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Hermione lay awake thinking of what had happened just two nights ago, it seemed like an eternity to her. But yet every moment was etched into her mind from the moment Ron kicked Harry, Ginny and Draco out of the apartment.


“I need to speak to Hermione alone! So if you mind get the hell out of my house.” he growled shoving the three friends out the door and slamming it behind them, entrapping a small piece of Ginny’s dress in the door way.

He turned slowly to Hermione his blue eyes somber and upset, Hermione rushed to his side and enveloped him in a hug, but he pushed her away as soon as her arms encircled his waist.

“Hermione, I don’t find the need to hurt you any longer, and I cant stand being with you anymore.” Ron began quickly before he lost all of his courage. “And I no longer want to be with you, so I want you to move out by tonight and it would be best if we just didn’t talk for a long time until I get back on my feet and maybe then, we can just be friends like we were in Hogwarts. Oh and it would be best if you moved with in the next hour.”

Hermione stared at Ron in complete and utter shock, she couldn’t even form a single coherent word. How could he seriously do this to her? After everything she had done for him? Hell he wouldn’t even be playing quidditch had it not been for her offering to make the team new uniforms for free if they gave Ron a chance to tryout.

And now, he was kicking her out of her own apartment? Her face went from slack and confused to extreme deadly anger.

“Are you seriously kicking me out of my own apartment!” she yelled her heart beating incredibly fast and her usual pale pallor was changing rapidly to a dark red. “You have no right Ronald to do this to me, next time you break up with a girl make sure its not a girl who literally created your rise in fame.” and with that threat she snapped her fingers and everything went flying around the apartment.

Books flew out of shelves each of them smacking harshly into Ron as they flew into a suitcase that had also abused Ron harshly on its way to Hermione.

“Think before you act next time idiot, and when you come crawling back to me, don’t think I’ll be so quick to forgive and forget.” and with that she apparated out of the house with a train of different colored leather suitcases following in her wake.

</3 </3 </3

And now here she was crying her eyes out on a big luxurious bed in a grand room in the Leaky Cauldron with a bucket of rocky road ice cream perched precariously on her lap. She looked at the room a sea of tissues covered the floor, her suitcase lay forgotten on a chair and multiple buckets of ice cream lay on their sides like dead fish.

“At least you will never disappoint me.” she told the air as she shoved her too big spoon into her ice cream and pulled it out to see that there was only a small dollop of ice cream centered on the spoon. Peering into the bucket she saw she had shoved all of the contents into her mouth, with a heavy sigh she threw the empty bucket on the floor and stared up at the ceiling.

Why am I doing this to myself? She wondered suddenly, she was Hermione Granger: Bookworm, Fashionista, Fashion Designer, Author, Auror, Consul to the Minster, Merlin's beard she had even been offered the position of minister! Why was she crying over some lowlife like Ronald, she could do much better than that sorry git.

She jumped out of bed peeled off her pajamas and threw herself in the shower, she imagined scrubbing off all of the nasty dirt and rubbish Ron had left on her and start off anew. She stopped mid shower pouring some shampoo into her palm and smelling it, the scent reminded her of Ron he had claimed it was his favorite scent for her. Slapping her hand against the granite wall she rubbed the shampoo off drowning it down the drain along with her conditioner and body wash. Instead she used the cheap soap that Tom had in every room, it had no scent.

Walking out of the shower covered in nothing but a robe Hermione opened her suitcases looking for an outfit that didn’t remind of her Ron, she only had one thing in there a knee length summer dress with silver lions embroidered at the hems. Ron had hated it the moment he had seen it, forbidding her from having the beautiful dress in one of her upcoming fashion shows. “That dress is an insult to Gryffindors all over England.” he had seethed threatening to burn the dress.

Hermione sat in her room pondering her next move not at all sure as to how she would get her revenge, there were many ways but they all seemed a little cliche for her, she wanted to be completely original like the Beatles or Nirvana with her revenge. After spending a half hour of contemplating Ron’s demise , Hermione finally decided that all of her ideas would get her sent to azkaban and that wouldn’t be good, she need help.

</3 </3 </3

“No mummy I don’t want any dragon syrup on my I don’t care if its from Belgium.” Draco grumbled in his sleep flipping over to his side hugging a pillow to his bare chest. A small breeze fluttered past his sleeping face and he gave a sleepy smile, “Hermione?” he asked not quite sure why the brunette witch's name was the first to leave his sleepy mouth.


