Draco's POV

"I can't believe this is actually going to happen. i mean i've been waiting for this for a long time."

"Yeah chill Blaise, is this what you going to be like when we get there? Cause if it is i'm taking both girls with me and leaving you."

"Very funny, i'm just a little exciting alright."

"I am to, but just chill a bit."

We reach the back wall and wish for the room to appear.

"Do you think they're already here?" Blaise asked seeming more calm.

"They should be."

Suddenly the entrance to the ROR appeared and we slip through the door. We stop and look around not beliefing our eyes, everyt hing was Gryiffindor, the walls were red, the carpets were red, the sofas, everything all Gryiffidor colours. I come back out of shock mode and my eyes land on Hermione as she has a huge smile on her face.

"Bloody hell, i'm not sitting in here when it's like this, it's just too much Gryiffidor." Blaise blutted out.

"Theres nothing wrong with it Blaise and it's going to stay the same." said Ginny now staring at Blaise, he just looked at her not seeming to be able to do anything else. I nudged his arm and he cleared his throat and walked forward a little.

"Hey Draco." said a quiet voice from the other side. I looked over to her and sighed.

"Hello lovely." I said walking over to her and sitting down beside her on one of the sofas. She smiled up at me making my heart flutter slightly. I looked back up at Blaise him still standing in the same place he was. "Blaise sit down." He walked over and sat down next to Ginny making sure he wasn't to close to her. I smiled at him breifly before turning my attention back to Hermione.

"So how are you?" I asked her with a smile.

"I'm okay." she said leaning in a little bit closer and whispering "Ginny was a little nervous about coming here i think it was because of Blaise." she said smiling.

I leaned forward so i was right by her ear and whispered. "Blaise was the same although he was rather excited but now i think he's went into his quiet mode." She laughed and turned her attention back to Ginny and Blaise.

"What are you to whispering about?" Ginny asked a little annoyed.

"Nothing Gin honest." Hermione lied.

"I know when your lying Hermione Granger don't forget that."

Hermione suffled in her seat a little and turned back to me.

"So what are we all going to do?"

"Well i was thinking we could sit and talk or we could play a game."

"Oh yeah we should play a game." Ginny busted out of now where.

"Okay what game?"


"How about truth or dare?" Blaise said finding his voice again.

"Great idea Blaise." Ginny said to him with a smile making him turn the same shade as the walls.

"Truth or dare it is then, hows going first?"

"I will." Ginny said. "We should just go around, so i'll go first then Blaise, you Draco then Hermione kay."

"Yeah sure."

"Okay..uh..Hermione truth or dare?"

"Umm....truth to start."

"Okay....Who is your secret crush?"

My eyes went straight to her 'please say me' 'please say me'.

"Uhh...I don't have one unless to count celebrities."

"Blaise your turn."

"Uh right. Draco truth or dare."


"Alright i dare you to kiss Hermione." I looked at Blaise for a minute not sure if i wanted to punch or kiss him, then my attention turned to Hermione."Is that okay with you?"

"Draco it's a dare, it's fine." I smiled at her and leaded back into her cupping her cheek in my hand and running my other through her hair. placing my lips on hers for a gentle yet full kiss. Oh god i'm in heaven nobody pinch me. She pulled away quite quick and looked up at me, i smiled and dropped my hands.

"Okay Draco your turn."

"Blaise truth or dare."


"Kiss Ginny." I said plainly at him. He turned to Ginny and she just smiled at him, he pushed himself closer to her and gave her soft kiss but instead of pulling away he made it deeper trapping Ginny to the sofa.

"Blaise....Blaise....BLAISE." i yelled at him and he sat up again still watching Ginny,i could her Hermione snot beside me.

"Sor...sorry Ginny i didn't mean to go that far."

"It's okay i didn't exactly try to stop you, i think i should go." She got up and headed to the door.

"Ginny don't go." Hermione said standing up.

"No i have to i'm sorry."

She ran out of the door with Hermione going after her, i ran and took hold of Hermione's arm. "Wait Hermione."

"No I'm sorry Draco i have to see Ginny."

"But that kiss..."

"Please Draco we can tlak later okay i have to see if she's alright."

I let go of her arm and looked down at the ground, i felt her fingers tilt my chin up so i was looking into her eyes. "Meet me right here in an hour okay." I smiled at her and nodded as she started to sprint away.

"That was my fault wasn't it." Blaise said from behind me.

"Don't know mate wouldn't say it was all you fault it was her aswell, she even said that"

"Yeah...i've got some thinking to do i'll see you later alright."

"You gonna be alright?"

"Yeah see you soon." Blaise walked down the corridor then he was out of sight. I miss her already i lean against the wall and slide down until i'm sitting on the ground. i'm just gonna wait for her here.


I turn to as i hear footsteps walking up the corridor. I look up at a smiling Hermione.

"Where have you been you missed everything." I stand up and she takes my hand.

"What do you mean what happened?"

"Ginny and Blaise kinda just got together."

"What she ran off just under an hour ago."

"Yeah i know okay heres what happened after i spoke to you i ran after her and found her outside sitting on the wall, she said that she ran out because the way Blaise kissed her it made her relise that she likes him and she got scared, then Blaise appeared from nowhere and he told her everything that he's in love with her and he wants to be with her then they kissed and she said she wanted to be with him to then they kissed and i ran all around the bloddy school looking for you."

"I've been here i didn't really feel like going anywhere else slo i decided just to wait for you here."

She smiled up at me and pulled me into a hug, i held her to me and kissed to top of her head. "I lied." she whispered.

"What do you mean, what did you lie about?"

"Draco, I love you."

I pulled away enough so i could look into her eyes. "What?"

"I do i've been thinking about it alot, i only ever think about you even when i'm on stage and i'm singing it's like i picture your face and it's you i'm singing to, and i want you to be there with me at everyone of them." "I love you."

I stared down at her in disbelief then changed my face into a smile. "I love you to but you already new that."

"Uh no i didn't i new you liked me but i didn't know you loved me."

"Well i do always have and i would be honored to do everything with you."

I leaned in and picked her up spining her around and kissing her with everything i had.

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