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---Chapter 15 - Revelations--- 


I didn’t say a word to Lucy but allowed Oliver to take us both to the kitchens. He sat her down and got her a tissue before he went over to speak softly to one of the house elves.


I sat on an opposite stool, unsure of what to do, of what to say, of how to feel. I hated her for making Seamus hurt like that. I hated her for ruining our friendship circle. But at the same time, I hated seeing her hurt. I couldn’t stand to let anyone make Lucy cry.


All of our years together as friends, Lucy has always been the most sensitive one and for the rest of us, we’ve always felt it was our duty to protect her. Miranda, Penny and I all loved her so much and we’ve always been there through every hiccup in her life, including her parent’s divorce. And the boys have always taken her under their wing as the annoyingly sweet little sister but this year, it’s like everything’s gone tits up! Seamus fell in love with her (or maybe he’s always been, who knew) and the boys no longer fought for her and now I wasn’t sure if I should fight for her either.


Oh good flipping lord…


A few minutes went by while nothing was uttered between the two of us before finally, Oliver came back with three bowls of ice cream and hot brownies. My stomach grumbled at the sight and I only just realised that Oliver and I haven’t had dinner yet.


We took the bowls silently and I scooped a mouthful of the delicious vanilla ice cream and a chunk of the brownie. It melted lusciously in my mouth and I couldn’t help but smile just a little in happiness.


“If only I could make you smile like that,” Oliver pointed at me with his spoon. I started laughing in spite of myself and Lucy cracked a grin.


“Keegan,” she said gently, turning her blue eyes towards me. They were puffy and red and sorrowful.


“Lucy, I just don’t get it,” I spoke to her. “Please just explain it all to me, from the beginning. That’s all I ask.”


She sighed and her body shuddered under the effort. She looked skinnier. How have I not noticed that?


“I don’t know how to explain something I don’t understand either, Keegan,” she replied honestly. “I just know I fucked up. I got so angry with Seamus for butting into my life that night but really, it wasn’t Seamus I was really angry with, it was me. I was acting like a slag and he called me out on it and it just made me feel like shit. And I took it out on him.” A tear fell lazily down her cheek and she absentmindedly wiped it away. “After I stormed off, I accidentally bumped into Miles. He was charming and made me feel sexy and I thought what better way to show Seamus up than by dating a Slytherin.”


“Lucy, that’s ridiculous!” I interjected disbelievingly with my spoon halfway to my mouth. I eat when I’m distressed.  


“I know,” her voice broke and I longed to reach over and hug her but… I couldn’t bring myself to do that quite yet. I had forgiven her without knowing the details before but now I wasn’t willing to be as lenient—not when one of the most caring people I have ever met was hurting right now because of her.


“It was fun at first, you know? Miles was funny and he made me feel great,” Lucy continued on. “Th-then things got bad. He began commenting on stuff, like the way I looked. At first it was little things like ‘Lucy, have you gained a few pounds?’ and I just laughed it off… but it stuck with me.” She looked down at her untouched bowl and sighed. “He began making me feel…worthless and the horrible thing was I believed him. Merlin, Keegan, you have no idea how shit I felt when I was with him but how worse it was when I wasn’t. It got to a point where I didn’t feel worthy of you and Miranda and Penny anymore. Definitely not someone like Seamus.”


“So,” I said, the sound stuck in my throat. “So what happened tonight?”


“Seamus, he,” Lucy began to sob again, putting her face into her hands. “He overheard Miles saying those things to me and he just walked up and punched him, he was screaming and I’ve never seen him so angry before.”


“Oh Lucy, you big dolt!” I cried out, losing all my self-control and rushing over to cradle my friend into my arms. “It’s because he loves you so much!”


“H-he does?”


“Of course,” I instantly replied. “Lucy, I think I can safely say that Seamus has been in love with you for quite some time now.”


She looked up, her blue eyes shining and a glimmer of old Lucy flashed in her eyes before she looked away from me. “But I’ve ruined it. He surely hates me now.”


“He can never hate you, Lucy,” Oliver put in.


We both turned to look at him. I think we had forgotten he was there in the first place. I certainly did.


“A guy doesn’t fight another guy like that for any reason other than for love,” Oliver told her. “I know my opinion doesn’t count much here but I don’t think he’ll be able to get over you that easily. He may be angry right now but he still loves you.”


“Thank you, Oliver,” she smiled gratefully. “Thank you to you both. I am so sorry for everything.”