“Hermione.” he replied his eyes still closed.


“Hermione you idiot.” he said opening one eye scanning his large room, it finally landed on a medium sized black owl with blue eyes.

“Absulum.” he said opening his eyes looking at Hermione's owl. Well, he'd been pretty close at calling out Hermione, he figured. The owl fluttered over to his outstretched arm to receive the message Hermione had sent him.

Dear Malfoy,

Get your lazy arse out of bed and get to my room at the Leaky Cauldron (room 502) hurry up and be here at 1100 am before I have to owl your mother you lazy git.

Lots of Love,


Draco laughed aloud only Hermione would have the absolute nerve to threaten tattling on him and then say lots of love, it was one of the many things he absolutely admired and loved about the brunette. He gave the owl a treat and upon realizing there would be no reply the owl flew off into the bright blue sky. Sliding from beneath his silk blankets he walked to the bathroom completely naked harboring thoughts of Hermione in her birthday suit as well.

He stepped out of the shower with 5 minutes before 11, it wouldn’t hurt that bad if he were just 10 minutes late, Hermione would forgive. Draco took him time dressing and running his hands through his hair to give him the bed head look that had made so many girls swoon under his feet at a mere glance at him.

</3 </3 </3 </3 

“You're 31 minutes late Malfoy.” Hermione growled as he let himself into her destroyed room.

“I'm sorry, but mother needed help around the house before I left.” he smoothly lied laying himself on Hermione's king sized bed so that his shirt rode up and showed off his smooth belly and a small peek of his six pack. He eyed Hermione hoping she would get caught up with a fierce passion at the sight of his flesh, he almost got what he wished for.

Hermione's eyes lit up with a fierce anger that blazed throughout her entire body, “You lying git! You were just being lazy and horrible! And why didn’t you mum just get help from a house elf she had over a hundred!”

“ahh but I’m here now, just admit it Hermione, you missed me you missed staring at my devilishly good looks.” he replied rubbing his stomach hoping to advert her angry gaze to his abs of steel.

“You are the most self absorbed, conceited prick I have ever known, and yet you still managed to worm your way into my heart.” Hermione said laughing.

“Really?” Draco asked sitting up so fast he got whiplash on his neck.

“Yeah, you're like an older brother to me.” Hermione said with a grin as his smile turned forced.

“An older brother? Ouch.” he said his heart turning to stone.

“Yeah just like Harry and George.” she said sitting down on a small love seat not realizing the emotional torment she had just put Draco in.

“Speaking of boy wonder where is he and his wife?” he asked trying to tune away from his aching ego.

“I sent them to go get some coffee and snacks while we waited for you they should be on their way back by now.” she replied smoothing out the green dress that made her honey brown eyes look darker and more intimidating.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he whispered feeling extremely hot at examining just how tightly fitted the dress was to Hermione's torso.

“Doing what?” she asked looking at him curiously.

“Um nothing.” he replied looking away quickly.
“No you said something.”

“Were back! And I brought cookies!!” Ginny cried letting herself and Harry into the room.

“Goody I missed out on breakfast!” Draco cried like a child attempting to shove his hand into the bag of cookies but Ginny swatted him away like an annoying fly that has gotten 2 close.

“So now onto plans of revenge.” Ginny said with an evil smirk not unlike the one Draco used to have proudly smacked onto his face during their Hogwarts days.

</3 </3 </3 

“wow Gin that may be taking it a little to far, I mean seriously? The press will know its a fluke Terry Boot and I have never ever gotten along.” Hermione said giving Ginny an incredulous look. “But I do know who they would just love to see me back with and he's a quidditch star as well, Draco get me a quill and parchment I have a letter to write.” Hermione said gliding over to a desk where she wrote a note in her best calligraphy and sprayed a bit of lavender scented perfume onto the note before tying it to her owls leg with a red and gold ribbon.

“ I think you may be taking it too far Mione Viktor seriously? I thought he was too conceited for your liking.” Ginny said shaking her head in disbelief.

“hey he was the one guy Ron was completely against me dating and I will never go back to dating Cormac ugh that was disgusting.” Hermione said repulsed at the memory of having Cormac's groping hands all over her.

