and then I can go to Harry and Ron.”

“No can do Granger, look at your wrist.”

I slowly let my eyes travel down my arm to my right wrist before gasping in shock. Looped around my thin wrists was a beautiful, thin silvery rope. The delicate looking material twisted off into a longer rope of the same silvery material which was connected to Malfoy’s left wrist. He held up his arm to let me see that there was no knot, just a continuous connection of rope. My eyes widened and I immediately tried to pull it off my wrist. It was too tight, the rope was clearly charmed.

Oh god.

“We’re stuck together now Granger, for better or for worst.” Malfoys said while sounding all smug.

I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him!

He pointed his wand towards my chair and I felt the charm that was holding me there lift. I immediately leapt from the chair and rushed to my wand. I felt a hand close around my wrist and I was spun around to face Malfoy.

“Get off me!” I screamed as he pulled me close to him. I thrashed against him, smacking his arms and trying to yank my wrist out of his grip. I failed miserably. Malfoy grabbed my shoulder and held me still. I glared up into his grey eyes which were staring at me with a mixture of amusement and…….something else I couldn’t quite place. Hmm.

“If you try to apparate I will be dragged along with you. I will try to apparate back and we will both end up splinched. Understand?” He spoke clearly and calmly, and I hated him for it.

“Let me go!” I snarled.

“Not until you swear you’ll behave.” His eyes twinkled with mischief and humour. I felt my anger boiling in my stomach; I was going to explode any second now.

“No! You let me go right now!”

“Tut tut. Hermione you really should be reasonable. I’ll give you two choices. Number one: you agree to never try to escape from me and you allow me to keep a hold of your wand until I feel I can trust you not to try to kill me in my sleep. Or number two: I break your wand, tie you up and levitate you around with me with a constant muffiato spell in place. Choose wisely.” He smirked at me and squeezed my arms tight.

I glared at him, trying to call his bluff. He raised one brow at me, a silent question.

Are you willing to risk it?


I sighed and stopped resisting against his hold. “Number one.” I muttered, refusing to look him in the eye.

“Good choice.” He released me and moved over to grab my wand. I noticed the thread connecting us was almost elastic in that it stretched as Malfoy moved away and then seemed to gather itself up again so it was short when he came closer. Well, at least we wouldn’t be tripping over the damn thing constantly.

“Five meters.” I looked up at him then. He had my wand in his hand, which he promptly pocketed under my cold gaze. “The thread I mean, the most it’ll stretch is five meters.”

I glared at him coldly. Bound to Draco Malfoy. I was bound to Draco sodding Malfoy! Right then, I think I would have rather faced a thousand Death Eaters than his smug smile at my submission. I hate him!    

“Um, you might want to get changed into something warmer. We’ll be apparating to a new location in a minute.” Malfoy’s eyes travelled slowly and purposefully down my body and I realised I was still in my short pyjamas. I forced myself not to squirm under his gaze; I so wasn’t giving him the satisfaction.

Instead I looked him purposefully in the eye and strode over to where he stood. I let my face brake out in a slow (and hopefully seductive smile) before I leaned in close to his ear and whispered:

“Why don’t you take a picture Malfoy? It’ll last longer.” I smirked as I pulled back to take in his flushed cheeks.

He clenched his teeth and glared at me. “Don’t flatter yourself Granger.” He spat before storming out the door and, presumably, outside. I watched the thread easily pass through the wood of the door, as if it were a ghost.

I wanted to scream so badly! I felt as if I’d explode if I didn’t take my anger out on something. I kicked my case with as much force as I could muster.

Big mistake.

I sucked in a breath through my clenched teeth and hissed in pain.

“Stupid! Arrogant! Blonde! Ferret!” I screamed while hopping around holding my foot in my hands.

I heard a faint chuckle which made me seethe even more.

Okay Hermione deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Forcing myself to calm down I opened one of my cases and slipped into a pair of comfy jeans and a thick light blue wool sweater before pulling on my favourite light blue high tops. There was nothing I could do with my hair since my wand was no in the custody of snake boy himself. I grabbed my cases and dragged them outside.

“Ready?” He asked without looking at me.

“Where are we going?” I asked coldly, dropping the cases at my feet. Just because I had to go round with him didn’t mean I had to be nice to him.

He didn’t answer me for a long time. I looked around. We were in a huge field that seemed to stretch out in all directions. I think we were still in England, the small grey stone cottage behind us fitted with one you’d see in the English countryside anyway. I felt over exposed in such open spaces. My instincts from the war were screaming at me to find cover and quickly. I forced the feeling down and instead looked expectantly at Malfoy who was staring blankly off into the distance.

Slowly, he turned his head to look at me directly.

“I’m thinking Europe.” He held his hand out to me, which I took reluctantly.

“I speak some French.” I offered quietly.

“France it is.”

With that I felt myself being pulled through a tiny hole in space as we apparated, hand in hand.   

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