The house was relatively quiet, Ginny was debating on whether she should just go straight to the living room slash hospital or stay away. He almost seemed normal last night, although it could have been the pain and the potions. It was too much to hope for that he had just magically repaired whatever it was in him that seemed so broken. She paced her room a few more times before sighing and realizing she was being silly. When she opened the door she was nearly knocked down by the whirlwind of commotion and people running past her door in the hall.

                “What on Earth”, she said more under her breath, it was Neville who stopped in front of her with a slight smile.

                “They’re assigning everyone to teams and jobs, this is it, we’re really going on the offensive”, Ginny felt it was odd he seemed to happy about it, but the entire order had been sitting around holding its breath praying that the storm may pass, but it won’t. “I’m…” he paused looking a little unsure, “They’re giving me my own team”, he beamed proudly.

                “Well done Neville”, Ginny placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled at her friend. She felt wrong about being bitter, that he would be out there and she would still be stuck.

                “Thanks”, he replied a bit red in the face now. “I have about fifty different things I have to get ready”. He had an apologetic tone and Ginny nodded.

                She let him pass by her and padded down the hall barefoot towards the living area. “Don’t forget to floo if you need anything”, she overheard her mother going on. There was a short blonde haired girl packing potions and things into a bag.

                “Of course Molly”, Luna smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll be working under one of the best healers at St. Mungos Sirius told me”. She noticed Ginny out of the corner of her eye and turned to her friend hefting the bag over her shoulder. “Ginny”, she embraced her letting the bag drop next to her for a moment.

                “What’s all this?” Ginny nodded towards the gear.

                “I’m going to my own safehouse”, Luna smiled, “Well as an assistant, they’ve cleared another and just finished all the proper wards and things today, I have to get all these supplies over there, or I would stay”, she frowned.

                “No, go!” Ginny insisted she kissed Luna on the cheek and sent the girl, with her unmanageable looking bag towards the fireplace within the next few seconds Luna disappeared into the flames with merely a word. Ginny moved on seeing as her mother had no busied herself making ridiculous amounts of food again. When she pushed the swing door that opened into the hospital, the place had been transformed completely. The couches were gone, even her beloved TV was missing. It was a room filled with beds now, the type she had seen at Muggle hospitals, and curtains that could be drawn around most of them. Labeled supply cabinets adorned one wall along with books. The entire room had a sterile feeling to it now.

                “Come to see the mess?” At the sound of his voice Ginny tensed.

                “Zambini”, she turned. Blaise had joined the order recently, his parents were killed by deatheaters Ginny didn’t know the details, but she assumed it had something to do with their refusal to join or their refusal to hand over their only son.

                “Relax little Weasley, I’m not here to fight”, he noticed her tense posture; her hand still hovered very near her wand. “I was looking for Draco, just like you I’m assuming.”

                “No, I was…” She broke off defeated, why did she even bother trying to cover it up anymore. One look around the room could tell Ginny that he wasn’t there.

                “He never did like hospitals much”, Blaise shrugged, “I’m sure he’ll turn up”, outside of missions Draco rarely talked to anyone, but when he did , it was Blaise. Not exactly have been accepted either by most of the diehard pure Gryffindors because of either past behaviors or just assumptions they had made, he could see where Draco was coming from. He turned to leave, and continue his search for his MIA friend.

                “Blaise”, The sound of his first name stopped him. He raised his brow at the redhead. “Watch him for me, don’t let him do something stupid, he’s on some insane hero kick.”

                “You noticed that too did you?” Blaise looked a bit amused. “Sure thing though, Ginny, I always look after the bastard, it’s become my unofficial job”. Ginny may have laughed just then if another whirlwind of people carrying this and that and talking about teams and assignments didn’t just rush through.

                “See you around Little Weasley”, he nodded his head to her and was off. Ginny’s plan of cornering Draco while he was still in bed or half unconscious was ruined, but she always was an improviser. Plus, she knew exactly where Draco would be, or at least she could guess. Especially since no one had taken his wand from him last night.

                Ginny pushed through another door and headed outside towards the forest that surrounded half of the property. It didn’t take her long to locate him, by the sound of the breaking twigs and crushed foliage. She could practically hear his breathing. She treaded carefully as if he as a fox or something that would run at the sight of her, even though lately she felt that way.

                It wasn’t until a bolt of light was coming directly for her that she realized perhaps she should have made a bit more noise. Her hand was on her wand a protection charm up before it hit her and she watched the light disintegrate in front of her face. A moment later she locked eyes with a very stricken looking Draco.