“Well I guess.” Ginny said looking at Hermione thoughtfully, “you sure the hat didn’t want you in Slytherin.”

“Positive it was either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw for this bad ass right here.” Hermione said pointing to herself.

“Well someone is surely being hypocritical this afternoon.” Draco called from his spot on the bed where he was playing exploding snaps with Harry and was actually losing to him.

“And how am I being hypocritical?” Hermione asked a slight snobbish air to her voice.

“Just earlier you were calling me a conceited prick and just now you were gloating on how you were to good for slytherin or Hufflepuff.”

“Oh please how was I being conceited? By calling myself a bad ass?” Hermione asked a perfectly manicured hand on her hip.

“Because you were calling yourself a bad ass if there is one thing you are not Hermione Jane Granger that is a bad ass.”

“Oh whatever Draco Lucius Malfoy you know I am 120% bad ass.” Hermione giggled laughing at Draco’s facial expression which was that of a confused English pitbul. Quite adorable really, Hermione thought studying Draco for a bit more before realizing who she was talking about and mentally gagged.

“Oh please get over yourselves if anyone's a bad ass its me.” Harry said flexing his muscles and striking a pose.

“Oh watch out we got some wannabe bad asses right here!” Ginny cried out laughing until tears streamed down her pale cheeks.

“What about you Ginny are you a bad ass?” Draco asked shoving some leftover cookies in his mouth.

“Of course not, I’m a lady, not some young teenage idiot.” she replied sitting up properly and crossing her legs at her ankles, her hands rested casually one upon the other on her lap.

“ well then Mrs. I'm-a-perfect-lady-Potter care to enlighten us as to the reason you have agreed to my revenge?” Hermione inquired from her perch at the window sill.

“Um, because I want to make sure you do it right.” she replied haughtily.

“Oh please Ginny if anything you are not the epitome of a lady I have seen you eat.” Draco said with a laugh as a pink pillow was thrown at his blonde head. “See my point exactly no lady would ever resort to violence.”

“Oh shut it Draco!” Ginny laughed uncrossing her legs and grinning like Cheshire the cat, that was until a loud moaning erupted from her stomach.

“What was that? The whomping willow?” Harry asked laughing as a pillow was thrown at him too.

“No I’m hungry lets go eat while we wait for Viktor's reply.” Ginny said rubbing her belly thoughtfully wondering what she wanted to eat.

“Well I know a great chinese restaurant nearby that has delicious sweet and sour chicken.” Hermione offered seeing as to her stomach was grumbling in protest as well.

“Sure come on before my stomach begins to eat itself from the hunger.” Ginny cried picking up her purse from the floor as Ginny searched for silver shoes to match her dress.

</3 </3 </3 </3 

The next morning was spent in a moment of limbo for Hermione as she was still blissfully asleep yet still aware of her surroundings since she could hear harry snoring on the couch and she could feel Ginny on the bed next to her. Draco had opted on sleeping at his own house instead of spending the night in Hermione's room claiming he was too manly for sleepovers.

Hermione soon heard the annoying pecking of her owl and hauled herself out of her bed to see if Viktor had agreed to go out for dinner.

“AAAAHHH!!!!” She yelled in delight as she read Viktor's reply.

“Impedimenta!!” Harry cried leaping from the couch awakened by Hermione's scream.

“Harry! Harry! Put your wand down nothing is wrong! I’m sorry it was a mistake go back to sleep.” Hermione coaxed pushing harry back onto the divan.

He fell back asleep immediately with no recollection of ever having woken up. “Men.” Hermione whispered under her breath before ready the note entirely.

Dear Hermione,

you wont believe how long I have waited for this message, you were the one who got away and I promise I wont let you go this time. I’m free this Friday at 7 pm if you wish to go out for dinner, but I can easily make arrangements on my schedule to fit yours.

Yours truly

Viktor Krum.

Hermione squealed in delight as she checked her callendar and realized she would be free all week.

She quickly wrote a reply before awakening Harry and Ginny.

Dear Viktor,

Friday would be absolutely perfect, do you have anywhere in mind as to where we might dine? Or shall I make it a surprise?


Hermione Granger...xoxo

So i know this chapter was very short and pretty much filler but i will do much better on the next one i promise and if i feel like it i may give a sneak peek to the reviewers so make sure to review thats if you feel like it anyways Cx hope yall enjoyed

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