After regaining my composure (because hell, I had no idea that Oliver sodding Wood was capable of such emotional understanding), I turned to Lucy and returned her smile.


“It’ll be okay, I promise.”


Lucy nodded and I think she really believed me. I hope I believed me. I love her to death and I love Seamus equally as much but there was so much pain and heartache between the two, and if I’m brutally honest with myself, I don’t know how they’ll move past this.


Sure, maybe one day they’ll be friends again but never like before. I just hope that that meant they’d be more than friends. They both deserve so much happiness in their lives and maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me (to which I had no idea I had) but I truly believed that their happiness was tied in with each other.


Oliver took our bowls and placed them in a nearby sink. He pulled Lucy gently up to her feet and allowed her to rest her head on his shoulder as we made a move back towards the Ravenclaw Tower.


The walk there was silent, all three of us left to our own thoughts. I couldn’t even imagine Lucy’s and I had stopped trying to understand Oliver’s a lifetime ago.


Nevertheless, I owed him a great deal for tonight.


I don’t know if I would’ve dealt with Lucy quite as calmly and gently as he had.


Goodness knows I was always one to jump to conclusions and be angry over be empathetic.


But, and I’ll never admit this to him, I was glad he was here.




“I’m going to kill him and rip out his intestines and wrap it around his head and suffocate him till he dies again!” fumed Miranda quite explicitly.


Oliver winced at the image.


“How could he? He totally manipulated Lucy!” Miranda continued with her tirade against Miles Bletchley. “He fucked her up and made her… he made her… he broke her, guys! He broke our best friend! How can we let him get away with that?”


“Miranda, what the hell do you suggest we do?”


“I don’t know!” she grumbled in defeat then cracked a sheepish grin that reminded me of her boyfriend. Merlin, those two were beginning to turn into each other. “So was murder really out of the question?”


“I don’t know if I want to be an accomplice in a murder,” Oliver told us which caused Miranda to glower at him.


Miranda, Penny, Adam, Elbie and I (and because Oliver was still stuck to me, him too) were all sitting in a small alcove in the library Saturday morning. Last night’s events had just been relayed to every single person in the group and needless to say, everyone was pretty damn furious about what Bletchley had done. Although there was some uproar about Lucy’s convoluted reasons for getting with Bletchley in the first place, we had all forgiven her for the most part. One look in her eyes was enough to tell you that she has already gone to hell and back in the past few months.


“As Head Girl, I also have to strongly advise against that,” Penny added.


“You guys are no fun!” Elbie grumbled, obviously having taken his girlfriend’s side on the murder front.


“Well I think killing him is too good for him, I’d rather he be tortured,” Adam pointed out, his eyes narrowing thoughtfully.


Bless him. Adam had taken the whole news rather hard. I suppose he has always thought it was his duty to protect us girls and I think he felt incredibly guilty that he had let Bletchley get into Lucy’s head like he did.


But it wasn’t his fault. It was nobody’s fault.


It was a series of awful events that fell like dominos, no one person able to stop them completely.


“Forget about getting back at Bletchley,” I stressed, stopping all conspiring that I knew were going through my friends’ heads. “Let’s talk about fixing Seamus and Lucy.”


“I agree with Keegan on this,” Oliver said, giving me a small smile. I returned it.


I know, I know! I’m supposed to be hating him and thinking about all the pain he’s caused me over the years but for the time being, I needed him by my side. He had been so good to Lucy and I found myself really wanting his opinions on the matter.


“Do you think it can be fixed?” Elbie asked dejectedly. “You didn’t see him last night, Keegs. He was so miserable.”


“We have to believe it can be!” I declared fiercely. “I may know squat about relationships but Seamus and Lucy deserve happiness. With each other!”


“I agree,” Miranda announced, offering me her support. “We just need to get Lucy back to her normal self.”


“How, pray tell, do we do that?” Penny queried.


“Show her how loved she is and how wonderful she is.”


“Maybe we can make Seamus understand what happened,” Adam suggested. “Then maybe he’ll fix her for us!” He then smiled gleefully at his own plan.


“If only that was that easy,” Elbie shook his head again.


I swear that boy is just so cynical! Someone slap him!


Miranda thwacked her boyfriend on the head. “Negativity is not welcomed in the circle of truth, Elliot MacNeill!”


I giggled to myself. There’s a reason why Miranda’s my numero uno best friend. She can totally sense what I’m thinking.