                The curses ran through his mind and he shot one after another off taking out unaware trees that he had marked. He threw himself to the ground using all sorts of protection charms and then whipped up the dead foliage around him as a sort of smoke screen. His father had taught him how to use his surroundings to his advantage, and his mother had taught him how to hide.

                As he rolled to his feet and shot another string of curses and charms, he stopped dead in his tracks the spell leaving his wand before he could stop it aimed directly at Ginny’s face. Without hesitation as if she had been expecting it her wand was making an arch in front of her and Draco breathed a sigh of relief when the curse shattered on her shield as if it was made of glass, but it didn’t change the sinking feeling in his stomach. “Way to go Draco, hurt her physically as well too, bloody brilliant you are”, he cursed himself.

                “Are you mad?” he asked with more rage than he had intended. He hadn’t intended any actually. He had meant to say something along the lines of sorry, but the fact that he had almost put her in danger again… His brain and his heart were two very different beasts.

                “We’ve been through that one already”, Ginny reminded him with a hint of a smirk. Draco scowled. “You left the hospital”, Ginny noted.

                “Aye, that I did”, he replied shortly. “What of it?”

                “You should be resting”, Ginny crossed her arms over her chest and Draco knew this wasn’t one of those arguments he ever had hope of winning at least not with all his limbs in tact.

                “Resting is a luxury we don’t have, I’ll rest when I’m dead”, Draco shot back. He didn’t need all of his limbs anyway.

                “You’re not supposed to have your wand”, Ginny added.

                “I’ve been cleared actually”, he watched as her face fell a bit. He wouldn’t have a need to come see her anymore, and that was it really, was that he wasn’t going to be seeing much of her anymore anyway. He wasn’t sure why he was hesitating in telling her. Isn’t this what he wanted? To distance himself from her. “I’ve volunteered for something”.

                “For something?” Ginny’s eyebrows raised as she waited for him to elaborate.

                He should tell her it’s not her concern and be done with it, but before he could answer his mouth just ran away for him. “Kingsley is putting together a team, they’re going to call it the Pheonixs, It’s more suited for people like me.”

                “People like you?” Ginny’s eyes narrowed. Draco knew it would take her all of three seconds to realize what he meant by it.

                “People a bit more willing to use necessary means”, he tried to put it nicely, or at least he hoped he had.

                “You’re going into the thick of it”, Ginny’s eyes widened. “Draco, it’s dangerous, you don’t have to do this.”

                “Enough!”, he didn’t mean to raise his voice. “Don’t you dare tell me what I have to do, the things I’ve done.” He breathed the last part.

                “I was there”, Ginny’s own temper flared, amazing how that always seemed to happen around him. “I was also there when he raised your wand to defend me,  and I was there last night when everyone was looking at you as if you were some kind of savior, because that’s what you didn’t wasn’t it?”

                “I’m joining Kingsley”, Draco finished the argument before it began. “I have to”, he repeated. “I have to keep you safe, I have to keep the people you love safe, I have to.”

                Ginny sighed, she couldn’t do this again. She turned to leave, but stopped in her tracks. “When I am of age, don’t think for a second I won’t come after you”. Without waiting for his answer she took off through the brush and back into the clearing, not letting the tears surface.


-A week later-

“Luna put pressure here”, The doctor she had been assisting took her hands and placed them over a particularly nasty gash on a boys leg. His other one was missing completely. The rest of his team was still trying to find it.

“Doctor Jameson”, Luna addressed the woman. She was maybe thirty with straight black hair and a serious face, Luna was sure she had never seen the woman smile and she thought Luna was silly, but she taught her faithfully none the less. She merely nodded when Luna was doing things right she had taken this as a sigh of approval in the short week of knowing the woman.

“Yes Luna?” She was busying herself trying to find the right potions from her bag. They weren’t normally this disorganized, but they had to go on call for this one. His team thought apparating him may only splince some more body parts off and they were still trying to find his missing limb.

“He’s losing consciousness”, she watched as his eyes lulled backways.

“Talk to him keep him away”, the woman ordered.

Luna nodded. She kept pressure on his leg as she looked at the boy’s face he couldn’t have been much older than her. “What’s your name?” she asked him, “Stay with me…” she pleaded, “Tell me your name.”

“Lance”, he managed to choke out, through the grime and dust that he was covered in she could see his light hair that was probably only a few shades darker than her own.

