Draco POV

“Would you two please. Stop. Stuffing yourselves. “ God, this was the epitome of embarrassment. Crabbe and Goyle, my two wonderful body guards (fine, I’ll call them friends because I’m a nice person) had bodies the size of hippos, but brains the size of peas. They might as well be first years; their maturity was basically non-existent.

I shook my head with pity and carefully chose from the delicacies in front of me. I’d never admit it out loud, but Hogwarts food was absolutely sublime. You just couldn’t beat the mince pies and treacle tart. Mmmm. Treacle Tart. I swear, if I could, I would marry it. The only thing I can’t stand is pumpkin juice. Ugh. Like seriously, everyone in the wizarding word is like “All hail pumpkin juice!” It’s the grossest thing since Mudbloods. I’m not even joking. Can you imagine drinking a pumpkin. It’s repulsive. And then there was the time Scarhead wet himself (no, not that way sadly) because of Chang’s ugly face. Watching Potter regurgitate pumpkin juice lowered my likings of it even more. Nasty. I shivered from the thought. 

“So Draco, planning on rejoining the Quidditch team as seeker?” Nott asked me from across the table.

“I have better things to do.” I sneered back. Nott looked rather surprised, but I nonchalantly waved it off.
Lying in my heavenly four poster bed with its dark green sheets and silver hangings, I calmly stared at my sleeve, wondering why I wasn’t freaking out like a headless chicken by now. I had taken it. My lovely father and his “friends” had made me one of them; a cold hearted, ruthless Death Eater. I’m only 16, I mean seriously? I still want to be a perfectly snobbish kid who loves to run around and be jealous of Potter and his pathetic Gryffindor friends, but act like I’m actually better than them and couldn’t give a pig’s fat arse about the fact that they’re all what I wish I could be a part of. I closed my eyes and slowly reached my right hand over to the sleeve of my left arm, and slowly pushed it out of the way. After taking a deep breath, I opened one eye slowly to stare at the hideous mark.

Oh god.

I was going to barf again. I roughly pushed my sleeve all the way down and tried to think of happy thoughts. Like rainbows, and unicorns. I love unicorns. They are quite beautiful. 

I sighed and rolled over onto my back, my arms and legs splayed everywhere. I needed to get some sleep before tomorrow, for tomorrow I begin the terrifying task the Dark Lord has set out for me. Screw school, none of it would matter at all once he was in power. Or would it? I didn’t know what to think anymore; my parents looked and lived like crap, and all for what? The childish dream of revenge of this really old dude who doesn’t like this little boy. 

Someone just needs to let it go.

But then again, if I go against named old dude, especially with my beautiful arm-blemish, I was as good as dead. 

I groaned inwardly. What was I doing with my life?! I suddenly felt like curling into the fetal position like a baby and crying until I was dried out. I even could, with a simple silencing charm. I sighed again, and got myself together. I had to; or he would kill not only me, but my really screwed up, dysfunctional family.  

From that moment, a certain ache entered my chest. The ache that I would never get to live a normal life; no more carefree days of sneering and smirking; no more immaturity, or even the slightest show of any emotion. It was decided. I would have to become a stone, void of emotion, void of everything except for my goal. To complete the task the Dark Lord gave me.

Hermione POV

Thanks to Ronald, neither me, nor Harry got to sleep more than 4 hours last night. While he conveniently fell asleep, I corrected the rest of his rubbish paper, and helped Harry with his. We seriously had to figure out something better than this; it was draining all three of us out. 

At least those giggling banshees weren’t loud; they kept their whispers down and soon tired of their meeting. 

“Wake up, Harry! McGonagall’s glaring at you.”  I shook Harry’s arm, for he had fallen asleep on his plate of sausage and toast. Honestly, what would these two do without me? 

Right then, I caught a glimpse of something pour into Harry’s drink and quickly vanish. On instinct, I whipped my head around to look at Romilda. She gave me an innocent smile, and turned back to her breakfast. Glancing around the Hall to see if anyone else had noticed, I caught Malfoy’s eye; he mouthed “Mudblood” and I icily stared at him before turning back to Harry’s goblet.

Before I could contemplate what exactly I should do, a drawling voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Better wake up Weaselbee too, mother Mudblood.” Draco scoffed. 

I glared at Malfoy, and did my best to ignore him. Ron had already woken up, obviously, for Draco wasn’t exactly quiet. I reached over for Harry’s goblet, and found it contained water. Draco was already sauntering away with an air of superiority. 

Stupid git.

Before Harry could notice anything, I performed a simple Vanishing charm on the water and replaced it with Pumpkin juice. How was I going to make sure he didn’t drink something laced with love potion to make sure he wouldn’t go head over heels for Romilda?

I know too many stupid gits for my liking.

Draco's POV

So much for being a stony faced, mature sadist. Damn those three are so hard to stop stalking.
A/N: Sorry, this was sort of a filler chapter…kind of. I needed to introduce Draco as how he would be in this fanfic. I’m sure Slytherin Prince Draco aka sexy blond Draco is what is most preferred; that version IS pretty nice to read about, but it’s not suitable for this story ;) Thanks for the reviews, and please continue! They make me happy :)) 

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