“Sorry! Geez, woman, that hurt!” Elbie rubbed at his head in a way that reminded me of a scolded puppy.


“Okay, I have a Head Girl meeting to go,” Penny stated, standing up. “But I suggest you boys go talk to Seamus and we’ll try to talk to Lucy tonight. Reconvene tomorrow and plan from there.”


“Yes, Sir!” Adam saluted and Penny rolled her eyes at him before walking away.


Everyone else began to get up too while I remain seated. Miranda and Elbie were going to go for a walk down by the Great Lake and Adam said he had to go meet someone, and by someone I presumed he meant a girl. We all said our goodbyes and suddenly I realised I was sitting alone with Oliver, who was staring at me intently.




“Want to go fly?”


“I thought you’d never ask,” I chuckled.


We quickly stepped out from the library and summoned our brooms from our respective dorms with a simple Accio spell.


Oliver and I walked out onto the empty pitch and the chill from the December air forced me to snuggle deeper into my coat. The pitch was covered in a sprinkling of fluffy white snow and it looked beautiful.


Kind of fitting actually… finding something so mundane as a Quidditch pitch beautiful in light of the insanity that had been occurring in my life.


Simplicity was beautiful.


“Let’s go, Riddell,” Oliver called out and with a swift move, he had kicked off and was currently up in the air, circling me in an obnoxious manner.


The rope began zinging in pain as he began to get further away.


Oh bollocks!


I positioned myself on the broom and kicked off as well. I followed him out, higher and higher into the sky. The cold air felt heavy against my skin, it burned my cheeks and although I was jumbled up in layers, I was still shaking from the hostile temperature.


Still, I felt wonderful.


“Feeling better?”




He laughed and whizzed past me. I rolled my eyes, ignoring him. I flew at my own leisurely speed and I felt my body relax at the familiar sensations of flying.  


“Thank you,” I said, catching even myself by surprise.


Oliver stopped and turned back towards me. “For what?”


“For everything, you know last night.”


“Despite what you think Keegan, I do have a heart, you know?”


I snorted. “Yeah, I guess I forgot.”


“Did you also forget who stayed up with you all night when your dog, Piggly died?”


I looked up and a bittersweet smile lifted the corner of my lips. “You remember that?”


“How could I forget?” he laughed softly, barely audible against the wind. “I had to keep bringing you boxes and boxes of tissue.”


I laughed as well at that particular memory. I did forget about that actually. Piggly was a good dog but a very old one when he died.


“Or the time I carried you all the way back to your house when you broke your leg trying to climb that stupid tree? Or how about the time I glued Mr. Henley to his chair because he made you cry?”


“Oliver, stop it,” I murmured faintly.


He flew closer towards me and stared at me defiantly. “Why, Keegan? Why don’t you want to remember all of the times we had together?”


“Because they’re in the past!”


“I would still do all those things for you,” he growled, his eyes darkening by the second. “Merlin, Keegan, I want to be angry with you right now, you know? You’re just so incredibly annoying!” I was about to reply but he put up his hand. “Shut up Keegan, let me talk.” He then raked a hand through his messy brown hair while forming his words together.


“I had honestly come to the conclusion that we were never meant to be friends, not like the way we were back then,” Oliver carried on. “But seeing the way Seamus and Lucy are now made me realise that that’s a load of shite. You’re the only person in the world that understands me, Keegs. We were best friends for a reason.”


“But you left me!”


“I didn’t mean to!” he retorted just as quickly.


“You never fought for me,” I confessed much more quietly, averting my eyes from his. “You never tried hard enough to save our friendship. How was I supposed to feel about that?”


“Keegan,” he whispered, tilting my chin up to look at him. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I never tried but I’m trying now. Please just give us a chance. I need my best friend back.”


“I don’t know if I can trust you again.”


“I can’t do anything to undo my stupidity from the past few years but believe me, I’m stubborn enough to never stop till I’ve gained your trust back,” he laughed which incidentally was all it took for me to forgive him.


“God, you’re an asshole,” I spat out between laughter. “You really are.”


“And so are you,” he winked back.


There was a silence between us and I used it to reflect on what just happened. In the span of a half hour, had I really managed to let go of everything and allow Oliver Wood back into my life again?


But as I look at him and his red cheeks that made him seem a little bit wild, I knew I had because Edan was right, damn that know-it-all brother of mine was right all along, Oliver Wood my best friend was the same person as the Oliver Wood hovering just beside me.