“Well Lance, don’t you worry they’re going to find your other leg”, she assured him. Doctor Jameson looked up alarmed, and immediately shook her head to Luna.

“He’s in shock”, she said in a hushed tone, “I doubt he’s even realized he lost it, if he panics we could lose him”. She gave her assistant a pointed look. Luna felt a bit sick for a second, as if she couldn’t do this. She was going to bloody kill someone for Merlin’s sake.

“Breath, just breath”, she wasn’t sure whether she was talking to Lance or herself, but it seemed to work. “Lance, dear”, she pushed a bit harder on the gash and the pain seemed to shake him back into a little more sense. “Do you have a girlfriend Lance?”

“Yes M’am” he replied weakly. “She’s…”

“Wake up Lance”, Luna encouraged him, “You were telling me about your girlfriend. What’s her name?”

“Silvia”, he smiled a bit, “She’s a muggle, he added.”

“She sounds wonderful”, Luna continued to ask him about Silvia and where they had met, what kind of things they did together. She had learned Lance was planning to propose once the war was over. He already had the ring picked out and everything, as Doctor Jameson worked on him. She didn’t even hear the pop that signaled his team was back and she didn’t notice the odd shaped package they had in their hands.

“Found it”, a taller girl announced as she set it down where it would have been naturally.

“Luna”, The Doctor grabbed her attention the wound on his leg was mostly healed. “I shall need your assistance, it’s just like we talked about, remember the nerves and all the muscles, they all need to attach at the right places, it’s like a puzzle”, she forgot to mention it was like a one million piece puzzle with all the same picture on it, but Luna brought her wand to her front and focused. She could feel the nerves growing back together, and the muscle reattaching itself. She looked as if she was conducting an orchestra with her wand, the entire time a potion was being dripped into the wound to clean it as they worked. Luna could see it now as if each piece as its color and had to attach just right for the colors to align.                

What felt like minutes had actually been an hour and the light was fading as Doctor Jameson and Luna finally let out a breath and placed their wands back into the holsters. “Well done Luna”, the woman looked up at her and for the first time she smiled. The moment was cut short however. Her smile faded into a look of shock and then her expression went blank.

“Get down!” A voice called from somewhere and Luna watched as the woman in front of her sank to the ground.

“Doctor Jameson”, Luna called, but she knew by the way her body slumped it was useless, that green light she had seen out of the corner of her eye had been the killing curse connecting with its latest victim.

“Get the healer out of here”, Another yell, Luna was stunned. She felt someone grabbing her and roughly pulled her away from the Doctors body and another person picking up Lance. She wanted to fight for a moment go back for the Doctor.

“She’s gone little one”, the voice spoke from her captor. “You need to be stronger than all of us now”. With a strange tugging feeling that used to make her giggle, but was not just making her feel sick she was sidelong apparated back to her safe house. Cliffside is what they called it. Lance was moved to a cot.

“He needs you”, the man who had taken her away was in front of her now. He was gruff looking, with stubble all over his chin, Luna suspected it made him appear much older than he actually was. “That boy over there needs you now”, he repeated and Luna realized Lance was still in this world and he wasn’t in the clear yet. Luna took a deep breath and nodded.

“Thank you mister…” she let the sentence hang, not sure of what his name was either.

“McNally”, the man smiled a toothy grin at her, “You can call me McNally.” Luna returned the smile only slightly before busying herself with collecting the potions she would need to make sure Lance was comfortable throughout the night.

Later as she was washing the blood from her, she let the shower water pour over her until it was near freezing, it still didn’t feel like enough, she wasn’t sure she could ever wash away the image of the woman that was her mentor for a mere week crumpling to the ground. She wrapped the fluffy towel around herself, wishing it was Ron’s arms wrapping around her. God did she need him more than ever. He of course was off with Harry and Hermione finding the Horcruxs. She had gone from assistant to healer in a matter of seconds, all with the forfeit of another’s life. She wanted to tell him, wanted to cry in his arms and have him tell her it was going to be ok, but he wasn’t there. She knew he would tell her she could do it that he had all faith in her, so she told herself again and again, this was something she could do.

After she had gotten dressed she brought a chair into the hospital so she could keep watch over Lance, she had lost one already tonight she wouldn’t lose another, if she had to spend one hundred sleepless nights she would save everyone she could. She opened a book on curses on read as she waited for Lance to move. For once feeling as if she had a purpose in a war she had felt so lost in.

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