Draco Pov

Pansy had been gone about an hour before I decided to go and wake Granger. She didn't need to see what went down in the kitchen anyways, it would only make things worse on her. I sighed and shook my head trying to get my anger to disipate and opened her door quietly. Stopping at seeing the vunerability written all over her face as she slept, Weasel had broken her, no doubt about it. Closing the door I padded over and gently shook her shoulder.

"I'm awake Malfoy, Pansy's screeching woke me about 2 hours ago." Of course Pansy woke her, should have known Granger wouldn't play along and let me think she hadn;t heard anything. 'It's okay, what she said is true, well at least halfway." My eyes flashed as she sat up and refused to make eye contact. I signaled for her to scoot over and I sat down next to her, trying to figure out how to say what I needed to without blowing up.

"She had no right to say those things Granger, and espically not because she's jelaous." Her head shot up at the word jelaous. She had a look that said she didn't believe me and I chuckled drily. "Weasley really has done a number on your self esteem hasn't he?" Granger looked away again and i inwardly cursed myself, just as she had started to open up I scared her off again.

"Maybe, maybe if I had been home more often he wouldn't have needed Lavender. Maybe this is my fault Malfoy." She said quietly pulling her knees up to her chest and burying her face in them. Growling I stood and pulled her up with me and dried her tears away quickly. If she was going out she didn't need her face all red from crying and sniffling.

"That's just a pathetic excuse on his part and we both know it Granger. Get a shower and I'll fetch you some clothes." She nodded and walked over to the bathroom, I waited until I heard the shower start before I walked to the floo. No way would she want to wear something of Pansy's and I wouldn't want her to. She still had a certain innocence about her that Pansy's clothing would take away. "Malfoy Manor." I said and threw the powder down.

"Draco? Love is that you? I stepped out of the fireplace and walked into the parlor where mother was sitting drinking her tea and ready the Daily Prophet. I kissed her cheek before pulling out the seat next to her and slumping into it. "Pansy already wearing you down?" She asked over the rim of her cup. I closed my eyes and pinced the bridge of my nose.

"Partially, listen I need something suitable for Hermione Granger to wear." Mother raised her eyebrows and sat her cup down. She leaned back down and looked me over before smirking, what had I just gotten myself into?

"Last I heard she was a Weasley now. Married the one in your year I believe." She said standing and walking to the staircase. I gripped the banister a little too tightly and I knew she noticed but like the good person she is decided not to push the matter.

"Weasley cheated on her, she stayed with Pansy and I last night and she's going to file for divorce as soon as I get back." Mother rummaged around in her closet before ahhing and pulling out a light brown sweater with a dark brown belt to go over it, a pair of jeans and some boots. "Thank you."

"Draco, Hermione is a very sweet girl, don't be raising her hopes then crashing them all over again." I nodded once before walking to the fireplace and dropping the powder. When I arrived home Hermione was wrapped in a robe of mine and making tea. I smiled a little to myself before lightly touching her shoulder causing her to jump.

"Here, you're about my mother's size and she sent clothes for you." Granger smiled a little and walked off to her room to get dressed. When she came out her hair was pulled up with a few curly wisps escaping the bun and I subconsciously tucked them behind her ear and cleared my throat. "Right then, you ready Granger?" She nodded and took my hand as I apparated us to the ministry.

"'Mione, Ron flooed last night he was...Hello Draco." Ginny said smiling a little. The she weasel, now Potter had grown on me from seeing her so often. He stomach was a little swollen due to the little Potter growing inside.

"I know all about what happened last night Ginny, and Granger here has something she needs to do." Granger nodded and headed for the annulment/divorce department. Ginny turned back to me with her jaw dropped but I just shrugged, wasn't my place to explain everything in Granger's personal life. "She needs to do this Ginny, you don't understabd."

"I know couples have dis-"

"He cheated on her with Lavender Brown Ginny, he broke Granger." Her hand clammped over her mouth and i have a feeling that wasn't the story her and Harry had been told by the idiot. An hour later Granger appeared and looked completely worn out and about ready to cry.

"'Mione I'm so sorry, you know Harry and I are always there for you. Is Rose with Ronald?" Who's Rose? I looked at Hermione and Ginny clearly confused. "oh...you didn't know Malfoy?"

"Rose is my daughter Malfoy." Granger said quietly looking at the floor now. "I'm going to stay with Harry and Ginny, thank you for taking me in last night.' I caught her arm and pulled her over to me.

"You're going back home with me and you're bringing Rose with you." She opened her mouth to object but one looke from me and she shut it.

"Looks like you'll have to deal with-"

"I can handle your Weasel Granger, you just get your daughter out of there."

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