“So as my best friend again, I demand to know, did you really like that Dodgson prick?”


“Oliver!” I scowled, rolling my eyes and turning to fly back towards the ground.


I could hear the whirring behind me and I knew he was flying after me.


“Seriously, Keegs! Tell me!”


I dropped to the ground and turned towards him unable to contain the smile even though he was being a prat again. “I thought I did but no, I don’t think so, happy now?”


“Ecstatic,” he smirked.




Sunday was going by quite uneventfully.


Talking to Lucy had been a nightmare last night, considering the girl has not uttered more than ten words in total since that night. And apparently, the boys had gotten Seamus drunk and all he said on the matter was that he wasn’t sure he wanted to be with her anymore, which is a total lie! I mean c’mon, we all knew Seamus was still in love with the girl. We just had to… make him see that.




But come Sunday afternoon, we all felt a bit drained and decided to sit around the Ravenclaw common room miserably, studying and doing the last few assignments we had before the holidays began.


Yes, this was how Ravenclaws dealt with drama…


I did actually find concentrating on school quite therapeutic. It was straightforward and the answers were usually found hiding away in some book, whereas trying to fix a friendship or construct a relationship between two extremely torn and fucked up people? Yeah, where the hell was the guidebook for that?


If only I knew…


Actually if I did, I’d write the bloody guidebook and make millions!


“Are you avoiding going outside because you’ll be zippity doo-dahed to Oliver?” Adam asked me from his perch on the lone armchair.


I looked up from my book and frowned. “No. Of course not.”


“She is,” Miranda told him. “Ever since she agreed to be mates with him again.”


“You did what?” Elbie sat bolt upright from his previous position of lying lazily on Miranda’s lap. His eyes bulged out and his mouth hung open, reminding me quite vividly of an owl.


Miranda looked at her boyfriend and while shaking her head, propped his mouth shut.


“I’m not exactly friends with him,” I professed—but thinking back to the conversation I had with him yesterday, I suppose I did agree to it. And I suppose I wasn’t that opposed to the idea of being friends with him again.


“Oh please,” Penny waggled her eyebrows at me with a chuckle. “You were so giddy from that ‘fly’ with him yesterday.”


“What fly?” Adam asked me suspiciously. “Is this some new fangled word you kids are using for you know, things that go boink in the night?”


I picked up the closest thing to me, which happened to be a small leather-bound book titled, One Hundred Most Useful Charms, and threw at his head. “Nicholson! Ew, no!”


Adam easily ducked the offending object. “So if you’re not doing that then why after all these years have you agreed to be mates again?” Adam continued to question. “Because I can assure you he has ulterior motives now that you’re single.”


I pulled at a piece of strand of my hair while idly while continuing to frown at my idiotic friend. “First of all, Adam, he does not have ulterior motives. Just because you’re the biggest man-slut I know does not mean Oliver is one as well and secondly, I don’t know if I’m single yet.”


“I’m not a man-slut!” Adam huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. This statement brought us all to fits of laughter. “I’m not! I just enjoy the opposite sex!”


“Yeah, mate, you ‘enjoy’ them quite a lot,” Elbie commented, careful to enunciate the word, enjoy, to mean something quite crude.


Adam stuck out his tongue oh-so-maturely and turned his attention back onto me with the sternest look he could muster—which let me tell you is like having a five-year-old scold you for nicking his lolly.


“Keegan, as much as I like the bloke, if Oliver hurts you I will kill him.”


I crossed my arms and returned his ‘stern’ look, my lips twitching slightly at the severity of his expression. “Adam, if he hurts me, I’ll kill him.”


“I don’t doubt that,” Miranda sniggered.


Adam cracked out a smile as well, having been elated my proclamation to kill Oliver if he hurts me. He then picked up the book I had thrown at him and began to read it recreationally.


The rest of my friends followed suit and began to study or work on assignments but my mind wandered again, and as it seems to do a lot of this lately, I started thinking about Oliver and the past. We had a difficult relationship to say the least; we went from best friends with a friendship that I thought would stand the test of time to being complete and utter strangers to even worse, being enemies hell-bent on the other’s demise (okay maybe just on my end). It was a rollercoaster ride, with all the loops and turns and unexpected jolts, and I didn’t know whether I could withstand the end result of it.


But I said I would try and I will.


Then again, to trust him whole-heartedly like I had before?


I don’t know about that.

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